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Exxxtrasmall petite redhead alice greens pussy pounding
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Suzy Lee wasn't the best student nor was she the best daughter but many teenagers her age were that way right?

Suzy is 14 years old she's 4th generation Asian American. She didn't care about that however that's what her father always said.

She would always say yeah I'm again so what fuck you. Suzy has jet black hair, is 6'7" quite tall for an Asian girl. She liked to dress very scantily even when going to a private school. This is the 10 once she's been to due to her attitude and behavior.

Much to her father's dismay they've even had to move out of two states costing him plenty of money and professional opportunities. John Lee was a top tax lawyer in New York city. Now he was an offshore investment assistant and had to work at home. John hated working at home. Not just because it was now away form the wondrous city but he now had no chance of advancing to be a judge.

In New York before Suzy started middle school he was on his way to being the youngest judge ever in the history of Barely legal big tit russian girl rides your big dick York. Now his dreams of success were non existence as he, his daughter, and his wife now had to live in Denver, Colorado. Julie Lee was also a successful business woman before all this had started.

Julie was on her way to being the CFO of Macy's. She'd started form the bottom and quickly made her way up the ladder and caught the eye of the highest supervisor.

However now she's had to succumb to being an online chat support agent for Macy's. The phone rang and Julie answered. "This is Ms.

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Johnson at Lady of Care high school" "Yes this is Mrs. Lee how are you Ms. Johnson?" Julie asked already knowing the reason for the phone call. " Well Julie you know that we've come very close over the last year that you're family has lived here and Suzy has attended this school.

However I've done everything I can and my hands are tied. I need you to come and Pick Suzy up from school. She's been banned indefinitely. I know how hard this is going to be for you. Once again I've tried everything but it seems that she's banned form all schools in the area. Today she decided that attaching all of the jump roped from the gym to certain points all up and down the hallways of the school and pulling the fire alarm was an entertaining idea.

Many children had to be taken to the hospital for sprains, and a few children had to be taken for broken bones. Many children were trampled as she also started a fire in one of the home rooms. I was able to avoid her getting arrested at least." Julie did her best not to cry. She knew they would have to leave again. They had really started to settle at this house and in this town.

" Thank you Sara, I appreciate your friendship and I thank you for doing what you have done. " Julie hung up the phone and grabbed her keys not telling her husband where she was going or why she was leaving. John didn't need to know there was only one reason why the phone would've rang at 11:00 in the morning with Sara on the other end. John was very upset and started to hash out a plan to teach his daughter a lesson while saving his family from having to leave to another state all over again.

Suzy opened her eyes and saw nothing. Why was it so dark she thought to herself. she tried to get up but stpped as she felt something around her neck that was stopping her from standing up. She could tell she was inside because she saw no stars. "Hello? is any one there?"Suzy said this with tears a choke of a sob caught in her throat. Suzy was very scared now. The last thing she remembered her mom picked her up from school and yelled and screamed at her the whole ride home to which she just drowned her out.

Then she remembers opening the door to her house and seeing her dad and then everything went blurry. "You have caused this family much dishonor and pain. your whole life you were given everything and hoe do you repay us?

By getting kicked out of every school we can get to take you and barely staying out of jail." Suzy heard her fathers voice but it seemed to be coming from everywhere. John Continued to speak into the dark. " You're mother and I have had to sacrifice everything. Our jobs, our yousex fairy tales xnxxx sex vamvir vs dracula sex stories, out marriage.

You continue to just think about yourself. You act like an uncivilized adult.

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If that's what you want that's what we're gonna give you. You are 14 that means you must obey your parents and you've failed to do that and made everything a joke.

It's now time for you to be punished for your actions." The lights turned on and Suzy quickly saw that not only was she attached to the floor by a chain attached to a collar around her neck, she was also naked.

She looked around the basement and saw that her father and mother were down there with her as well as Mrs. Johnson from school. Suzy was confused. Julie walked up to her daughter and knelt before her. Julie grabbed her daughters face in her hands and stared into her eyes. Suddenly Julie slapped her daughter as hard as she could in the face and spat on her while Suzy fell to floor.

Suzy looked up in horror at her mother. Suzy mom has never even raised a hand to her. "This is how the rest of your life is going to be." Julie started. " We've decided that we're no longer going to cater to you any more. We will be moving out of the city but not out of the state. We are going to be buying a farm where there is no one else around for hundreds of miles.

Sara is going to live with us as well as you've ruined her life as well. She no longer can work as a teacher or even an administrator as her license has been revoked.

That is all she knows. That what she went to school for. You've fucked all three of the adults in this room and from now on that's what we're going to do to you. You will be our slave for the rest of your life. We may decide to let you go free eventually if we even decide to let you stay alive." Suzy began sexy bawdy cleft lickings lesbian and college start to cry in terror.

" Oh no honey, we're not going to kill you. That's not to say that someone else won't however. See we're going to let people pay to fuck you and do what ever they want to you. That's right you're going to pay every cent of the money you cost us back with your body. Starting tonight." John started taking off his clothes while walking towards his daughter.

Suzy was terrified. Was her father going to fuck her here in their basement. "Wait, people are going to worry where I am, what happened to me." Julie answered her daughter. " Honey you're father and I know some very big people. We've already erased your birth on the country records.

As far as the world is concerned you don't exist. You're father has already made the arrangements. As far as anyone is concerned you're father and I are married with no children and Sara is out lover." Suzy was about to say something but was interrupted by a kick to her stomach from her father. The blow caused her to fall to her side and struggle for breath.

John reached down with both hands grabbing Suzy by her head and smoothly forced his cock into her mouth right into her throat. Suzy couldn't believe what was going on. Her father was raping her and her mother was watching while making out with Mrs. Johnson. Her father didn't pull his cock back to let her breathe until Suzy vomited on his cock.

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John slid back a bit to avoid the puke getting on him. Mr. Lee grab his daughter ankles into his hands and spun her around so that her pussy was facing him while Suzy continued to vomit on the basement floor.

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"Alright you little bitch this is gonna hurt you mote than it will me." John yelled as to make sure that Suzy heard him over her hurling. John lined his cock up and shoved his cock all the way to his balls into his daughters vaginal opening. He was surprised that he felt her hymen and burst through it.

He was surprised to find that his daughter was a virgin. With all the other shit she was chodmujhe jor se in ebony I thought for sure that she had to be opening her legs to every boy that offered.

Suzy screamed begging her parents to stop this and that she'll behave. " I promise, I'm so sorry, please mommy. Please tell daddy to stop." Julie was surprised. Suzy hadn't called them mommy and daddy for years.

It was always Bitch and Asshole that they were referred to as. Though shocked Julie didn't even think about stopping this erotic show. Sara and Julie had taken their clothes off and Julie had already been laid down and was being eaten out by Sara by this point. Julie had never been with a woman but knew now that she would be enjoying the best of both worlds from here on out quite often. John kept thrusting into his daughter.

Here and there he would slap her on various parts of her body. Occasionally he would punch her or grab her hair and throw her head down roughly fucked bbw subslut is hungry for dick and jizz tube porn the hard concrete. John finally pulled his cock out of Suzy cunt. Suzy started to sigh in relief thinking that the nightmare was over. Was she ever wrong. John held Suzy still to the ground and lined his cock up with his daughters ass.

His daughters eyes widened in disbelief. That's all that he needed. John thrust his pussy soaked cock right into Suzy's virgin asshole. Tearing it open he made sure to force it all the way in.

Suzy's pain filled scream was synchronized with Julie's lust filled moan from the orgasm that Sara was giving her. Sara lapped up Julie's pussy until she stopped convulsing. Then Sara walked over to Suzy and stood above her head one leg on either side of her head.

As John kept ass fucking his daughter.

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Sara lowered her pussy down to Suzy's mouth and ordered her to lick it. Suzy moved her mouth away each time sara tried to place her pussy on it. Finally Sara had had enough and finally sat directly on the girls chest and started to repeatedly punch the girl in the face. Sara would stop every other punch and ask. "Are you going to eat it now you little cunt?" Finally after 8 punches to the face resulting in a black eye and a a busted lip Suzy gave in and started to lick her former teachers pussy.

The fucking and licking went on for another five minutes before John started to really barrel into Suzy's anus, as his load was beginning to build in his balls. Sara was starting to grind her vagina harder into Suzy's mouth as her own orgasm was coming to it's peak. John finally shoved his cock into his daughters ass one last time allowing his semen to shoot out into Suzy's little brown eye. Spurt after spurt left his cock head filling his daughters cavity to the brim.

Sara had cum at the same time smothering the girl in her beaver. Suzy started to panic. The pain has started to subside in her hot cutie was brought in asshole loony bin for harsh therapy after her father had removed his cock and walked over to his wife and started to kiss her feverishly.

However Sara was still suffocating the girl with her pussy as her orgasm was still rolling over her body. Suzy kept trying to tap on her new mistresses legs to tell her she couldn't breathe.

Sara was in her own world. Finally Julie noticed that her daughter was starting to turn purple in the face and kindly asked her new girlfriend not to kill their daughter. Their was still much that needed to be done with her. Sara looked down at Suzy and let up enough to allow the girl to breathe.

Suddenly Sara grabbed Suzy's head and lifted it up to her face. " You've no idea of the pain you're going to get payed back to you." Then just as sudden she slammed the little girl head down to the pavement causing Suzy to pass out again.

Suzy woke up again in excruciating pain. Her bum hurt. She could only talented awesome teenies come for casting hardcore and blowjob through one eye and she could barely move her legs from the rough vaginal rape she'd received. She couldn't tell how long ago it was. She couldn't tell how long she was out. She was terrified. After what had recently happened she was 100% sure that her parents weren't lying to her.

Suddenly a scream came from room. Suzy thought she was alone. She looked around and saw that she was not. In fact she was far from it. Suzy saw in the dim light that she was one of 4 bodies in the basement. "Who are you? where did you come from?" Suzy shouted in no particular direction.

She was surrounded be muffled responses. " Ahh you're all awake great now we can begin." Suzy heard her fathers voice and was instantly confused and terrified. AS John walked down the stairs her was followed by not 2 but 5 other bodies. To be continued. Who are these other people that are being held in the basement and who are these others coming from upstairs.

You want to find out comment and rate. Part 2 will follow if there is enough interest.