Desperate sister gets blackmailed miss missax

Desperate sister gets blackmailed miss missax
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Introduction: This is a story I wrote some time ago, it's fantasy but the characters are real, English isn't my native tongue so there could be some errors there. L. Chapter 1 Lilian sat there in her car, her hands on the steering wheel and she was wondering what she got herself into, so far it all was a great fantasy but she knew that when she got out and went inside to finally meet René that there would be no turning back.

It all started when she had joined the forumfirst only to read their stories but later she got on the chat where she had met him and several other fun people, she always sneaked on when her husband wasn't there and whom she couldn't tell her fantasy and fetish because he was quite conservative within red head shorty ravaged in a glory hole sex department.

On the chat she had met this René, a dog owner who happened to live in her neighborhood, just a 30 minute drive and he had invited her over several times to actually make her fantasy into a real world experience but till now she never had the guts to see him and his dog Pluto, a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier. With her 5'3"long blond hair in a ponytail and small C cup she was quite a looker and she knew she always had the attention from the guys and several girls around.

She took a deep breath and got out her car and locked it up, she straightened out her dress which hugged her slim hourglass figure and made her way to his front door, her heels clicking on the pavement. When she arrived at the door she hesitated once more, her mind in a turmoil but she kept promising herself that she only came here to have a cup of tea and a nice chat, nothing more. Her finger barely had left the bell or the door swung open as if he had be waiting for her to arrive, she already knew how he looked because she always watched his cam and she blushed a bit because he openly checked her out while they did their formalities introducing each other.

He then showed her around the house, introducing her to his lovely dog Pluto which seemed as enthusiastic as his owner. They sat down, having a drink and they talked a lot, bringing up memories they had from the several chats they had, she now felt much more comfortable and relaxed while patting Pluto's head and scratching him behind his ears as he had laid his head on her leg.

She also patted his strong muscled frame and let her hands slide over his smooth fur, feeling the muscles under her fingers and while talking with René images of the dog in action on a girl flashed her mind, making her nipples grow hard and her lips damp and swollen.

René suddenly giggled as he watched her mind somewhat absent&hellip.

"If you like you can have him lick you for a bit Lil, I'll keep him from mounting you" he said, she looked at him with a funny face, she knew she wanted it, yet her mind told her not to.

Pluto finally gave her the last push, his nose picked up her scent which wavered from her damp panties and he pushed his nose into her crotch sniffing her in deeply making her moan and then she gave in, nodding to René that she wanted to continue and feel that delicious tongue of Pluto on her bare snatch. She moved her ass towards the edge of the couch, lifting her dress to her waistshe blushed while she did so, feeling rather sluttish to reveal her bare pussy for a 'strange' man and his dog but the urge to get licked by Pluto got the best of her and she opened her legs some more to welcome Pluto in between them.

Lilian let out a loud moan as soon as the dog lapped at her cunt, with long strokes from her ass to her clit making her shiver and groan with lust her hands freed her breasts out of her dress and started to pinch both her nipples.

Meanwhile René was furiously jacking off, watching his sweet dog having his way with the petite blonde, he knew he couldn't have her yet but he also was aware that this wasn't the last time he would see her and with that on display he came loud, his sperm ejecting from his 6" penis and landing all over his pants.

Pluto had his new bitch on cloud seven where she drifted in pure bliss, having several smaller orgasms and building up on a huge one, she had her shapely legs wrapped around his neck while his tongue drove into her wet slit, lapping up her rich secretions from her depths making her moan like a little bitch in heat.

She came so hard, she'd never cum like that ever, her back arching and her legs spasming like her body had lost control and when she came back on the couch she panted and shuddering in the aftermath of her orgasm.

Gladly René was there to help and guided Pluto away from her, she didn't have the strength now to fight the dog from her over sensitive pussy and clit, exhausted she lay there but she was glad she had experienced this wonderful and erotic ordeal.

About an hour later when they both had cleaned up and chatted more about what happened and what would be there to come she said goodbye to Pluto and René, placing a soft kiss on his cheek and walked back to her car with a huge smile on her face, anticipating the next time she would return for the same and more. Chapter 2 A week had past and late at night she had been restless in her bed, images and feelings of her time with Pluto vividly on her mind, her fingers slipped in between her wet folds, pleasuring herself to another high and she promised herself to text René the first thing in the morning.

Her heels dug into the mattress as she orgasmed. It was a beautiful sunny day, she lazily stretched herself and grabbed her phone and wrote a text to René, asking him if she could visit him and Pluto later that day and quickly she received a confirmation that he was available all day.

She closed her eyes, her fingers wandering over her naked frame first pleasuring her sensitive nipples and then slowly slipped over her firm belly towards her pouting lips, her fingers dipping in her hot sex, thinking how stretched it soon would be as Pluto would make her his bitch.

The thought alone set her off in a long thundering orgasm. With a growl she skipped though her collection of short summer dresses, deciding which one she would wear, finally she picked one which would do for the day, briefly she had some underwear in mind but quickly she skipped that and got dressed quickly, leaving her underwear at home. A bit nervous she stepped out of her car 40 minutes later and walked over to the now more familiar front door where René let her in and this time they spend less time with chit chat when Pluto came trotting over sticking his nose right up her snatch and gave her a knee buckling lick between her folds.

She gave a low moan of pleasure and gave René an appraising look as he helped her getting seated on the couch and slowly helped her out her summer dress, revealing her lovely naked body. She already was wet, the thoughts about what was to come combined with Pluto's attention made her juices flow, so sitting on the couch she parted her legs, offering herself to the now panting Staffordshire who wasted not much time to dive into her almost dripping honeypot.

His long lapping tongue made her moan with desire as she had her hands on her knees, parting her legs furthermore. René had shed off his clothes in the meantime, triggering a command for Pluto to mount his bitch which he did immediately, jumping up and placing his paws on her shoulders pushing her on her back by surprise, Lilian let out a muffled scream, not expecting such a sudden assault but while landing on her back she felt the dog humping her crotch making her instantly moan lustfully.

As a good assistant René quickly got on his knees besides Pluto, guiding his protruding tip into her wet depths and as the dog felt he had his target he wrapped his front paws around his soon to be bitches waist and hammered his cock unceremonially into her flowering cunt, his growing knot sliding in and out her wet mount.

Lilian cried out in pleasure, her wet cunt stretched by Pluto's invading member, her knees bend and legs spread wide to give Pluto all the space he wanted. The dog was pounding his growing cock into her and his forming knot stimulated by her lips as it slipped in and out her with great speed.

She was in total ecstasy and Pluto lovesome sweetie blows cock in pov and gets juicy twat pounded turns mounting her for short periods and then getting down in between, licking his bitch some more before he mounted her again where his aim improved and never missed her waiting hole again.

Pluto's knot wasn't big enough to seal him to his bitch yet it stimulated her greatly, g queen u15 japanese junior idol uncensored lay there on the couch rubbing her nipples as Pluto fucked and licked her. René in the meantime had taken his place next to her, jacking his 6"cock as he watched his dog having his way with Lilian and quick enough the erotic sight got the best of him making him shoot his load with a loud moan all over her breasts.

As soon as his sperm landed on her breasts she came, the dog licking her while she came hard, her legs shuddering and her back arched, squirting little amounts of her fluids onto the dogs waiting tongue who eagerly lapped it all up. Pluto was guided away by René, giving her time to ride out her mind rippling orgasm, she lay spend and with a blissful smile on the couch when René returned, her knees still bend and legs parted and her hands on her belly, she smiled at him and softly said.


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I think I never came that hard René" and then she pointed at the mess on her breasts. "and it seems you have to clean up something hà". René grinned and went down on his knees beside her and placed his lips over her erect nipple and sucked up his own cream and while he took his time to thoroughly lap everything up was she slowly sanny lueoon rape download sex stories and rubbing around her overly sensitive clit enjoying the aftermath of this sexy adventure.

A bit later they had showered together and were dressed having a drink in the secluded back yard while Pluto slumped over to the small pond and lapped up some water before he laid down to enjoy the sun.

They discussed on how to proceed and Lilian eagerly accepted his offer to come back in a few days when he would have a likeminded couple visit Pluto. Late at night she kissed her already sleeping husband good night and pleasured herself some more and while thinking of the naughty little things she had done lately and looking forward to the exciting things ahead she fell asleep having hot and steamy dreams.

Chapter 3 A couple of days later Lilian was at the same door again nervous and anxious as well, looking forward to this new couple. René let her in and introduced Lilian to a nice looking man called Johan and his blonde wife Ilona.

They already had been talking to each other in the Dutch chat at which made them not total strangers and it was a good feeling they were as she expected in real.

Since Ilona was new to Pluto they agreed that Johan and Ilona would be first with the dog and that when Pluto would have some energy left that Lilian would be last. Lilian and René had a seat on the couch watching Ilona and Johan get undressed.

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Ilona had long platinum blond hair and although she was begin fortyish she still had a magnificent figure completed with huge tits which must have been a good cup F. Ilona knelt next to Pluto, stroking his head while her husband shed his clothes, he was a bit younger than her and had a slight Indonesian appearance.

Pluto was darting around Ilona, back and forth sniffing between her legs and nudging her hands as she was petting his head, Johan had knelt beside his wife horny ebony angel get nailed by a huge cock his hand was in between her legs, stroking her clit while she worked up the dog stroking his sides and belly.

Pluto quickly became excited as he now started to lap her clit and ass, working his long tongue in between her lips. René and Lilian were watching them both getting into action, seated on the couch there first was a bit distance between them but Lilian felt her nipples stiffen and she was getting aroused watching the ordeal in front of her eyes, she had seen clips and movies on the internet but having it done like this made her wet as a ripe melon.

Pluto just had mounted his new bitch, his cock quickly found Ilona's wet and waiting twat and as his cock lunged forwards she let out a long deep moan, her husband had taken place in front of her, stroking his cock as his wife got hammered with that growing doggy cock inside her.

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Ilona was moaning on the same rhythm as Pluto pounded her while Johan jacked his cock like crazy, encouraging his wife. René in the meantime had a raging boner, watching his dog but more focusing on Lilian who just stared at the mating in front of them, one hand had disappeared between her legs and the other was rubbing her nipple under the silken fabric of her dress.

René freed his cock and slowly started stroking it and leaning sideways to Lilian whispering in her ears. "such a hot thing to see don't you think, why don't you let me pleasure you stunner in hose sucks wang hardcore and massage you focus on them hunny." Lilian blushed deep red but she was terribly horny so slowly she nodded to René who didn't waste his time and got on his knees in front of her, stroking her knees and parting her legs a little, watching her fingers circle around her clit, he leaned forward and start kissing her inside leg, parting her legs on his way up.

Lilian worked herself quickly out of her dress and took of her bra then throwing herself back in the couch as she felt that wonderful tongue and lips on her skin, her fingers busy with her erect nipples, rubbing and pinching themher gaze still on the threesome in front of them.

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Pluto had dismounted Ilona for the second time, lapping her juices and his own precum chesty blonde teen masturbating in bath ixho Johan had taken place in front of his wife so she could suck his brown colored dick, she was moaning on his cock as Pluto made her have multiple smaller orgasms.

The dog mounted her now for the third time yet this time he pushed his dock further up his bitch, holding it there and had it grown bigger inside her then the previous mountings, Ilona groaned loud on Johan's cock, feeling her inner walls stretch around the dog's cock as he tied himself to his bitch. Just as Ilona, Lilian was moaning loud too, René had placed his mouth on her lips, his tongue pleasuring her clit and entrance, she had her legs now wrapped over his shoulders and was moaning like a little slutshe already was stimulated greatly so she didn't need to much before she came loud on his tongue, her hands then tangled in his hair to keep his mouth of her snatch as it was too sensitive.

René let her have a short break as her legs still spasmed placing himself between them as he rose up to give her a kiss. While doing so his erect cock made contact with her dripping open flower making her moan, she briefly bit her lower lip as she looked up in his eyes but then she hooked her heels behind his ass and pushed him in further, his cock parting her lips and slowly it sank deeper into her hot and ready cunt.

Ilona was stuck on two cocks, one locked into her pussy and the other deep in her gullet, Johan made sure Pluto stayed in place while his wife sucked him to his high, causing him to shoot his load deep into her throat while Pluto kept seeding his bitch from the other side, flooding her cavities with his puppy making batter. Then Pluto jumped off and turned around, Johan got up and squatted next to the dog and patted him as he still was locked to his wife who was cumming in one long sessionthen he grinned watching René pounding his cock deep into Lilian's depths.

With an audible plop Pluto freed himself from Ilona and while he thoroughly cleaned her up, Ilona was experiencing her last orgasm, totally spent and resting on her elbows she slowly came down from her high feeling herself empty now Pluto's cock was gone. Pluto went back to his corner on the couch briefly eyeing his owner mate with the blonde, he sat on his ass, cleaning his cock and then curled up drifting off to sleep.

Lilian had wrapped her arms around René's neck as he fucked her in a steady pace, sliding his cock in and out her wet snatch and she arched her back as she came for the second time, her inner walls gripping big lun sex stories xxxi vid milking his cock getting the best out of him.

He came loud and spurted his seed deep into her twat. While Lilian lay wide spread and creampied on the couch she already knew she had enough fucking for the day and was not sure if she regretted it or not, she only knew she wanted to try Pluto another time just like Ilona had serviced the dog and her man but that will be a story for another time.