Day 5Today during our adventures into Toronto we stopped for lunch at a taco place called Richtree Taco Truck.  The truck was amazing and it was so well organized and situated in a perfect location in the mall.  The truck looked very authentic and nicely decorated.  The staff were so friendly to all of the girls.
While I was waiting for other girls to order I got to socialize with many people in the mall and got to meet so many sweet little kids with their starry eyes!

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When it was my turn to order it was hard to choose as there were so many great options like burritos and tacos etc.  Day 5.9I finally decided on the fish tacos and a very sweet and patient guy took my order and then handed me a nice refreshing cold bottle of ginger ale.  I waited for my food to come up and they were very fast.  They had an assembly line going – it was very cool to watch the food being prepared before my eyes.

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Once I got my tacos I found the other girls and went to sit down.  I had my first bite and it was sooo crisp and fresh and mouth-watering!!  Full of deliciousness!!  My new obsession is fish tacos and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

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Thank you Richtree Natural Market for a great meal and hospitality!  I only wish you were out in BC.  Currently Richtree has 4 locations across Ontario, including Eaton Centre where we were today.  You can dine in or take-out and they use all-natural, fresh, local and in-season ingredients.  My kinda lunch!

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