20150724_200248 (Medium)I spent a day with a group of great kids at the F.U.N. (Friends Uniting for Nature) Summer Camp.  I was asked to come and spend some time with the kids teaching them some dance moves.  They were such an awesome group – and very quick learners!  We started with introductions and I told them a bit about my dance experience and journey to Miss Teenage Canada.  They all introduced themselves as well.

20150724_185922 (Medium)20150724_185928 (Medium)
After some initial fun and games and floor work, they got down to business and learned a dance in one morning!  Gradually I added in choreography and by lunch time they were grooving to a pretty fast-paced song!

20150724_190540 (Medium)20150724_191332 (Medium)20150724_191422 (Medium)

The kids ranged in ages from 6 – 13 and many of them had never danced before.  It was such a great day and they were so fun and hard working.


I loved every minute of it and it really combined my passion for dance with my love of helping kids.  They wished me good luck at the Miss Teenage Canada pageant as I said goodbye and told me to “win it for Victoria”!

20150724_210807 (Medium)

You can check out the complete dance video on my Facebook page!  Happy National Dance Day!!

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