The TV show I would like to create would be called “The Difference.”

“The Difference” would be similar to a documentary series. It would follow Canada’s youth who are involved in making a difference, either by fundraising for charities or organizations, or by getting involved in their community by making it a better and more positive place.

The Difference TV Show Poster

I got the idea for this show one day in my leadership class in high school. Someone said, “Look at all of the things we accomplished this year.” I couldn’t believe all of the amazing things the students in my high school had done throughout the school year, and thought that there should be some form of recognition for the amazing things Canada’s youth are doing, and the show “The Difference” would celebrate them.

Each week the show would follow a new citizen throughout their planning process for their event or different fundraising ideas they have, interviewing them about why they chose to fundraise for the given charity and why it means so much to them. Then the show would film the event, and people in attendance, and possibly a representative of the charity, or the community’s representative.

Youth often are given a bad reputation, but we never seem to hear about the positive things youth are doing or the difference they are making, and a lot of the time it is the youth making the biggest difference. I believe these people making a difference should be celebrated. The show would not only follow the youth throughout the planning, and the event, it would interview different people, such as people attending the event, people it is helping, and other people this person has inspired. The show would help support the charity or community the student is helping by donating or helping in some other way.

I would be the host of “The Difference” as Miss Teen Victoria 2012, interviewing, and doing the research necessary for the show. However, when we travel throughout Canada I would like the Miss Teen Canada- World delegate in that area to come and help co-host the show, by helping host interviews and volunteering with the event.

I believe the two Miss Teen Canada- World 2012 sponsors that would be interested in this show would be Free the Children and S-Trip. I believe Free the Children would be interested in this because they are such an amazing charity, and many people are proud to fundraise for them, and some of the Free the Children partners and ambassadors may be interested in getting involved as well. Free the Children is also mainly youth funded, and is based on the concept of “children helping children’ and these children should be celebrated. Secondly, I believe S-Trip would be interested because they offer volunteer trips for students to developing countries, and students who do such amazing things for charity would truly benefit from a volunteer trip that they offer.

Students who do things like this and make a difference often do it without being asked, or expecting praise for what they have done, but these students deserve recognition and “The Difference” would give them that recognition.

Please also check out my poster at the link below:

The Difference TV Show Poster


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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Good one. we all like the idea of making a difference. I think you are on to something here.

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