Blonde in high heels gets doggy in office

Blonde in high heels gets doggy in office
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I have been so excited since we agreed to meet. With my husband going out of town for four days, it seemed like the perfect time. After some emails and a couple phone calls, I feel pretty comfortable with you and I'm pretty sure you will be perfect to introduce me to the "ins and outs" of pain and humiliation. Despite this, I am terribly nervous. I have done as instructed, and made sure I am shaved and clean, worn heels, thigh high stockings, a very short skirt, and a see through blouse, and panties but no bra.

My nipples are hard and my heart is pounding as I walk into your hotel suite. You made it clear on the phone that I should not introduce myself, as you would have no need to know my name, and that I was to address you as SIR or MASTER at all times.but the silence while you looked at me was uncomfortable and I began "Hi, SIR, I'm."."Shut up you fucking bitch." I don't think I realized how suddenly we would move into our roles, without even a minute to start feeling comfortable.

"Get over here so I can inspect you." When I get close, you tell me to bend over and grab my ankles.

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You kick my feet apart to spread my legs and I can feel my panties getting wet. You pull them down a bit and check to make sure I am smooth before pulling them back up.

You then pull off your belt and begin spanking my ass with it. Even through my panties I can feel the sting, and when you land a couple blows on my thighs and couple between my legs, I cant help but gasp in pain. That seems to please you and you finally stop and tell me to get on my knees in front of you.

After pulling open my blouse, you pinch my nipples until i cry out. I can see your cock straining to be released from your pants, jenna removes aprils panties and eats her bushy pussy as I react to your pinches and slaps to my nipples it just seems to grow larger.

You reach over and take the clips from the table and slowly clamp one on each nipple.and then you take them off and re-clamp them.the pain is so intense that I whimper "please SIR, that is too tight, the pain is too much." SLAP. You smack me across the face. "I did not give you permission to speak, you little worthless piece of trash, I decide how much pain is enough." YOu then tell me to take off my panties and you proceed to wipe my dripping cunt with them and then shove them in my mouth.

My nipples still throbbing, I watch you attach a long bar to both of my ankles, so that I can no longer close my legs. After a couple of good hard slaps to my pussy, anal tulip whore porn theater gang bang pull me up by my hair and bend me over the side of the couch. You slide into my wet pussy and pump a couple times.

It feels so good, I am a little sad when you pull out. You put me back on my knees and tell me to suck you clean, then lick your balls, then tongue your ass "stick your tongue out farther, you stupid cunt." At one point you shove your cock so far down my throat that I gag and pull away.

You seem to want me to gag, so you do it again, but when I pull away again, I can tell you are mad. "Listen, whore, you do not decide what you want me to do. You may pull away from me, but you are going to wish I was down your throat in a minute." You pull me up and bend me back over the side of the couch. I am relieved. Your cock felt so good in my pussy, I am ready for some more.And then I feel the tip lightly rubbing against my asshole.

We had agreed in the emails and on the phone that since I had never tried it, anal would be off limits until the time (if ever) I felt comfortable.

When I start to remind you of this, you just grab my hair, yank my head back, and slap my face "shut up, bitch." Without letting go of my hair, you slowly push the head of your dick inside my ass.

I groan and begin to struggle, but I am pinned between you and the couch. You groan at my movement and my begging "Please, no.

Take it out.I cant do hurts too can put it back in my throat." You laugh as you pull out "I told you you would be begging for it in your throat.too bad its too late." You let go of my hair, spread my cheeks with your hands and without any warning, thrust all the way in. I cry out in pain.

As you pump, it feels like I am being torn apart. My struggles are useless and just seem to inflame you. When you pull my head back and see the tears running down my face it makes your cock throb. "So, slut, you want my cum in your ass or on your face?" When I don't answer, you pull out and shove me to my knees in front of you. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. "You answer when I ask you a question, do you understand slut?" I nod and you slap me again. "That's 'yes, master, I understand'.

You are nothing and samping beautys taut anal canal smalltits homemade had better learn how to treat me with respect." With that you spit in my face, slap your dick against my face a couple times, and then grab the back of my head and force your cock down my throat. What had gagged me before was nothing. This time you are brutal, ramming it home while tears streak down my face. You plug my nose so that in addition to gagging I cannot breath, and it seems to push you over the edge.

"drink it, bitch." You cum so much, I can hardly keep up. When you are done, you finish up by wiping your dick clean on my face. With the bar still keeping my legs apart, you tell me to get on all fours near the couch. I will be your table until you decide differently.

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As you get dressed, you call room service and order yourself some dinner. When it arrives, you invite the man in and tell him to go ahead and put the plate on my back. I am horrified. When I look up, the young waiter looks shocked but he also has a large grin and he does as you say. You say very clearly to me "you had better be still, because if you spill any of my dinner, you will be severly punished." I can only imagine how bad a punishment from you would be and I brace myself so you will not be dissappointed.

As the waiter is about to leave, you ask him if he would like to make $100. When he nods, you tell him that while you eat all he needs to do is put a clamp on my clit, drip some of the wax from one of the candles down my ass and onto my pussy, and make you a dirty martini with 4 olives. While I do my best not to move, he comes over a little hesitant but wanting the money, spreads my outter lips and lets the clamp go onto my clit.

I gasp and cry out. "Owwwwww. Oh, please.that hurts." He looks suprised and worried until you laugh and pat him on the back and say "perfect." With a little more confidence he grabs a candle and starts by dripping some wax on my ass cheeks. He waits a sec to let the wax gather and then carefully pours it down the crack.

The burning trail runs over my raw ass and down through my pussy lips and pools a bit at the recently attached clip. My crying, whimpering and ragged breathing do nothing as the two of you joke a bit while he fixes your martini. As you have finished bts glamour model audition only at xxx meal, you give him the money, ask him if he is working tomorrow, and thank him as he leaves. "where were we.oh yes, my martini." You pull out two olives and easily push them into my ass.

You sit back on the couch and rest your feet on me as you sip your drink. You make a couple calls and watch a bit of tv, occasionally kicking, pinching, or slapping me. At one point you ask me if I am hungry.

"Yes SIR." You laugh and say, "well then I guess you can take those olives out of your ass and eat them." That night, before you go to bed you bind my wrists and run the rope through my ass cheeks and pussy lips and tie it around my neck.

If I move my arms too much, it tightens around my neck. keeping the bar between my ankles, you make me kneel in the bathtub. You take my long forgotten panties, dunk them in the toilet, push them in my mouth and tape my mouth shut.

"Good night, whore." The next morning I open my eyes as you turn on the light. You look at me and smile.

Removing the tape and panties, my cramped jaw feels much better. I notice you have a raging hard on and when you tell me to open my mouth, I do as I am told. Putting my mouth around your cock, you suddenly start to piss. "drink it all, you fucking piece of meat." I try, but there is so much, some of it runs down my chin. You pull out just before you are done and let the last bit wash down my face.

Shaking the last drops into my mouth, you say "now, about my hard-on."