The last couple of days have been so amazing.  I had the good fortune of being invited to speak about my journey to Miss Teenage Canada on several morning shows at our local radio stations.  20150729_180751 (Large)

First I visited Michael Forbes and Lisa Marshall on the OCEAN 98.5.  This was my very first radio interview!!  They made me feel so relaxed that it did not even feel like an interview and when it was over I was surprised to be done!   They are going to follow my time in Toronto and I plan to give them updates on how it goes!  Listen here to the interview.

20150729_181131 (Large)20150729_181118 (Large)20150729_182306 (Large)





The 2nd interview I did was with their sister station – KISS FM 103.1.  I joined Matt Soper for a live interview!  Normally Matt is accompanied by Vanessa but she was off on vacation.  Matt was so amazing and sweet.  I was really nervous about doing a live show but he made me feel right at home and his energy and enthusiasm got me excited to talk about my journey.  Later driving home I heard Matt giving me some more shout outs on the radio!20150730_174539 (Large)  What an amazing experience.


20150730_174555 (Large) 20150730_175510 (Large)

It just feels so surreal that in a few days I will be heading off to Toronto to live out this dream!  Can’t wait to be there and meet all of the other delegates!!


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