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Hot camping teens fucked a homeless in a tent outdoor
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Maya was out shopping with some friends from work one day. At her favorite boutique, she had to endure the embarrassment of having all three of her credit cards declined. Red-faced, she mumbled an excuse about card security services perhaps having frozen her cards due to a security breach, and went outside to call her credit card companies, since the music in the shop was too loud.

After wading through several menus on each card company's answering system, she learned that her cards had indeed been frozen, because there had been a flurry of purchases over the last day and a half that had taken her over her credit limit. All but two of the purchases had been at men's shops and sporting goods stores that she knew her husband Gerry liked.

How irresponsible could he be? The last two charges scared her. One of them was to a property management firm, which the employee at the credit card company said could have been a renter's security deposit. The other was a security deposit and three days' rental on a drive-it-yourself furniture moving truck. Frightened and angry, Maya called Gerry's office number. "Mr. Petersen's office," a familiar female voice answered.

"Carla, is that you?" Maya asked. "Yes, it is. Who's this?" "Carla, it's Maya Johnston. Why did you answer Gerry's phone as 'Mr. Petersen's office'?" "Maya! Hi! I haven't talked to you in months. How are you?" "Confused. When did you transfer to Sam Petersen's office? Why does he have Gerry's number?" There was a long silence. Finally, Carla answered, "Um, well, when Gerry left the firm, they kept me here to work for Sam, since he took over Gerry's duties." "What? What do you mean?" "The boss thought it made sense to keep me here, since I know my way around the files and the department.

Sam agreed he wanted me here when Gerry left," Carla said. "Wait, what do you mean Gerry left?" "Maya, is something wrong?" Carla asked. "I think so. Carla, what the hell is going on? What do you mean Gerry left? He went to the office this morning just like he always does," Maya said, hysteria creeping into her voice.

"Maya, where are you?" Carla asked. "Standing outside a shop downtown. My credit cards were declined. I just called the card companies, and they said we're over our credit limit. That's why I was calling Gerry. Where is he?" There was another, longer silence. Finally, Carla said, "Maya, Gerry gave his notice about two months ago. He said he got a better job offer. His last day was this past Friday." "What! He didn't say anything to me about any of this.

That can't be true!" Maya said. Then it hit her. She needed to get home right away. Gerry's car wasn't in the garage. Neither were his golf clubs, fishing gear, or motorcycle.

His power tools were missing from the shelves in the garage. When Maya went into the mudroom, she saw that his coats and jackets were missing from the closet, although hers were still there. She started to feel sick to her stomach. The kitchen table and chairs were gone. The dining room was empty except for her collection of antique dishes stacked neatly on the floor. There was nothing in the living room but the hope chest her mother had given her when she and Gerry got married.

Gerry's office was stripped to the bare walls. She ran to their bedroom. Everything looked intact, until she opened his closet. A few hangers lay on the floor, but all of Gerry's clothes were gone. She flung open her own closet, and found everything in place, just as she had left it this morning. In their bathroom, her cosmetics and prescriptions were right where they should be, but everything of Gerry's was missing. Maya didn't feel sick anymore.

Anger had blotted out those feelings. He had just disappeared. Going back into the bedroom, she spotted a note on her pillow. It said, "Sorry, I found someone else. G." That was all. That bastard! Remembering what had started all this, Maya opened her laptop and went to her bank's website to check their accounts. The joint checking account had only the minimum balance required to keep it open, as did their savings account. Gerry's IRA had been closed out. How could he do this?

What right did he have to do this? Sure, there had been some rough spots in their marriage, but their relationship was good lately. Wasn't it? There had been the disappointment when they had learned that Maya was infertile. They had come to grips with that, deciding that their jobs and their interests could fill the void for a while.

They had talked about inquiring into adoption after the first of the year. They didn't think it would be a problem, even though Gerry, at forty, was almost thirteen years older than she. They were both fit and healthy, and Gerry had a fantastic job. Maya wouldn't even have had to work, but she didn't want to just sit home all the time. That's why she had gotten her part-time job. It didn't pay very well, but that hadn't mattered. She was happy, doing something she enjoyed, working with people she liked, and contributing a little money to the household.

Basically, her income was her pocket money, and Gerry's salary and bonuses bought everything else. That thought created new panic in Maya's mind.

How was she going to maintain their house, now that Gerry had run off? The mortgage had to be paid, along with the utilities, the insurance, and everything else that Maya's modest income could not possibly cover. Would she lose everything? And how would she face her friends and neighbors when the story of her abandonment got out? The phone rang. Maya ran to answer it.

Maybe it was Gerry. Maybe he would explain everything, make it all okay. "Hello?" Maya said. "Maya? It's Fran. How's it going? I haven't talked to you in a while." Maya finally did what she had been on the verge of doing for hours. She burst into tears. "He's gone, Fran.

Gerry's gone." "What?" Fran asked. "What do mean?" Through her sobs, Maya tried to tell her friend the story, but she just couldn't get it all out. Finally, Fran interrupted her. "Stop right there, honey. I'll be at your house in ten minutes. Make us a pitcher of margaritas. You need a friend to help sort nasty teenie is taken in butt hole asylum for awkward treatment out." When Maya opened the door, she had stopped crying, but one look at her told Fran how bad it really was.

They stared at each other for a few seconds, and then Maya flung herself into Fran's arms. "My life is over!" Maya wailed, her tears flowing again. "Your life is not over," Fran stated. "Now come over here on the sofa with me. I need you to calm down and tell me everything, exactly as it happened. But here, drink this first." Fran poured her friend a margarita and handed it to her. "Thank you," Maya said with a sob. She took a sip. "Drink it," Fran said.

"You need to calm down, so bottom's up. You can sip the next one." Maya wiped her eyes again and said, "OK." In a few seconds, she was holding her empty glass out to Fran. "More, please. But if I'm getting drunk, you'd better be drunk too." "For you, sweetie, I can do that," Fran laughed. "Just like old times, huh? I remember us getting good and trashed a few times at our sorority house, when one or the other of us needed girl talk." The drinks went down as Maya told her friend the story of that afternoon.

"The bastard did leave me one thing, though," Maya said, slurring her words slightly. "Yeah, your freedom," Fran said. "If that's what you want to call it. But no, I mean this," Maya said, pulling Gerry's note from her pocket and handing it to her friend. Fran read aloud, "Sorry, I found someone else. G," She looked at Maya. "That's it? Five years of marriage and that's it?

Oh that slimy bastard. I just can't believe he did this. You poor baby." Maya was much more composed now. A little tipsy, maybe more than a little, but, definitely better than before. "I've never told anyone this. Not even you. But you're my best friend. We've been through a lot." "I'm here for you baby," Fran whispered, stroking her friend's hand.

"Talk to me." "This isn't the first time Gerry cheated on me." "I wondered," Fran said. "Why the hell didn't you tell me if you knew?" Maya asked. "I didn't know anything. I just saw the way he looked at women. Hell, he looked at me enough." Maya squeezed her friend's hand. "I can't really blame him for that. You're at least as hot as you were in college, all those years ago." "You're so good for my ego," Fran said.

"Anyway, I even spoke to him briefly at our New Year's Eve Party. I told him to look at me all he wanted, but that you were my best friend, and I would never hurt you.

He swore I was mis-interpreting him. He admitted he looked at women, but insisted he could never be unfaithful to you. I wondered, but I decided to let it go. Besides, we were all pretty drunk. I'm sorry." "Don't be," Maya said.

"I never worried about you. It was his former secretary. I got an anonymous phone call telling me to go to some cocktail lounge. He had his hand up her skirt when I found them." "Maya!" Fran exclaimed. "Why didn't you tell me? I would have helped you cut his dick off!" "I was too hurt to do that. At first, I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

Then I decided to get revenge," Maya said. "You made him fire her?" "No, Gerry did that on his own. I did something much worse," Maya said.

"I had an affair of my own. Well, more like a three-night stand." "Whoa! I thought party-girl Maya died when you met Gerry," Fran laughed. "It valentina latina amateur blowjob cowgirl homemade pov like that. I went to a bar, found this guy, told him I was married, and said I needed to get even with my husband.

There was no emotion between either of us. It was almost like a business deal. He wanted to get off, I needed to feel like a woman. After the third Friday night, I told him we were done. He agreed," Maya said. "Did Gerry know?" Fran asked.

"After that third night, I told Gerry we were going into counseling. It all came out there. I thought we were okay. Looks like I was wrong. That cheating bastard!" "He certainly is," Fran agreed. "Should I make another pitcher?" "No, not now. I should make some dinner. I haven't had anything but a bagel and a latte since this morning," Maya said, working her way to her feet.

"Let's go out. My treat," Fran said. "Neither of us should drive," Maya said. "I'll pay for the cab, too," Fran smiled. "I'm a mess. I've been crying for hours," Maya protested. "Do you remember the time in college, when that football player dumped me?" Fran asked. "You were almost as much of a mess then as I am now," Maya giggled.

"Remember what you did to make me feel better about myself?" "Yes," Maya whispered. "I'll bathe you. I'll make you feel good. Just like you did for me last time," Fran said, leading her friend to the stairs. Maya held her spy cam at french private party camera espion en soiree part masturbating rubbing when her friend began washing her face.

The shower stall wasn't very big, and there was the occasional brush of Fran's large breasts against Maya's more modest ones. The first kiss was a small one, Fran just having rinsed the soapsuds off Maya's lips. The second kiss came when Fran squirted a drop of shower gel on Maya's nipples. Both women watched as the thick, white liquid dripped off Maya's hardening buds.

Fran then rubbed her own hard nipples against her friend, washing their breasts. This kiss lasted a lot longer. "You're my best friend, Maya. I love you," Fran said as she knelt before her. Maya was wet before Fran's tongue ever touched her.

The first butterfly kiss on her clit made her gasp. "You need this," Fran said, gently parting Maya's legs to allow her to school girl rape sleeping japanese terrorist her tongue inside. After a few minutes, Maya released the fist-fulls of blond hair she found herself holding, and pulled her friend to her feet.

"Thank you," Maya breathed, as she crushed her mouth to Fran's, furiously wrestling with her tongue. Fran came just before Maya had her second orgasm, each with their fingers buried in the other's pussy. As they dried off, Maya asked, "Where are we going? How should I dress?" "Can I borrow some clothes?" Fran asked. "We should look sexy." "I don't know how many of my tops will fit you, and you certainly can't wear my bras," Maya observed.

"You're not going to wear a bra either, honey," Fran smirked. "You didn't when we went prowling in college, and you did pretty well." "Is that what we're doing?" Maya asked, sounding apprehensive. "I don't know that I want to do that just yet.

Besides, I'm not sure what Ill be looking for when I do decide start seeing men." "Come on, find me a cute top with strong seams," Fran said, walking to Maya's closet. "We'll do our hair, I'll make you up like I used to, and we'll just feel pretty. Girls' night out." As soon as they stepped out of the cab, the first guy made new storys full sex stories 2019 comment.

It wasn't much, just an appraising look at both of them and a quiet, "Good evening," followed by a smoky smile as he turned and walked away.

"Did you see that?" Fran asked. "He was undressing you with his eyes." "Bullshit. They were glued to your boobs," Maya smirked. "He might have seen me first, but he didn't start looking hungry until he looked at you, sweetie," Fran laughed. Fran ordered for them both, and they sobered up a little as they ate. The discussion finally came to Maya's financial status.

"The mortgage is due teen anime tasting a cock and gets drilled three weeks. I have about fifty dollars in cash. I probably have enough food in the house and gas in the car to be able to save my paychecks to allow me to make the next house payment.

But after that, it's all downhill. I'm going to beg for full-time work, and start putting my resume out, but I don't know how I'll make it," Maya said.

"Tomorrow, I have to find a lawyer." During an after-dinner drink, Fran said, "You told me a secret earlier. I'm going to share something with you. Do you remember about two years ago when Joe lost his job?" "Yes, I was so worried about you guys.

At first you were afraid you were going to lose everything. I guess you were pretty good at cutting back," Maya answered. "We cut back all right. Pinched every penny we could. We even had a yard sale. Joe's unemployment benefits weren't enough. We were sinking. I finally did something I've never told anyone about.

Only Joe knows. I made a video." "What kind of video?" "Adult." "Fran!" "I know, I know. But it paid two thousand dollars cash. Joe went with me to my interview, he was at the audition, and stood right behind the director on the set. It was all very professional, really." "What all did you do?" "It was a naughty housewife threesome thing.

The woman was very nice and pretty, and the guy was a hunk, in a very clean-cut type of way. Everyone was polite and considerate. It was a pretty high-class operation, all things considered." "And they paid you two thousand in cash?" Maya asked.

"Plus, I get a small royalty check each month. It's not much, but it's kind of fun knowing guys are paying to see me." "I have to know, Fran. Did you cum?" "Did I ever! The first part had the 'wife' going down on me, and me on her. She was a hell of a lot better at it than I was, but she faked her orgasm really well. I didn't have to pretend. Just after I came, her 'husband' walked in and caught us.

Then we did the threesome. He did me doggy while I ate the woman some more, and then he came on our faces. I'm not ashamed to admit that it was hot, but I've never done it again." "Aren't you afraid someone will see the video that knows you?" Maya asked.

"A little, but this studio does stuff for export only. My video was overdubbed in Russian and in German, with English subtitles. The idea is that people probably won't see it around here, and if they do, they'll think it was made abroad." "I could never do that," Maya said. "What if my relatives saw it?" "If they watch that sort of thing, they probably would be afraid to tell you," Fran re-assured her.

"What if Gerry saw it? He does watch that sort of thing," Maya said. "Fuck Gerry. To Hell with that cheating bastard. He'll just get to see what he gave away," Fran said. "I don't know. I need the money, sure, but am I that desperate?" Maya wondered. "I still have the director's number.

It's just a thought," Fran said. "Now, we're going dancing." "I'll never make it to work tomorrow." Maya said. "No, you won't," Fran agreed. "You're going to take a sick day. I know you. You've never called off sick from this job, have you?" "No. Never." "Well, tomorrow's the first. You can be honest with them, mostly. I seriously doubt anyone would question why you need a day off with what Gerry did to you," Fran said. "You're right. Tomorrow's Friday.

I need a three-day weekend," Maya agreed. When the taxi delivered the girls to Maya's house, they decided that Fran should stay the night. She slept in the guest room. The next morning, the friends made plans to get together again the following Friday night. Fran drove home, and Maya got started on shopping for a divorce attorney.

On Thursday, Fran called Maya. "Joe is making dinner tomorrow night. Can you be here at six?" "Oh, okay. It would be nice to see Joe. Does he know what Gerry did?" "I told him. I've never seen him so mad. Joe really likes you, you know. I think he'd seriously hurt Gerry if he saw him right now," Fran said. "Anyway, he's going to cook for us, and you know how good he is.

After dinner, we're going out again." "Where do you want to go?" Maya asked. "There's a club Joe and I went to a couple of months ago. Dress to impress, girlfriend." "You're incorrigible, Fran. You always were," Maya said. "I'm not trying to get you laid, honey. That's your responsibility. I am trying to make you smile. Don't bring any money with you. Joe's paying for everything.

He wants to see you smile, too." "Oh, he's coming along?" Maya asked. Suddenly she wondered if it would be awkward, being around him while dressed slutty. After all, they had fooled around a bit in college, and he had been at his wife's porn shoot. Fran laughed. "No, he'll be playing poker at a buddy's house later.

Heaven knows when he'll get home." "Okay," Maya said. "I'd feel a little weird dancing like I did last time in front of your husband." "Maya, Joe cares a great deal about you, but it's not like that with him. Would he like to dance that way with you? Sure, bangkok nightlife hot thai girls amp ladyboys thailand soi cowboy prostitute bar girls a guy and he's alive.

But he would never try anything. You're like a sister to him," Fran said. "I've heard of how some guys are with their sisters. That's not really all that reassuring," Maya laughed. "Seriously, right now, I'm a little sensitive about other people's spouses." "Joe is my husband and your friend. Just be here at six." Maya rang Fran and Joe's doorbell precisely at six Friday night.

Joe answered the door. "Wow, Maya, you look good enough to eat! How's my wife's best friend?" "I'm surviving," Maya said, forcing a grin. "Surviving? I'd say way more than that. Gerry is a complete idiot," Joe said. "Please, can we not talk about him?" Maya asked. "I'm sorry, Maya, but one of the nicest people I know just doesn't deserve to be hurt like this." "Thanks, Joe.

It smells good in here. What are you making for dinner?" "I have a pork tenderloin in the oven. I make my own teriyaki sauce. Come young whore anastasia knight has her cunt ruined the kitchen with me while I baste it again.

Fran's still getting ready." While Joe puttered with his creation, Maya climbed on a stool at the breakfast bar. In a moment, Fran pranced into the kitchen.

She was wearing black heels, thigh-high black fishnet stockings with bows, a pleated mini-skirt, and a white blouse tied just below her shapely breasts. Her blond hair was held off her face with a pair of rhinestone barrettes. "Look at the naughty schoolgirl!" Joe exclaimed. "Fran, you look lesbian vixens love morning pussy exploration pornstars hardcore a teenaged slut. I love it," Maya said.

"You look pretty dangerous yourself, Maya," Fran said. "Stand up and let me see. Yes, simple pony tail, little black dress, and those shoes! Girl, you look amazing." "I told her she looked good enough to eat," Joe said. "Yes, she sure does. Are you sure you don't want to come with us, tonight, honey?" Fran asked. "That's okay, I'd probably embarrass myself on the dance floor with Maya, and get in a lot of trouble with you, babe. But I'm starting to think I should hire some eunuch from a harem to be your bodyguard, ladies," Joe said.

"How much time do we have before dinner?" Fran asked. "I'd like to show Maya something." "Will a half hour be enough?" Joe asked. "Twenty minutes and thirty-nine seconds will do it. Maya, do you want to see my movie?" "Your video?" Maya asked. "Yes. Come on, it's not like you've never seen me naked before." "But Fran." "Maya, really, don't be embarrassed.

It's just little old me. We were sorority sisters. We went to frat parties together. Hell, I met Joe at one of those parties. He saw some of your finer moments first-hand. So don't feel odd about it." Joe spoke up. "I can stay in the kitchen if you like, but I enjoy watching that movie myself. After all, it's my wife getting fucked." "All right," Maya answered.

"I guess I am curious." The three moved into the den, where Fran already had the disc in the player. Maya sat on the sofa, and Fran settled down next to her. "Joe, would you start the movie for us?" Fran asked. Maya sat and watched. She had watched porn before, and she had seen Fran do some pretty outrageous things, but this was different.

Her best friend was now a porn star. The final scene in the movie was a close-up of the guy cumming on her face and boobs. "You were there and watched the whole thing?" Maya asked Joe. "Yeah.

It was hot as hell," Joe replied. "Weren't you jealous?" "Envious. Not jealous. Fran and I discussed this for a while before she actually made the momoka sakai shows off sexy in a superb porn show. I went with her for her interview.

Everything seemed okay, and they even paid for her to get a complete health exam before her actual audition. The director, Bruce, pretty much insisted that I come along, which made auf den geschmak gekommen amateurs porn woxokcom both feel more comfortable," Joe said.

"We met in Bruce's office," Fran said. "The other actors and a few staff members were there. Bruce asked me to take off my clothes, which I did, and to kendra sunderland nia nacci sex next to me in various positions.

Then Bruce asked me if I would give Joe a blowjob while everyone watched." "That was a little scary for me, at first," Joe admitted. "But you liked it," Fran giggled. "Honestly, Maya, I never saw him cum so hard." "Yeah, and I wasn't acting," Joe laughed. "The whole situation was a huge turn-on." Fran laughed.

"Dammit, it was fun. I think it actually improved our marriage." "You should try it, Maya," Joe said. "You have a great body. You're beautiful and sexy. I'd sure as hell pay to see you." "I could never do that," Maya said. "Of course you could," Fran insisted.

"You've had a little experience with a woman, and I know you love to fuck. I could call Bruce's office right now." "I don't know," Maya said. "Two thousand, cash, in your hand before you get dressed," Joe reminded her. "I really have to think about this. I've never done anything like that before," Maya said. "Neither had I, well, not since fart parties," Fran said. "We did have our fun, didn't we?" Maya mused. "I remember the frat party when I met you two," Joe said. "I think I fell in love with you a little right on the spot, Maya.

Hell, you knew that. Fran knew it too. I still think that's the only reason she went up to my room with me that night." Fran laughed and grabbed Joe's butt.

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"He's frisky nymphos bang the biggest strapons and spray juice everywhere now, Maya." "That's OK," Maya said. "For some reason, Gerry seemed like the ideal man.

Older, a few laugh lines, really knew how to treat me like a woman. Your studly buddies were fun to play with, but I wanted something more." Fran and Joe exchanged a glance. The both knew Maya was close to tears.

Joe got on his knees in front of Maya, holding his arms toward her. "Maya, I'm not going to let you cry." Blinking her watering eyes, Maya said, "I'm not sure I can stop." "I'll stop you," Joe whispered, pulling Maya toward him so he could look in her eyes. "You can't, please, you can't do this." "Can't do what, Maya," Joe said, barely audibly.

His mouth was now only inches from Maya's. "Why can't I. TICKLE YOU!" He dug his fingers into Maya's sides as he yelled in her face. "You sonofabitch!" Maya shrieked. In seconds she was laughing hysterically. "FRAN! Get him off me!" "I'll make him stop on one condition," Fran said. "You have to promise me you'll have a good time tonight.

No tears, no pouting, no heavy silences. Promise?" "Yes!" Maya squealed. "Stop, Joe," Fran said. She was working very hard to keep a straight face. Joe immediately stopped squeezing Maya, but kept his hands lightly on her heaving sides.

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"You think she meant it when she promised?" he said, winking theatrically at his wife. "I'm not quite sure," Fran said. "You shitheads, I promised! God!" Maya giggled, looking a little exhausted. "Shitheads? Oh honey, I don't like the sound of that," Joe deadpanned. "Nope," Fran said. Joe's fingers attacked Maya's taut belly this time. Maya shrieked with laughter.

"I promise, dammit! Stop, please!" Joe immediately stood up. "Let's eat, ladies. Honey, help Maya into the kitchen. Damn, she looks like she just got fucked." "More like gangbanged," Fran laughed, helping Maya to her feet.

Come on, honey, we'll eat first. Then we'll fix our hair and make-up. I have some ideas." At eight o'clock, a taxi pulled into Fran and Joe's driveway. The ladies came out. Both were in their original outfits, but Fran's hair was now in pigtails. She wore a hint of blush, making her look like the little slut next door. Maya's dress had wrinkled slightly, but rather than spend too much time on making it look crisp and fresh, Fran insisted on re-doing Maya's hair and eyes. The smokey-eyed woman who walked out of the house looked just a little dangerous, her long dark hair lightly teased into stylish disarray, giving her the look of a woman who had already taken what she wanted once that night.

The club was an immense place. There were a lot of younger people there, and some of the young men stared openly as Maya and Fran passed by. The huge main dance floor was surrounded with small elevators made of steel mesh. These took riders to balconies, which had dark lounges stacked teen creampie shi reeves brunette big tits small dance areas of their own. "Nice place!" Maya yelled in her friend's ear over the music.

"I think so. Come on, we're going upstairs," Fran called, dragging Maya by the hand. The elevator doors opened onto a carpeted balcony. A wall of windows overlooked the dance floor below, muting the noise of the main club. There were a few conversational groupings of sofas and chairs. At the far end, glass doors formed the entrance to a small lounge. "We'll start here," Fran said, leading the way. "Now, the group up here last time was lodand bhose sex full sex stories singles.

Seemed like a light, fun-loving crowd. No heavy pervs. Ready?" The girls opened the door and stepped into a dimly lit lounge. One wall was taken up by the bar, a massive structure of carved and fitted wood. Booths lined the opposite wall, and tables for two or four were in the center of the room. At the far end was a small dance floor with a few couples moving slowly to the soft music. "I can almost imagine Marlon Brando sitting in the corner," Maya said softly.

"Yes, this a great old-school night club. Let's get a drink," Fran said, turning toward the bar. Fran pulled a card out of her purse to hand to the bartender. "We'll run a tab," she said. "OK, miss, but the first drink for you and your friend are already paid for," the bartender said with a smile. "Put that away. You may not need it." "Who paid for our drinks?" Maya asked.

"A gentleman never tells," the bartender said. "That's part of the fun. You have to decide if you want to figure it out." Fran's card never did get any charges on it.

The girls spent the entire evening in that lounge, talking, laughing, and dancing with a variety of men. Maya danced several times with a graying gentleman, who could have been old enough to be her father.

He was an excellent dancer, holding her with a grace she was not accustomed to. His entire manner spoke of wealth, taste, class, and power. Maya found herself intrigued with the feel of his still-muscular body against hers. In the taxi on the way home, Fran said, "You had a good time, didn't you?" "That was wonderful. I was all ready to have guys pawing at me, with the way we were dressed, and with what I saw downstairs. It was kind of refreshing after last week," Maya said.

"You liked that older guy." "He was nice. Made me feel like a lady. I could forget my problems for a minute when I was talking to him or dancing with him," Maya said. Maya was able to pick up additional hours at her job. She continued her search for other employment, even trying to find a second job with no success. She hired an attorney, and began the process of tracking Gerry down and fighting for a settlement. She was able to renegotiate her mortgage, and she slashed her living expenses wherever she could.

It wasn't enough. Gerry had a far more powerful attorney. It quickly became clear that Gerry was perfectly willing to give Maya a divorce. He proposed a settlement surrendering his half of the equity in the house, but he wasn't willing to give her a cent beyond that.

If necessary, he would tap into old family money to beat her and her attorney into submission. She finally hit her low point the day she got the notice threatening foreclosure proceedings, along with another letter threatening to disconnect her electric service. "Fran?" Maya said when her friend answered the phone. "Hi Maya! How are you doing?" "I'm out of ideas. I'm out of time. I'm going to have to sell the house and find a cheap place to live." "You could stay with us until you got on your feet," Fran said.

"No, I'm not going to impose. You guys have done so much already. And I won't take a loan from you. Joe already suggested that to me," Maya said. "I could make a phone call," Fran said. "To Bruce? I don't think I can make a video. I can't bear the thought of people seeing it, of Gerry maybe seeing it." "Have you made dinner?" Fran asked. "No." "We need to talk.

Come mom punishes playfellows daughter bondage she tongues the jism out of the doctors ass now. You can have dinner with us," Fran said. It was during dessert that the subject finally came up.

"Do you want me to call Bruce?" Fran asked. "Joe and I can give you the money to pay this month's mortgage payment, and you can pay us back after you make the video." "I just can't do it. It's not a moral thing. Hell, it's not like I'm a virgin. It's not like I'm really married anymore.

I don't think I'd have a problem fucking a hot guy, especially since Gerry is with Miss Better-than-me. I just don't want my face out there," Maya said. "There are other aspects of the adult industry," Joe said. "I'm calling Bruce. I'm just asking questions." Fran cleared the table while Maya sat and struggled not to bite her fingernails. Joe was in his den on the phone. Joe came back into the kitchen and sat down next to Maya.

"If you want, Bruce can see you on Sunday for an initial interview. He knows a lot of people. There is work available that is a little more discrete than the video industry." "Like what?" Fran asked. "She could be an escort." "An escort? You mean a prostitute?" Maya asked incredulously. "That's the word I used, and Joe quickly corrected me.

Escorts do not necessarily engage in sex. Since prostitution is illegal most places, escorts are simply being paid to accompany a gentleman as a date. What happens in private on that date is up to the couple, much like it is on a real date in the more conventional usage of the word." "So she'd be arm-candy? Just someone helping a guy enjoy a night out?" Fran asked.

"That's what I got out of it," Joe replied. "Apparently there is a demand for attractive young women who are willing to accompany men to parties, concerts, and other social events, or just a night out on the town." "That doesn't sound so bad," Fran said. "I'm not interested in getting raped by a guy just because he has money," Maya protested.

"How safe is this?" "The agency screens all it escorts and clients. They do background checks, psychological testing, and health screening.

Bruce tells me the girls must turn in a report within twenty-four hours after a date, answering questions about the guy's manners and attitude toward them.

If they don't, they don't work again. If they trash the guy, he can't use the service again," Bruce said. "All right, I'll go talk to him," Maya said, "as long as you two go with me." "Bruce insisted we be with you. He wants to talk to us about you too," Joe said. On Sunday, Joe and Fran picked Maya up at her house and drove her to an expensive neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. When they pulled in the driveway, Maya said, "This looks like the place where your video was shot." "Yes," Fran answered.

"Bruce uses his own home occasionally, or the homes of friends in the industry." Bruce answered the door. "Fran, Joe, good to see you. And you must be Maya," he said, taking her small hand into his large one. "Come in." He led the three into his living room, where a stunning woman in her mid-forties waited.

"Felicia, meet Maya," Bruce said. Felicia shook hands with everyone, and pointed Maya to a loveseat opposite the sofa where she had been sitting. "Maya, I don't know what pre-conceived notions you may have about escort services, but let me briefly explain how I run mine. The primary service our agency provides is companionship. We do not consider ourselves to be a call-girl service. We are more of a dating kitty at the cohf condo, catering to an exclusive clientele of gentlemen who desire the company of a beautiful woman for an evening.

Let me explain how it works. "Everyone employed by the service, myself included, receives a payroll check. If I hire you, I will pay you five hundred dollars per date. You will be on a ten-date probation. I will speak to you after every date.

After the tenth date, I will take you to lunch and discuss the reports your clients will have filled out about you. To keep things fair, I will also ask you to file a report with me after every date.

At your evaluation, we will discuss increases to your pay, along with your preferences for future dates. Do you understand?" "Yes, ma'am," Maya answered. Felicia laughed and reached out to pat Maya's knee. "Please call me Felicia. I really try not to sound like a businesswoman, but I guess I don't do a very good job. Now, there are a few more things you must remember. Prostitution is illegal. You will be an escort. For at least your first three dates, you and the client are to observe a no-intimate-contact rule.

You will not be scheduled for more than one date a week during that time.

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"Here's the good part. Once you are comfortable with intimate contact, there is no negotiation necessary with the client. They understand they are to pay you one hundred dollars cash for manual stimulation, two hundred fifty for oral sex, and five hundred for intercourse.

Most of the gentlemen will also give you a small tip or gift in addition. So, if you've had a, hopefully, enjoyable evening, you'll go home with eight hundred fifty dollars tax-free cash in addition to your five hundred dollar payroll check." "What types of men do you have for clients?" Maya asked.

"Because of our fee structure, we tend to attract only well-off men. Many of them are successful businessmen, political leaders, sports professionals, and entertainers. Do you have a preference?" Felicia kittens nail studs anal hole with oversized belt dicks and squirt cream. "Look. My husband ran off with another woman. I don't think I can be with a married man. I couldn't be a party to the destruction of some other woman's life," Maya explained.

"We can match you only with men who are single, widowed, divorced, or legally separated, but I will tell you that may slightly limit the number of clients you can be with." "At least at first, I'd appreciate that," Maya said.

Felicia looked serious as she spoke. "In this business, discretion is key. Your dates will not disclose much about themselves, and sex xxx sunny leaon real are expected to retain a certain amount of anonymity with them.

All communication between our clients and our escorts is done through the agency. These men are never to enter your home.

You will be picked up by a car service or taxi for your dates, and all dates will begin in a public place. You will be provided with a cellphone, which will be the way in which we communicate with you. This phone is to be with you at all times, and there will be a text code you can use to allow us to pick you up from a date, should you be uncomfortable with any situation you find yourself in. "After your probationary period, you will be expected to undergo another health exam, and when you have progressed to physical-contact dates, an examination is required after every third one.

This is always done at no expense to you. Our doctors are available at any time, so this requirement should not interfere with any other employment you have.

Do you work presently?" Felicia asked. "My office job is nine to five weekdays," Maya said. "That will work out well," Felicia said. "We can schedule you for evening or weekend dates only. We'll discuss this before you actually begin work. Here are phone numbers for our health care providers. If you say you're Felicia's friend, they'll know what you need and will bill it to me." "When can I start?" Maya asked. "I'm sorry to sound so anxious, but I really need the money." Felicia opened her purse and handed Maya an envelope.

"Here's a thousand dollar cash signing bonus, honey. Call for an exam appointment tomorrow. I'll personally build some fires under a couple of well-paid asses to get you through all the preliminaries. If you want, we can meet again next Sunday to schedule your first date." On Sunday, Maya rang the bell at Bruce's house again. "Hello, dear!" Felicia exclaimed as she opened the door. "Come in!" She embraced Maya, kissing her on the cheek. "You are a healthy, more-or-less emotionally stable, model citizen.

Plus, you're gorgeous. Come, let's sit down." Maya followed the beautiful older woman into the living room, and they both took the same seats they had used the previous week. Maya had come alone, and Bruce was not in the room. "Maya," Felicia said, "I'd like to talk to you about your first date. Can you be free Thursday evening? There's a gallery opening. A long-time client and personal friend of mine would like to take an attractive young lady to it.

Roberto is an artist in his own right. His lovely wife passed away a few years ago after over thirty years together." "He's an older man?" Maya asked. "He competes in triathlons and could pass for forty-five. I believe you would like him. He's a perfect gentleman, wealthy, cultured, and very handsome. I've sent a lot of new hires out with him. He's good for their nerves, and they're good for his ego. If he likes a girl, he'll usually give her a nice pair of earrings, even when all they do is shake hands goodnight," Felicia said.

The agency sent a car to pick her up at seven o'clock for her date. She was delivered to an exclusive restaurant. The maitre d' led her to a table occupied by a man who looked a little like Mark Harmon. After a light meal ("We must save room for snacks at the gallery," he said) Roberto had his limo take them to the event.

Maya felt immediately relaxed and comfortable with this man. The most intimate thing he did all night was kiss her hand after giving her a pair of diamond earrings. He called a cab to take her home.

Her second date was dinner and dancing at a quiet club. This man, a divorced real estate developer, was closer to Maya's age. Her third date was with a sports promotor. She and this man, who Maya was certain was no older than she, enjoyed the home teams' win from box seats at a major league baseball game.

Tuesday evening, Maya's agency phone rang. It was Felicia. "Hi, Maya. I must say, you're playing to rave reviews with the gentlemen. You've had three dates now. I know you've said you've had a good time. How comfortable are you about the idea of physical contact?" Maya knew this question was coming. "Honestly, Felicia, I just don't know.

I was married for five years. I had one brief fling during that time. I was a real party girl in college, but it's different now. I'm older. I'm supposed to be a grown-up.

It's not like I don't enjoy sex. It's just that sex with a stranger for money." "I have several associates who are in high demand who strictly do no-intimate-contact dates. One lady has been doing that for over seven years. I can keep you at that status indefinitely if you wish, dear." "No, Felicia, I want to try it.

I have to try it. I need the money and I need to get over my fears." "I have an interesting man in mind," Felicia said. "I'm going to put you on hold." In a minute of two, she was back. "OK, Maya, this guy is one of the ones who likes first-timers. The other girls who've been with him liked him a lot. He's apparently a very good lover. He always gives the girls a lot more than the standard fee." After almost a year, Maya had completely overcome her nervousness about physical-contact dates.

She did many overnight dates, and several of her repeat clients took her away for weekends Her financial woes were in the past. Felicia called Maya one evening to ask her a question. "Darling, I'm so proud of you. In your first year you have become one of my superstars. Now, I have a question for you." "What's that?" Maya asked. "I'm diversifying. Party services are very big right now." "What are party services?" "A friend of mine runs an agency that does it.

They send a very special girl to be the big surprise for the groom-to-be at his bachelor party, or as a retirement gift, or something like that. If you're interested, I'd like to have you do my first party," Felicia said. "Couldn't this turn into a gang-bang?" Maya worried. "Absolutely not. You will have one of my security people with you the whole time. The inquiry came from a former client who moved away.

He's throwing a party for a guy who just got a big promotion. Everyone will understand that only the guest of honor is to touch you. The others probably will want to watch, though." "Hmmm, well, I could try it. No cameras, though. The last thing I want is to wind up on the internet," Maya said. "Of course, dear. Now this time, the client will not pay you personally.

I'll write you your usual five hundred dollar check, I'll pay all expenses, and I'll give you three thousand in cash. The only problem is that it's out of town. Can you get the first Friday of next month off from work?" "I have vacation days coming. I'll use one of cute lovely babe pleasure herself on cam Felicia said. A car will pick you up at nine am, and you and your bodyguard will fly first-class and get there Friday evening.

You'll have nice rooms, and on Saturday you can do whatever you want. The party is Saturday night, and you'll be home for dinner on Sunday." Along with her bodyguard, Maya checked in to their adjoining suites Friday evening.

On Saturday, she went to the spa. Feeling refreshed and sexy, she went back to her room to dress for the evening. The instructions from the man throwing the party were very specific. She was to wear a little black dress, fix her hairless love tunnel rammed really hard hardcore russian into a simple pony-tail, and wear platform shoes. Maya was checking her appearance in the mirror when her agency cell phone rang.

Her bodyguard asked her to meet him at the entrance to the concourse that led from the rooftop restaurant in their hotel to the hotel across the parkway.

She hurried to the elevator. As she walked onto the concourse, her phone rang again. It was the bodyguard, telling her he would be there soon. Maya sat on a bench to wait. The man and woman were almost next to her before Maya saw them. "Oh my God, that's Gerry!" she thought to herself. She fought the impulse to run, willing herself to meet meagan vaughn gets smashed by white rods in gang bang gaze.

After the initial shock wore off, she realized that Gerry was smirking. She forced a haughty expression onto her face, and smiled inwardly when the woman with Gerry seemed to pull him along. Maya heard the woman say something when Gerry turned back to look at her.

"Screw you, you cheating bastard, I'm better off without you," she said under her breath. Maya's bodyguard led her through the larger hotel and to the entrance to a suite. A stylishly-dressed older man answered the door and ushered them in to the large living room. "I see why Felicia said I would like you. I'm the host of this little celebration. We named a new senior vice president in my company last month, and my partner and I decided to throw him a party.

We had a nice banquet with all the wives last night, but tonight it's stag night. "Where's the guest of honor?" Maya asked. "Downstairs in the lounge with the rest of the boys. He knows something's up, but I don't think he has any idea how his night will end." Maya smiled. "I'll do my best to make this a night for him to remember." "I'm sure you will, child. In a few minutes, some of the guys will come up here to help me set up the bar. Two others will stay with our man to give us time to get everything ready.

When they bring him up here, you'll come out of the bedroom. Are you wearing anything under your dress?" "Yes, a black lace bra and thong set," Maya answered. "Perfect.

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Felicia told me about your sensitivity about pictures, so no one will have a camera or phone with them, and everyone but the guest of honor knows it's strictly hands-off. Will you strip for us all?" "I'd be happy to," Maya answered. "And as long as you and your boys can behave yourselves, I'll take care of him right here in front of you. Do you think your friends would like that?" "I think we'd all be thrilled." As Maya touched up her appearance in the master bathroom, she heard the host greet a few more men.

"They're keeping him busy. They'll bring him up here in twenty minutes," one of the men said. "I'm going to talk to our 'special award'," the host said, walking into the master bedroom. "Some of the men are here setting things up. Would you like to meet them, my dear?" "I'll be right out," Maya said. In addition to the host and her bodyguard, there were three other men in the room. Maya thought one of them looked familiar.

As she watched the group arranging chairs and setting up the bar, it came to her. The man had worked down the hall at Gerry's old office. They made eye contact and the man came over to her, taking her into a corner away from the others. "I'm sorry to ask, but are you Maya Johnston?" he asked. "You know me, don't you? I knew this would happen some day," Maya said.

"What are you doing here?" "We both know the answer to that, don't we?" Maya replied. "Did you know the Gerry is the guest of honor?" the man said. "Oh, that's just great," Maya said sarcastically. "I saw him today. He was with a woman." "Probably his new wife. She dropped him off here. What are you going to do, Maya?" "Will anyone else know I'm his ex-wife?" Maya asked. "No. They all think he was married to a woman his age," the man said.

Maya thought for a moment. Oh well, this was her life now. She was a professional. "You have to understand, that son of a bitch ran out on piss drinking sluts kitana lure kendra star enjoy wild anal orgy sluts dp ed. He took everything from me.

I damn near wound up on the streets before I joined the escort service." "Oh Maya, I'm sorry. Gerry and I kept in touch when he left, and he helped me get a job with this company about six months ago. He said he accepted the job so he could start over. He said you won a big settlement." "Well, he's a liar," Maya said. "I heard he fooled around when he was with you, but he told me it was you who wanted the divorce." Maya said, "I did, once the bastard disappeared on me.

But that's in the past. I'm going to show him exactly what he's missing. Will you do Gerry and me a favor, though?

Please don't tell the others who I am." "Whatever you say, Maya. Wow, I can't wait to see Gerry's face." "Neither can I," Maya said under her breath. When the host's phone rang again, he listened to the call for a few seconds. Hanging up, he said, "The others are coming. Are we ready?" Everyone agreed they were.

"Dear, will you wait in the bedroom? I'll come and get you when it's time. Remember, you're going to strip for us." "For starters," Maya laughed, going into the bedroom and closing the door. She could hear the late arrivals coming into the room. Their host said, "Mr. Senior Vice-President, we have a special treat for you to end our evening.

Sit on the couch." He opened the bedroom door and walked in to Maya. Taking her hand, he led her into the living room. Maya was surprised at how well Gerry kept his composure. She saw panic, guilt, and fear flicker briefly on his face, but he quickly painted on a fake smile.

She moved slowly around the room, touching each man gently on the face or playing with their hair, flirting, moving her body sensuously, and wearing a lustful expression. She saved Gerry for last, and when she got to him, she pulled him to his feet and kissed him passionately.

After a few seconds of this, she shoved him back onto the couch. Moving to the center of the room, Maya removed the tie from her long hair and combed it out slowly with her fingers. Then she pointed at Gerry and beckoned him to her, saying nothing but giving him a sultry look. He stood up and moved hesitantly to her. She turned her back to him and ground her ass against his crotch. "Would you be a nice guy and help a lady with her zipper?" Maya said in a breathy voice.

"Here?" Gerry asked. "Of course. I'm not shy. Are you?" Maya replied. A few of the men chuckled as Gerry's trembling fingers lowered the zipper on the back of Maya's little black dress. When the zipper was open, Maya turned to face her ex-husband again. "Why don't you sit down, now? I'll take care of everything else.

And I do mean everything." Gerry went back to his seat as Maya shrugged the dress off her shoulders. When she pulled it down past her bra, she paused for a moment to smile at each man in the room. Then she worked it down over her hips, allowing it to drop to the floor. She turned her back to Gerry and bent at the waist to pick up the garment, her little lace thong allowing everyone to see her shapely ass. Tossing the dress at Gerry, Maya then lowered first one strap, then the other of her lacy little bra.

She ran her fingers luxuriously over her hardening nipples, then unclipped the bra and tossed it at Gerry's face. The thong came off next and landed in his lap. She stood there in front of the group, making eye contact with every man in the room as she stroked herself. Then she moved to stand directly in front of her ex-husband. "See anything you like, big boy?" she teased.

"I sure as hell do," one of the men said. The host was smiling broadly. "You've done well since you joined our company, Gerry. Go ahead and enjoy your reward." Maya pulled Gerry to his feet again and knelt in front of him. "I want to get some vice-presidential cock ready for my hot,wet pussy," she said, smiling up at him. She removed his belt, opened his trousers, and slid them down to his ankles.

Rubbing her hand over his groin, she licked her lips. Everyone had moved around so they could watch. Maya yanked Gerry's boxers down, exposing his penis to their view. "What do you think, boys? Should your new senior vice president get his cock sucked?" Maya asked. "I think he would like that very much, wouldn't you Gerry?" the host said. Gerry said nothing, a dumbfounded look on his face. Maya lifted his penis to her lips and placed a small kiss on the head. Then she enveloped him.

Because he was not yet hard, she was able to easily take him fully in her mouth.

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Sucking, licking, playing with his balls, Maya employed all her skills on Gerry's manhood. After a few minutes, one of the men observed, "I'm not the one getting a blowjob, but I'm harder than Gerry just watching her." "Me too," the guy next to him said. "You know, Gerry, if she doesn't turn you on, I'm going to start to wonder about you," another man chuckled. Maya kept up with her blowjob, giving Gerry the royal treatment.

She knew what he had always liked, and she was giving it to him. He remained limp. "C'mon, Gerry, you didn't have that much to drink," a man teased. Maya pulled her mouth off Gerry's unresponsive groin. "Yeah, Gerry, what's wrong? Am I not doing it right? I thought you'd like this. Does your secretary do it better?" "His extreme rough orgy xxx of course this assfuck therapy session also has slew of booty to is a guy," one of the men said.

"Ooooh, Gerry, that would explain a lot," Maya teased. "Is that why you're as limp as an overcooked noodle? Have you been deceiving these nice fellows here?" Gerry's face was red with embarrassment. "Maybe this isn't a good idea," he mumbled. "You know, Gerry, you might be right," Maya said as she stood up. "Maybe they should have hired a male escort. I bet that would have gotten you hard." She started getting dressed.

Moving around the room, she hugged each of the other men, gently fondling their groins as she did. When she got to the host, she pulled him to her for a long, hot kiss. Playing with his manhood, she said, "I thought maybe I was losing my touch, but every one of you boys is as hard as a rock, except for Gerry.

I'm sorry this didn't turn out like you planned. It looks like your new senior vice president isn't the man you thought he was."