As a Miss Teen Canada- World 2012 delegate, we were asked to write about our dream vacation with S-Trip. I was so excited about this assignment because I knew exactly where I would go. Hawaii! Last summer I traveled to Hawaii (Oahu) with my family and had the most amazing time. Hawaii is the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure, and has something there for everyone no matter what your age.


I would travel back to the island of Oahu, and stay in Honolulu, on the beaches of Waikiki. Waikiki is the perfect location for tourists because it is central to everything: shops, restaurants, and of course the ocean! Last year when we visited we traveled to the island of Hawaii also known as “The Big Island”, and spent the day there exploring the active volcanoes. This time while there, I would like to fly to the island of Maui, to spend a day there relaxing and exploring that island as well.


While there I would like to revisit the Pearl Harbor Memorial. The memorial is amazing. You are so close to history, and it is a truly a beautiful memorial. They have World War Two memorabilia such as weapons of war, pictures, and a museum within the memorial. I would also visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation.Here you are able to see where all the pineapple is grown, all the different ways it is processed, and try to find your way out of their maze. I would also like to attend a traditional Hawaiian Luau, to learn more of the Hawaiian culture and to enjoy a traditional Hawaiian meal, and even try poi again (their traditional sauce made from a root). Also, I would like to do what Hawaii is known best for… surfing! I would like to take another surf lessons in hopes of this time being able to stand up for more than two seconds, then after surfing I would like to try snorkeling to see the beautiful scenes and wildlife not seen from the shore.


I would choose to take my mother and grandmother with me on this trip, because they inspire me everyday, and Hawaii has always held a special place in both their hearts. They used to travel there quite often when my mom was in her teens, and when we travelled there I loved hearing about their memories from Oahu when they used to visit. I will cherish these stories forever, and cannot wait to hear more of them if we were to return, and to make new memories for us all to cherish forever. I would also like to bring my cousin Dominique with me. We were born exactly a week apart from one another, and she is like a sister to me. She is always there when I need her, and I would love to share this trip with her. I believe traveling with my family and my cousin Domi would be amazing. It would be so much fun having the opportunity to travel with them because they are not just my family, they are my friends.


I love to go shopping with my mom and grandma, and in Oahu they have one of the largest outdoor malls in the world: Ala Moana Center. It has four floors of amazing shops, from high-end designer stores, to everyday shops. There is something there for everyone, with any style! Yes, you can get lost in there, so I would recommend getting a map. The mall is so big it took us two days to get through the whole thing! I would love to go back there, because they have shops we don’t have here in Victoria, and it is all outdoors!


Not only does Hawaii have so many amazing things to do, it also has the most amazing beaches. Perfect to spend a day relaxing and to have a dip in the beautiful clear blue water. You can watch the professional surfers and maybe even fall asleep on the beach or next to the hotel pool.


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*All pictures are from my previous trip to Hawaii


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