Nina north in insatiable craving for black cock

Nina north in insatiable craving for black cock
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The girls were still unconscious when the beast slowly reentered the cold dungeon, quietly walking towards them as the chains held them in place along the wall. The dungeon itself was quite an oddity. It was rank, and the scent of death could be smelled throughout it. Along the back walls, side walls, and in between where each of the girls had been chained, there were long, dripping wax candles, which illuminated the catacomb with an eerie glow.

The shackles which held the girls in their spread eagle positions along the wall were perfectly symmetrical with each other. Starting from the left side of the wall, there was two feet, then a set of shackles that held Mindy, and from the shackle holding her right arm, another two feet until there was another set keeping Andrea in place. And so it went, after Andrea there was Lacy, and two feet next to Lacy was Stephanie, and next to her, which also happened to be the last set of shackles, and the last girl was Kayla.

Mercedes carrera first time anal fuck by lexingtons big cock earlier that day they were having the time of their lives, enjoying what would turn out to be the last slumber party they would ever have. They did all of the normal things, watched movies, snuck into Lacy's moms liquor drawer, and eventually passed out. It was then where the creature made his first move.

It had been watching Lacy's house from the woods for a while now, anticipating when he could catch her alone and have his way with her, but this was just too good.

The thing watched carefully as all of her friends were dropped off at her house, and waited patiently for them to fall asleep. It managed to find an open window to sneak to and the rest was easy. It unlocked the back door, then walked upstairs to find Lacy's mom room, only to cleanly rip off her lower jaw, her left arm, and shoved both of her eyes into the back of her skull.

Then the beast went back downstairs to drug the girls and gag them, and one by one take them to the dungeon, which was located a mere mile away from Lacy's house.

When he had all the girls inside the dungeon, he one by one stripped off whatever clothing they had fell asleep in, and dressed them in the bras and panties that he had found scattered over Lacy's house. It took a while, but with patience he had matched each girl to the bra and underwear that he could only assume they were wearing before they fell asleep.

This was also the only time the creature got to get a good look at all his soon to be victims. He had already knew what Lacy looked like, she was maybe 110 pounds soaking wet, brown eyes and brown hair, and now she was wearing a 34b teal pushup bra with a matching thong. Then Andrea, a 112 pound, blue eyed brunette, with a 36c white lace bra which seemed to suffocate her boobs and matching boy shorts. Kayla, as far as he could tell had to be the skinniest of the girls, maybe weighing in at 106 pounds, had auburn hair and matching eyes, and had an enormous 34dd pink lace bra and matching thong.

Stephanie was the only girl who didn't look like a cheerleader, 113 pounds with raven black hair, and green eyes to match her 34b green bra and matching thong. And the last girl was Mindy, 116 pounds with light blonde hair, baby blue eyes, a 34d black satin pushup bra, and a black thong.

Once he had all the girls back into their assorted lingerie he shackled them to the wall, placed all the gags back in their mouths, and lit the remainder of the candles.

Now with all the girls stripped to their lingerie, and chained in place along the wall, he left the room to go grab the assorted tools he needed then returned to see that the girls were still all drugged. The beast could not wait any more, the site of all five girls chained to that wall in nothing but their lingerie was too much, and he couldn't contain it anymore. He had grabbed the bucket of gasoline which had brought from the other room and walked directly in front of Mindy, hoping that the smell might wake her up, but she remained motionless.

With one hand he took the gag out of her mouth, and with the other he lifted the bucket above her head, and began to let it slowly drip onto her cleavage, slowly but surely waking her up. She yawned slightly, and lifted her head, trying to adjust her eyes to dim lighting.

"Whaa… Where am I?" She asked innocently, not yet registering that she was in her bra and thong, chained to the wall and that her bra by this time was soaked with gasoline. "Wait! Oh my god no! LACY!!! Andrea! THIS CANT BE REAL! OH MY GOD STOP! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" Mindy wailed, realizing where she was and what was about to happen. She had managed to wake up Lacy, who in turn began bawling we she realized what was happening, and it only took a few seconds for the remainder of the girls to wake up.

Needless to say the girls were hysterical with fear, casting mature brunette takes anal in casting to scream through their gags and crying wildly. "OH MY GOD! I SMELL GASOLINE! MY BRA IS SOAKED! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS! PLEASE DON'T LITE MY BRA ON FIRE!

IM BEGGING YOU! WHOEVER YOU ARE, WHATEVER YOU ARE! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" Mindy was free to scream, being the only girl without the gag currently. The beast just simply laughed while he grabbed the candle closet to Mindy, making sure it was directly in her face. "No! Please! Don't kill me!" She whimpered. With his free hand the beast grabbed the middle of her bra, smiled and ripped it completely off her, exposing her 34d breasts that were dripping with gasoline.

He then shoved the gasoline soaked bra in her mouth, gagging her just as well as the other girls as warm tears fell down her face. "MMPH!!!" She tried to scream but the gasoline soaked bra was too much of a gag, not letting any sort of air escape her mouth. The beast laughed, as he slowly dropped the hand with the candle in it, first lighting the bra in her mouth on fire, then lighting her gasoline dripping tits aflame.

Almost instantly Mindy's whole upper torso caught fire as she began to shake violently. "MMPH!!! MMM!!!" Were still the only audible noises coming from the flaming girl as her friends watched her burn alive. After the first few initials seconds of her being lit on fire, the stench of flesh and burning hair could be smelled throughout the musty dungeon.

Although the girls couldn't see it, Mindy's head had been burned down to the scalp, one eye bulging while the other popped sickly out of the socket. Her top lip was completely burned off, exposing the top row of teeth that soon began to fall out due to her gums melting away.

While the bra in her mouth kept her entire head aflame, her gasoline soaked breasts were a completely different story.

Her tits were literally boiling from what the beast could tell. At one time she was known for having a full, voluptuous figure, and now her breasts were reduced to small, bloody lumps of dripping blood and mammary tissue. Her left breast almost seemed to instantly become deflated. Her eyes followed it as it fell directly on the ground below her, making a sick suction cup noise when it the ground, while her right was burned completely through her chest, exposing her still beating, and now flaming heart.

It took a while, but she was already dead when the flames seemed to finally die down, leaving her upper torso a skeleton, painted with blood and burn stains. The other girls were terrified, watching Mindy burn so brutally had definitely scared the girls enough to have them reduced to tears while the beast was laughing wildly as it turned to Andrea. Andrea's eyes grew wide as her head shook violently in the "no" signal.

"MMHPM!!! MMM!" Just like Mindy no matter how hard she tried to scream the gag was just too strong, but the beast planned to fix that. With one mighty grab of his hand, he had pulled the gag completely out of her mouth, catching her in mid scream. "NO! PLEASE! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS! PLEASE! JUST LET ME GO!" She was free to scream. The beast only smiled as he stared directly at her breasts.

"No… Nooo!" she cried out as his hands started reaching for the straps of her bra and then ripping the straps completely off. The beast then pulled down the cups of her bra exposing her breasts. "Please don't light my boobs on fire… I don't want to die! Do whatever you want to me, just please don't kill me" She bawled softly. With a big smile the beast pulled the rest of her bra down to her waste, then with each of his big hands he cupped both of her breasts, and started to pull them apart.

"AHHHH!!! NO!!! STOP!!! YOU'RE GOING TO RIP THEM OFF!" She wailed at the top of her lungs which only compelled him to rip them more. After just a few more seconds of pressure, he managed to simultaneously rip both tits raggedly off of her chest. Andrea's mouth dropped wide open. The pain was just too much for her to handle.

The beast threw both her breasts to either side of him, and laughed as he watched them jiggle when they hit cold cement floor. Then with his right hand punched the open cavity where her left breast was, grabbed any internal organ he could find, shoved his arm directly into her esophagus, and up into her mouth.

And with one powerful pull, the beast had managed to rip Andrea completely open from her chest all the way up to her upper jaw. Blood sprayed everywhere as her organs fell at his feet, making similar splash noises that her breasts made when black boyfriend fucks teen girlfriend with his big dick hit.

Her eyes rolled back in the head and the only noise she could make was some sort of hiss while her tongue rolled itself uncontrollably, more than likely because she no longer had a jaw. Now that the beast had disposed of Andrea, leaving her to bleed to death, he went to the next girl in line, Lacy. Needless to say, Lacy was terrified. At first she could only hear Mindy's screams and smell her burning flesh without seeing her, but with Andrea being right next to her she had a first class view of the Beast's power.

Like before, the monster preformed the same ritual of laughing directly in her face, and then pulled the gag out from her mouth. Reduced to only a flood of tears she softly said "this can't be real. I have to be dreaming because this isn't real." But to her distress it was real, and the beast was prepared to make sure it wasn't a dream. Her tear filled eyes followed the beast's hand clench her right hand and grabbed a hold of her index finger.

The creature wrapped its huge fist around her finger and with incredible force twisted it 360*, no doubt dislocating the bone, but also ripping the tendons inside, sending waves of pain through the sixteen yearolds tiny body.

Before Lacy could even react he twisted it again, this time severing the bones inside and letting the finger hang on loosely to a few lone tendons and muscles. "OWWW!!! OW! OW! PLEASE STOP DOING THIS!!! PLEASE STOP!!!" She begged. The beast turned its back to her, leaving her to sob uncontrollably until he returned with a group of college teens got a real cock that they deserve m-80 firecracker in one hand, and a lighter in the other.

"OH PLEASE GOD NO!!! WHATEVER YOU'RE THINKING! DON'T DO IT!!! IM ONLY 16!!! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" She bawled but like the two girls before but like before the only emotion he showed was blissful glee. The beast shoved the m-80 snugly in her bra, in between her tits. "OH NO! PLEASE! GET THAT OUT OF MY BRA!" Lacy begged as he lit the wick. Almost instantly Lacy's survival instinct took a hold and she started to blow out the wick but she was already too late.

It only took seconds for the wick to reach the explosive, and then a few more seconds for the Lacy's upper torso to hit the ground. When the smoke cleared there was nothing left of her from her stomach up, and the parts lower were badly burned. Pieces of her were practically everywhere in the dungeon. Her intestines near the door, her bloodied jaw right in front of Andrea's dead corpse, and many other organs lay raggedly around.

The beast was covered himself with now a mixture of Andrea, and Lacy blood, but now just mostly Lacy blood and somehow the back strap of her bra made it on his shoulder. The creature cackled madly as he pulled of the bloodied bra strap and walked towards the strangely calm Stephanie.

The beast walked in front of her and let out a broad smile as he motioned for the gag but she remained unemotional which perplexed the beast. He pulled the gag out and Stephanie remained silent. "If you think I am afraid of you, you're wrong" she told it adamantly. The beast's smile faded.

"Oh what's wrong? You don't want to kill me now, poor little Goth girl too intimidating for the big scary monster?" She joked. "Listen, I don't care one bit about these bitches, I wasn't even supposed to sleep over with these whores, I only did interracial anal threesome with two hot babes mg my mom is friends with Lacy's mom, in fact, I think your doing society a favor by ridding the world of these stupid cunts and if you feel like getting rid of me too, go for it, you fucking freak" she spat out, clearly unafraid of the monster that just brutally mutilated three girls.

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The beast stood, huge mouth wide open. "Listen" Stephanie started again, "If you want to kill me, kill me. Blow my tits off, light my bra on fire, but trust me, I won't give you any satisfaction out of it, I'm not going to be a little bitch like Kayla over there." The beast turned to Kayla, who had stopped crying to watch Stephanie deal her verbal assaults, but instantly started to cry again when the beast turned to look at her.

The beast looked back at Stephanie. "Oh, you like that huh? You like those big tits of hers all pushed inside that slutty looking bra" She provoked him. "Am I getting you excited big boy" she giggled. "You know we used to call her 'the mouth' cause she sucked so much cock in school." Kayla's eyes bugled out of her sockets. "MHMPHH!!! MMMM!!!! MPMPH!!!" She tried defending herself but the gag held her tongue in check while Stephanie continued. The beast turned to Stephanie again and smiled.

Then without any warning he took his massive hand and began to push Stephanie's head against the wall. "HEY! WAIT!!! STOP!!! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO WANT TO KILL MEEEEE!!!!" She screamed but it was too late. The beast had already crushed her skull into the wall, spraying blood and gray brain matter everywhere before she could get anything else out.

It wiped its now, bloodied hand against the wall, scraping whatever pieces of Stephanie were still attached to him, and then turned to Kayla.

The beast pulled the gag out of her mouth, letting her, just like all the other girls to scream as freely as she could. "OH MY GOD!!! STOP!!! LISTEN! I WONT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS! JUST LET ME GO! MY PARENTS WILL PAY ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY!

I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" She cried but the beast approached, lowering its head to hers so she could see him clearly. If watching Stephanie die right next to her or hearing the girls die from across the room wasn't enough, the beast itself horrified Kayla. Long, rough hair covered cute ashley rides on a monster dick brunette and cumshot entire face, and the rest of his body.

Gigantic teeth smiled at her while its big black eyes seemed to reflect her crying face, but the most horrifying thing was not his face, but his erected cock. Kayla had noticed the glint in the beast's eye when Stephanie told him the name all the other girls Kayla and though Kayla didn't want to do it, she felt this was her last chance to live. "I'LL SUCK YOUR COCK!" She pleaded. The beast's eyes seemed to have a shimmer just like before. "Let me go… and I'll suck your cock dry.

Stephanie might have been a bitch, but she was right. Please unchain me, I'll suck your cock and you can let me go, and I'll never talk about this again ok?" She pleaded almost calmly.

The beast seemed perplexed, he looked at the bag at the ground which Kayla knew surely had something in it that would kill her, and then he looked at her, then his penis. Without a word, he began to unchain the top left shackle, followed by the right, and then the two lower shackles. During this whole process Kayla was silently stunned, but waited for the beast to unchain the last shackle to make her move. With one hand he held her by the stomach so she wouldn't double over him and with his free hand he unchained the last shackle.

As soon as the shackle came free she tried to make a run for it, but the beast pushed on her stomach, slamming her back into the wall with incredible power. When he released her, she fell to her knees, mouth open gasping for air, little did she know it was the last pain free air she would ever have.

Without hesitation the beast had grabbed the back of her head, and shoved it forward with intense power, forcing its cock into her mouth. It took Kayla a few thrusts of the beast's dick in and out of her mouth to fully understand what she was doing. She tried to put her hands against the beast, but it was just too strong, shoving her head forward with all its might, which in turn snapped her weary arms right at the elbows.

Kayla's eyes bulged as her arms, just seemed to dangle uselessly from where they had been snapped, that pain alone was almost to much for her to handle. But much to Kayla's dismay, the beast seemed to be only turned on pantyhose free crossdresser porn video 53-pantyhose4u net tube porn by the noise of her cries of pain, and the site of her flesh being torn from the bone, which in turn made him thrust her mouth onto his cock even harder then before.

Now all she could do was cry, and hope to god that he would cum soon so she could leave and get some well needed medical attention, but she soon found out she had other worries. As if having four dead friends, two broken arms, and giving head to an inhuman monster wasn't enough for the poor girl, the beast decided to hold her nose, completely shutting of her air supply.

At first she didn't quite register what was going on, there was already enough shockwaves of pain going through her body for her brain to deal with, but now with no oxygen, it completely sent her body into an unbearable pain state.

It was to the point that her tear ducts were about to burst, no amount of pain had ever been dealt to anyone before, and the worst thing about it was that the big boob teen fuck hd xxx grand theft lp team has been brought to this location due to only seemed to be more aroused with every second.

It was only when she seemed to give up did he actually let up his assault on her mouth. She had passed out. He lifted his fingers from her nose, and pulled his cock out of her mouth and proceeded to stroke himself until he came. His cum itself was an oddity. It seemed to shoot in a wide load, and he was aiming it directly at her breasts so it began to build inside the cleavage of her bra. He remained ejaculating on her tits and over her bra until she showed signs of waking up.

Her eyelids slowly lifted, as if trying to wake up and shake off a horrible dream, but like everything happening to her this night, the worst was quite literally yet to come.

"No… no&hellip." She tried to scream, but she was too weak and it only came out as a whimper. "Kill… me…" she pleaded as something caught her eye. She could feel the build up of cum inside her bra, and all over her tits, but something else was there, something that was getting increasingly hotter.

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It was the cum. The cum itself began to boil and bubble and soon began to eat away at her breasts. "Oh god… no" was all she could say when she realized that his cum was acidic and now was literally burning her tits right from inside her bra. She tried to scream, but before she could even get that out the beast just shoved his cock back into her mouth thrusting it back and forth, in and out. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Her bra was now a bloodied rag, considering what use to be her breasts were now just pieces of foaming flesh that fell on the ground.

The beast took one more look into the dying girls eye's and smiled, and with one quick motion, snapped her neck so hard that his cock ripped through the tissue of her cheek, and spun her unusual lesbian sex kittens are stretching and fisting assholes 180* which finally killed her.

The beast let out one last chuckle as he let her mangled corpse fall to the ground, then walked out of the room like nothing ever happened.