I can’t believe a year has passed by already. I am sad to say goodbye to my title as it has meant a lot to me and was an experience of a lifetime I will never forget.  I was proud to be crowned Miss Teenage Victoria and represent my hometown in the National Miss Teenage Canada competition in August 2015.  I met many kind, smart, and talented young ladies across Canada through this experience and gained new friends that I will forever cherish.

I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer and support many children’s charities, and through car washes, bottle drives and selling chocolate bars I was able to raise $2300.00 for Free the Children.  I would like to thank everyone who supported me, especially my friends and family who helped me along this journey through their sponsorship, donations, and fundraising help – I would not have been able to do it without you!  Special mention to:

  • Ashley Sophia Photography
  • Richelle Buckingham, Karen Clark Dance Studio
  • Brad Maclaren, Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Tim Curry, Langford Canadian Tire
  • Gary Brown & Linda Clark, Sutton Group WestCoast Realty
  • Gina Savard, Everything Wine, Millstream Village
  • Family, Friends, and Neighbours!

I would like to extend my congratulations to the 2016 delegates and I wish them much success in the year ahead. Take time to savor this opportunity and be your own kind of beautiful!

With much gratitude, Alicia Maclaren xo


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Wow the days are moving along quickly – such a busy few days but would not change it for anything!  So many great memories and lots of laughter and fun with the girls I have met through the Miss Teenage Canada pageant!  Below are just a few brief highlights to keep you updated on what’s been happening:

Day 5:  Thursday we had a busy day visiting the zoo – where I got to snuggle with baby lions and tigers and see lots of beautiful animals.  Day 5.17 Day 5.19









We also got to stop in 2 malls – Eaton Centre and Yorkdale Malls.  They gave us gift cards to do some shopping but not the usual amount of time I would spend in a mall!  lol  Thankfully I am a speed shopper!  Also see my blog about where we had lunch (taco truck) as they are one of our amazing sponsors.Day 5.23 Day 5.24

We capped off the day with a medieval dinner show.  That was really cool.  But time for bed as Friday means Preliminary Competition!

Day 5.28 Day 5.27

Day 5.26 Day 5.25Day 6:  Friday we spent most of the day rehearsing and getting ready for the preliminary competition.  We were being judged on swim suit and ball gown this evening.  I felt good about this evening but also know there are so many other amazing girls in this competition and they looked great too!

Day 6.0 Day 6.1










Day 6.2 Day 6.4Tomorrow night is the Talent Gala dinner and show and then Sunday is the final show and we won’t know the top 20 until Sunday!



Thanks again for all of your support and for voting for me!  You have until noon Saturday to get your votes in!

Thanks for reading,

Alicia xo

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Day 5Today during our adventures into Toronto we stopped for lunch at a taco place called Richtree Taco Truck.  The truck was amazing and it was so well organized and situated in a perfect location in the mall.  The truck looked very authentic and nicely decorated.  The staff were so friendly to all of the girls.
While I was waiting for other girls to order I got to socialize with many people in the mall and got to meet so many sweet little kids with their starry eyes!

Day 5.6 Day 5.5 Day 5.8





When it was my turn to order it was hard to choose as there were so many great options like burritos and tacos etc.  Day 5.9I finally decided on the fish tacos and a very sweet and patient guy took my order and then handed me a nice refreshing cold bottle of ginger ale.  I waited for my food to come up and they were very fast.  They had an assembly line going – it was very cool to watch the food being prepared before my eyes.

Day 5.11

Once I got my tacos I found the other girls and went to sit down.  I had my first bite and it was sooo crisp and fresh and mouth-watering!!  Full of deliciousness!!  My new obsession is fish tacos and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Day 5.4


Day 5.2

Thank you Richtree Natural Market for a great meal and hospitality!  I only wish you were out in BC.  Currently Richtree has 4 locations across Ontario, including Eaton Centre where we were today.  You can dine in or take-out and they use all-natural, fresh, local and in-season ingredients.  My kinda lunch!

Thanks for reading,

Alicia x0

Day 5.12

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What an amazing day!  Today we were up early to head out for the day.Day 4.1  I had to be ready by 0730am sporting my Miss Teenage Canada pink hat!  It was my friend Madison’s 17th birthday and we all sang to her before we loaded the 2 big coach busses.


Day 4.3

The girls and I headed out for breakfast and we filled the entire restaurant!  The servers were so wonderful and kind and wished us all good luck!

Day 4.5
Afterwards were went for a walk on the board walk and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and fresh air.  We also got some time to practice our walks in a square in a nearby park.  I felt so confident strutting my stuff as all the girls cheered me on!  I got some wonderful photos too.

We then got surprised and went on these huge dragon boats.  We had a really handsome coach that was amazing and pushed us to work hard.  We raced and my team The “west coast, best coast” won!! Later we we enjoyed a big group lunch and got a champion group photo!

Day 4.6Day 4.8





Day 4.9 Day 4.10






Day 4.11 Day 4.12 Day 4.13 Day 4.14 Day 4.15 Day 4.16 Day 4.17 Day 4.18












Such a super fun day!  Later when we got back on the bus we all changed into our fancier clothes for a surprise evening.   We were told we were going out for dinner and were surprised when they took us to Niagara Falls!   We also got to enjoy a buffet dinner and magic show with Greg Frewin.

Day 4.19 Day 4.20 Day 4.21 Day 4.22 Day 4.27The show was amazing!





We also got to see the falls and get a few photos as well!  The falls were all lit up and they were so incredible!!

Day 4.28 Day 4.29








Having so much fun with these girls!  Tomorrow we are heading to the Zoo!

Thanks for reading,

Love Alicia!

PS don’t forget to vote for me!!

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Day 3Today we woke up got dressed in heels, sash and comfier clothes for dancing then went up stairs in the hotel for a lesson on how to strut and pose and maintain good posture.  We also practiced the evening gown walks for finals and top 20 and top 10 walks.   

  Day 3.1 Day 3.3 Day 3.5

We all had lunch and then we went back up to learn the opening dance for the show.  It was amazing and I picked up the dance number quickly and was able to help teach many of the other girls.  I was having so much fun with the director Shawn and our song is a remix of cheerleader! 
Later we got surprised saying were all going out and we all had 20 mins to get super fancy to go out for dinner.  Day 3.9

We went to a mexican food restaurant and had soft tacos.  Day 3.15 Day 3.17 Day 3.18

Day 3.4

Today was great because I feel like I really got to know everyone alot better and met alot of new sweet girls.  Day 3.14 Day 3.13 Day 3.10 Day 3.7

After dinner we went back to our rooms and chilled for an hour then went a got our opening number dress.  The dress is white with red flowers and it is short and sweet!

Off to bed as we have an early day – we are going into the City tomorrow!!

Thanks for reading,

Love Alicia xo <3

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Today was such an amazing day!!!!  We had alot going on today.  Day 2.1 Day 2We were busy preparing for a professional modelling photo shoot so got to have our make-up and hair professionally done.

day 2.8 Day 2.7 Day 2.6






We all wore our fancy cocktail dresses for the occasion.

Day 2.14 Day 2.13 Day 2.12






In addition, we had our 1:1 interviews with the pageant judges.  I was so nervous about this but they make me feel like it was just a conversation.  This interview also makes up part of our score for the competition.  We also got to enjoy a nice dinner together and then we had video interviews to finish off before the day was over.  I feel like I could have done better with the video interview – but overall still a good day!Day 2.11 Day 2.15Today was such a great experience and so great to spend time with some amazing girls but definitely ready for bed!!!

Tomorrow is filled with rehearsals for the pageant shows!  Lovin’ every minute of it!!!

Thanks for reading,

Love Alicia xo

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CakeWell the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant week has officially begun!  While I arrived last evening, many of the girls started to arrive at the hotel today.. and just in time before a big storm hit the area!  The thunder and lightening were scary!!!  The hotel was super busy with lots of other people in town for a Carribean festival and the Veld music festival.Day 1 arrivals Alicia day 1

I got to meet a lot of the girls from other provinces and also reconnect with the lovely ladies from British Columbia. BC GirlsWe all got to meet Francesca McFadden – the 2014 winner.Francesca and IFrancesca and the Crown

We had a welcome reception and dinner together and then each of the girls were paired up to share a hotel room for the week.

New Sash11845978_10153009700761752_1106747908_nKatelyn and meMy room mate is Katelyn from Nova Scotia!

Tomorrow is a busy day with pageant interviews and a video and photo shoot!

Thanks for reading,

Love Alicia x0 <3

PS – don’t forget to vote for Alicia M – BC!!

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Hi everyone –

Thank you so much for your help and encouragement throughout my journey to Miss Teenage Canada National Pageant. Voting has begun for the “People’s Choice Award” and this is where I need your help more than ever!   The delegate with the most votes online before the competition is fast tracked to the top 20!

How to vote for me for Miss Teenage Canada!

  1. Go to www.missteenagecanada.com
  2. Click on the purple box on the right hand side “VIP Club”
  3. Register to become a VIP (insert your name, age, and email)
  4. You will get an email to verify your set-up (check your junk box if you don’t get it)
  5. Return to the finalist page and scroll down to Alicia M under British Columbia and click the details link
  6. On the Right sidebar you will see an option to enter your email address
  7. Enter your email into the box and click vote!

You are able to vote with as many email accounts that you have, so please use as many as you can, but remember you can only use the email address once.

Voting closes Saturday August 8th at 12:00 (noon).

Thank you all for your continued support and please send this to as many people as possible.

Thank you!

Love Alicia xo

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20150801_015458 (Large)Tonight I had the honour of being invited as a special guest to participate in the opening ceremonies for the BC Premier Baseball League Provincial Championships!!  The top four teams in the league have a weekend of exciting ball games to play.  The teams include:

  • Victoria Eagles
  • Nanaimo Pirates
  • Okanagan Athletics
  • North Shore Twins

20150801_020802 (Large)
20150801_033146 (Large)20150801_025446 (Large)

Victoria is the host city and our very our Eagles ball club qualified for the provincials!  My good friend Brendan Turcotte plays for the Eagles and so it was great to be there to cheer him on as well!!

20150801_022741 (Large) 20150801_021258 (Large) 20150801_023123 (Large)





I, along with the Acting Mayor of Victoria (Charlayne Thornton-Joe) and Mayor of Saanich (Richard Atwell) were invited to say a few words of congratulations to the teams and wish them well in their tournament.

20150801_023356 (Large) 20150801_011904 (Large) 20150801_040451 (Large)It was a great evening for a ball game! Tomorrow I am off to the big city of Toronto<3

Thanks for reading,

Alicia xo


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Hi everyone – We have our 2nd Blog Assignment:

Tell us about your platform, why you chose it, what it means to you and what you would do as Miss Teenage Canada to promote that platform.

My platform is to raise awareness for sick and disadvantaged children.  Too many children suffer in this world due to illness or social circumstances.  Too many children live in poverty and don’t have access to proper nutrition which can impact their ability to learn, play, and grow.  Alicia Recital 2

My platform is important to me because I love children and they deserve to be happy and healthy and should enjoy life.  Children are innocent beings and should not suffer hardships and pain in their younger years.11075042_10152754525421752_515992813_n 11121104_10152754525566752_1622686157_nI plan to be a pediatric nurse one day so that I can help make a difference in their lives.  I plan to work with children and their families.  I am a caring person and I would like to help others when they need it the most.  I also value living a healthy, active lifestyle and I feel that I would be a good role model to young children and youth so that they can aspire to lead a healthy life as well.  Living a clean life can prevent many illnesses and can have a positive impact on our longer term health overall.11178422_10152802078946752_442194371_n

Millstream Fun Fair 7I have appreciated fundraising for the Free the Children Charity.  It has been a valuable and rewarding experience to learn and be apart of this organization and the work that they do.  Free the Children founders Mark and Craig, encourage youth to become empowered to take action both locally and globally to influence positive change in the world.  I really like this “call to action” and feel that Miss Teenage Canada encourages us to all do this.Thrifty's foods - fundraising 10320415_1863403240550972_3835619942257467774_nBottle Drive

As part of my platform, in addition to fundraising for Free the Children, I have focused most of my efforts around supporting children’s charities and events such as:

  • Foster Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
  • Times Colonist 10K – Family Fun Run
  • Touch-a-truck pediatric cancer fundraiser event
  • Various Elementary school fun fairs
  • Children’s Summer Camp – dance introduction

Truck event 2 Truck event 420150724_210807 (Medium)




I have also signed on as a volunteer for the Vancouver Island Health Authority and when I get back from Toronto I will be volunteering for various pediatric programs at Victoria General Hospital and Westshore Health Unit.

If crowned Miss Teenage Canada I would be thrilled to use this opportunity to grow awareness around my platform and would like to continue to fund raise for Free the Children and visit one of the sites to contribute my help directly, as well as volunteer at a We Day event.  I would also like to continue to promote and support various local and national charities that support children.  I would be honoured to be a spokesperson for a local children’s charity and help to fund raise within my community as well.

The Miss Teenage Canada pageant is more than a “beauty” contest as many may think.  This is an opportunity for young women to be leaders in their communities and to make a positive difference in this world.  I am so grateful for every opportunity that this journey has given me  – in order to give back to others.  I would encourage everyone to get involved in what matters to them!!

Thanks for reading,

Love Alicia xo

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