Busty blondie receives her dudes schlong deep

Busty blondie receives her dudes schlong deep
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This is all 100% true I know since I lived it. I have and will change all the names of people I add to my story. I was about five years old at the time. My mom had a new boyfriend with a son just a year older then I was. We'll say his name was Eric.

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He was a Tad taller then I was, he had blue eyes and short dirty blond hair and was a bit thinner then I was. I had black short hair with brown eyes and was a bit on the heavier side for my age.

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After a few months of dating my mom thought we should start staying over at his house. Of course I was excited for this having sleep overs all the time and just a brother since I only had Sisters. The first night I was excited but scared since I was at a new house. His dad ushered us both to his bedroom since it was getting late. "So do you want the top bunk or the bottom?" "Uh the top I guess." Climbing up I never realised that I was going to be that high up. "Actually could I have the bottom bunk?" "How about we move the mattress to the bottom and you can just lay by me?" I felt special that he wanted me to sleep by him since I did think he was cool and all.

We called in his Dad and he pulled the mattress down and told us to sleep. I was just beginning to doze off when he turned to me sexy babe with glasses boned by pawn man in his office asked, "Are you sleeping?" "No I'm still up" He smilled and pushed himself onto my mattress.

"So have you ever kissed a girl yet?" "Um. No. Have you?" I felt like an idiot for not answering yes. "Well I have. Have you kissed a boy before? I haven't." No only girls kiss boys!" I haven't ever thought of kissing boys it seemed weird not bad. Just like something only girls did. "No! I've seen boys kiss boys you can do it. Do you want to?" "Only if you want to." He pushed his face right into mine. Our lips met he held there for ten seconds.

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When he pulled away I felt like I was in a trance of sorts, I didn't want him to stop. "Okay now we should sleep." He jumped back on his bed and went to sleep. I decided it would be best to do the same. The next morning he didn't say anything to me.

Just got ready and made his way to school. All day that kiss was on my mind. What did I do wrong? Should I have kissed more? Heading home I tried walking with him but he just ignored me. Later that night the mattress was still beside his bed so I just layed laid down and tried to sleep. "Hey I'm sorry I ignored you I just thought you were mad about the kiss." "No I-I . liked it." He smiled at me and rushed my down stairs to the living room.

My mom was stainding with a brand new Xbox for Eric and myself. I was freaking, absolutely excited. She let us take it to his room to play it. It was 7:00pm and we were still playing Soul Caliber and we both were really into it.

"Okay guys brush your teeth then go to bed it's getting late." "Mom do we have to? Please can't we play longer?" "Tomorrow you can you have to sleep." We both were mad about it but did brush then go lay down. Being Summer we both slept in our boxers and without blankets but still in our separate mattresses.

"Can I lay with you? I'm lonely up here." "Sure if you wanna." He pushed himself right up against me until both of us were skin on skin.

He started to caress my back and smile at me. "What does yours look like?" "What?" "You know, your wiener. What does it look like?" I was young blonde hottie fucks machine and gets orgasm I never knew they could look different. I looked down and pulled out my 3" cut penis. "Whoa it looks weird! Mine has skin over top." He pulled his out and his uncut dick was 3½" just a bit longer than mine. We both were amazed at seeing each others private parts.

"Can I touch it? You can touch mine." I reached out and began to stroke his foreskin back until I could see his head and back up. He was stroking me pretty fast like he was in a rush. "Could you put mine in your mouth?" "Why? What will happen?" "I'll do it to you trust me it feels good." I slowly moved my mouth to his head.

I pulled the foreskin back and started to lick around his head. He started to breath heavily and push my head over his dick. I started to bob my head up and down felling his warmth in my mouth. He pulled out and ran to the bathroom yelling he had to pee. After a mminute he came back. And smiled.

"Let's try sister and brother fist time else. I want you to put it in me." "Like your butt? But why?" "People do it all the time!" I decided I should since he wanted it so badly. "Okay. Will it hurt you?" "I'll tell you if it does!

Hurry up and do it." He laid down beside me and instructed me to get on him and to spread his cheeks. I started to slowly push in just fitting my head and a little bit of my shaft. He let out a soft moan as I tried to go deeper and continue thrusting.

I started to feel like I had to pee and a bit of pressure. I quickly junped up and went to the bathroom, when I came back he jumped on me and kissed my neck he whisperd in my ear, "I love you." If you want anymore stories I have a few then just say so otherwise I won't put out anymore.

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