Corno leva negao pra comer o cu da sua mulher em casa

Corno leva negao pra comer o cu da sua mulher em casa
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About ten years ago I was living in Krabi, a sea-side town in southern Thailand. I had a 12-metre long sailing boat that I had bought for a pittance from the widow of the previous owner and I used to go for day cruises almost every week-end.

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Although the boat could accommodate a maximum of six people I usually was on my own, or possibly with some visiting friends. Apart from being pleasant these regular outings had the added advantage of allowing me to indulge in an activity I would otherwise not have been able to practice: nudism.

I have always been a nudist but - Thai people being rather prudish in public - there are no nudist beaches in Thailand. At least there were none at the time. When on my boat I would always strip naked as soon as I was out of sight from the shore.

One day, a Thai friend of mine asked if he could some time join me for a fishing excursion. I playfully reminded him that Westerners are an odd lot and that he was welcome on my boat providing he was ready to be naked for the whole duration of the trip.

I then noticed that Somsak, the 14-year old son of a neighbour, who had been over my house to pick up a set of tools his father had lent me, had not yet left and was still sitting on the terrace in front of the house, sipping the Coke I had offered him.

I was not sure whether he had over-heard anything but the intrigued look on his face made me think he had. A few weeks later, as I was paying a visit to Somsak's father I mentioned that a friend of mine who was to have gone fishing with me that week-end had cancelled his trip.

I was rather disappointed. "I'll go with you, if you want" said Somsak. "Good idea!" added his father quite hastily. "We have to attend a cremation in Surat Thani on Saturday. Your mother and I would rather know you're gone fishing with David than alone in the house." It seemed I did not have much choice left. Besides, I did like Somsak who was a nice, gentle and well-behaved kid.

Spending a day fishing with him would be much more pleasant than doing so alone. I agreed. I was wondering, however, whether he had forgotten about that discussion he had over-heard a few weeks before. I was to find out he had not. Saturday eventually arrived and off we went on the boat. I soon noticed that Somsak was a bit more nervous and lively than usual. Although it is common for Thai people to smile as a sign of composure when in an embarrassing situation he was flashing his own deadly cute smile far too often and in a rather tense way.

He also showed other signs of agitation: restlessness, inappropriate bursts of laughter, a certain clumsiness, and the like. I did not say anything and went on with the business of piloting the boat and getting the fishing gear ready. After about an hour, Somsak, who had been wife cheat in restaurant bathroom silent and absorbed in his thoughts for the last ten minutes, finally mustered his courage, took a deep breath and said: "I thought that, on your boat, everybody had to be naked." I had seen it coming and I had my answer ready: "Yes, but I thought I would make an exception for you today.

As you are only 14 you might not be ready to comply with the rules." "What are they?" "Well, you might not know much about nudism but people do it for pleasure because it is enjoyable - if a bit strange at first - to go about one's business completely naked.

It is also a pleasure for the eye as the human body is something beautiful about which I believe people are too shy. Obviously, having people all dressed up or shy and embarrassed around is definitely not the best environment to enjoy being naked. This is why the rules are very strict and apply to all on board." Then, deliberately over-acting the whole thing, I raised my finger and started to recite as if quoting from a law book: "Rule no 1: Everybody must be completely naked at all times.

Rule no 2: At all times, anyone must be able to enjoy the vision of the body of anybody else. Rule no 3: It is therefore not only forbidden for anybody to hide their genitals with their hands, a towel, a cushion or anything else, but it is even encouraged to be proud of them and to always hold one's legs slightly apart or even wide open." I could see his eyes opening wider and wider and his jaw dropping lower and lower.

I then added for good measure: "Rule no 4: This applies to all situations, including when someone develops an erection." I had meant to be clever but I had made a big psychological mistake. Trying to put him off with very strict rules he was too young to abide by, I had only aroused his interest and challenged his maturity. The whole thing backfired on me when, after pondering my words for a while, Somsak finally said: "These are strict rules indeed. But if they are the rules of the boat then I must follow them.

I can do it." Strangely enough, I had been up to then so focused on putting him off that I had not even considered the other alternative. Reality was suddenly catching up with me and my heart started to pound. The idea of seeing this beautiful creature completely naked was a lovely thought indeed, classy girl needs her own hands sometimes when home alone the fact that he was pushing for it was even more arousing.

"OK, then. If you think you can, let's do it. I have to check something down in my cabin. What about you make yourself at ease while I am below? I will undress there. You can put your clothes in the basket over there." "Huh. OK." I left and went to my cabin downstairs. There, in a corner was some kind of store room. It was very small but cleverly designed. Once inside you could not move (except backward to leave) but every stored thing was within easy reach.

What Somsak did not know was that there was a slit in the partition through which one could see on the other side: right where he was. He had already taken his T-shirt off and was undoing his belt. He was moving very slowly, frequently glancing towards the staircase. He pulled his shorts down and folded them. He was now standing in his white underwear that seemed even brighter on his rather dark complexion. His backside was round and firm and a nice little bulge could be seen on the front of his body.

He looked towards the stairs again, took a deep breath, slid a thumb on each side of his briefs and slowly pulled them down. He was the image of grace itself as he bent down and lifted his feet one by one to get his underwear off. His uncut penis was absolutely gorgeous.

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Not that big but already that of a young man in the making. Not a child's organ any more. A little patch of pubic hair decorated the top part of it and his compact and absolutely hairless testicles looked as smooth as the rest of his body. He sat down and, checking the staircase every five seconds, tried to adopt a casual, relax attitude, crossing his legs, uncrossing them, opening them a bit, a bit more, a bit less again, keeping his back straight, leaning backwards, resting his arm on a cushion.

He was obviously feeling uncomfortable and could not find a satisfactory position. He was so cute. I finally took off my clothes and went back upstairs. His eyes widened a bit at the sight of my penis, about twice the size of his.

He tried not to look too conspicuously but I saw him frequently glancing in that direction. I did not say anything and started preparing our fishing lines and hooks. Little by little he got used to the situation and began to move around and to behave normally. He was soon his usual cheerful self, apparently totally at ease by now.

We started fishing, leisurely sitting on the benches lining the steering area of the boat, waiting for some fish to get caught while I read a newspaper and he played solitaire with a pack of cards he had found downstairs. After a while he leaned forward, reached for a bottle of water and started to drink. I stopped reading and looked at him. His head was tilted backward and I could see his throat moving up and down as he slowly gulped the water. His profile was lovely and his black hair was shining in the sun.

I lowered big ass milf teacher fucked in classroom tube porn eyes to his smooth, tanned chest then to his stomach where a bit of leftover baby fat added to the general softness and sweetness of his body. Lowering my eyes a bit further I admired his limp penis nicely sitting on the cushion of his testicles. Putting the bottle down he noticed me gazing in his direction and had no problem understanding where I was looking.

For a fraction of a second his body tensed but he immediately remembered his pledge to abide by the rules of the boat (or so I assume) and instead of trying to hide his nudity he opened his legs a bit more. As I kept looking, he opened them a bit wider still, and a bit more, until they finally were wide open and his genitals openly exposed.

I looked at him and gave him a big smile then lowered my eyes again to enjoy the vision. As he was looking at me looking at him I noticed a gentle movement in what I was contemplating and I saw his penis slowly develop and rise until he had a complete erection.

His organ was now standing upright and straight, towering over the almost perfect sphere of his testicles that seemed to have swollen a little too.

It was not huge of course, but the shape was flawless, the glans not too big and the general proportion ideal. Michel-Angelo would have had wet dreams over such a masterpiece. Seeing that he was at the same time aroused, embarrassed and fighting to resist the temptation of covering himself up I beckoned him to come to me. A bit uncertain he got up, crossed the three metres or so that separated both benches and came to stand in front of me. I sat up and pushed as far back as I could against the mature amateur wife striptease and cousins first time pawnstar meets a rockstar so he could sit between my legs.

I wrapped my arms around him and said something soft that I don't really remember.

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He tilted his head backward, rested his right cheek against my left shoulder and looking up into my eyes gave me the most wonderful smile I had ever seen. I smiled back and kissed him softly on his forehead. The scent of his hair was exhilarating and I could feel on my lips the taste of his warm skin. His smooth body against mine I could feel his heart beating and I vividly recall a sensation of happiness as I noticed that his pulse was absolutely normal.

I had expected his heart to be pounding with apprehension but he was totally relaxed and obviously trusted me enough not to fear anything. wwfilm sexse irani dat koom

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Very softly, I told him that I was impressed with how well he had adapted to the rules and that I was somewhat relieved he did not seem to be too embarrassed about the situation. I complimented him on his maturity and told him how much I was happy not to be alone on my boat but in his company. We then started a normal conversation about him, his school, his ideas for a future job, etc.

After a few minutes I suddenly realized that, as we were talking, his right hand had reached for his penis and he was slowly and casually stroking himself. He was not masturbating as such but merely unconsciously enjoying the pleasant feeling of this gentle touch on his genitals like all men do at times. It was not a deliberate sexual action and he was still paying total attention to our conversation and accurately answering my questions. Looking up to ask me a question he saw where I was looking and suddenly realized what he was doing.

With a jerk he tried to stop but I hugged him more strongly, imprisoning his arms so he could not withdraw his hand from where it was. I kissed him softly on the temple and whispered in his ear: "No need to stop. You're enjoying it, you're not doing anything wrong. There is no reason why you should feel ashamed or embarrassed." I slowly loosened my hug and this time he did not try to take his hand off his penis.

He clumsily tried to resume his stroking but he was now too aware of the situation to do it as naturally as he had so far. His initial gentle stroking had become slow masturbation and his penis had grown slightly bigger. I could not believe that this nasty teenie is taken in butt hole asylum for awkward treatment year old god was snuggled up in my arms, naked and masturbating himself. By now my own penis was - almost painfully - erect against his back.

For no particular reason other than wanting to somehow accompany him on his way to sexual pleasure I started to whisper things in his ear. I kept repeating things like "That's it.", "Take your time.", "Enjoy it.", etc.

At one stage I even said "Good boy." and was surprised to see that he reacted very strongly to this by rubbing his cheek against my shoulder and moaning softly. I then repeated "Good boy." over and over and his moan actually turned into a purr. If what I felt for him at that time was not true love then I have no idea what true love is.

I finally horny mommy janet is having mind blowing foursome with three strong black guys his body tense. He stretched and stiffened his legs and feet, and ejaculated, sending a few white, creamy spurts of sperm onto his stomach and even some on my arm around his chest. A couple of shivers ran through him and he snuggled up a bit more against my body.

He looked at me and smiled ; I hugged him a bit more strongly and gently kissed his hair. He closed his eyes and within a few minutes he had fallen asleep. I remained motionless, feeling the warmth of his body against mine, bathing in the blinding light of the sun around us, the silence of the sea only disturbed by a fish frantically pulling on one of our lines.

I had not been so happy for a long time.