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Mom big hips sex son
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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I'm not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it's not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here.

Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I've decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. I thought I'd try a different look, but you guys didn't seem to like it, so I'm going back to the old way. ENJOY——— Tim, the Teenage Part Twenty By: Rass Senip +++ Chapter VI: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 - Summer Camp Campers Part 1 - Off To Summer (Sex) Camp We Go (mc, mfmm, mf ) Every year since we were in fourth grade, John, Brad, Joey and I had gone to a summer camp for two weeks in June.

We had several friends we only got to see at this camp and always had a blast with them. But this year, only Joey and I were going. Brad had elected not to go because of his sister. John didn't associate himself with us anymore and had said he was too old to go to camp anymore. Joey and I begged Suzi to go, but she couldn't because of a family trip to England. The camp was coed, but Joey and I hadn't even considered messing with anyone but Suzi.

This year, we were old enough to be counselors for the younger kids for two weeks after our regular two week camp. Despite the fact we were the only two locals going, Joey and I both couldn't help but get excited about it. As it turned out, we had every reason to be. "Holy Shit! There's Paul!" Joey exclaimed Monday as we got off the bus at the campgrounds.

"Damn! He really grew!" I said when I recognized the six foot sixteen year old red haired toothpick. "I can't believe he was shorter than I was last year." We started heading for Paul, but before we could even get his attention, I felt a familiar presence behind us. "Mick is about to do it again," I thought to Joey. I telepathically reached out to Mick to found he was three feet behind us getting ready to tackle us both like he did every year.

But this time, Joey and I stepped away from each other just as Mick leapt into the air, then caught him by the legs and held him upside down. "Let me go, you dick heads!" Mick said from his shirt covered face. "Hey Joey. Remember last year when Mick knocked all four of us down and made Brad say uncle?" "Yeah.

Okay Mick, say please to your Uncle Joey and Uncle Tim." "Fuck you two," Mick said humorously. "Okay. Uncle. Come on. Let me down before I piss in my pants." Paul had joined us by the time we had Mick on his feet, along with Scooter, his fourteen year old brother. Scooter's real name was Scott, but no one ever called him that. And even though Paul was older, Scooter was the one who seemed to have the really good ideas.

The five of us waited to see if any of the other fellas we goofed around with showed. When the last bus shut its doors, we made our way to where the cabin assignments were posted. "Shit. We're all broken up into three different cabins!" Mick announced.

"Its bad enough only half of our group showed. Now this." "Well, let's go to the cabins and trade with some people," I said thinking out loud.

"You know that's against the rules," Paul said. "Fuck the rules. I'm not going to spend two weeks listening to Rich Banker snore, and Joey is in with some guys I've never heard of. I'm gonna get Rich to switch with Joey, and if anyone else wants in the cabin with Mick, Joey and I, follow me." "This I gotta see," Paul said following me towards the cabins.

"Remember how John begged last year and still had to sleep with those two fat guys? I almost cried. From laughter." "Heh, yeah," Joey said. "But if anyone can change their minds, it's Tim." When our cabin was in sight, I reached out with my mind and found the two counselors in charge of the cabin assignments and had them meet us at ours.

After a few quick words to the two men in private, I rejoined my buddies and said, "Piece of cake. Come on. Let's check out OUR cabin." Joey and I started climbing the steps, but stopped when the other three expressed their disbelief. As Scooter open his mouth to say something else, Rich and my other two ex-bunkmates came out carrying their stuff. "This year, I get the first choice ravishing jayden jaymes rides a throbbing boner cumshots and brunette the bunks," I said to the other four as I went inside.

The cabin had a table with six chairs, a ceiling fan, a light fixture, and three sets of bunk beds, each with drawers and a shirt rack built into the ends.

Jerry Ridgeburg was putting his clothes away quietly while the five of us filed in. When I had scanned the cabin earlier, Jerry had been wondering if any of his bunkmates knew how to get a blow job from a girl. I felt I could help him in that department, so I chose him to be our sixth cabin mate.

Besides, Joey liked him, and I had bunked with him twice before. While we unpacked, everyone gave a summary of what had happened in the past year. My story about meeting my rich dad was the favorite until Joey's announcement. "Oh yeah. I also went all the way with a girl," Joey said incidentally. "You did?" Mick said in awe while Jerry turned red.

"Yeah, so did I," Scooter admitted. "Me too," I added. "Didn't I tell you guys it was great?" Paul said, reminding everyone he had done it two years before.

"Did you get to pop their cherries?" "Yeah, I took her cherry," Joey said looking at me apologetically. I winked at Joey then said, "and I took bailey brooke fucked in as many positions as possible other one.

And don't forget we both took the twin's." "Twin's?" Scooter said. "What do you mean you took her other one?" Mick asked. "Shit. You didn't really fuck her up the butt, did you?" Paul said. "We both did," Joey said grinning. "It's awesome." "You guys. share the same girl?" Mick said. "Twins?" Scooter said again.

"Yes, twins, and yes we both make love to the same girl," I said. "Shit," Paul said. "Damn," Scooter said. "Cool," Mick said. Jerry's reluctance to join the discussion concerned me enough that I peeked into his head. He was excited by the talk, but also felt disappointed. He had brought six of his favorite skin magazines and thought he would entertain his bunkmates with that. But now. "Man, I don't know if I'll be able to stand a month here without some tits and ass.

I wish you would have brought the Penthouse girls with you Joey," I said. "But I thought." Joey said before realizing I was up to something. Jerry had perked up with my comment, but didn't act on it right away. I decided he would come around on his own. "So Scooter, what about you? Did you take her son get mother pussy tlicking Who was she?" Joey asked.

Before Scooter could answer, Paul said, "No he didn't. My girlfriend gave him a birthday present." Scooter turned red, and Mick laughed. I felt kind of sorry for him. "Hey, how about we go and check out the girl's side of camp," Joey suggested. "If I don't get some fresh air, I think I'll have to go somewhere private." Everyone but Jerry agreed and we left the cabin.

I stopped at the mouth of the path we were going to take and said, "Hey, I forgot something. Go on and I'll catch up with you in a few minutes." I snuck back into the cabin, being careful not to disturb Jerry since he had just started to jerk himself off in the privacy of his bunk. I found him fantasizing about screwing a girl in the butt while I was screwing her front door. Jerry was lost in his own world while I quietly went over to Joey's bottom bunk and sat down across from him.

"Mind if I join you?" I said softly while laying down and slipping my shorts down. Jerry panicked, then tried to cover up what he had been doing. I ignored his attempts to play innocent and started to pull my own pud. I said, "Hey, its okay. Joey and I do this all the time in front of each other. Especially when Suzi gives one of us a blow job." He stared at my dick my wife strips at the beach a few moments, then looked down at the floor as he blushed again.

"Uhm, I don't think I could. Not with another guy in the room." "You want me to leave?" "No! Uhm, that is. could you tell me more about what you did?" "What I did? You mean what we did. Jerry, can you keep a secret?" "Uhm, I guess. What kind of secret?" "The kind that is hard to keep, even though it is one that others wouldn't believe anyway.

Can you keep it? Yes or no." "Yah, all right." "Good. Tomorrow, Joey and I are going to go watch the girls take their showers, and afterwards get a blow job.

I want you to join us. But for now, let's go and check the babes out." Jerry was stunned for a moment, then said, "Ha ha. Very funny." Then when he saw I wasn't smiling, he said "You're nuts." I smiled and said, "No jokes, and no I'm not crazy. Just trust me. I promise I'll explain everything tonight at lights out to everybody. Shit, I'm horny now. Jerry, I'm gonna do something a little strange, so don't panic, okay?" "Uhm, okay.

I think." I startled Jerry when I opened a two way with him, but my warning helped prevent him from panicking. "Tim, what are you doing? This feels. good." "Jerry, you haven't felt anything yet. Now I know your dick is good and hard, so get busy." "But.

We shouldn't." I reached in his mind and found he and his brother had been caught by his mother touching each other's dicks when they were little. He couldn't get past the feeling of doing something wrong while doing something like that with another guy in the room. I sighed, closed the link, then grinded to a halt.

I pulled my shorts back up and got off the bed on Jerry's side. "At least come and join the other guys in scoping out the girls. We only have twenty tella spread her pussy for camera fetish left before assembly." "First tell me how you did that, then maybe I'll go." "I'll tell you on the way.

Deal?" Jerry looked at fleshly and wild car wash hardcore and reality a moment, then got up and said, "Deal." I reached out to Joey and found they were sneaking up on one of the cabins. As I led the way, I told Jerry a little about my abilities. Not the control stuff, just reading minds and the two and three way stuff. By the time we reached the path that took us around to the back of the girls cabins, Joey and the others were running towards us.

"Go Go GO!" Scooter said a quietly as possible while running at top speed. Scooter and Paul passed us before Mick appeared, followed by Joey. When Joey saw me, he slowed down and said to Mick, "Hey. Stop. We're safe." "What's going on?" I said. "We got <gasp> caught <gasp> looking in the <gasp> window. Smitzer came <gasp> after us." "And I've caught you, too," Ms Smitzer said as she came up the path.

Smitzer was the head counselor for the girls, and was pretty strict about the guys and girls staying on their own sides of the camp. But for the first time ever, I wasn't intimidated by her. In fact, I couldn't help noticing she was in great shape, making her look more like twenty-five instead of thirty-five.

"Nuts," Mack said. "Why did you say we were safe?" "Because he knew I wouldn't let you guys get into trouble like this," I said. "You're not in trouble yet, Mister, so just stay out of this," Ms Smitzer said. "Tim Brandton, not Mister. Wow. You're not even out of breath. You sure are in good shape. I bet she could out distance blonde busty milf stepmom got fucked in a outdoor sex both put together, Joey." "Thank you, but compliments will not help your friends.

Okay, where are the two red heads. You four will be doing kitchen duty for a week." "Uhm, Tim." Joey said in a pleading tone. "I know. Hang on. Jerry, why don't you and Mick go back to the cabin and see if the two red heads made it back okay. Joey and I will work out a deal with Ms. Smitzer." "Unless you want to take up their time in the kitchen." "Jerry, Mick.

GO," I commanded. "You have some nerve." Ms Smitzer started. "Ms. Smitzer, how would you like your ex-husband to stop harassing you?" "What?" Smitzer said, stunned. "How the HELL do you know about that!" "Tim, will you stop trying to shock people? Jeez," Joey said sitting down on a rock to watch. Then he thought to me, "Just make her forget and send her back. It's almost time for assembly." "I guess you're right," I said out loud.

I sent the commands, and Ms. Smitzer blinked a few times then turned around and went back down the path. She had a nice ass too. When we arrived back at the cabin, everyone was relieved Ms.

Smitzer wasn't with us. "What happened?" Mick asked. "Tell you after assembly," I said as I grabbed my coin from my drawer.

Assembly basically was where everybody gathered under the large covered eating area and sat around listening to what we would do that day, the rules of the camp, etc, etc. But more importantly to us, the girls would be there too. "Wow. Look. There's Penny," I said to Joey. Penny Harris was a blond, brown eyed, perfect bodied girl our age who had spent the past four summers teasing every boy interested.

Last year, Joey and I spent more time chasing her than any of the other camp activities during the first week.

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She gave us the hot cold treatment, frustrating us to no end. I had finally peeked inside her head and found she had no interest in us other than to tease us. It was her favorite game. We gave up and made friends with several other girls who hated Penny as much as we did. "Man. She looks incredible. Shit, Tim. We are gonna get even with her, aren't we?" I flashed him a quick mental picture of Penny on her knees begging and said, "When we get done with her, she'll never tease a guy again.

It's our summer project." "Heh, cool. Hey, there's Tracy and Dana. Hmm, I guess Christine didn't show this year." The six of us headed for our assigned table and checked out the hand outs waiting there for us. Joey, Mick, Jerry, and I all had information packets since we would be counselors in two weeks. I quickly looked to see who the other Jr. Counselors would be and was pleased with what I found. "Hey. Tracy and Dana are both counselors.

AND so is Penny. Hey Paul. You should have been a counselor this year. Gina is." "Yeah, I know she is. That's why I'm not a counselor this year," Paul said. taming a naughty and moist cunt hardcore and blowjob Mick said. "What happened between you two?

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You were pretty close last year." "Yeah, well. I have a steady girl now. I don't trust myself to keep my hands off Gina for four weeks. Two weeks I think I can handle." "Yeah, plus the fact that Kerry would kill you if she found out about you and Gina writing to each other still," Scooter said with a smirk.

"Shut up, dork," Paul said giving his brother a shove. I said, "I'm gonna go over and say hi to Tracy and Dana before the announcements start." "Better hurry up," Jerry said. "There's Jarvus and Smitzer now," he said nodding towards them. I reached out to Jarvus and gave him an urgent need to use the john. Smitzer was going to start without him, so I had nature call her too.

"I think we have time," I said as Joey and I got up. "Hey Jerry. I'll tell you a secret if you come with us." "Uhm, okay," Jerry said getting up. As soon as we camgirls babe fuck horny watch part on slutcamxxcom out of ear shot of the others, I said to Jerry, "Last year, Dana kept looking over at you. I think she liked you." "Yeah?" Jerry said.

Then he blushed and started gettin nervous. "Uhm, hey, I think I'll just go back to the table or something." I grabbed his arm and said, "Too late. She sees you. Yep. She likes you all right." I peeked inside her head, and immediately found why she was so attracted to Jerry. He looked a lot like her dad who she adored.

Dana was a pretty nice girl. I was surprised when I found she had messed around with her ten year old brother Sam. Dana's thoughts were mostly romantic towards Jerry, but she did check out his crotch out with her eyes. And earlier she had watched his butt from across the room. We said our hellos, and exchanged some quick words before we had to go back to our table.

At the last moment, Dana mentioned to Joey he was going to be her brother's counselor. I grinned at that. The announcements and schedule was pretty much the same old thing we have every year. I let my mind wander a little, then decided to check Penny out a little more. I connected up to Joey, then started scanning Penny's mind. "Shit Joey. Penny was raped as a little girl. She thinks guys only want one thing from her. Sex." "Then why does she go around teasing every guy who looks at her? One of these days she's gonna get raped again doing that." "I don't think so.

She's a black belt in karate or something. Two guys already have tried to force her, and she whipped their asses bad. She's out for revenge. Penny gets off making guys suffer. Hey. Look at this. She messes around with two girls." Joey and I became very aroused watching Penny's memories concerning her girl lovers. The shower scene was especially hot. But I had to break the connection when I realized Mick and Scooter had noticed our glazed looks. "You guys were really out there," Mick said.

"Yeah. You were staring so hard at that witch over there I thought she had cast a spell over you two," Scooter said. "Heh, a spell," Joey said. We went back to half listening to what was being said up front. When they your dick fits perfectly in my mouth joi, everyone had an hour to eat lunch before the activities began.

Since four of us had a large packet of information, we all headed back to the cabin to drop our stuff off before getting in line for food.

"So, what happened with Smitzer?" Paul asked as we left the covered picnic area. "Yeah. How come we didn't get kitchen duty?" Mick added. "Uhm, you guys have to promise to keep this a secret. I mean, you can't tell anyone, got it?" I said. "Shit, Tim. What did you do? Blackmail her or something?" Paul asked. "I'll tell you guys in the cabin after you promise," I replied. I didn't say another word, even though they kept bugging me and guessing what I had done the entire walk back to the cabin.

Once I had my stuff put away, I sat down at the table. "I'm not telling anyone anything until you all promise to keep you mouth shut about this. Jerry already promised, and Joey already knows it all, but won't tell you a thing either so gorgeous and slim teen gets banged hard brunette cumshot even try." "Shit.

You sure are being mysterious about this," Mick said. "Okay. I promise." "Yeah. Me too," Scooter said. "Fuck. This better be good," Paul said. "I promise." "Cool," I said. "Everybody sit down and I'll show you something. Then I'll tell you the rest while we eat." Reluctantly, everyone took a seat around the table.

"Tim, don't shock them like you did with Smitzer," Joey said. "Like warn them or something first." "I planned on it," I said winking. I placed my coin on the table a said, "You see this coin? My dad gave it to me the day I met him. Mick, pick it up and see if you can feel anything different about it." "Uhm.

Like what?" "Does it make you fingers tingle or anything?" Joey asked. "No. It feels like a coin. Why?" "I'll tell you after everyone has a turn holding it," I said.

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Mick passed it to Scooter, then it went to Paul, and finally Jerry. None of them felt anything unusual. "Oh, well. Nice try, Tim," Joey said. "I'm hungry. Are you going to tell us world best naked sexy girls faking story not?" Paul said, irritated. "I'm going to do something kinda unusual, so just stay cool, okay? Ready?" I said. Then I thought to all of them, "Guys, I'm telepathic." I got a "Holy shit!" from Paul and Scooter, a "Wow," from Jerry, and a "Urp?." from Mick.

Jerry recovered first and asked "What else can you do? I mean, can you hear us think too?" "Not only can I hear them, but I can change them too." "Change them?" Paul said, understanding the meaning a little faster than the others. "Yeah, but don't worry.

I don't do things to my friends. Well, I did do one thing to all of you. I made sure you couldn't break your promise. But that's all." No one said anything else until someone's stomach growled. "Shit. Let's go eat," Joey said. We made our way to the food line, which was fairly long by then.

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The four were unusually quiet. Joey tried to start a conversation several times, but no one seemed to have anything to say. I peeked into Mick's head, and found the reason. "Heh. Hey Joey, I goofed a little. I made them unable to speak about it to anyone, including each other. Sorry guys. Okay. Fixed it. "Damn, you really can do it," Scooter said. Everyone had questions, and I answered them all as well as I could.

Joey and I also told them pretty much what happened during the buying beautys bawdy cleft with specie hardcore and european year, leaving out the sexual stuff between Joey and me.

We were the last ones to leave the tables to go our first set of activities. We didn't get to talk much until dinner time. Tracy and Dana and another girl named Jennifer joined us at our table, preventing the guys from discussing our secret topic.

As we talked, I found that Tracy was a straight, fun loving, and clean minded girl. Her older sister was somewhat of a slut, and Tracy vowed not to busty college babe massages self in bathtub busty college babe massages self in bathtub postselfies in her foot steps. She would wait until she was married before going any further than some heavy petting and kissing. Jennifer was more or less in the same drooling shy teen receives hardcore face fucking, but she had watched her older brother receive a blow job from his girlfriend.

Every once in a while, she masturbated thinking about it, sometimes imagining herself doing it to a guy in her class. After dinner, everyone had a choice between going on a hike, playing volleyball, or playing bingo for prizes.

I felt like going on the hike to refresh my memory of the paths, and naturally everyone came along. Around the halfway mark, Joey nudged me and drew my attention to Jerry behind us. He and Dana were talking very friendly like while they walked side by side. Jerry's eyes met ours, and immediately dropped his gaze to the ground and blushed.

Joey and I grinned and turned forwards to move on. Paul had moved way ahead in the line and was talking to Gina. Mick and Scooter stuck together, where Tracy and Joey had paired up for most of the walk. Jen was constantly going back and forth between the three groups, while I mostly walked alone busily checking others out and looking for routes for a few ideas I had. We came to a clearing where a large twisted tree stood at the center.

I felt a pull at the back of my mind towards the tree, and could feel a presence with in it. I stood staring at the tree, not even noticing Joey had come up beside me and was doing the same. "Why are you guys looking that ugly tree like that?" Tracy asked. I glanced at her, and noticed Joey was concentrating on the tree. "You feel it too?" I asked. Joey thought to me, "It feels like the coin, sorta. But I can't grab onto anything to feel out the shapes." Joey then said out loud, "I think it wants us to touch it." "What are you guys talking about?" Tracy said bewildered.

"Is the tree talking to you?" Mick asked "Talking? What's going on?" Jen said. I sighed, then decided a little lie would be easiest. "It reminds us of a tree Joey and I saw a few years ago that gave us the creeps. This one looks like it is trying to say something. That's all." Joey said to me, "I'm gonna touch it, okay?" "Yeah.

Hurry up." Joey walked up to the tree and gently pressed his palm against the trunk. He looked up with a little surprised look and thought to me, "It just wants some petting or something. I don't feel it calling me anymore. I feel like I'm petting a dog. It likes it." I walked up to the tree and touched it.

The pull I felt disappeared, and as I stroked the bark, I saw what Joey meant. The tree was happy to have our attention. "Hey, stop petting your tree and come on!" Scooter said as he followed the last of the hikers down the path. A moment later, Joey and I were alone with the tree.

"What do you think, Joey?" "I don't know." "Let's go. We have four weeks to figure this out." "Yeah, okay. See you later, tree. We'll be back." The pulling didn't return when we removed our hands, and I thought for a moment it was trying to express a thank you. But Joey didn't pick it up, so it was probably my imagination. We hustled down the path, and caught up darksome cock for white doxy interracial hardcore the rest just as we reached the end of the hike.

It was getting dark, and everyone was told to shower and get ready for bed. All of the cabins had to take turns to use the showers since there were only twelve shower heads in the guy's showers. The hot water usually ran out after the fifth and sixth cabins finished, and naturally today we were the ninth in line. "Hey Tim, couldn't you do something about the hot water problem?" Paul asked.

"I don't really like cold showers." "Like what? I'm not going to steal someone's hot water." "No. I mean, make them conserve it better. You know. Have them shut the water off while they are soaping up or something." "I guess I could do that.

Okay. I'll try. But it will take some time." Joey and I headed towards the showers, reaching them after being stopped by three different counselors momentarily.

I reached out and one by one gave the commands to conserve the water. Before I could finish all of them, the second set of cabins showed up.

I managed to finish the first set as they were toweling off, and started on the others while they filed in and started showering. "You got a headache?" Joey asked as we headed back for the cabin after I finished the fourth group. "No. just tired. I'll do the rest tomorrow. I think we'll have warm showers though." The showers of course did not allow any modesty, but all of us were used to that fact.

I was pleasantly surprised to find I wasn't the smallest of the group, and I was impressed by Paul's increase in size. Rich drew everyone's attention when one of his cabin mates popped a boner, reminding me of the showering scene with Brad. Joey realized what I was thinking and said, "Oh-oh. Come on Tim, save it for later." I threw Joey an evil smile, then closed my eyes and bore down.

Everyone suddenly became aware of their own hard on rising up, but that's as far as I took it. I made Rich stay hard for the rest of stunning milf gets her wet muff hammered brunette big tits shower though.

The water was starting to get cold by the time we were done. I vowed to finish everyone tomorrow so everyone could have warm showers. When we were all back in the cabin, Jerry asked, "Tim, were you serious about watching the girls shower?" "Yep. I originally planned on just Joey and I doing it. We will probably have to take turns." I said to everyone.

"Cool!" Paul and Scooter said. "You mean just like in the movie Porky's?" Mick asked. "Sorta. But we wouldn't be hiding. We hot ass ebony slut fucked in group be in the showers with them. But no touching. I'm not ready to try anything like that yet." Everyone got excited about that.

Even Jerry was talking about who he would like to see shower. I had chosen the top bunk since the fan hit top ones better. Once the bed checks were made, Joey asked from beneath me if anyone would be interested in a linked jerkoff.

Once everyone had expressed their confusion and reluctance, Joey and I unsuccessfully tried to explain what he meant. I finally just closed my eyes, connected to Joey, then once we were pounding our meats, I connected to each guy separately to give them a sample.

Because Jerry still refused, only Mick had the nerve to do it. "It's probably better this way anyway. I'm not sure I could do a five or six way." The three of us were wanking away when I noticed the two brothers were also doing theirs on their own. Jerry also noticed, and in another two minutes, he had his hand down his boxers squeezing his.

I decided to go for it, and inserted blocks to prevent anyone from orgasming before everyone else was ready. Once we were all ready, I changed the links so that everyone would experience Joey's and my orgasm in addition to their own. There were gasps, squeaks, and even a loud moan from Paul as everyone came together. The others were all squirming around, and Mick almost fell off his top bunk. Once the orgasms subsided, the room was full of heavy breathing.

"Tim?" "Yeah, Joey." "Next time, can we get a girl in the link? I missed Suzi's part." "Me too. Maybe, if we find the right girl." "Tim?" "Yeah Jerry?" "Can we do that again sometime?" "Every night if you want." "Shit. That was better than sex," Paul said. "Heh. You just never had good sex. And it's even better linked," Joey said. "I've had good sex," Paul argued. "Kerry and I have done practically everything." "You didn't do her back door." "What's so great about it?" Scooter asked. "Tim?" Joey asked.

I shared my experience of entering Suzi's back door with Scooter and Paul. They gasped several times, which prompted Mick to say, "Hey!

What's going on?" "I just answered their question," I said. "You wouldn't want to know the answer without trying it the regular way first." "So? Show me the regular way then." "Nope. Sorry. You have to experience it for real.

You wouldn't want me to take your virginity from you, would ya?" "Er, no. Not if you put it that way." "Okay, I admit that was pretty good," Paul said. "But that wasn't better than some of the sex I've had with Kerry." "What do you think, Joey. Should I give him the full picture?" "Uhm, okay.

But just Paul." The other three objected loudly, so I said, "Look, this stuff is private. Besides, you guys would find it really gross, not kinky. I'm not even sure if Paul will like it enough to try it." When I didn't get any further comments, I linked up with Paul simulated the feelings I remembered of having Joey inside me while I was inside Suzi.

Paul was squirming and moaning loudly for almost the entire experience, cumming at the end. "Shit! Fuck me. That was. incredible. I never. Shit." "What! What was it?" Scooter said from above him. "I'm sorry, Scott. I can't tell you." "Shit. It was that bad? You never call me Scott." "It was that.

good. Man." I fell asleep while we were talking that night. Joey told me later that once they had realized I was asleep, everyone but the two brothers shut up and went to sleep. I peeked in Paul's head and discovered Paul had told his brother after Scooter agreed to try it with him and Kerry.

Most of the conversation was Scooter trying to back out of the deal. Apart for our linked jerk offs at night, we didn't have any time the next several days to try anything else. Joey and I both wanted to do the regular camp stuff. We explained to the others that when we got bored with camp life, we would all try some more interesting things. The girls posed to be somewhat a stumbling block.

They were our friends just as much as the guys were, so I had guilt pangs thinking about doing stuff to them without their consent. Dana and Jerry were really hitting it off.

On Friday I noticed Jerry glowing at dinner and made eye contact with him, triggering an empathic connection. He smiled when I figured it out. "You kissed, didn't you," I said looked back and forth at Dana and Jerry. Dana blushed, but Jerry didn't even flinch.

He just kept smiling while he nodded. "Heh-hey! Way to go Jerry!" Joey said enthusiastically, followed by similar comments from everyone. "We were coming here to eat and passed by that tree you guys were looking at. No one else was around, and. well it just kinda happened," Dana admitted. I ideal teen stretches soft pussy and loses virginity deflowering hardcore into their heads, finding Jerry full of puppy love, where Dana was feeling a more serious type of love.

We all shared our first kiss stories, with the exceptions of Jen and Mick, which seemed somewhat fitting since they seemed to have paired together also. Paul had rekindled romance with Gina, and Tracy and Joey were always hanging out together. Only Scooter and I seemed to be without a date to the dance on Sunday, so I began checking out the other girls again.

That night, Joey asked me to check to see if Tracy was interested in a little kissing action too. I informed him at lunch the next day she was very much interested.

I had also checked out Jen, and found she had all ready decided to kiss Mick sometime soon. I was feeling a bit romantic myself, and wanted to give them all the chance to spend sometime without having to hurry. I had made arrangements that morning, and had Jarvus come over during lunch to ask if amateur babe pawns her pussy and pounded by pawn dude would mind being excused from our next set of activities because there were not enough supplies to go around.

After I said I didn't mind, the other guys took the hint. "What do we do now?" Tracy said as everyone else headed out. "How about we go for a walk.

I've heard about a secret path that only a few of the senior counselors know about I would like to try. It leads to an interesting landmark." "Oh, and I suppose you're going to keep the landmark a secret," Joey said. "Yep." I convinced everyone marina and her young man are in the bedroom and her virgin body is awe the reason it was kept secret was not because it was dangerous, but because it would get ruined if too many people found out about it.

I led them to a remote part of the open campgrounds, then through some tall grass to the beginning of the path. After ten minutes of walking, everyone had recognized the sound of where we were going. When we got there, everyone was impressed, including me. "Wow. Now that's a waterfall!" Mick said above the roar. "You haven't seen the best part of it yet!" I yelled as I started to pull off my shoes.

"Anyone care for a little swim?" Joey and Jerry stripped down to their boxers and tested the water. I grinned and said, "Pardon me, ladies. I don't like wet underwear," and pulled my briefs off, stunning everyone but Joey with my nudity.

Tracy pulled off her shirt revealing her swimsuit underneath much to the disappointment of the guys. The other girls followed suite, having all worn their swimsuits underneath just as I had suggested to them this morning. The three remaining guys looked at each other, then finally stripped to their briefs.

"Fuck it," Paul suddenly exclaimed, and pulled his briefs off before jumping into the pool. Scooter followed his brother's example, but Mick kept his on. I worked my way towards the water fall and found the hand holds in the wall beside the falling water. I climbed up to a ledge about six feet above the water level, and waved to everyone below.

Then I walked behind the water fall out of their sight. Several minutes passed before Joey finally joined me, followed by Tracy, Jen, Mick, and Scooter. The noise from the sunny leone first time porn storys made speech impossible, not that I needed it. I thought to Mick and Joey, "I'd call this a pretty good kissing spot, wouldn't you?" I motioned to Scooter to follow me out to the other side.

When we emerged from behind the waterfall, I pointed out the rope swings on the other side of the pool, then gently pushed Scooter off the ledge.

He made a satisfying splash, then a minute later, I followed him. Scooter and I played on the rope swings for around twenty minutes before the pairs finally joined us one by one. No one had suspected that Paul and Gina had been fucking while standing in the water kissing.

The other three pairs had stuck to just kissing.

After spending two hours there, I announced we had to get back. Paul and Gina had wandered out of sight into the bushes. I reached out and found them fucking like rabbits again, which naturally gave me an obvious hardon. Scooter guessed what was up, and got a hard on too. We managed huge tits milf bangs in fake taxi pov in public hide it from the others by disappearing into the bushes ourselves.

"Shit. Now I'm really horny," Scooter said rubbing his meat. I looked at him, then check Paul's and Gina's current state. I inserted blocks to their rising orgasms, then started to increase Scooter's arousal too. I contacted Joey and informed him to take the others back. We would follow later. I led the way towards Paul and Gina, telling Scooter how good it felt to fuck ass. By the time we reached the two lovers, Scooter was ready to fuck any ass he gofuckagirl jessi gold gets a good morning fuck with vira gold get his pecker into.

Paul was lying on top Gina resting, having run out of energy in his attempts to climax. Gina was still in a lust filled state, writhing underneath him. She was so desperate to orgasm, she didn't object to my suggestions. I inserted a different kind of block in all three of them, preventing their arousal to diminish. I took control of all them temporarily. After Paul rolled off Gina, all four of us took a shit in the bushes and quick dip in the water to scrub each other's asses.

I laid down on a grassy spot, had Paul and Scooter get lubed with Gina's juices before she mounted me and fucked for a minute. All four of us were filled with fuck lust by then, prompting me to forgo the natural experience. I forced Gina's ass to relax and open, then pushed her shitting muscles while Paul inserted himself. I blocked her pain and while holding Paul still. Scooter's entry went just as smoothly, and I started freshbigboobs dude takes oiled blonde on the mat work their bodies to a rhythm before releasing control of their bodies to them.

They immediately sped up, and it took several minutes before they found a rhythm again. We fucked for at least ten minutes straight before their combined weights got to me. Finally I released the blocks, and in seconds all three of them came. I managed to link with Scooter as he came, which brought my own orgasm to a climax. It was cut short however when Scooter, then Paul collapsed on top of us.

I forced everyone to roll to our sides before allowing the brothers to pass out. Gina recovered her senses, finding my head still inside her. She rolled back on top of me, slipping me back inside her and said, "If I fuck you like a mad woman in heat, would you do what you did before to keep me horny when I cum?" "You mean make your orgasm last for ten minutes or so? No. If I did, you probably would never have another orgasm without my help.

You wouldn't want that, would you?" "I guess not." "But I can offer you something else. How would you like to share your orgasms every night with the rest of the guys? You would feel theirs too. I promise you'll like it. I'll share mine with you if you fuck me like a mad woman right now." "What do you mean by sharing it?" I formed a two way with her, giving her full access to my body's sensory inputs.

In moments she began her humping, attempting to fulfill her end of the bargain. Her energy gave out before she could bring us to a peak. "Sorry. Just give me a minute," she said panting. "That's okay. Just relax while I try something." I closed my eyes and began feeling her body with her mind. I began to manipulate her senses to feel a mouth kissing her neck, then another stimulating her left nipple. By the time I finished, Gina was completely limp, feeling fifteen mouths massaging her body, arousing her without prompting her to do any work.

Apart from the gasps and the twitches inside her love hole, Gina was completely motionless. While her body recovered from her exertions and her mind sunk lower into a mist of lust, I became aware of Scooter getting dressed. Once he finished, he sat down and waited to watch the action. I didn't really want an audience, so I made Scooter drowsy. He was fast asleep by the time Gina was done charging her batteries, and I made sure Paul would stay under as well.

I began moving each mouth sensation to her crotch, making sure I covered her entire body by the time the last mouth finished. Gina was completely subdued.

I could have asked her to do anything, and she would have happily complied. Feeling a bit restless, I rolled us so I was on top, and proceeded to slowly drill for oil. I teased her lips with my tongue, finding her more desperate to capture me in her mouth with each try.

Her hands searched my body for my pleasure spots, then went limp as I began to increase my speed. I reestablished the two way which pushed my own arousal way up. I reached and maintained my full speed for several minutes, Gina moaning and grunting as she began to meet my thrusts with her own. My sweat was pouring off me and onto her, mixing with her own, lubricating our bodies as they struggled to reach a climax.

My lust overwhelmed my senses, flooding my brain with desire, pushing my thrusts to a violent speed. I covered her mouth with mine, our tongues raping each other's mouths. Our hands began to clasp and pinch each other's skin, leaving marks on both of us. We were completely oblivious to the primitive violent actions we were doing, only aware of the lust flowing through our minds and bodies.

We had both lost control. Gina triggered our orgasm buy digging her nails in to my back and scraping them forward. I retaliated with a mad bout of incredibly strong thrusts, pumping my seed into her deepest reaches. The welts on my back formed while we both screamed into each other's mouths at the top of our lungs as we both experienced an orgasm of pain and pleasure.

My mind cleared of its fog, finding myself sore like I never had felt before. The taste of blood in my mouth and the stinging of the welts on my back sent a bolt of shock through me. I jerked myself off Gina, finding my dick red with blood.

I checked Gina's condition, finding her to be in better shape than I was. The blood in my mouth was from my lip from which ever one of us had bitten.

The blood on my dick was hers, but she didn't appear to be experiencing pain, and I decided it may have been just a woman thing. I washed myself off in the cool water, and found Gina asleep from exhaustion when Delicious playgirl reveals her assets homemade hardcore finished.

I woke up Scooter as I drank from the waterfall, then woke Paul to help Gina into the water. We all drank our fill of the clean water, then the four of us got out, dressed, and returned to camp in time for dinner.