This is my first blog assignment and it’s a good one!  The question was:  Tell the world why Canada is great!  That is an easy question because there are so many things to love about Canada!  To make it a little fun I came up with a top 10 list of why Canada is so great.  I hope you enjoy it!!!

#10 – Canadians are so polite.  We are very well known for apologizing for everything.  This quality makes Canadians come across as genuine and caring (which we are of course)!  They are also very friendly and I have had so many people come up to me and congratulate me on my title as Miss Teenage Victoria.









#9 – Our great outdoors!  The Canadian landscape is breathtaking and amazing.  From our oceans, to our thousands of lakes, to our mountain peaks.  We have stunning geography!  On the west coast I walk trails and hike all the time – the beauty takes my breath away.  I also love to spend time on the lake every summer with my family and friends boating and doing water activities.

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#8 – Tim Hortons – Who doesn’t love Tim Horton’s.  It is a staple in our household.  My mom only drinks Tim Horton coffee and I love their green tea.  It is also a great place to meet up with friends and socialize – before, during, and after school.

#7 – Hockey – Who doesn’t play or know someone who plays hockey.  Hockey is a family event in our household.  I grew up with a brother and sister who play competitive hockey and we all go to cheer them on.  As a country we also produce the greatest hockey players (e.g. Gretsky/ Crosby) – with more than ½ of the NHL draft coming from Canada each year.

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#6 – Patriotism – Canadians are proud and love to show it on Canada Day and every other day!  The maple leaf is symbolic of our pride and we wear our red and white proudly, especially when we travel!  In my hometown everyone gets into the Canada Day spirit!

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#5 – Seasons – Canada has the most beautiful seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.  Each has its own beauty and We get to benefit from all the seasonal activities that go along with them – such as snow skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking etc.  From the changing leaves in the fall, to the snow falling in the winter, and the beauty of the flowers budding in the spring, and the sun blazing in the summer – we have it all!  This is the same view from my backyard in two of the seasons (can you guess which one’s?):

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#4 – Music – Canada has some of the greatest musicians in the world from iconic diva’s like Celine Dion to pop stars like Nelly Furtado and Drake and many bands such as Hedley.  There is music of every variety for everyone.  Outdoor concerts are the best too – here is 54-40 who recently played near my home:











#3 – Multiculturalism – Canada is a diverse and inclusive country.  We have so many different cultures and it is great to learn about the people and their heritage and beliefs etc.  We embrace people of all skin colours, religions, and gender preferences.  For example, I love going to Greekfest every year with my family and enjoying their great food and dancing.

Alicia 2015 after parade 2241 (Large)


Alicia 2015 after parade 2239





#2 – Health Care – We have one of the best healthcare systems in the world.  My mom is a nurse and I plan to be one as well.  Nobody is turned away because they cannot pay for their treatment or care.

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#1   – Miss Teenage Canada! – Having this opportunity to represent my hometown city and province at the Miss Teenage Canada National Pageant in August is a thrill of a lifetime!   I feel so proud and excited for the opportunity and know I will make some lasting memories and friendships from this experience.

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Yes – Canada is Great!  From the great people, to the beauty of our landscape and nature, to the things we get to enjoy each and everyday… we are so lucky to call Canada our home!

Alicia xo

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