I am so excited to introduce myself to you all. I am writing to you from my Vancouver Island Home on the west coast of Canada. I grew up in Cordova Bay which is near the sea and went to a to local elementary and middle school where I was blessed with good friends and great teachers. I just graduated from Secondary School and I am thrilled to be starting the next chapter of my life
I plan to take a gap year and focus on my volunteering and martial arts coaching. I also support my mother in her esthetics spa business as a receptionist. Between all of these activities I would like some time to really focus on the career I want to build and what I want to achieve going forward. We are a typical Canadian family. People of all faiths and ethnicities call this county home. My father is the child
of German immigrants and my Phillipino mother immigrated to Canada when she was my age. Together they have built a beautiful life for us. It is my hope that I can give something back to the country that gave me so many opportunities. This is why I’ve joined the pagent process. To speak out about what can be as a country and how we need to care for one another.
I am including a picture of the love of my life our Labrador Retriever “ Tana” . We go for long walks on the beach where I look for sea glass and Tana chases seagulls. In my free time I support Prevention of Violence Canada in
their mission to build a Canada free of Violence. Here is a picture of me with the violence Prevention Charter I signed online. Anyone can do it, and it is designed to show our personal commitments to violence prevention. I have encouraged my friends and family to sign and we are really making progress. This fall the Global Violence Prevention Alliance will meet in Ottawa! Canada is the host nation. So that is something we hope will really make a difference to public policy and shared responsibility for building safe communities.
I also work in food security. I have volunteered at the Mustard Seed Food Bank in Victoria, where we work to ensure that families and individuals have access to a variety of foods. Victoria is a beautiful but increasingly expensive place to live largely in response to our rental and housing costs. This leaves many families with financial constraints inhibiting food security. The Mustard Seed works hard to help those in need. In the near future I would love to see a Canada where we have no need for food banks because every family has their basic needs met.

Written by: Lina Koch
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