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Force tdgirl sex one girl four boys rape
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A Malibu suburb, 7:15pm. A meeting of the members of the Zulu Society was in order. The Zulu society was a private club for Black men (and some women) in the area. The base of operations was an expensive piece of real estate overlooking the Hills. Their interests were to use sexual perversion to further the Black race.

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Their leader, who went by the false name Mbutu had an order of affairs to take. Tonight's meeting was regarding the means of furthering the Black population in the area.

Their "campaign" had little mary loves my big black dick successful so far, via engaging Black and Latina women in sexual encounters. Some encounters had been as simple as one-on-one sex after a date.

Other encounters, however, were much more sordid. Alpha Black males bringing their Black and Latina female counterparts to their headquarters in large amounts, engaging in long, hard and sweaty orgies; thick and long black cock, pumping in brown, juicy pussies, always bareback, for the sole purpose of breeding their sisters-in-arms, planting their seeds in their wombs for them to birth future Zulu men to continue the traditions of the society.

The women at the orgies had no complaints; you could hear their moans and screams as they came all over their breeders' cocks over and over, their sweaty bodies shaking and convulsing from their orgasms. The sight of the heavy and horny breeding would be too much for one man to bear. As far as impregnating their own people, they had been successful. However, their intention wasn't simply to breed.

They wanted to send a message that they were no longer an unspoken minority in the area, and that they were a force to be taken seriously. A young recruit by the name of Hakeem had spoken up. "Perhaps it's time we took our breeding to the white population of Malibu." The members murmured and nodded in approval.

Apparently, many of the members had seen the white women in the area, swimming in their private pools in bikinis that were barely there, jogging in skin tight shorts and sports bras that enhanced their toned figure.

If there wasn't a member that had already fucked at least one of them, they surely wouldn't mind doing so. Mbutu responded to Hakeem's suggestion. "Well-thought, young brother. However, we must consider the impact of this move. It is too easy to seduce a 20-something-year-old white woman to breed her. The younger women of this area are easy to sway, and it wouldn't make much of a statement to see them lust for a strong Black man such as any of us in this room." Kwame, a member of seniority, and a well-reputed member in the group raised an eyebrow, for what could be a better target for a Black man than a young white woman?

"Brother Mbutu, what are you suggesting, if not to breed the young and fertile white women in the area?

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It's common sense!" Mbutu replied, "But most of these women aren't in positions of power in the community. The older generations of white women, on the other hand, are in a much greater position.

Wives of politicians and big business owners; if they were impregnated with our Black seed, their husbands would have no choice but to submit to us, or fear 'humiliation' of their wives becoming exposed as our potential slaves." At first, there was reluctance. However, slowly the members realized that this was a golden opportunity.

Most of the older women in Malibu were over 50, rendered infertile by factors outside their control. Their days of child birthing were long behind them. If they could successfully breed these women, their husbands would have no choice but to give into the demands of the Zulu Society, and to Black men in general in the area! On top of that, these were women who have reached their sexual peak. Their orgasms would be mind-blowing if fucked correctly by a Black man!

The members unanimously agreed to carry out the objective. Mbutu had done his research early for the evening. At 8:00pm, eight of the housewives would be in the midst of a book club discussion.

They wouldn't be so willing to give into the taboo, and sleeping mom son xnxx story only thing that would trigger the needed chemical reaction to make them ovulate would be endorphins created by fear and extreme stimulus. It was decided: these housewives would have to be forced to breed, rather than them doing it willingly. Eight volunteers joined Mbutu, and they left the compound.

It was 8:00 pm on the dot. As Mbutu predicted, the women were discussing an erotic novel they had read. Eight women, ranging in ages from 52 to 60, gabbing on about the take a picture and send to your fucking brother phoenix marie twists and the love scenes in the novel.

Outside the kitchen entrance, one of the volunteers cut the power to the house, the darkness enabling them to break in without being identified. The wives assumed it was a power outage, and one of them approached the kitchen to check out the entrance. As soon as she opened the sliding door, Mbutu and the other seven black men barged in, grabbing the wife and forcing their way into the living room.

The women screamed in terror as their aggressors rammed their way in, each one of the Black men grabbing a wife, pawing their tits and ass through their dresses, blouses and pants. Their screams fell on deaf ears, as their husbands were away on business, while their children were out as well.

Pushing aside the couches in the midst of the struggling, the Black captors forced the wives on the floor, ripping their clothes off, and then ripping their bras and panties off. As they forcibly undressed their captives, they shoved their large black fingers in their tight wet pussies, making them cry out in shock as they tried to fight back.

None of these old wives could believe that these muscular Black men were raping them in their own house! They whimpered and cried as they forced them to cum on their fingers as their tits were getting squeezed and sucked. The Zulu men were only half done with them. Pulling them by their hair, they forced them to get next to each other, doggystyle on their hands and knees.

The eight black men mounted their respective white wives, taking their big black cocks and pushing it to their dripping pussy lips. Almost at once, they rammed their cocks inside in one thrust, making the wives scream out in pain from being stretched so far. They started pumping their pussies hard and deep, making them cum hard, juices dripping down their thighs on to the floor from the massive rape/breeding. Crying and screaming turned into grunts and moans, as the wives became lust-driven slaves to their Black masters, pushing back on their cocks hard as their pussies were force fucked harder and harder.

Sweat built up on the old wives' slightly wrinkled bodies, their libido cranked up from the feel of Black cock ripping their pussies open. One after another, the wives began to scream and cum on their Black masters, slicking their Black cocks with loads of pussy juice. The Black men fucked harder, their cocks swelling up inside those mature white pussies, until they unleashed their loads inside, shooting deep, filling them up with Black man's cum.

They pulled their cum-soaked cocks out and forced the wives to suck them clean. The wives greedily took those Black cocks in their mouths, sucking greedily, getting them rock hard again. The Zulu men then rammed their cocks back in those gaped and wet pussies for a second round of hard fucking.

Again, the old wives screamed and came on their masters after a long and fucking, and again, the Black masters came inside their pussies, making the semen drip from their lips onto the floor and down their thighs.

After the massive rape/breeding, the eight Black men of the Zulu left the house, the old wives covered in sweat, cum dripping from between their legs. Mbutu's plan was a success! The next few days were turbulent for couple of dominant sluts abuse guys asshole in wicked threesome submissive vibrator wives.

They had found out that their post-menopausal bodies had conceived, and all eight of them were pregnant! The husbands were infuriated to find out that their wives were impregnated by other men! Stage one was complete, now stage two was about to begin: the ultimatum.

The husband of the wife that Mbutu raped and impregnated turned out to be Evan Stockholm, who was not only a wealthy businessman, but the head of community relations in Malibu!

Mbutu, Kwame, and Hakeem decided to let their presence be known and make the rich husbands well-aware of the situation. A private meeting was called at the Stockholm house between the pregnant wives, their respective husbands, and the three Zulu Society members. The Zulu men were dressed in African robes, concealing their nude glory. Before Mr. Stockholm could even open his mouth, Mbutu silenced him in order to speak.

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"Yes, we are the ones who broke into this house and raped and impregnated your wives. But as of now, we are also the ones that your wives secretly lust. When you wine and dine them, they think of us plowing deep inside their womanhood. They're pregnant because we did something you haven't been able to do in years, if you could at all: we aroused them" Almost completely on cue, the three Zulu men disrobed in front of the eight couples, their naked muscular bodies and flaccid, yet still big cocks hanging in view.

Mrs. Stockholm and the other wives became flustered and horny at the sight of their nude bodies. The husbands' jaws dropped noticing the wetness between their wives' legs from the mere sight of these ebony bulls. Mbutu continued his point. "We want equal fairness in this community. You are powerful men, and we wish to have that power too.

We also demand continued control of your wives." Mr. Stockholm flew in a controlled rage. "This is preposterous! You expect us to share our wealth because you fucked our wives? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" Mbutu only smiled and replied, "If you do not comply with us, we will send this video to every media outlet in the local area." Hakeem clicked a remote in his hand on cue.

The flat screen TV showed video footage of the massive forced breeding old mom and yang sun mosi and had taken place that night.

One of the Zulu members had volunteered to tape the footage while the other eight fucked and bred the wives in the view of the hidden camera. The sounds of the women's screams, grunts, growls, and panting could be heard all throughout the house. Kwame took note that Stockholm's daughter, 19 year old Katherine, was watching this whole meeting from the top of the stairs, including the stripping down of the three Black men, and the footage of her mother and her friends being raped and bred in that very house.

To Kwame's delight, she fingered her pussy through her silk panties at the sight of it all, her parents unaware of their daughter's arousal. "Mr.

Stockholm, once this footage reaches media outlets, it is only a matter of time before it circulates through the internet, and your family name will be dragged through the mud," Mbutu continued. "So, what will it be, Mr. Stockholm?" The video was the bullseye that the Zulu Society needed. Mr. Stockholm broke down in tears, kneeling on the floor.

"You win. You have the control that you seek. All mom night sex xxx son us will cooperate." As the months went by, the word of the Zulu's successful breeding of the eight mature wives spread throughout the west coast, and local housewives were sneaking into Malibu to give themselves to these large cocked Black men to be bred.

All of it was videotaped for the Society's personal enjoyment and for encouragement to future breeders. The eight wives continued to be bred and used for the Society's amusement and desire. Mrs. Stockholm even went as far as allowing her daughter, Katherine, to follow her lust and breed with Kwame. Mrs. Stockholm took joy in watching her young daughter get fucked by Black cock, rubbing her pussy, holding her five-month-old belly as her daughter was getting rough fucked by a Black breeder.

"You love that Black cock fucking your pussy, Katy?" Mrs. Stockholm growled as she rubbed her pussy to the point of dripping all over. Katherine cried tears of joy as she whimpered and whined from Kwame's Black cock opening up her pussy hard and deep.

"I love it, mom! He's tearing me open, I can't take it all!" "Take it all, baby", Kwame growled in her ear. "Take every drop of my cum in that pussy!" He fucked harder and harder in her, until he came inside of her tight pussy, making her collapse, screaming and panting from her own orgasm.

Nine months passed, and the financial prosperity of the Zulu society had been evident, as funding had increased their base of operations. They celebrated by watching the eight mature wives give birth to the black babies they had carried for their full gestations.

The night of their birth, the wives were taken to the Zulu headquarters, the Black and Latino midwives stripped down to their bare tits and ass, in accordance to Zulu law. As soon as the eight mature wives began to have contractions, the midwifes ripped off the white women's clothes, bearing their swollen, lactating tits and their round, pregnant bellies, much to the delight of the Zulu breeders.

Having been seated, the midwifes commenced helping the white wives give birth to the eight black babies. As the wives pushed and pushed, trying to push their mixed babies out, sweat dripped from their heads to their toes, grunting from the strain of pushing their black offspring out. The Zulu men were stripped down as well, hard cocks in view and being tended to by the mature wives' daughters, including Mrs. Stockholm's daughter, Katherine, who was now 4 month's pregnant with Kwame's baby.

Katherine sucked Kwame's Black cock hard and deep, watching her mother strain to give birth as she fellated her Black breeder.

The sight of the older women straining to give birth aroused both the breeders and the daughters, sucking those Black cock harder as kinky mature bbw plumper drilled in ring mothers screamed and strained to push out those babies, sweat slicking their bodies as they pushed harder and harder, their swollen tits dripping breast milk with every push, trying harder and harder to push those large black babies out of their 50-year-old pussies.

With one unanimous scream, the wives birthed their Black offspring, just as the breeders screamed and shot their loads in the mouths of their horny daughters. In the echo of their screams and cumming, a new generation of Zulu breeders were born.