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This is the story of myself and Julie. Julie was my first. The story seems like it went cute gf kallie joe gets banged and facialized pornstars hardcore for a long time, but when it was over it seemed as if it had happened in a flash. Still, it is engraved into my mind. Julie and I had known each other since we were 5. She was my next door neighbor, and for most of the time we were growing up, she was my best friend.

Both of our brothers were a few years older and really didn't want anything to do with us most of the time, so we spent a lot of time together. By the time we were 9 or 10, our parents would always joke that we were practically married already.

It was annoying, but they wouldn't stop so we just kind of went with it. She would call me hubby, I would call her wifey. It was "cute". As we got older, that kind of wore off, so we didn't call each other those names so much anymore.

Julie and I were the same age, but because of when my birthday was, my parents had me start school a year later, so she actually started high school a year before me. During that summer before I started high school I was your typical horny male, desperate to get in bed with anyone. I just wanted to get laid. But I never even considered Julie. I just didn't see her that way, she was my best friend. Add to that the fact that she spent a lot more time hanging around with her school friends now, so I didn't see her as often.

Then, one Thursday during the summer, I was hanging out by the pool being lazy because my friends were all on various vacations or busy at sports camps or whatever. My brother of course was off with his friends causing some kind of trouble, I didn't really care as long as he wasn't harassing me. All of a sudden through the gate walks Julie. For the first time in a long time I noticed how gorgeous she was.

Julie is about 5'7, she has long dirty blond hair about to her waist. Beautiful big brown eyes, the most amazing smile. She was thin, with a great ass and nice tits, probably about a 34 or so at the time but still just delicious. She was wearing a very thin yellow sundress that, in the light, hid absolutely nothing. Wow. She came over to where I was, and pulled over a lounge chair to join me on the deck.

I said "Hey Wifey" as she was moving the lounge. She just gave me this look that said, yeah.

no. As she did, she leaned over to move the small table that was between us and that sundress sagged down giving me a perfect view of her tits. All of a sudden every hormone in my body lit on fire. Dammm that was a nice view. She said to me, I'm not you're wifey anymore. We're divorced. Now Julie and I had never dated or anything. We had made out a little on her birthday. We'd both had a bit of liquor that someone snuck into the party, and being lightweights at the time we both had a little bit of a buzz on.

When I gave her her birthday kiss, it kind of evolved into a hot little make out session right there on the couch. No parents were there at the time, just her other guests, but who cared about them, I was having fun.

Lots of kissing, a little bit of touching, but when I got to seriously feeling her up she was still aware enough to put a stop to it. Probably a good thing since we were in a room full of people. But that is as far as we had ever gone. After she sat down, I just looked at her in shock.

Divorced??? I said.

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How can you even say that?! We've been married forever and now you just dump me?? She looked at me and said, "I'm in high school now, I need a real man, and besides, the sex was just not that good" I sat up with my mouth open and looked at her.

She started laughing. How can you say that? I asked. "You're only older than me by two months, we're the same age!

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And besides, the only reason the sex was never that good is because you never tried it!" She sat up and gave me that look that says, pleeeease, like you HAVE. I knew that she was still a virgin, because I knew both the guys she had dated, and she told me all about them afterwards. I stood up and stretched out my hand to her and said "C'mon". She just looked at me like, what?

C'mon I said, let's go. She took my hand and stood up asking me where we were going. "In the house I said". And I started pulling her into the house, through the living room and downstairs to my room, with her asking "where are we going?" all the way.

About the time we got into my room she started to get the idea. I pulled her into my room, then turned and locked the door behind us. She said beastiality black guy on females clitoris story don't really think we're gonna." and I interrupted her and said YES I do.

You're not gonna go around saying I'm not any good without at least trying it first.

I was nervous as hell, but also developing such a raging boner at this point that I didn't care. I had to go for it. "There's no way we're gonna have sex right now" she said. She was standing at the end of my bed, and I walked up to her and pulled the straps of her sundress off her shoulders. I let the straps drop and her dress started to fall. She quickly pulled her arms up to cover her tits and hold her dress up.

"What the hell are you doing?" she said. As she was holding her dress up. I pulled my shirt up over my head and threw it to the floor. She was half laughing, half smiling, but definitely checking me out. Gathering up all the courage I had, I pulled my swimsuit off and let my raging hard on out. She stood there with her mouth open staring at it. "Holy shit!, what the fuck?" she said, reacting, but at the same time staring at my now fully erect cock. I said, "you're not gonna go around telling people the sex was bad without even trying it, now c'mon, let's go".

I reached forward and took her wrists, and pulled them away. Then she let go of the dress teen school girls deepthroat below job 69 old let it fall, her mouth open, clearly very nervous, and still just staring at my cock.

But she let it fall. Her breasts were amazing up close. I reached forward and started touching and fondling them a bit, but not for long. Her nipples were rock hard and pointing right at me, but I had other things on my mind. I reached down and started to push her panties down. They fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. I pushed her back and sat her on the end of the bed. I looked at her and then reached down and started to touch her pussy.

I didn't really know what I was doing at this point, I'd never even seen a real live pussy up close, so I just started exploring everything.

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She let out a few gasps, and groans and moans every time I hit the right spot. Finally I sank my finger right up inside her. She drew back at that one, but still wasn't stopping me, so I started to work on her. At the same time, her hands reached out and found my dick.

She wrapped her hands around it as best she could and started to rub, and touch and stroke. I was in heaven. This was amazing. As I stroked and rubbed and fingered her pussy, she was exploring my cock with her hands. "It's so much bigger than I though" she said, I could never fit that inside me. Honestly I'm no porn star. I may be a bit above average, but mine was the first cock she had ever even seen let alone touched.

She seemed amazed by it, switching between "Oh my god it's so hard", "and soft", "and warm", Oh my god I can't believe I'm doing this", and "there's no way you're putting that in me". I leaned down close to her and kissed her.

I started to move closer to her and mom cheat dad bed room her to open her legs more. To my surprise she DID. That to me said "go for it". I reached down and grabbed my cock and started to rub it up against her pussy. There was very little kissing and touching, and no oral either way, I just wanted to get inside her. Again she let out little gasps as I touched the right spots. She was saying "Oh my god I can't believe I'm letting you do this".

And then it happened. The head of my cock slipped between her lips and pushed up inside her. She took in a breath and pulled back a bit, but I kept pushing forward. I went in a couple inches, and she was breathing heavy and saying Oh my god Oh my god. I reached down and pulled her legs closer, so I could push up into her more. She was so tight.

And warm. And wet.

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It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. There was never really any resistance other than her just being so tight. It was like a soft warm vice around my cock. I could feel her pussy throbbing and trying to grab on and pull me deeper. Again I pushed, and drove up even deeper. It was amazing. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around my waist, and pulled my body up close and tight to her.

With one final push I was in her ALL the way. My mind was racing. Oh my god this is the most amazing thing ever. She's so tight. And warm. But soft. I can't believe she's letting me do this. I actually have my cock all the way up in her pussy. Holy shit I can't believe she's letting me fuck her. Oh my god I'm actually having sex! I'm fucking my best friend! I never wanted to pull out of her, other than to ram it back in her as hard as I can. I started to pull back, but she held me tight and we stayed like that for a few moments.

She needed to get used to the feel of this thing hardcore party starring a bunch of hotties her. She was breathing so fast and heavy. Eventually I started to make small thrusts out just a bit, then back in.

she was moaning and holding tight. I kept pumping. Building up a short rhythm. It was so amazing. It felt like out of families xxx when mom is not in home was hours but I'm sure it was only five or ten minutes. (not going to say I was superman and lasted for hours) We went like that for a while and got into a rhythm.

Then she pushed me back and told me to stop. I didn't have much choice, she pushed me right back and out of her. Then she backed up all the way on the bed and laid down, getting more comfortable. She layed back, looking at me, and opened her legs wide. I climbed up on the bed, back between those legs and got it right back into her. It was a lot easier now. We started to really rock, and I started pulling out almost all the way and then driving in as far as I could.

I laid on top of her, and she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me as tight as she could. Our bodies were so close. I kept pumping my hips into her as fast and hard as I could, getting faster and faster.

I could feel it building and building. I was gonna cum. Honestly I never even thought about pulling out. I was gonna fuck her until I came, because that was the point of fucking.

I started going faster and faster until all of a sudden my hips just spasmed and thrusted up into her as hard and deep as I could push. I was as deep as I could get and just started to spurt cum up inside her.

Over and over. I had to have cum at least 5, maybe six times inside her, just filling her with it. I collapsed on top of her. She was still holding me as tight as she could, moaning a little, crying just a little, but still holding me as tight as she could. My cock still hard inside her, but fading quickly. My head was next to hers and I was saying, how amazing that was. She was saying how she couldn't believe she let me do that.

She didn't think I actually would go through with it. I said yeah, but it was amazing. We lay there talking about it a bit. Then she realized that I had cum inside her, and a LOT. She got so nervous. She started getting upset and ran home to take a shower. I got dressed and went over to talk with her. I didn't want her to worry too much, although I had no idea what to do.

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This all led to her telling her mom about after she got home. I thought I was dead. Turns out her mother wasn't surprised that we did it. She was surprised we did it so soon, but not surprised. Her mom never told her dad. She never told MY parents. And the next day they went to the doctor and got checked out and got, I guess, the morning after pill or something, and put her on birth control.

The next time I was over there her mom lectured us on safe sex and bla bla bla. And her mom would never let us in the house alone with the door closed. But she couldn't keep us apart all the time. We did do it again. And again and again. Any time we were between significant others, or one of us got dumped, or our parents pissed us off, or we were just plain horny. But we never actually dated. We were still just best friends all through school and to this day. We were still "divorced" as she said, but it was NOT because the sex was bad.