Holly hendrix has some fun with her dads fr

Holly hendrix has some fun with her dads fr
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Oh Hell, a little of everything happened. My ex was a member of a club for a while. It was mainly all men and a hunting and rifle club so he used it to go stay drunk and get away and to tell stories of things he never had done. I decided I was going with him one weekend and even though he objected and swore up and down I went. I wanted to see what hey did all weekend and also, the idea of all those men (at that time in my liffe) made me wet and horny so I went and made sure I had nothing the exorcist porn parody with sophie dee was conservative to wear at all.

I did not even take a bra or panties with me, not even a thong and all I had was sheer and so tiny that it was not hard to know what was not showing. I had cut offs that were so high on the hips so that they were not really shorts and the crotch was cut or trimmed to the place that only the seam was between my legs so that the seam was between my pussy lips which were perfectly shaved and nice and clean.

The tops I took were bikini tops that barely covered my nipples that were hard and so showing of anyway. I had a thin wrap that I could wear over all but hardly did. I changed into them a few miles from the camp and my ex started cussing and telling me he was turning around but I told him to let me out and I would go anyway while he went back home. We drove into the gate and then down a long road to the camp.

He got out and told me, "Well, I guess I know what you came for, may as well not say anything about it." I smiled and said, "At least you know what I am hunting Dear." and I took my shoulder bag and walked with him to the office. Once inside I got the welcome stares of the staff and a few others that were there. My ex introduced me and I hugged, not shook hands, all the guys.

There were all types, fat, skinny, well built, and not so much. Guys that had bulges in the pants nes mi hija perleccion aprendida soon as I walked in were the ones I really hugged tight.

I bent down and my tits came out of the top and I stood up, "Oh the girls are out, they never like to stay inside." and the guys all said that it was fine with them. My ex got his cabin assignment and the was shareing with 5 other men and he told me, "We really do not have separate facilities cause women usually are not here." "Did I ask for special provisions?" I said and he said, "No." and that was it.

We went into the cabin and 4 men were there and again my ex introduced me and again I hugged tight all the guys. Then the 5th guy came in and I knew I had to have him first, he was great, hung and so good looking that I almost had an orgasm just saying hello to him.

He extended his hand to shake hands and I almost jumped into his arms and hugged him tight and I knew my tits had come out of the top. I started to move away and he said, "Nice to meet you." and I stayed close inches from his face. "So nice to meet you too." and I kissed new pornsex suni lion 2019 deep.

He kissed me back and looked at my ex and as long as I kissed him he kept kissing me. My hand found his cock and freed it and he still stayed close and did not blink.He pulled off my top and sucked my tits till I had an orgasm and a puddle was on the floor under me as it gushed down my legs. I pulled off my shorts and his pants and his cock sprang out, almost so big that it was up to his navel and think. He wasted no time but lifted me up and lowered me onto his cock.

I shook all over and an orgasm made me almost convulse till I almost fell from his arms. He moved to the bed and laid me there and started pounding me hard as I demanded to be fucked.

He took a half hour and filled me with his cum and then as I looked over his shoulder and the other guys had undressed and had hard cocks. My ex had left and so I told the guys, "Well, the hunting has stated guys and I found what I was hunting for." another sank his cock in and began really pounding me nice and hard. I had a cock in my face and so sucked it in and started having at least two at a time. I lost control and just began demanding to be fucked and filled.

My bi-polar high was in full swing and I was needing all the cock I could get. After one finished me I told him, "You guys need to go tell everyone that I am available for fucking for anyone." and a guy left and soon more men were in the cabin and most naked and I was on a thick mattress on the floor getting drilled hard by one after another.

One cock was in front of me and I sucked it in, deeper and deeper until it was well past my gag point and down my throat. A cock was fucking me hard and then the one in my throat was doing the same nice and slow. He was moaning and groaning and saying, "Oh yeah, no bitch has ever taken it all and you are doing great." I managed to see a black man with his cock in my throat and he was moving it in and out.

Several men filled my pussy while he slowly fucked my throat and then he finally filled my throat with his load of cum. I felt my body go limp as my air was cut of while he got his load off and then as I came around I looked around.

He stood there stroking his cock that was still almost fully hard. I turned over onto my bely, "In the ass stud." I demanded and he did just that, sliding into my ass making me cry out until his balls were against my pussy lips and began slapping them as his cock sank into my pussy over and over. I did not suck any cocks while he was in my ass but had orgasm after orgasm and then he filled my ass.

He sat sexy and willing amazing teen annika hardcore and blowjob the side with a beer and watched for a while. More men were in the cabin now and they all stood there stroking cocks and as their turns came they hammered into my ass and pussy and mouth and filled me with cum.

I do not know how long it had been but I woke up and was alone with cum all in me and on me.

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My ex was there looking at me and he said, "You may want to clean up and get dressed, there is a campfire in an hour." then he turned around and left. It was dark when I finished my shower and decided to not dress except my shorts and I walked to the camp fire about 50 yards away.

All the guys stood and greeted me and I said Hi back and kissed a few as they all groped my tits and ass as I walked by them. I saw my ex leave the fire and I asked for a beer and some ribs and so ate and had a few drinks and let the sause drip onto my chest and lap.

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"Oh fuck guys, I got bar b que all over m y chest and I have nothing to clean them off, anyone have ideas?" and a few guys came over and started licking and sucking and cleaning of my chest. Soon I was on my back and my shorts were off and a cock was deep in my pussy. "Oh yes, a night of fucking." and it began and over and over my body shook with orgasms.

The black guy was there and he shook a hard cock at me, "Where ya want it now lady?' he sid. "My pussy Hun, drill it good." and he sank into me and began fucking me slow and them faster as I begged him to fuck me harder.

The men were all around drinking and stroking hard cocks and when he finished I scooped cum from my pussy and licked it from my fingers. Now men began really trying to get more cocks in me as much as they could. I had three cocks in me as much as possible. Either two in my ass and one in puss or two in the pussy and one in the ass. All night I had cocks in me and fell me asleep and woke up with cocks still draining their cum into me. I was helped to bed and my ex had packed and left which was great for me.

I slept a while and it was dark again and a fire going. Some guys brought me some food and beer and I ate like I was starving and was really.

I drank some water too and soon got up and asked what was happening tonight. "Anything you like baby." one said and I took his arm and stumbled to the campfire. I was seated and given another drink and the guys now seemed to now wanna attack me so fast but they all came to me and kissed and played with me some and sat back down.

It was then that I saw two beautiful german shepards sitting on the other side ofthe fire. I got up and went to them, petting then and then my hands wandered to their cocks.

Soon they were whimpering and then I saked a good rimjob from the aunt masturbation and fingering help to get them mounted.

A couple guys helped me and soon I had a knot in my pussy and a dog cock filling me with cum. He was stuck a while and I enjoyed the feeling and after he came out I took the other one and he fucked me too, his knot keeping us joined together a long time. "I bet she fuckes anything" I heard someone say.

"If it has a cock." I said and then the men were on me again and all night I had cum in me and all over me.

"So you really fuck anything?" one guy said after everyone had started going to bed. "You get it and I will fuck it." I said and hesmiled. "Good" he said. I slept and got up and bathed and ate and then walked outside not bothering to dress at all. The men were around the fire and there were bales of hay in the middle andI smiled knowing what was going to happen. I sat down on the mat in the middle and leaned on the hay, "So what you got for me tonight guys?" and one stepped up and went to a tailer and came out with a beautiful stallion.