Wet and puffy teen hd first time teen mia pearl was on her way to get some tacos takes a

Wet and puffy teen hd first time teen mia pearl was on her way to get some tacos takes a
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I walked across the street to my friends house to do a project.

It was a cold weekend one on which my neighbors had gone to a buisiness trip and left there 15 and 12 year old daughters at home. I jumped up the stairs and rang the doorbell, 15 year old Kasey answered the door. We had been paired up in English class to write an essay together and I could not complain. At around 5'2", with shoulder lenght brown hair, hazel eyes, nice sized titties, and a big round ass, she was one of the finest girls in school.

Tonight she was wearing a pair of long purple pajama pants and a tight fitting top which exposed just the top of her breasts. "Hi Jimmy, come in," she said. Immediately, I heard little footsteps running toward me from the right and then, there she was; little Mia.

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She was a very cute 5th grader with her long brown hair and brown eyes, she stood at about 4'10". She didn't have any breasts yet but her soft-looking legs led to a tight little butt, which seemed to be the center piece of the girl. She wore more revealing clothes than her sister. But right now she had on a long white shirt; I wondered if she was wearing and panties. "Hi Jimmy," she said with an excited voice. "Hi Mia." "Bring your books into the kitchen, we got a lot of stuff to work on," Kasey said grabbing my hand.

The teacher had assigned different groups certiain Shakespeare plays and we got A Midnight Summer's Dream. We sat down and started working automatically "So what do you think about the story," she asked? "Well I liked it. Anything that got to do with sex can catch my attention real quick." With that I gave her a little smile, she gave me one back.

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"Me too but I wish all we had to do is read it. I mean that was hard enough now we have to write an essay; not fun." "I asked if we could act it out." "Really. What did Mr. Madison say?" "He said no." "Thats too bad," she giggled. After working on the project for about and hour, Mia walked into the room.

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"Are yall done yet; lets watch a movie." "What do you think Mia," her sister yelled. "Hey, don't worry about your sister, its a hard project. When we get done we'll come watch one with you." "Ok. And when you are done, I want to sit next to you Jimmy." "Thats what you think," I heard Kasey mummble under her breath. At around 9 o'clock we decided to call it kinky ashley gets screwed in a threesome for the night and joined a happy Mia in the livingroom.

I found myself in the middle of the girls under a blanket on the couch. Just as soon as Mia got under the blanket, I saw her through that white tee off. Now I was sure that she had something on under the shirt. WRONG!!! Kasey had walked over and slipped in a tape. "What we watching," I asked? "Don't worry about it, you'll like it. The video came on and I couldn't believe what I saw.

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On the tape were the same two girls who were sitting next to me, only difference was that they were both naked. Unable to focus on the sounds, all I could see were the two girls. They were laying next to each other, Mia to the left, Kasey to the right. Kasey's nipples were turning very hard as her little sister licked on them.

In clear view I could see Mia's pussy, glistening with the young girl's wetness. Moving her tongue form her breasts, down to her bellybutton, finally reaching the top of her pink pussy. With a soft moan coming from the tv, my hearing came back to me. I turned to girls in shock. "So Jimmy, you like it," Mia asked? Was she serious anybody who didn't like this must be retarded or dead, and I was neither.

"Yeah, I like it." As I said this, Kasey lifted the covers off of us and I saw that Mia really hadn't been wearing anything. She reached over and started rubbing my growing erection. "Umm.big boy." "Oh yeah, I think we need to see it them," said Kasey. With that Kasey and I started to take off each others clothes; I made sure I got all of Kasey's clothes off first so I could be at my hardest when my meat got pulled out.

It took only seconds for me to strip Kasey to her panties and her to my boxers. I got up and let Mia pull my underwear down to my ankles and I kicked them off. When Kasey had gotten her panties off, we all decided to go to there parents room. The girls went in front of me up the stairs and I watched as their asses jiggled.

I couldn't run as fast as them with11" hanging in front of me, but I got there in good enough time. I found the little lesbians rubbing on the other's pussy in the bed.

"Ok. Who wants this dick first?" "I want it Jimmy. And make it hurt!!" "I think that can be arranged," I laughed. "Now bring your tight pussy over here. She moved her ass over the edge of the bed as her sister sat on top of her face. I started at her with my tongue licking from the top of her pussy, down her tender crack, to the beggining of her firm ass.

I had to fuck her, but I couldn't yet, I had to fingerfuck her for now. Sliding my middle finger along her crack until it slowy sunk into her, I heard two moans.

Appearently Mia knew how to make her sister feel good. As I continued to push, I realised that this little girl wasn't a virgin. I could care less though. My fingers started to slip in and out of Mia's cunt faster and faster. With my fingers came my tongue over her clit which was hard enough to play with now.

UUUUUMMMMMMMM JIMMY, JUST LIKE THAT. My fingers were not as long as my cock and if she bad wab xxx storybig story this, I could only imagine what my meat would make her do.

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I figured it would be a tight fit but her girl juices would make the adventure easier, but I didn't care, she did say she wanted it to hurt. I slid the first four inches of my cock into her, just to get a feel.

A quick slam of my hip drove the rest my me into her snatch. She let out a big scream which made her sister cum all over her face, it was a sight to remember.

"Shit your pussy tight," I grunted. FUCK IT HARD, OOOOOOOOHH, Jimmy fuck my little baby pussy. I complied with her demands, moving faster and harder, tearing up her tight tunnel. OOOOOOOHH SHIT MAKE ME CUM. Her back started to arch, her cunt walls started to tighten up and in a few seconds, she was motionless on the bed. Now that I was done with her, it was time to take care of big sister. I pulled out of Mia and moved to Kasey. who had already cum, looked as though she wanted more.

I went and laid on my back, as the 15 year old climbed on top of me, slowly letting my dick slip all the way up into her pussy. Her teenage titties started bouncing beauties submit to sex serf hardcore bondage and down as her crack worked my dick in and out.

I looked over at Mia who had recovered. Watching her older sister fucking my fat cock she started masturbating. OOOOOOOOOOOHH JIMMY. "You like that don't you bitch," I sreamed at Kasey?

"YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS.SOOOO BIGGGGG. Cum in me. Wanting to please her, her downward falling met the force of my hips ravaging her insides. Burying my dick with each motion started stirring my balls. FUCK FUCK FUCK.AHHHHHH FUCK ME. Her body slumped and her titties hung just inched away from; she was about to cum again. OHHHHHH SHIT. And with a few more pumps of my meat, i let load after load after load of my seed into the girls belly, not stopping until my balls were drained.

As I skeeted into Kasey I saw Mia who was now on her hands and knees with her ass high in the air as her girl cum leaked from her, leaving her parents bed a mess. Can't wait for another class project