The most meaningful and beautiful place to me in all of Victoria, British Columbia, would have to be beacon hill park and the places to explore around beacon hill park. 

Beacon Hill Park is the central spot to this inspiring area and is located along the south shore of Victoria, British Columbia and the Juan de Fuca Strait. It is about a five minute short scenic drive from downtown Victoria, and the inner harbor which is known to be the tourist hot spot, especially in the summer. It has been a park belonging to the city of Victoria since 1882. A trust was then established for the 62-acre (24.8-hectare) site. Beacon Hill Park was originally called Meeacan (the Salish name for belly) by the First Nations people because from a distance, it looked like the belly of a large man lying on his back. 

To this day, the beacon hill park includes a donation only petting zoo with cute goats, mini horses, and piglets. The scenic drive around the park can take you into large fields to either find kids happily giggling and screaming at children play grounds, or beer leagues completing at a local baseball, basketball, soccer, or football game. Some times there are even art or foot markets around the area for the locals and tourists to see and taste. 

In 1956, Chief Mungo Martin and carvers David Martin and Henry Hunt created the world’s largest totem pole (160 feet) from cedar. The pole was raised during ceremony with thousands of people, including First Nations’ leaders and civic and provincial leaders. In beacon hill park, this is one of the most significant monuments in terms of culture; you can find this monument in the central part of the park. 

If you come visit beacon hill park you will probably be stopped and greeted by a vibrantly colorful, and feathery peacock. This little guy (or girl) is very friendly; however, they can catch you off guard when they expand their wings. There are many of these birds surrounding the park filling the park with joy as the kids try to “pet” them. Just don’t feed them anything; especially peanut butter! 


Beacon hill park extends off to many other blissful gems and hidden treasures. These places are surrounding beacon hill park, either to the north, south, east or west of the park within steps. For people that do not necessarily like to be active, one place would be clover point, where there is tons of parking and where you can lounge in the car with a early grey tea and take in the incredible ocean views. Another would be walking in cook street village where you can spend your money in gypsy clothing shops, trendy coffee cafes (the Moka house is a must) or casual restaurants. There is also Dallas road where you can ride your bike in between the water front and beautifully colored colonial houses. Additionally right off Dallas beach is the perfect place where you can spread out a huge blanket in the sand or in a tree fort made of logs and rocks and have a picnic or even bonfire at night.  Lastly, there is Ogden point, where you can run along a narrow pathway that actually breaks in the water (also known as the break water) and goes to the end until you meet an old red and white lighthouse. They have a Ogden point cafe there as well that is delicious. If your really privileged and either have a boat, or get invited on one you can see some of these sights from afar, which can be equally just as amazing. 


As you walk along beacon hill park, you will come across a long stretch of walk way looking over a breath taking view of the ocean, open field, trees and sand. On a sunny day it is by far he best sight in Victoria; causing smiles and good moods in everyone, everywhere. It also makes me personally smile, by watching dogs of all shapes and sizes play and run freely, as it is also used as an off leash dog park. This is my dog, Tana’s, favorite place in Victoria; you wonder why I’m sure. This area is known as Dallas road, where you can find probably the most laid-back fun loving families or happiest hipsters in the world, ever. 


I hope this painted a clear picture for everyone who has never been to Victoria before. I also hope this makes you want to come visit. Obviously this place has its unique and amazing qualities to anyone; however it is more to me than just that. It is a peaceful and happy memory of my childhood that will be standing there forever. This is where my sister and I used to play at the play grounds together when we were younger, this is where my aunt took me and my sister to have a picnic on the beach when I was 3 and she was 10, this is where I then took my aunts kids (aka my baby cousins) to the petting zoo to pet the furry animals, this is where I hung out with my aunt and uncle in the sun shine every time when they would visit from Vancouver and this is where I will take my kids when I have them one day. This is where my family, my life and my heart is, and I could not be any more thankful to have it here, in Victoria. 



Written by: Lina Koch
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