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Voluptuous adorable girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob
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"He took a shot on the path here!" "Stay with me torl! You cant die here!" The thunder woke me. Wall of bright blue lightning formed outside. Rain cascaded. "What a way to scare us." I looked at the doorway. "Dreyah." she walked over to me and smiled. "Welcome home." I wrapped my arms around her. "Its all my fault." She lowered her head and rubbed my shoulder.

"We know about the thing. Its gone off into the dark zone. It killed almost fourty men without raising a hand. He had black lightning." "I cant win…hes too strong." "Hush my child. I promise you will become stronger." I felt a pain in my head. "AHHHHGGGG!!!!" I saw him. "Tell your precious mother…I will be the one to conquer two worlds&hellip.i will be the devil to bring both worlds within arms reach.

I will bring two universes together. This is the last time I will see you. Please get stronger." I was screaming in pain. "HE…Wants to bring……mine and your worlds into the same existence!" I felt her hold me. "Come now. Its time to eat." I got up and found some clothes to wear.

I walked into a grand set of halls. I followed the voices down to a great ball room. "Ah! There he is!" I saw dreyah walk to me with a scruffy looking man. Maybe in his thirties. "Torl. This is ash. Viceroy of the confederacy. "Pleasure to meet you." "I can say the same." we locked eyes. He looked like he had seen hell. "They call you the storm." "They?" I looked over his shoulder to see men, women, and half bloods. All cooperating. "How long was I out for?" "Two weeks. You are lucky the arrow went the way it did." "well&hellip.i uhm…it was good meeting you." I walked off to a table and began stacking my plate.

I hated these social things. I always have. "Well hello…fabled hero of the west." I looked up to see a tall woman with yellow eyes. She was a dragon half breed. Silver haired, curvaceous body. And a face that just look perfect. "Half breed right?" "Yes. I am head of the military council of draconia." "So. Youre sophias cousin." "How did you?" "Your face is similar." "Well&hellip.why don't you come sit with me?" she grabbed my hand and led me to a table full of women.

"Great. Just when I wanted to wallow in silence." Oh hush. Lighten up and drink this." I took a sip. It was milk, honey, and rum. "So tell us how you did it?" "Did what?" "The battle. You single handedly defeated a battalion of legionnaires!" "It was simple. I drew everything I had. Focused it and just let it go." I began eating. "And you also slept with my cousin." I coughed.

"Excuse me?" "Isnt that why she rejected you? She fell in love. After you made love." She snickered. "What a foolish little boy. Thinking some one of prestegious blood would marry you?

A mortal?" I stood up and got behind her smiling. "I love reality checks." I held a hand out and let lightning run over my hand. "Reminds us who has power.

And who of us are power…don't they? I like you…youre sharp, mean, cold, and so damn pretty. But if you think I will let twat endures hard hammering hardcore and blowjob step over me…please understand this. I pornstar sunni leoni studidown load wiped you out once." I patted her on the shoulder and grabbed my plate.

"Excuse me. Im going to find a less&hellip.hostile environment." I walked over to a group of older women and asked if I may sit. They said yes and I began talking to them. Within ten minutes I had them laughing. "And so then. This random girl wanders out of the woods and boom! Im stuck with her!" "My my. What an adventure!" "You remind me of a man I met here. So funny and smart. But he was a royal. No spine at all." "In a world in peril.i will try my best to save it.

But to save it I need friends. Will you pledge your men to our cause miss shouska?" "Of course." "thank you." I shook their hands and kissed her.

I walked to several other groups. I politicked and got support. But then I met an older couple. They seemed keen on me. I sat with them and began to talk. The old man told me about an experiment for the boost of ones magic. It would propel me to new heights as a warrior. "Torl. Don't listen to Dr. grantz." "Its an opportunity. Im not getting any faster. Physiologically speaking." I was very frank and serios with this state men. because i knew i was at my limit.

"Doctor! You know what happened to the la-" "The last one couldn't level cities and shoot lightning. He could shoot blue energy. He was a simple man with a big ego." "Doctor if he dies. Im going to throw you to the bugs." "Of course maam. Come to my office in the south tower. Top floor." I shook his hand and grinned. "Got it." I walked away and headed to my room.

I got into the shower and leaned against the wall. "A year… today marks one full year ive been here. its seemed like mere days. but with all of the adventuring. i guess time flies." I got finished and crawled into bed. I got lost in the large covers and pillows until I felt someone lay next to me. "Not smart to leave windows un locked." I looked over and rey. Just laying there. "I like the sounds of a storm." I held her euro harlots get fully annihilated hardcore and groupsex to me.

"I heard you amateur wife on real homemade doggystyle stockings quite the politician." "I tried to be. Social skills work if you work them." I felt the room go cold. I moved my hands behind rey and pulled her in for a kiss.

I felt the knife just barely. I began to kiss her and I could feel her go cold. I grabbed her mouth faster than humanly possible. I pinned her down and glared at her. "Why? You try and kill me? That's a funny joke." I shocked her till she passed out.

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"Never fucking cross me!" I tied her up and gagged her. I ran down to the laboratory and grabbed the doctor. "You…youre going to do whatever you were going to. You will do it now. And you will finish by dawn." "But I need my nurses and assistants." "Get them." I waited for five minutes and I was in a room of doctors. "Ok lie down." I laid back and amwf teen forced to fuck by japanese guy arms of metal with needles surround me.

"This will hurt. But trust me the results will speak volumes." I felt the needles go in and I felt hot fluids course through me. I began screaming. It was like fire in my body. "Hes doing well." Hours of this endured.

It was like my bones were being super heated and my flesh was being melted. "Max dosage." I felt my heart go crazy. I wasn't quitting now. Hell no. I wasn't gonna die like a lab rat. "His mana mass has risen by 67%. Hes rising fast." I screamed out and felt my chest expand and contract rapidly. "Almost 120% increase." "Begin the augmentations." "Sir." I felt my body go into a seizure and then I remember darkness. Then I was jolted awake by more pain. "Hes up!

Where are we?" "Hes almost done." "Hang in there my boy." I grabbed the doctors arm and gave him a thumbs up. signifying i was hanging on. but this operation dragged on longer than expected. I couldn't stop screaming. I was being torn apart and rebuilt. I could feel the blood pool around me. "Hes at 251…2…3…4…5…if he keeps going." I looked at the doctor and spoke through the pain.

"DO NOT STOP!!" I took this torture for almost another hour. I felt my self go numb. "Its is finished. His numbers nurse." "Mana up by 303% his bone density is equivalent to that of tungsten." I got up and began walking sunny leon and daisy marie threesome, slowly but surely. "How do you feel?" "Fine." I walked out and headed back to my room.

It was early. I opened the closet and reyah was asleep. I picked her up and shook her. "Wake up." I threw her into a chair and took the gag out. "You get thirty seconds." "I only do as my master says." "Bitch I will fry your brain like some chicken if you don't answer me by god." "It will be me who fights in the black flame!" I saw her hand squeeze and I heard windows break. I got up and she was gone. "Whats going on here!?" Dreyah had busted in my room with an armed security detail.

"Nothing. Just an ally gone turn coat." i stared at the chair and the scorch marks. "Im leaving." i said with a blank and hollow tone.

"Come on. You've been on the road for a full year." "she ran off. She is an enemy…a vile piece of." "Shes my sister. Remember that." "Yes maam. I apologize." "War is coming. You know.i know. its slowly coming. Far off in a distant dark land. In a castle perched high in a hill. There stood that man. And there stood the sister. And under foot there stood an army of soldiers from the legion and of mutations created through science.

"We will bend this land to a knee and we will kill those who appose us. We sling this world into darkness. We will bring the other world to us and make it our own!" "Sir what if hes go-" "He isnt an issue. He cant become stronger than me." "But sir." "Enough my child. He isnt a concern. He will fall as they all will." I was in the fields pushing boulders and exercising when a messenger on a horse approached me.

"For you sir." "thank you." I opened the letter and read over it. "Fighting to the east. A monster?" I ran into the castle and grabbed my gear. "where are you going?" "South post. Theres trouble." I got changed into a white cloak, I was already wearing a white and gold light armor set. I rode off south and saw a huge Minotaur. Almost twelve feet high, slaughtering guards. "EXCUSE ME!! " I saw him turn to look at me and I waved. "Please stop. I don't wanna have to fight.

and quite honestly you might be mad now. but if you sit down, eat something, and relax, this will all seem so childish." i was being totally sarcasticat this point. The thing roared at me and I laughed. "Game on punkin!" I ran at him full speed and was met with a blade to blade lock. "My master will find his foothold and reclaim his lands." I pushed back and began studying his moves.

Big ass babe azalea stone rides hard bbc like never before pulled my bow out and put an arrow through his dome and he dropped.

"Easy." I walked up to a wounded solider. "What went on here?" "We heard a rumbling and the earth shook." The man died before he could finish. So I took my time searching. I walked into the south post and headed to the basement. As I walked down I felt warm. "What do we ha-" I ran up on a huge tank of green liquid with a body inside. "Oh shit!" I looked around and found a panel. "Project 806126." I began pressing buttons.

Soon enough the tube opened and she gasped. I ran over and wrapped her in my cloak. "Where am i?" "South guard post. Im torl. I saved you." "Dawn." "Well dawn. Lets get you into some clothes." "I was naked!?" I carol enjoys a pounding until he cums her hand across my cheek.

"Yes. But I didn't look I swear." I got her into my chambers and gave her some clothes. "I remember it all. I was bred and built for basically killing you if needed." "Really now? Some one kill me?" "Yes.

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Mother is what you call her." I threw a butter knif out a window and glared. "What abilities do you posses?" "Fire magic ultimate defense and offense capabilities. Also im faster." "That smug bitch though I was a threat." "She knows you are. But now that im here…I might as well make myself at home." "You do that.

Im going to have a talk with…mother…" I stormed off and found her in her throne room. "Kill me!?" "What again?" Her shock was acted and her responses false by this point.

"You built a girl…of all things. To kill me?" "How do-" "If you thought I posed a threat keep me in check with your own hand not the hands of some one else." "You foolish boy. You sho-" "Last time I checked I was the only one who could kill whats knocking on our door and secondly I got rid of my demons." "All true but." "But what?

Case closed.

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" "No. you shouldn't have gone there let alone prowl&hellip." I walked up to my room and saw dawn wearing my old hat. "Whats this?" I grabbed it and clutched it. "Mine." "Oh so secretive." She paused and giggled. "Is it the fact that your real name is gerald? Or that your own sister hates you?" "Were you hardcore cunt plowing session massage and blowjob to anger me? Or are you just enjoying me getting this mad?" "Both really." "Out.

Now. Were settling this." I walked into the courtyard and tossed her one of my swords and a sheild. "I 'spect you want to get me mad so ill fight. well here we are. please. dont hold back." I saw just a white flash and she was on me. "Lets play little man!" I swung at her rapidly. She was good at this. Really good. I went faster. I used my magic and sped my body to ungodly speed. All the while the girl just took it all like a champ.

I saw her eyes go bright red and I let a stream of lightning out just in time. "Come on now boy i know youre better than this." I jumped away and closed my hands.

"I will kill you. Do not make me do this torl." Her concern bordered on laughably disingenuous "Doubt it." I ripped them apart to reveal a huge, almost sixfoot bolt of lightning. "This will obliterate everything in a four mile radius.

But fuck it." I chucked the bastard as hard as I could and she caught it. "Well Ill be fucked." She threw it back at me before I had time to even begin to draw breath and it hit me center mass.

*BOOM!!!!* I went flying into a near by mountain and laid in the rock. "Better. Faster. Stronger. Sexier." I groaned. "Cunt bitch." I felt her grab my neck. "And far classier." I grabbed her wrists and eyed her down.

"That's enough. Ive seen what I needed. I got off the mountain and headed home. I got my ass whooped good and long. I went straight to my room and locked my self in. "Im replaceable. Its like im just a broken cog or outdated software." I played with some lightning in my hands for hours. I heard a knock on my door. "Leave. I don't want any well wishers, vagabonds, pity parties or apologetics." "What about old friends?" I heard a soft voice on the other end.

I walked up and opened the door. "Hello gerald." "Sophi!" she tackled me and gave me the best hug ive ever had. "Its so good to see you." "As it is you." she rubbed my cut up and bloodied face.

"I saw the fight." "Wish you hadn't. Im so ashamed." "Shes just a girl." "She caught my best move and threw it back at me. Shes built to be my weakness. Better faster stronger.

Its like she was cloned from me then given all my stuff." "She doesn't have your heart. Or compassion. Shes only better in some ways. Not all." I heard a knock and I got up. "What now?" I saw the sword go through the door and a giggle.

"Thanks, gerald! HAHAHAHAHA!" I lunged but soph pulled me back. "Not worth it. Trust me." I felt her rub my chest. "You've gotten bigger since we met last. Youre not the little boy with a stolen horse and chip on his shoulder." "Im just a-" "Big burly man. Its intoxicating." I laughed and smiled my goofy smile. "Don't do that!" she smiled and blushed. "Oh come on now im just a mortal fool." "A very perfect mortal." I laid down with her in my bed.

"Sing me the cash song again? Its my favorite song. " "Yes maam." I cleared my throat and began to sing. I felt her curl up close to me. While I sang I felt tears roll off my cheeks.

"Please don't cry, my mortal fool. Save the tears for joy. Save them for your family." "I know." I buried my face in her hair and kissed her. "You know when I lived in the other world, all I ever wanted to do was weld." "Weld?" "Yeah.its where you fuse metal together using an electrically charged rod." "Is it fun?" "Yep.

And it pays well too. all i wanted was a simple, humble life. no fancy cars. or trophy wife. young college sluts suck hard dicks and get pussies slammed brunette natural me a case of beer.

football and my daog. until some poor girl married me." I yawned and pulled her close to me. "Were sleeping now." "Id love to sleep over." I was soon out. I dreamt of the battle. I woke up in a cold sweat.

"almost time to get busy." I slipped out of bed and cleaned up and headed to the courtyard. I was going to meditate and hot clothed cfnm slut sucks fetish cock my mind of all distractions. Or so I thought. I walked off and was pulled aside by a young man. "Torl correct?" I nodded and he pulled me to a floating camera. "Alright. So the people wanted to know.

How will you, the one whos has been unstoppable, fight against this thing out there?" "Well I want to say that im only mortal. I bleed, cry fall down, all of that like the rest of the people. I don't intend to boast. But to stop this evil…I will break every bone in my body to do so." "Ok and this girl you fought with.

Why should the public choose you? She clearly beat you in one on one combat an- "look im just a human. Im mortal. Nor is this an election. Let the public love whoever they think will keep them safe at night." "So you should just pack it in then bud." I saw dawn skipping over.

"Ah you must be…" "Dawn." "Well tell us about what YOU can do." before she even spoke I walked off. "She sure isnt humble." "Youre right about that soph." She kissed me on the cheek. "Follow me." she took my hand and lead me through a corridor and into a small room. "Whats in he-" she grabbed me and we began kissing. I knew where this was going. I was getting laid.Finally! I ripped her dress off and we moved to the floor. We were both naked, just all over each other. "Im going to break you." "You fucking better!" I bent her over euro harlots get fully annihilated hardcore and groupsex slammed all of my cock into her.

"GOD YES!!!" I pulled her hair back and deepstroked her. I felt her pussy flood. It was like she hadnt been fucked in ages.

"Holy shit I missed you!" "Show me you missed me! Youre fucking like a child!" I pulled her head back and fucked her as hard as I could. I wanted to break her. She slipped off and spread her ass apart. "Fuck my ass.

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Ive been wanting it all day." I was flabbergasted. But you might ask me. "Why not? Well why not indeed my fellow." I plunged deep into her ass and she let out the most erotic moan. "That's such a good boy.!" I fucked her ass as hard I could. I grabbed her cheeks and relished the sights and sounds. I was in heaven. "You dirty little bitch. I love fucking your ass!" "Cum for me baby?

I wanna feel you cum in me." I couldn't hold back. I wouldn't. I clawed her back and blew a massive load in her. "OH FUCK!" "Mmmmm. Its so warm. I love feeling it in me." I panted hard and she laughed.

I got us bothed dressed and we went back to my room and cuddled. "Hey gerald?" "Yeah?" "I have to leave. Ill be back though." "why? Why not just stay here?" "Gerald I need to be with my people. I took the throne from my father." "Well…I see. I will write you." "Id hope you would." She kissed me on the cheek and walked out.

"Damn." I got cleaned up and lit my pipe. I wrote in my journal. I was interrupted by a scientist. "Uh excuse me sir? " "Yes?" "This is from the R&D Dept. it's a liquid that Helps ease the power increse and helps tap into some more mana&hellip." the pause was long before he turned to leave. "Alright. Ill be-" "Doc…did you help make that thing?" "No but my father did. He told me everything. Notes, all of it." "Wha_" "Weakness? It has none. That&hellip.girl…shes what was suppost to stop you.

In case you lost control." "Well thank you." I went back to writing. I wrote for an hour longer then I stopped. I finished my pipe and laid down. When I woke up I walked into the throne room and saw dawn.

"Ah. Here he is. Im transferring all military power to dawn. But all political power is yours." "So im basically out for the final push?" "Yes. And if you have an issue with that ill just have to beat your ass again." "Bitch I will." "BOTH OF Big ass milf teacher fucked in classroom tube porn STOP!

Shes the warrior now. Its my will. You will garner support from others and act as the speaker. Do I make it clear torl?" "Yes. Crystal. Give the job to some one else who gave you the faith I did and the devotion I did." I threw her ring at her and walked out.

"Thanks for the confidence." I grabbed all of my gear and walked to the gate. "Bandit!" my horse galloped up and I saddled up. "You cant leave. I wont let you." I looked down to see a boy about my age.

"Why?" "I saw the fight. I heard about you before I saw you. Prince with a thousands enemies." "Kid look. I don't care. No one cares who I am. They are scared and im going to let them learn the hard way why im the only person who can stop whats out there." I rode off into the wild yet again. I rode until I got to a small town named veilwen and stopped for the night. "One room please."