Gatinha gozou muito na vara do negrao

Gatinha gozou muito na vara do negrao
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He told me that he was going to share me. I didn't believe him, but I should have. Master calls to see what plans I have for the night or if I wanted to go out. Of course, I do. I dress in my shortest black dress and thigh highs. No panties or bra as normal. When you pick me up, you have me present myself for your inspection. Ensuring my pussy is shaved smooth and silky, then turning me over and placing a few smacks on my ass.

Standing me up, you present me with a cute but dress appropriate collar to wear. We drive to a small restaurant and you let me know that we are meeting some friends there and you expect me to be on my best slutty behavior and follow your directions. The restaurant is unique there are not any central tables, but each area has a small bed in it. Window blinds can be open or closed at the patrons' discretion. We get there before your friends, and you tell me that you want me sitting across from you, with my legs lightly spread so you can see my wet pussy.

When the gentlemen arrive, you pull me up and introduce me as your slut. They both give me a hug, with one running his hands over my ass, while the other feels up my breast. I look at you questioning and you nod your head. I am beginning to realize that this is not a normal dinner for me.

Sitting down in my chair, my legs slightly spread, and my mouth slightly open the way I know you like it, I listen to you three talking. When asked a question, I answer, but not speaking otherwise. The waiter comes takes our order and then leaves. One of the gentlemen, Mike, asks if my mouth is as good as it looks.

I smile and you say yes do you want a try. Of course! So I slide down to my knees, while he undoes his pants and I slide my mouth around his cock. Up and down, deep throating and sucking, he grabs the back of my head and pushes me down faster and harder until he unloads his cum in my mouth. I swallow without losing a drop. I ask if that met his satisfaction and while he is saying yes, you are pulling me across your lap and spank my ass.

When the guys asked why, you advise them that I am not allowed to ask if I satisfied. My ass throbbing, I go back to my chair and sit back down. Looking at you, the other gentleman, Steve, ask what else I am allowed to do. You sweet ebony babe performs a hot dance in front of webcam bigtits him that all 3 holes are open for their use, along with my boobs. I can be spanked on the ass, pussy, and boobs.

I am not allowed to be smacked across the face or head though. Steve wants to know if he can take me behind the screen to try my ass for iamporn big ass brunette mature rides like crazy and fucking. You tell him yes, and then walk over to me.

Pulling my hair, you stand me up and tell me to enjoy myself. I know this is my permission to cum as needed. You put a leash on my collar and handed it to Steve. We go behind the screen where he proceeds to pull my dress down exposing my breast, while using his legs to spread mine apart. Massaging my breast with one hand, he reaches down and feels how wet my pussy is before seachsex xxx sex deshi com slides several fingers in.

His hand moves from my breast then I feel a sharp burn across my breast as he smacks it. First one breast then the other until they are both red hot and stinging.

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Then he bends me over the bed and lifts my dress up exposing my ass to him. I hear him unzipping his pants as he is spreading my legs. He pushes my head down to the bed and holds my neck there for a minute before stepping away. He says, "count," but I didn't understand until after I felt the smacking sensation on my ass. I missed the 1st smack, but didn't miss the 2nd or the next 10. Then I felt him slide his dick in my soaking wet pussy. In and out, harder and harder, rocking me onto the bed, but not letting me lay down.

He pulls my hair and head back and tells me I am not getting off that easy. He pulls his dick out my pussy and shoves it into my tight ass. I train my ass every day to be fucked, but the force of the entry makes me cry out in pain and lose the focus I had as I pull away from Steve.

I feel a smack on my ass and my master's voice tells me to get back in position and take it. "Yes Master" as I stand back up, leaning over the bed and pulling Steve towards me.

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I spread my ass wide and beg him to put his throbbing dick back into my ass. I feel his head spreading my hole wider and wider as he pushes into me.

Grabbing my waist he pulls me back closer to him then puts his hand around my neck and straightens my back so he can reach my breast.

Leaning forward, he smacks my breast as hard as he cans, then tells me that I had better not pull away from again. "I won't sir, I promise." Pushing me back down, he continues to punish my ass with his dick, pulling his dick out to the edge of his head, then ramming into me as hard as he can before he pulls back out again. Pounding me until he explodes in me filling my ass with cum. As he pulls out, he smacks my ass a few times and says "good slut." My Master walks over to me, slides in my big anal plug, hands me a glass of wine, and tells me to come eat my dinner before it gets cold.

I sit down, my ass on fire and filled to the brim, my breast aching from the spankings, and my pussy throbbing since it hasn't been fucked yet. We eat, and then I ask if I may excuse myself to use the ladies room. My Master follows me out with directions that I am to leave my anal toy in, and I am not allowed to masturbate.

I am to come right back as there will be a round 2 shortly. I use the bathroom, freshen up my makeup and then head back in. Mike pulls me onto his lap, spreads my legs, and feels my pussy. It is dripping wet and throbbing as he slides his fingers in and lightly plays with my clit. I arch my back as I get ready to cum and he stops telling me that he isn't ready for me to cum yet.

He asks me if I am ready to be fucked yet "Yes Sir" I say. As time is getting short, and Mike wants to fuck my ass and Steve wants my pussy, they decide to tag team me. I am nervous, as I haven't been filled in both holes by anything other than my Master's dick and a toy. The 3 of us go back behind the screen and Steve strips his clothes off and lies down on the bed.

Pulling my leash towards him, I straddle his legs as he guides his cock into my pussy and starts fucking me getting me wetter. Mike then grabs my waist, pulls the anal toy out and pushes in. My ass is already stretched out and wet from the early fucking that he slides right in. He takes my leash from Steve and pulls my head back so that Steve can grab my breast and squeeze them, rolling my nipples between his fingers.

Both men are fucking me as hard as they can, finding a rhythm that is fast and furious. I am climaxing over and over, soaking Steve in the process. They falter for a heartbeat and then both ram into me at the same time as they both cum. Mike smacks my ass, then slides the anal toy back in my hole as he pulls out.

Steve does the same with my pussy, so I am still double stuffed. Legs shaking, I fall down to my knees, and then proceed to suck both men clean of my juices. Crawling out to my Master, I present myself to him, and then ask if I may have a drink please.

He hands me my wine, and as I start to get up, he tells me stay on my knees at his feet. "Yes Master." Steve and Mike come out of the bed area, smiling as they sit back down at the table. Master asks them how I did for them. They advise him that after the first minute of hesitation, I did just fine. He asks about the hesitation as his hand is wrapped in my hair making blonde short blonde hair hal look at him.

They tell him that it took a minute to slide into my pussy, as it wasn't as wet as it should be, but that didn't last long. He ask if there were any other problems, and they tell him no. Would you like to rent her out in the future, and they say yes. Steve and Mike get up to leave telling me that they would be seeing me soon. Master looks down at me and ask how I am feeling. I tell sexy latina amateur blowjob and rides cock fine, stuffed full with toys and wishing that he would fuck me.

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Standing up, we leave and head back to the house. There you told me strip down, take both toys out, to clean both holes, and then take a shower. As I am finished, he is waiting in the bedroom for me. Putting my large collar on, fastening my hands together, attaching them to the bolt above my head.

He looks at me and asks how I enjoyed my first sharing experience. "It was fine," I tell him, also twistys aaliyah love starring at wouldnt yo him that I didn't think he was actually going to go through with it. "Oh you will get shared many more times" then turning me around, he pulls my ass out, and I feel the crop hitting my ass.

Next time, you won't hesitate will you (smack) "no master I won't" I cry out as the crop hits my ass again. Then switching to the flogger, I feel it running over my ass and back.

Knowing I am getting wet again, you pull me down, push me to my knees and shove your cock into my mouth. I take you all the way down my throat several times before you pull me off and push me face first into the bed with my ass in the air.

Your thick cock shoves into my ass fucking it as I scream out in ecstasy and fulfillment that you are taking me. "You will definitely get shared many more times."