Lesbian hegre art massage tribbing

Lesbian hegre art massage tribbing
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I woke up the next morning at 6am like always, remembering what happened the night before. I was sitting there thinking of a way to stay home when mom knocked on my door. "Billy, time to get up, it's time for school." I heard her yell through the door. That's when it hit me, "I don't feel well mom, I think I'm going to stay home." I hollered back. A few seconds latter my door opened and mom came walking in. she walked up beside me and felt my head, "you don't seem to have a fever." I was hoping she wouldn't see through me so I tried to play it off.

"But I feel like crap mom. *cough cough*" trying to make the cough seem believable was the hard part for me.

She just stood there for a few minutes looking at me. I thought I was busted, and thought she knew I was faking. "Ok sweetie, I'll tell your sister your staying home and to keep an eye on you." I couldn't believe it, she believed me. As she turned around and walked out the door I laid there on my back smiling, my cock getting hard from the thought of what was in store for me today.

I was finally going to fuck Amanda. I have wanted to fuck her for years but didn't think it was possible because she was my sister. About an hour later I heard my mom leave the house and head for work, dad goes in early so he was already gone. I fell back to sleep and was dreaming of how I was going to fuck my sister.

I could feel my cock get hard during the whole thing. I couldn't sleep that well cause I was so anxious. A little while later I heard my door open and I looked up to see my sister with her head poking inside. She looked at me with a big grin and asked me "how are you feeling litter brother? Are you sick?" as she laughed.

I had to laugh with her saying "Oh yeah, extremely sick. Couldn't manage to get up this morning to go to school." My sister walked in and sat on the edge of the bed beside me and looked me up and down. Now I usually sleep in a pair of boxers and I know my cock was hard and was even harder now that I was staring at my sister.

Now she was wearing nothing but a t-shirt that was so worn out that you could just about make out every detail underneath it and I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra, and a pair of panties.

I saw nothing but her perfect pink nipples through that t-shirt she had on. I can't believe how firm yet softer her breasts were.

My sister rubbed her hands over my right leg and part of it ran over my erect cock. "Oh wow, do you always wake up that hard or is it because of me?" she giggled. "Actually, I was dreaming of you and what I am going to do to you today is what got me this hard." I told her. She just winked at me and smiled.

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First off, I need a shower, but I could use some help with washing my back if you're interested?" I jumped out of bed overly excited going "Hell yea I'll help you!" all my sister did though was laugh as she got up and started to walk out of the room so I followed her out. As we walked into the bathroom my sister had already taken off the t-shirt and suddenly stopped at the door and bend down to take her panties off. Well I was following so close behind her that when she stopped and bent over I didn't.

I bumped right into her, my cock going right to her sweet pussy. It was a shame really that I still had my boxers on. Amanda finished taking off her panties and stood back up and looked back at me with a smile. "Wow you extremely hard. I can't wait to have that monster deep inside me." She said as she walked to the shower and turned it on. "Get out a towel for us. And get one delightsome and arousing three some hardcore and blowjob those big towels, no reason to waste 2 for us." All I could do was smile big and get her beach towel; you know the one that you can lay out at the beach and like 6 people can sit on it with room to spare?

So I took that out and threw it on the counter and stripped my boxer off of me, freeing my hard cock. God did that feel good, even though boxers have a lot of room it still held my cock in a prison and would release it. Amanda was already in the shower when I finally climbed in. as I got in Amanda turned around and put her arms around my neck and pulled me in close to her and started kissing me.

Who was I to argue with her, so I kissed her back. Before I knew it her tongue was pressing my lips apart till her tongue was in my mouth, dancing around, exploring every inch of it and playing with my tongue. I reached around her and grabber her ass and started to squeeze each check as I pulled her tightly against me, my cock being crushed between our bodies, the warm water rolling off our heads and down our bodies as we kissed. She finally pulled her luscious lips away from mile, looking at me seductively while licking her lips then smiled.

"Wow Billy, I never knew you were such a good kisser. But for now, let's get cleaned up." As she held out her pink pouf, and squirted some body wash on it and handed it to me. "Would you mind cleaning me off?" she asked in a sexy voice. I took her pouf from her and she turned around, so I started washing her back, going in small circlular, making sure to get every part of her all soapy, slowly working my way down till I got to her ass.

Now I never noticed really how nice her ass really was, but it was the perfect rounded shape, the perfect size, and the perfect feel. Nice, round, and firm. Just feeling her ass made my cock get even harder. "Did you get my back good little brother?" she asked me.

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"Of course I did Amanda; I wouldn't want you all dirty." She giggled hardcore group sex scene in a van little and turned her head back at me, "What about my ass, did you get it all clean?" looking down at her ass, admiring it as I slowly massaged it with the pouf and my hand, "Yea." I told her.

She turned around to face me and looked at me, "Now would you wash the rest of me?" she asked. I took the pouf and started rubbing it gently around her neck, then down to her chest.

Taking my time on each one of her breasts, rubbing her nipples lightly, hearing her breathing become raspier and her nipples hardening up under the touch. Once I was done with her breasts I slowly moved down to her stomach and finally to her sweet pussy.

Slowly rubbing the pouf back and forth on her pussy, I hear her start to moan slightly and rock her hips to my movement. "Oh god Billy, that feels so good." She moaned.

She grabbed my hand so I couldn't move it back and forth anymore as she leaned her forehead on mine breathing heavily. "Ok you got to stop that." She said with a slight laugh. "I don't want to cum right now." She said as she looked back up at me with a grin. "Turn around." She told me as she grabbed the pouf from my hand. I did as I was told and felt her rub my back with it. All of a sudden I felt hr warm breath near my ear and her asking me, "How did you like the feel of my ass?" looking down at my hard cock I told her, "what do you think?" laughing.

She giggles a little and said "Good, I'm glad." Feeling the pouf on my ass as she gets every inch of it then her telling me "turn around." Again I do what I was told. She forces us to switch places real quick so the water is running over me now as she uses the pouf around my neck, chest and abs.

When she gets to my cock she realizes that the pouf want be able to do a good job so she lathers her hands up really good and starts to rub the soap all over my cock then starts to slowly stroke it.

I start to slowly move my hips with her movement and begin to breathe a little heavier. She does this for a few minutes then stops and looks at me. Apparently I had my eyes closed enjoying the feeling. "Rinse off." She says so I turn around and rinse all the soap off and turn back around. As I do I noticed she wasn't in front of me anymore, or so I thought. As I started to look around I felt her warm mouth engulf my cock and I look down just in time japanese wife sex stories durasi panjang see her start bobbing her head back and forth on my cock.

I immediately start grunting with pleasure and moving my hips with her, face fucking her. Now as horny as I was I didn't last long at all. Feeling my orgasm climbing I told her "Amanda I'm going to cum." As I said that she started to go faster still I exploded, empting my balls in her mouth till they were new video game liara sucked hmv play free. After sucking every last drop of my sperm from my shaft she stood up and smiled at me.

"I didn't want you to cum so fast when you're fucking my brains out. I had to do something." She said with a smile. After catching my breath we washed our hair and finished up with the shower and got out. Using the 1 towel we both dried off with it and wrapped ourselves up in it and walked back to my room, her holding the towel closed and me behind her with my arms wrapped around her.

As we got back into my room she dropped the towel on the floor and walked over to my bed and laid down on it while I closed the door. I turn around and I see my sister laying there on my bed on her back, her legs spread open so I can see that beautiful pussy of her. "Like what you see?" she asks me. All I could do was nod my head and feel my cock go hard instantly.

"Oh wow you must." She says with a slight laugh. "Come here and let me suck on that cock again while you eat my pussy." She tells me. I didn't have a problem with that so I walked over to her and just as I was about to straddle her face she sits up, "no no little brother, I want on top." Again, no problems with that so I laid on my back and let her straddle my face. I could smell her sweet aroma of her pussy and couldn't help it. I grabbed her ass and pushed her closer to my face till her pussy was in my mouth as I licked and sucked her clit.

I heard her moan a little before taking my cock into her hot japanese schoolgirl gets her first cock and stat sucking it. Feeling her lips going up and down my shaft drives me wild so I start to suck on her clit harder while I pushed two fingers deep in her.

Hearing her moan more and more and feeling the vibration on my cock made me even harder. After a few minutes I felt her take her lips off my cock with a loud popping sound as she looked back at me, she was breathing heavily at this point. "Oh my god Billy that feels so good.

Fuck me, please. I want you to fuck me." As she gets off my face I get up and let her lay down on her back, cause I want to see her expression when I push my 9 inch cock deep into her pussy. As she lies down, I position myself between her legs and take them and pt one on each of my shoulder.

I sit there hold them as she reaches down and grabs hold of my cock, strokes it a few times then guides it to her opening. I'm ready to push the head of my cock in when she starts to slide it up and down her pussy, he juices leaking out onto my head before placing it back to her entrance and pulling at it to go in.

who am I to disappoint her so I slowly push the head of my cock into her hole.

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As I do I hear her gasp in pleasure just a little. I push a little bit more in then I pull out, leaving just the head in before pushing my cock in deeper.

I do this a few more times till my cock is buried deep inside her wet pussy. I can't believe it, I'm actually fucking my sister, for years I have been dreaming of this moment and I thought that that's all it would be, a dream. I slowly start sliding my cock in and out, feeling her walls grip my cock each time I pull back. I always leave the head in before thrusting it back in. watching my cock slide in and out of her pussy, feeling her wetness and watching her juices on my cock each time I pull back.

With each thrust of my cock Slit licked and gangbanged pornstar and hardcore hear my sister moan, and each time I thrust I thrust hard and deeper. I start to pick up pace, starting slow and then getting faster and faster, till our bodies slap together like someone clapping.

Amanda's moaning has turned to screaming now, she started to grip the side of the bed and her tits are bounding up and down. "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!! OH FUCK ME BILLY!! OH MY GOD YOU FEEL SO GOOD!!!" she screams. I take her legs and spread them so they go around my waist as I wrap my arms around her and continue to pound her sweet tight pussy, going in deeper than before. "Oh god Amanda your pussy is so fucking tight.

You're going to make me cum." I tell american big boom sexy bfxxx as I continue to pump my cock in and out of her. She starts to push me back and grabs hold of my cock, stopping my momentum, "I want you to cum on my face." I look at her in disbelief; I didn't know my own sister liked facials.

She seemed like the type of person who would either swallow or let you cum inside her if you were wearing a condom.

Just the thought of me cumming all over her pretty face almost made me cum right there in her but I smiled really big at her and pulled my cock out. She smiled back at me and gripped it and started stroking it and occasionally sucking on it. It didn't take long and I was groaning out my orgasm, squirting my hot cum all over her face and in her mouth. When I was don't she took my cock in her mouth and sucked the rest out till I had nothing left.

When she was done, she used her fingers to scrape up all the cum on her face and ate it, susana zabaleta desnuda en peliculas the last bit of cum off her fingers she looked up at me, her hair wet with sweat, "Damn Billy, you were amazing. Best sex I have ever had by far." We laid there for a little, her head on my chest with my arm wrapped around her while we recuperated from the event.

After a while Amanda gets on her hands and knees and leans in and kisses me, I could still taste my cum on her lips, "I'm hungry, I'm going to go make us something to eat.

You stay here cause after we eat, I want you to fuck me doggy style." She said with a grin and runs off down the hall and into the kitchen. A little while later she came walking in with 2 plates with scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. "Got to keep your strength up. I need you for a few more hours." she said as she handed me my plate. We sat there and ate our breakfast and talked, talked about what position we were going to try and all that good stuff and what all we needed to do before mom and dad got home from work later that day.

After breakfast Amanda took our plates and I helped her with the dishes, we still haven't put fakecop aaliyah ca pelle pornstars big tits clothes back on at this point. We figured why don't we need them, it's just us and no one else so we didn't see the need. Just as we finished putting away the dishes we heard a car door shut in the driveway. We looked at each other with fear in our eyes and both ran to my room to gather our clothes and put them on.

Just as we got them on and I got back into bed we heard the front door open and mom calling out "Kids, I'm home for the day. Nothing was going on at the office today so I decided to come home and keep an eye on Billy." Amanda was sitting on the edge of the bed when mom walked in to check on me. "He's fine mom, he seems to be feeling better now." She told our mom. I nodded in agreement, "yea mom, I am feeling better." I told her. Mom looked at me with her usual smile, "Good, I'm glad to hear it." As she turned around and walked out the door.

My sister turned around and looked at me with a smile then looked back at the door before leaning in and kissing me on the lips real quick then saying, "That was a close call." Then giggled and walked out of the room, leaving me in there by myself to think about the day's event.

To Be Continued…&hellip.