Curvy babes cant get enough of big hard cock

Curvy babes cant get enough of big hard cock
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My wife "Nickie" and I have been together for nearly ten years and have two children. Nickie is 28 and a very naturally pretty woman; she doesn't wear makeup or need high-priced fancy clothes to look good - she's in style, well kept and just a really down-to-earth person, a real girl-next-door type.

She doesn't realize how sexy she is, and that's what makes her so damn sexy. Nickie is petite, but her body has all the right curves.

Her tits are small but cute b-cups with nice pale-pink nipples. Her legs and thighs are great, but her ass is amazing. She has a perfectly shaped ass - I joke with her all the time that she is a little white girl blessed with a black girl's ass.

Round but firm, big but not too big. She has dark hair and blue eyes, and her skin is creamy white (if you want to see a picture or two of Nickie, check out them out here: We have an amazing sex life. We try a lot of new things, discuss new ideas. We can fuck for hours. It wasn't always like this, though; her sexual experience before me was limited, and in fact she had several hang-ups when it came to sex and for a long time considered it "dirty".

Needless to say at first our sex life was pretty standard, but I was patient, and the more she had the more she enjoyed. Slowly, over time, I got her to experiment, and thankfully - almost out of nowhere - our sex life took off. If she needed work on her fucking, she was always naturally good at giving blowjobs; had I not known how limited her sexual past was, I would have thought she was a slut for sure.

She sucks dick like a pro. This woman has given me blowjobs that I could not believe. Even though it took time to get her pussy warmed up, her mouth was hot from the beginning. Now she fucks and sucks like no other. Because our sex life started off so slowly, I spent a lot of time jacking off. Nickie has always been incredibly sexy to me regardless of her hang-ups and lack of experience (in fact, her lack of experience might be what turned me on the most, that I was the one teaching her to fuck), so she has been the object of many fantasies, mostly threesome fantasies, at first involving me, her and another woman, two big tit cat burglars in booty shorts get caught amp punished then the two of us and another guy.

She has a body built for fucking, and for whatever reason - maybe because WE weren't fucking like I wanted to right off the bat - I imagined her fucking EVERYBODY. It tuned me on, and for years I have secretly wished to fulfill my fantasy. I didn't think it would ever really happen, but I had reason to hope.

She's been big on dirty talking from the start, and even if she was reluctant to act out some of our ideas, she always liked talking about them. Typically, I would work her up by eating her out and fingering her, and she would sit on my dick and fuck me while I sucked her little tits and gave her some nasty talk. Gradually she got more and more into it and joined in with me.

One night while she was riding me, she commented that she wished she had two of me. I laughed and said that she could barely handle one of me, how could she hope to take on two. She replied, and I remember her exact words, that she would "fuck the hell out of two cocks" if she had them.

We went on to detail this adventure, which included her jacking off a dick in each hand and sucking both cocks at the same time, her having a dick in her mouth and a dick in her pussy, and having both dicks come on her at the same time.

She pregnant ghetto yella boned getting fucked and nutted like crazy that night, but after that, didn't want to talk about the fantasy again for quite awhile, though we revisited it later from time amateur webcam orgasm finger the greatest arab porn in the world time, much to my - and her - satisfaction.

Meanwhile, in between our sexual escapades, I pictured the scene over and over in my head while jacking off. However, as I said, I didn't think it would ever happen. But one day, when I was surfing the web, I came across a swingers site with an article about how to get your partner involved in a threesome.

I left a comment that I wished I could get my wife in on one. A few days later, to my surprise, I received a reply from another poster with some tips. We emailed a few times, swapping ideas, and found out that we lived only a few hours apart. I sent him some pictures of my wife, and he thought she was really hot ("in a cute way") and would love to get in on the action, if there was any.

I decided to meet him, and if he was cool in person, see if we could put a plan in motion. He and I hooked up at a mall about halfway between his place and mine. His name was "Charles", and he was friendly, a good looking guy, clean and in shape. Maybe not necessarily my wife's type, but close enough for what I had in mind. I had to be up front with him, though - I told him I didn't think he'd get to fuck her, but maybe if I could get her drunk enough she would give him a hand job before she knew what was going on and her reservations kicked in.

If we were really lucky, maybe she would suck his cock. But no way, I was convinced, was he getting his dick in her pussy. He seemed to think it was worth a try, so I let him know the rules - nothing my wife doesn't want. If she says no, that means no. Otherwise, if she's having a good time, go for it. He agreed, but mentioned that he wanted to see what she looked like in person before committing to anything.

That was reasonable, so I told him where we lived. Around 6:00 that night he showed up, posing as a buddy of mine from work. Nickie answered the door and he did a good job of appearing nonchalant, although I could tell he was checking her out.

He stepped inside and I met him. We pretended to have a quick conversation about work and he took off, making sure to wave good-bye to Nickie, who smiled and waved back. A few hours later I received an email from him stating, simply: "She's hot. I'm in. Hopefully. Let me know when." Before bed, I asked Nickie what she thought of Charles and she shrugged and said that he seemed nice.

That was it. We went to bed and I laid awake thinking about my fantasy. That was Monday. Nickie and I had already planned an adventurous Friday night, so we lined up a babysitter.

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Without her knowing, I also lined up Charles. When Friday arrived, we dropped off the kids and began having fun.

Nickie picked up two bottles of vodka from the liquor store, vanilla and cinnamon for mixed drinks, and we started drinking early. She did her makeup while I watched in anticipation - as I said, she rarely wears makeup, so when she does I get really worked up - and her hair.

Then she picked out her favorite piece of lingerie, a black teddy that barely hides anything; her titties practically pop out of the top and the skirt only just covers her pussy and half of her ass. To top it off, she put on the pair of high-heeled shoes that drives me wild. I was told to wait downstairs, that she had a surprise for me, so I did. I put on a porno for us to watch, and a moment later she came down.

Her big surprise was - she covered herself in baby oil so her skin was glistening. She was smoking hot. We turned down the lights and continued to drink while watching the porn and groping each other. I fingered her and she stroked my dick, and we kissed pretty heavily. I looked at the clock - it was close to seven, when Charles was supposed to show up - and he had better be on time, I thought, because Nickie was ready to go and I didn't think I could hold her off for much longer.

Luckily, right at the appointed time the doorbell rang. I did my best to act surprised, pulling my pants up and turning off the porn video. Nickie was frowning as she followed me to the door. With a quick look out the peephole, I saw that it was indeed Charles, and told my wife. She shook her head. 'Don't answer it.' 'I belle noire yoga pant super to,' I said. 'He's been having trouble at work and I told him he could talk to me whenever he needed to.

Just go upstairs and put on your robe and I'll get him out of here after a few minutes, okay? Be sociable, but don't get out of the mood.' As an answer, she grabbed my crotch. Then, taking her drink with her, she went upstairs. I opened the door and ushered Charles inside, giving him a nod that everything seemed to be going well.

Leading him into the living room, we sat down on the couch, leaving room enough for Nickie to sit between us. Charles went on about work, doing a good job of sounding like her knew teen deepthroat big cock and cum on face he was talking about. After a few moments, Nickie came back downstairs wearing her pink robe, a robe that only went mid-way down her thighs and seemed very sexy on her right then.

Instantly, Charles' eyes went to her. Hardly giving Charles a glance, she said hello and sat between us, sipping her drink. As Charles continued talking, she appeared bored, so I discretely slid my hand under her robe and discovered that she hadn't put her panties back on. As I rubbed her clit she spread her legs slightly and her robe fell open, but she didn't seem to notice.

Charles was watching us closely and I could see he was squirming in his seat - his dick was probably getting hard. But I shook my head, indicating that now wasn't the time, so he relaxed a bit. Using my fingers, I spread Nickie's pussy lips and worked my fingers inside, moving very gently, slowly, so she didn't think our company could see.

In the meantime, she drank her vodka faster, probably as her only means of release, and came to the bottom of her glass. 'I'm going to get another,' she whispered in my ear. 'Get him out of here.' As she got up, her robe fell off, but she was too drunk to care and went to the kitchen without another word. Charles was eyeing her ass that was visible mostly below the ruffle of the teddy and nodded his head in approval.

Damn, Nickie looked hotter than ever. After a minute or two, my wife sat back down between us and turned the video back on, watching while she sipped her drink. She was really drunk now, but paid no attention to me or Charles, instead tuning right in to the porno we had been watching. I slid my hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. Her pussy was very wet, so I slipped a finger inside, fucked her with it, and then a second finger, and did her a little harder.

She spreads her legs open further so bangbros valery santos colombian chick with big ass films her first porncolombia fuck fest I could have an easier time about it.

She was paying no attention to Charles - not caring that he was there, but not interested in him at all - so I opened her pussy lips wider and slid a third finger inside.

She kinky threesome session with two lusty bimbos out a soft moan and finally turned her head to kiss me. Her hand went to my crotch and squeezed my dick and I grabbed her titty, pulling it free.

Using my thumb, I traced circles around her erect nipple, while at the same time continued to pump her pussy with my fingers. She still didn't show any interest in Charles, but she had spread her legs open so far that one of her thighs was draped over mine and her other thigh over his.

Deciding to go for it, Charles placed his hand on her inner thigh. Her body tensed, I think in shock at being touched by someone else, but an excited tremor ran through her, and she kissed me deeper.

He continued caressing her, running his hand over her thigh and down to her ankle. She was clearly enjoying it, clearly excited; her tongue probed my mouth - and she reached into my pants and took hold of my cock, pushing my boxers down and exposing it. Now she stopped kissing me and looked down at my dick. She started working it, pumping her fist up and down. Nickie has a way a delivering an amazing hand job; she squeezes the base of the dick tightly and goes to town on it, beating it like she wants it to come in a minute or less.

And she was working my cock hard. Out of the corner of my eye, I started watching what was happening on the other side of the couch. Charles had gotten bolder, and though Nickie still wasn't giving him any attention, he had worked her other tit free from the bra and was gently rubbing it. The nipple was hard, so he leaned in a put his mouth over it, sucking it.

At the same time he freed his cock from his pants. Nickie exhaled raggedly and finally looked at him. Her eyes were glazed, full of drunken lust, but she seemed frozen, unsure of what to do. Her hand still worked my dick, but the motion had slowed and she seemed stunned.

Slowly, as I watched, she placed her free hand on his dick and closed her fingers around it. Then she started jacking him, easy at first, then faster and faster. The hand on my dick sped up too, and now she had what she spoke about in that initial round of fantasizing - a dick in each hand, and damn, she worked both of us.

There was a new look in her eyes. Power. She had control over both of us, and even though she was drunk as all hell, she knew big tit ebony gets shaved pussy fingered masturbate and food. She told us to strip, and we did.

It was time to take this adventure to the next level. I got up from the couch and got onto my knees in front of her.

She immediately knew what I was up to and the hand that had been on my dick went to the top of my head and guided my face to her pussy. She was soaking wet.

Cum ran down between her lips. I started sucking on her clit, keeping my eyes on what was going on above me. She closed her eyes now, and her mouth opened as she breathed heavily. Charles was playing with both her tits as she rubbed his balls, stroked his cocked. Using my fingers again, I spread her pussy come and play with my new pet and pushed my tongue inside her, fucking her with it.

After a few seconds, I sucked her clit again, and got back to finger-fucking her, first with one, then two, then three fingers, stretching those lips, loosening her up for the fucking I was planning on giving her.

Suddenly, she pushed me back. 'Careful,' she breathed, 'I don't want to cum yet.' Retaking my seat by her side, I groaned in pleasure when she started stroking my dick and kissing me again, all while she stroked Charles's dick. To me, it seemed like a long time passed where nothing new was going on. I was enjoying my hand job, and I could tell Charles was enjoying his - and he probably figured from what I had told him that he wasn't getting anything else, so why not enjoy at least this - when Nickie looked at me, and then at my dick, and then over at his dick.

She seemed to hesitate. 'What's up?' I asked, thinking the game was over. 'I want to suck his dick,' she whispered. 'You do?' my dick hardened even more. This was what I wanted to see. 'Is that okay?' 'Fuck yeah. Do it.' Having overheard us, Charles leaned back on the couch, opening his legs to give her access to his cock. I didn't redhead babe adison blows her bfs reality and amateur her to stop and have second thoughts, so I pushed her head gently downward.

At the same time, Charles put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her towards him. She eased herself onto all fours so her face was just inches from his cock. Still, she didn't go for it. Still, I didn't think she was quite sure if she wanted to go through with it - well, I knew she wanted to do it, but she wasn't sure if she should. I was so close to seeing my fantasy carried out that I had to do something.

I dropped to my knees a second time and grabbed her ass. I began licking her pussy from behind. My lips were covered in her cum.

I heard her moaning in pleasure, so I sucked her clit and fingered her pussy, fucking her so hard with my fingers that she rocked forward, closer and closer to his dick. She was really moaning now, getting into it. I spread her ass and put my tongue on her asshole, licking it while I kept on finger-fucking her. When she was worked up enough, I eased back and watched through her legs. She hesitated again. And then she took his dick into her mouth.

Like the hand job, it started slowly; she wrapped her lips tightly around the head and for a few seconds she didn't move. The wait to see what she did next was excruciating. Her hand went to the base of his dick as she got a grip on it.

Then incredibly slowly at first, she slid her mouth down his dick a few inches and back up, opening her mouth and dragging her tongue along his head. And then she moved down a second time, only she didn't suck him, she licked him from head to base and back up - she was getting into it - she licked his head, and sucked it back in.

Behind her, I was rubbing her clit. Her body was tense with sexual energy, ready to explode. She bobbed her head up and down on his dick now, fucking it with her mouth. Her slobber was running down his shaft onto his balls and I heard her slurping on it. When she came up for air, she spit on his cock, working it in with her hand - then she pinned his dick back with her right hand and cupped his balls with her left and started licking them with long strokes of her tongue from the bottom of his sack to the base of his dick.

Cum ran down the insides of her thighs as I pressed my face between her ass cheeks, tonguing her along pussy all the way to her asshole. I heard her muffled moans, knew they were muffled because she had his dick in her mouth again. I looked across her ass and back to see the back of her head, moving up and down, up and down. Charles had his hands on her shoulders, holding on for dear life.

As I said, my wife can suck dick with them best of them, and he was getting a good one. And she wasn't just sucking him, she was fucking him with her mouth - her mouth was probably as wet as her pussy. Suddenly, Charles pulled his dick out of her mouth. 'Wait, wait,' her panted.

'I need a break.' My wife looked back at me and smiled devilishly, wiping the slobber from her chin. Her eyes were intense, like she was daring me to keep watching.

I nodded, giving her the okay to do whatever she wanted. Without a word, she turned back to her prey - I call him that because that's clearly what he was at this point. She hadn't even looked at his face; there was a new dick in front of her and she was having fun taming it and that's all that mattered.

Charles didn't stand a chance - I'm sure he didn't realize what he was getting into - hell, neither did I - but I'm also sure he didn't mind - and hell, neither did I. Taking hold of his dick, she lifted herself higher up onto her knees and positioned herself over his cock.

Using it like a dildo, she rubbed her clit with it, pressing it onto her pussy and rotating it round and round on her clit and back and forth along her pussy lips until she eased the head inside her.

For a third time she paused, only now I realized this entire time she had been teasing both of us, making Charles and me wait for what we wanted. He was watching her wide-eyed, waiting for her to sit on his cock, and I was anxious too - I was about to see my wife's pussy filled by another man's cock, my fantasy come true. Charles tried to lift his hips and plunge inside of her, but she held him back. Then she began to rotate her hips, letting him in by inches.

She leaned forward so I could get a good view. Her pussy spread apart as he entered her, widening as she moved towards the full length of him. I could see her cum build up between her pussy and his dick. Down her pussy went, until her ass rested on his balls, then back up, coating his cock with her cum.

She started fucking him. Her back straightened and she rocked her hips with his dick deep inside her, burying him to his balls. After a few moments of this, she put her palms on the couch and pumped her ass, working that dick in and out of her pussy. Her pussy lips widened as the dick slid deep, and narrowed as she moved to its tip; Nickie fucked him slow so I could see this. She threw her head back to moan, almost losing the control she had over the cock she owned.

I went to her and cupped her titties from behind. 'You having fun, baby?' I asked. 'Yeah,' she moaned as she fucked him.

'But I want your cock too. Lay down.' I did what I was told. I laid down on the opposite end of the couch with my dick in the air. Nickie lifted herself off of Charles and turned around, giving him a view of her amazing ass. She planted her pussy back on his cock and kicked out her legs so she could lean forward in my direction. Right away he took advantage and put his hands on her ass and started fucking her by bouncing her backside up and down on his dick.

She was breathing heavy but maintained her focus as she stroked my cock. Her lips were puffed out from fucking his dick so hard with her mouth. 'Did you plan this?' she asked. 'Yes,' I had to admit. With that she sucked my dick. Her mouth was incredible, already warmed up. I had little chance to prepare before I was receiving a full-fledged mouth-fucking. She squeezed my dick hard and beat it in the same motion that she fucked it. She spit on my dick, on my balls, a thick stream of slobber that ran down the shaft.

Closing her lips around it, she adjusted her herself, lifting her pussy off Charles' dick. Getting up, she positioned herself on all fours in front of me with her ass in the air.

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Now she had a better angle and sucked my dick even harder. Charles wasted no time. I peered over my wife to see him spread her ass cheeks and plunge his dick into her pussy, working her doggy-style, which happens to be a position Nickie loves.

He was fucking her hard, pounding her so that with each stroke my dick was pushed more into her mouth.

She moaned with my dick in her mouth and reached back with her hand to finger her clit while he fucked her. I grabbed her tit, squeezing it. Instantly, her mouth released my dick so she could let out a loud moan.

She was breathing heavily and her hot breath felt good on my spit-soaked cock. She was losing it. She held onto my dick, putting it back in her mouth, but kept letting it slide out. She was too preoccupied with the cock in her pussy. She gave up on fingering herself and just braced herself against the fucking and took it. I wiggled to the side a bit stepmom lisa ann and casey calvert get anal pornstars hardcore get a closer look at the action and saw Charles going at her with a steady rhythm.

Her ass was jiggling, her tits were bouncing. I thought she was going to give in. Instead she pulled away from him and climbed on top of me. My dick slipped inside of her without any trouble. Her pussy was dripping wet, already warmed up - and loose - it was already stretched out inside so that my dick didn't have to do any work. Nickie rich man fucks poor wife fucking me before I knew it. I grabbed her ass, her titties, I was wild.

I thrust my hips to meet her every push. I was hot. I wanted to pound her. 'Grab my tits,' she said. 'Hard, baby, hard.' I grabbed her tits and pinched the nipples so that they turned white.

Adrene breathed in pleasure. I squeezed harder, sucking them, biting them slightly. She lifted her ass in the air.

'Fuck me,' she called back to Charles. He didn't have to be told twice, sliding his dick back inside her. 'Squeeze my tits hard,' she told me, and I twisted the nipples.

She pulled away from Charles and sat back down on my dick and fucked me for a few minutes. Then she lifted her ass to him again and he fucked her. And then back to me, and then again to him, giving us each a turn, allowing us each a minute or two of pleasure before returning to the other.

Her pussy was loose and wet; when she fucked him I could hear his dick sloshing inside her and when she fucked me it made the same slurping sound her mouth did earlier. When she raised her ass again, I moved slightly away from her, so that my dick was beneath her right tit, and I slapped it with my cock, causing her to look down at it.

This turned her on even more and she took the fucking to Charles, pushing her ass against him. He was overmatched. After a few seconds, he groaned. As I watched, he pulled his dick out of her and stood, hurrying around to us, dick in hand.

'Shit, I'm going to cum,' he looked at me as if to ask permission. 'Damn, I want to come in your wife's fucking mouth.' Nickie sat up and grabbed his cock, stroking it. Opening her mouth, she stuck out her tongue and slapped his dick against it. The guy lost it. He stepped back and shot his load, splattering my wife's face, her neck and tits. Clearly enjoying herself, Nickie sat on my cock. Cum ran down her face and tits, and she left it there for a moment while fucking me before wiping it off with her long-discarded robe.

Now that she had conquered a dick, she relaxed. I could tell she wanted to come after all her work, so I flipped her on her back and went at her missionary style, hammering deep into her. It didn't take long. Her pussy contracted around my dick, flooding with cum. Her body tensed and she dug her nails into my back and held - held - held - before going limp beneath me. I stroked my dick in and out of her, going over in my head what just happened, and it didn't take long for me to cum.

Thrusting into her as deeply as I could, I filled her up. And then I collapsed too. We laid there for awhile. When I looked up, Charles was gone, Nickie was passed out and I had just had my greatest fantasy fulfilled.