Hi everyone – it has been a really busy time for me and I wanted to share some amazing highlights from this past couple of weeks.

Last week I performed in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival with my high school advanced dance academy.  We performed 8 dances, including one that I, along with my friends (Brooke, Emma, & Mackenzie), choreographed.

We were thrilled to be recognized by the judges for our efforts and were selected to perform 2 dances in the Gala show on May 7th.  That night we also learned that we won the Young Choreographer’s Award for our dance – a lyrical number titled Heart Cry.

Over this weekend I also performed in the Karen Clark Dance Studio Annual Recital.  We had 3 shows over Friday and Saturday.  What a great week of dance! I managed to find time to sneak in some time to visit my precious little dancers!!  They were so excited to dance in their first show!

This year I received my award for 15 years of dance!  I had to wait until the last night to receive my gift – a beautiful diamond bracelet!

It’s hard to believe it has been 15 years – I was only 3 when I performed in my first dance recital.

I love my dance family so much!  Dance means so much to me and I can’t imagine my life without it!

Thanks for reading my post,

Love Alicia



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