What an amazing day!  Today we were up early to head out for the day.Day 4.1  I had to be ready by 0730am sporting my Miss Teenage Canada pink hat!  It was my friend Madison’s 17th birthday and we all sang to her before we loaded the 2 big coach busses.


Day 4.3

The girls and I headed out for breakfast and we filled the entire restaurant!  The servers were so wonderful and kind and wished us all good luck!

Day 4.5
Afterwards were went for a walk on the board walk and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and fresh air.  We also got some time to practice our walks in a square in a nearby park.  I felt so confident strutting my stuff as all the girls cheered me on!  I got some wonderful photos too.

We then got surprised and went on these huge dragon boats.  We had a really handsome coach that was amazing and pushed us to work hard.  We raced and my team The “west coast, best coast” won!! Later we we enjoyed a big group lunch and got a champion group photo!

Day 4.6Day 4.8





Day 4.9 Day 4.10






Day 4.11 Day 4.12 Day 4.13 Day 4.14 Day 4.15 Day 4.16 Day 4.17 Day 4.18












Such a super fun day!  Later when we got back on the bus we all changed into our fancier clothes for a surprise evening.   We were told we were going out for dinner and were surprised when they took us to Niagara Falls!   We also got to enjoy a buffet dinner and magic show with Greg Frewin.

Day 4.19 Day 4.20 Day 4.21 Day 4.22 Day 4.27The show was amazing!





We also got to see the falls and get a few photos as well!  The falls were all lit up and they were so incredible!!

Day 4.28 Day 4.29








Having so much fun with these girls!  Tomorrow we are heading to the Zoo!

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Love Alicia!

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  1. Carolyn Lilley says:

    Sounds like you are all having a fantastic time!! Enjoy!!!

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