Day 3Today we woke up got dressed in heels, sash and comfier clothes for dancing then went up stairs in the hotel for a lesson on how to strut and pose and maintain good posture.  We also practiced the evening gown walks for finals and top 20 and top 10 walks.   

  Day 3.1 Day 3.3 Day 3.5

We all had lunch and then we went back up to learn the opening dance for the show.  It was amazing and I picked up the dance number quickly and was able to help teach many of the other girls.  I was having so much fun with the director Shawn and our song is a remix of cheerleader! 
Later we got surprised saying were all going out and we all had 20 mins to get super fancy to go out for dinner.  Day 3.9

We went to a mexican food restaurant and had soft tacos.  Day 3.15 Day 3.17 Day 3.18

Day 3.4

Today was great because I feel like I really got to know everyone alot better and met alot of new sweet girls.  Day 3.14 Day 3.13 Day 3.10 Day 3.7

After dinner we went back to our rooms and chilled for an hour then went a got our opening number dress.  The dress is white with red flowers and it is short and sweet!

Off to bed as we have an early day – we are going into the City tomorrow!!

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Love Alicia xo <3

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