Female anal pumping with forced prolapse rosebud

Female anal pumping with forced prolapse rosebud
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Mom and I lived alone at Home. Dad had left and I was an only child, which made me the man of the house. I was 18, and about 6ft tall, I was quite skinny but my mom told me that girls like slimmer men. My mom is a beautiful woman, at aged 45 she looked no more than 30. She was 5ft 6'' and had gorgeous long straight blonde hair.

She had a pretty face with full luscious lips and amazing eyes, which I could stare at for hours. She had sweet ass lez fingers babe and anal amazing figure, nice round ass and long legs.

Mom was getting ready to go shopping, she was wearing a black vest top, with a white skirt which was kind of short, I was just above her knees. I would sit with her while she put her make up on. I loved watching her get ready, making herself even more beautiful. When she went on to do her eye make up, she would open her mouth, and keep it open as she brushed her lashes.

My mind would wander and I would slip into a fantasy, imagining all the things she would do to me with that mouth, lips and tongue. When she'd finish, she would ask me how she looked, I'd smile and say something like ''wow, you look amazing'' and i really meant it, but what I really would have liked to do is throw her clothes off and have her on the bed.

When she left to go shopping, she kissed me on the cheek, leaving a big red lip mark on my cheek and said ''I'll be back soon''. As she left I made my way up to the bathroom to find her panties from the day before in the washing pile and have a furious wank xxx teacher sister brother sister my own mother with her panties in my mouth. My moms juice; it tasted so good, it made me come a lot harder and faster.

That night when she had come home, we would have a meal together at the table, we sat across from each other where I would complement her food and she would ask me how my dad went.

Mid way through the meal I dropped my knife onto the floor. I went down to pick it up, and looked up to see my mothers beautiful smooth legs slightly apart. As i stared for another moment I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties! I could see he shaven pouch and a glimpse of her pink lips.

I felt the bulge in my pants start to grow, and realized I've been under the table to long. She suddenly asked ''Are you alright under there honey''. I jumped and whacked my head, and returned from under the table to my seat and replied ''Yeh, sorry'' and then had to lie, so she doesn't become suspicious of my duration under there, ''Sorry my knife got food all over the floor was just cleaning it up'', she smiled and said ''Good, now hurry up before we miss the film''.

I sat there eating slow a little while longer and waited for my erection to die down; I then joined my mom in the front room to watch the film.

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We where watching a horror film, I'm not too phased when it comes to scary films, but my mom was a different story, she's always looking away saying ''I cant watch, I can't watch'' but always seems to pick the scary ones out to watch. We where sat on the sofa a few inches apart, my mum had her legs curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine in her hand.

She had gotten changed into her night gown, it was a short gown, at knee level, and it was soft like silk which you could see her nipples through it. Mid-way through the film mom had finished her bottle of wine, she was resting her head on my shoulder and grip my arm with both hers, watching the film in anticipation.

This was my favourite part of the night where I could just about see down my moms gown. They where nice breasts, not too big. Probably a D-Cup. I could see between them and most of the insides, I wanted to pull her gown down a little more to see her nipples. These thoughts racing through my head made me rise in my pants again, I went back to the film so not to get a full on boner, I would die with embarrassment if she noticed. She would scream and jump occasionally which she'd giggle and apologize before giving me a kiss on my cheek.

The film had ended and mom had drifted off, her head resting on my lap. I went to wake her and suddenly stopped myself; this was my chance to live out some of my fantasy. I reached my hand to her chest and pulled it past her nipple and to the bottom of her breast slowly so not to wake her. Her tits were perfect, they were perky and her nipples were slightly erect.

I used my other hand to feel her, I started stroking it, she hadn't awakened so I took and big grip of it, with her nipple in-between my fingers. I pinched her nipple slightly; suddenly she made a pleasurable groan, but was still asleep. I took this as my chance to take my fantasy even further. I lifted up her gown, so to see her pussy she still wasn't wearing any panties, it was so smooth and her princesscum stepsis grinds stepbros cock playing xbox se were moist.

I took my finger and moved it slowly down to her clit, she let out another groan. I then moved it town further to her hole, and placed it in. Deeper, then a little deeper.

She then let out a louder groan in which I got nervous and removed it, and moved her gown to its original state. Before waking her I tasted her juice on my finger, it was heaven and I wanted more. I waited for my erection to shrink and woke my mom. ''Mom u fell asleep'' I smiled. She gave drowsy smile ''Sorry dear, you know I'm a light weight with my wine'', we both laughed and left for bed.

I lay in my bed, stroking my cock to the thought of what I had just done with my mother; I couldn't stop thinking about her tits and pussy and how moist and warm it felt. I started to jerk my cock. Faster and faster each time, I was Cumming and then suddenly my Mom came into the room, I shot all over my stomach.

Luckily I was already in my bed and able to disguise what I was doing. She was brushing her teeth so it was hard to tell what she was saying. ''Hi Honey, I was thinking about us going out together tomorrow'', as she finished her sentence, toothpaste foam escaped her mouth and dribbled down her chin, My mind then turned to dirty thought of the white substance on her face, I started to get hard again.

''Erm, sure mom where were u thinking of going?'' The toothpaste had then dripped from her chin to her breasts, at this point I was fully erect. She cleaned the paste from her chin but not her breasts. ''I was thinking the zoo, its opening tomorrow'' big tits ladies sharing on one lucky hard cock outdoors smiled.

''Sure Mom, sounds fun'' I replied, ''Yey'' She cheered ''Cant wait ill see you in the morning'' Just before she left I notified her of the paste on her breasts ''Erm mom u got a lil' something there'', ''Where?'' she said. I then took a risk and wiped the paste of the top of her breast with my finger. ''Oh, Thank you dear'' She said all red faced ''See you in the morning'', ''night mom'' I replied, she then gave me a long kiss on my forehead and went to bed.

I had another quick wank over my Mom's tits then cleaned my self up and drifted off. I woke up early the next day, eager to please my mom. I made her breakfast and went to surprise her. She was pleased and gave me a big hug and kiss ''Thank you! Excited for the zoo?'' she said ''Sure Am'' I replied in a joyful manner. Me and Mom loved animals, we shared a lot of things in common. She finished her breakfast and asked me to leave while she got ready. When she emerged from her room she was wearing a t-shirt and jacket, jeans and long sexy black leather boots.

''How do I look?'' She asked whilst striking a pose. I hesitated for a second, ''You look incredible mom…'', she really did, I had a hard time controlling my self. She blushed ''Too kind'' She smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek and we made our way down stairs to the car. It was a long drive to the zoo; I would take us about 30 minutes. There was traffic half way there, there was an accident and one of sweetheart rides on a meaty hard schlong lanes was shut off.

It was a cloudy day so at least it wasn't unbearably hot in the car. I was sat in the passenger seat and mom was driving. I was checking her out, top to bottom to pass time in the queue. She looked over and put her hand on my thigh ''You ok sweetie?'' I smiled nervously and said ''Yeh, just can't wait till the zoo'', she smiled whilst rubbing my leg ''Aww, we'll be there soon'' and gave me a kiss on my long cheek.

I started to feel horny again, it grew bigger and bigger in my pants. ''Oh my…'' My Mom had noticed. ''Mom, I .'' I tried to explain my self.

She smiled ''Its ok, its only natural. Being bored stuck in a car, your thoughts are bound to wonder''. I blushed ''Thanks Mom''. ''You should take care of that before we get to the zoo'' I was stunned, did I just hear that. ''Its Ok, don't be shy no ones looking.'' ''But Mom&hellip.Your.'' ''You have nothing I haven't seen before'' She gave a cheeky smile, ''Here use my jacket to hide it, I wont mind.

You don't want to be dealing with that all day, when there will be children at the zoo'' Mom was right, so I looked down, took her jacket, placed it over my lap, unzipped my pants and took my cock out. ''Are you sure?'' I said nervously, ''Of course, now hurry hot wonder woman rides dildo part at pornworldmediacom before the traffic starts moving.

I then started to jack off. In front of my mother. ''What should I do with&hellip.you know?'' ''Oh, erm I have some tissues'' She handed me tissues while I continued to jack off. I was struggling to come, I glanced over to my mother she was looking away.

I stared at her ass and the side of her tits, and remembered she was wearing amazing black leather boots. This quickened up the pace, I made groaning noises as I was about to cum and shot my load into the tissues. Once I cleaned up, I passed the jacket to my mom. I couldn't bare to look at her I was so embarrassed.

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''All Better?'' She giggled. I nodded with a smirk on my face. ''Good'' She kissed me on the cheek, ''What shall I do with the tissues'' I asked, She took them out of my hand, ''Oh, these are heavy, must have been quite the load'' she laughed. And she tossed them out the window. The traffic began to move, and I had the feeling this was going to be a day to remember.

We arrived at the zoo, and paid entry. ''What do you want to see first?'' I asked. ''Lets go see the lions, the zoo looks quite empty today''. My mom linked her arm with mine and we made our way over. As we made our way over I wanted to apologize ''I'm sorry about what happened in the car'' ''Its ok sweetie, I didn't mind'' ''But I feel so ashamed'' ''Its fine, no one has to know, besides I thought it layla london laying layla london exciting.

I nice young man like yourself doing that next to me'' I smiled at her and she smiled back and we began to watch the lions. After the lions we saw the rest of the cat family, then made our way down to the ape section. We stopped to get an frozen treat at the stand and sat down. I got a ice cream with a flake, Mom got a flavoured lolly pop.

I finished mine, and watched mom eat hers, she was looking away at some animals near by. I watched her, sucking it and licking it. My thoughts wondered to that dark place again, and I began to get a boner. As she finished hers she got up and said ''Let's go!''. I stopped her, ''I can't&hellip.I'' I looked down to my rager. ''Again? My, young kids have a lot in them'' She laughed, ''Don't worry''. She checked the coast was clear and dragged me over to a hut that was empty and currently under construction.

''Quickly before anyone see'' She pulled down my pants at which she could see the full extend of my erection in my boxers. ''Wow&hellip.that's a big one'' she gasped. ''Mom!'' ''Sorry dear, now hurry, ill turn away'' I started to jerk, but it was difficult to cum.

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I had no material to masturbate too. ''I can't finish, im struggling'' I said. Suddenly I felt my Moms hand grip the base of my cock. I gasped but didn't say anything. She then began to stroke my long cock. It felt soo good.

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My mom jerking my cock, I could feel the cum building up. ''Wow, mom your good at this'' ''&hellip.You nearly done?'' ''Shit&hellip.yeh&hellip.Cumming!'' I then sprayed the entire wall with Hot steamy Cum. ''Wow that is a lot!'' She said with a little giggle ''It always better when someone does it for you'' She smiled and cleaned my cock up with another tissue, and pulled my pants up.

''Thanks Jesse jane feet fetsih vidoes, but you didn't have too'' ''Its fine, I can't say I didn't enjoy it'' We both smiled, and left to see the rest of the zoo.

I began to think through out the trip, does my mom find me sexually attractive, or was she doing this to get out of an embarrassing ordeal quickly. I needed to be sure. I was overly nice to her now, slipping in innuendos where possible, trying to make my mom laugh and fooling around all day.

We sat on the grass in a picnic area, it was empty because we were eating our packed lunch quite late. We were laughing and joking, I was mimicking a tiger and joking mom was my prey. ''Oh stop it'' She chuckled ''How old are you!'' I roared and pretended to eat her and she continued chuckling.

She fell onto her back and I was slightly on top of her. I became over come with the urge to kiss her red lips. They looked so inviting and my mother had never looked so beautiful. I brother sister and girlfriend threesome to fool around and pretended to eat her arm and move to her neck, where I became gentler. I pulled up and smiled, she smiled back, our lips were inches apart.

I gave her a quick peck on her lips and she kissed back. She smiled and said softly ''Lets go finish seeing the animals, you don't want to have an accident again'' she giggled and got up, I laughed along with her and we went back to seeing the animals.

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It had been raining and we ran back to the car, we were soaking wet through. Mom took her jacket off, her shirt was also soaked, I could see her bra coming through her top.

When we arrived home, as soon as we went through the front door, my mom got out of her wet clothes down to her underwear, she had an amazing figure. I followed by casually stripping down to mine.

''Much better'' I agreed and nodded with a lump in my thought and a lump in my pants. ''Thanks for the day out Mom'' ''Anytime dear'' We had a long hug, I felt the warmth coming off her and I bet she could feel the warmth coming off my cock. I quickly ran up stairs to my bedroom to get rid off my hard on.

I started tugging at it when my mom walked in. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth dropped. ''Three times in one day?'' She smiled. I turned away but didn't say anything.

Then she said something that I longed for her to say to me. ''Need any help?'' She said in such a sexy tone, I couldn't resist in giving myself in to my mother. She slowly walked up to me she was wearing the same sexy night gown from the night before, she looked me right in the eyes grabbed my cock, and placed her lips upon mine.

We began to kiss passionately, tongues going in and out and our mouths, hers massaging mine. She began to stroke my dick, faster and faster. She pulled her lips away from mine and bit her lower lip in a seductive manner then dropped to her knees.

She licked the tip of my cock, pre cum began to ooze out and onto her mouth, she smiled ''Mmmmmm, tastes so good'', I couldn't believe what was happening but it was and it felt immense. She licked the base of my miss poison gets jizz on her face all the way to the head then began to put her mouth around it.

Briana banks distracts him well x traordinary pictures mother was sucking my cock. ''Holy Shit, Mom. That feels so good'' She didn't come up to reply she just brought her head backwards then forwards remaining eye contact with occasionally closing her eyes to enjoy the sweet taste of my cock.

''I don't know how long I can hold&hellip.shit'' She pulled her head away from my cock, gasping for air and screams ''Cum for me Son, Cum on your Mommy!'' ''I'm Cumming, &hellip.shit'' And then I came, streams off cum went across my moms face. Some into her mouth. It was so much; I've never cum this much before.

She started swallowing the cum in her mouth and smiled, her mouth open in surprise, ''Wow dear, that was a lot'' she used her fingers to clean the rest of the hot white steamy cum off her face and licked it off into her mouth, making sounds of enjoyment. ''Thank you, dear'' She said after she'd finished cleaning the cum out of her eyes, She gave a final suck on my dick to claim any remains of it inside ''See you in the morning, good night'' She winked at me, smiled and left.

I can tell this was the start of something great.