On June.20th I put together a Car wash by donation from 11:00 – 3:00pm – in Staples parking lot near Costco! It was a successful day I raised over $200 just by washing some cars with my friends and family! It was a great way to interact with new people around Victoria and explain my title as Miss Teenage Victoria. Overall I had a great time in the sun listening to music with some good frien10320415_1863403240550972_3835619942257467774_nds while washing cars and advertising the car wash! I would really like to do a huge shout out to my biggest helpers and supporters Reg, Joanne, Brett, Cole, Anika, Dylan, Josh and Sherri for your help at the car wash! Couldn’t have done it with out you! xo17706_1863362187221744_3520552233967246571_n1939900_1863403160550980_3042658520365484057_n11059550_1863430790548217_7030515127814242992_n10986911_1863430807214882_3838150823975762882_n



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