Skinny teen small tits hardcore kinky birthday desires

Skinny teen small tits hardcore kinky birthday desires
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I am laying here; the heat of our brief heat wave has exhausted me. So I am on my bed running my hands over my skin from my neck down my hands wet with coconut oil, so fragrant and sensual. Both hands now reach down and caress a breast each, cupping their smooth round full shape circling the nipples which are dark little cherries. They are growing harder between my fingers. Now my hands reach down further to feel the upward tilt of my belly full and pregnant, my hands run over it circling and caressing.

I'm not alone. I feel a wet tongue in my pussy drinking my juices my honey flowing from my pregnant young body into her mouth. My dear friend Molly about my age and strangely alike as well.

Also 7 months pregnant. By the same man… So how am I in this situation? Let me tell you… My name is Justine. I won't tell you my age it shouldn't matter. If I tell you that I had only had two periods until this happened you will get an idea. I am petite and honey coloured skin with dark short hair and walnut brown eyes.

Before I became pregnant and my belly swelled out into the sensual shape I hold in front of me, my breasts were very small only just growing although my nipples were already large always poking out through my t-shirt so I was always attracting attention. I liked that I was curious what sex would be like. My parents didn't seem to care less about what I did, so I dressed to show off my new teeny titties. I didn't really need a bra and had no intention of wearing one.

My regular haunt was my local gym. I loved to work out and had a supple fit body to prove it. Most of the members left me pretty hot homemade lesbian couple doing their thing alone I guess they knew how old I was and thought they would get in trouble if they tried anything.

One Saturday morning I was there very early, and thought I had the place pretty babe with large ass gets fingered myself. I was on a rowing machine and noticed a tall dark man position himself on a weight lifting apparatus directly opposite me. I could see he was staring intently at me and I could almost imagine that as he pulled the weight arm down he slightly thrust his hips towards me.

I wasn't sure if he was maybe wearing support underwear as he seemed to have a huge package. His body was pure muscle, but not huge. It seemed a naturally muscular body, not a body builder. His skin was dark brown with dreadlocks, quite long. I could smell a beautiful scent and felt my mouth watering as I pulled. My mouth opened slightly, and as I pulled on the handle I sensed my pussy becoming wet. I thought I should get in the shower before I made a fool of myself, though as I slowly got of the rower I felt I could hardly walk.

I entered the shower room and was puzzled as it seemed different to normal, but my bag was with me so I hadn't used a locker, I just stripped down and headed into the shower. That was brief as I wanted to towel myself down and get out of there as my mind was racing thinking about the encounter I had just had.

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I was pretty much dressed in my t-shirt and shorts when the door opened and closed. I was facing the wall putting my towel into my bag. A low slow voice spoke to me… 'Aren't you in the wrong room my pretty girl' I looked around and saw the weightlifter with a towel around his shoulders and now just his shorts on. I suddenly realised I had come into the men's room.

'This women only from now until 1.00 so Holy mother of jugs amazing big boobs blonde shouldn't be here myself, but we are anyway quite alone in her…' I was facing away from him but I heard his footsteps walk towards me until I could smell that heavenly scent.

He paced his hands on my shoulders and gently moved them. I felt a mixture of blind terror and crazed excitement. He moved his right hand down to gently hold me belly I instinctively moved away, but back towards him until I felt his loins press against my buttocks I let out an involuntary moan as his hand went down to the top of my shorts.

I didn't know what to do as his other hand reached around and lifted up my t-shirt a little so it could reach up.

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His right hand started to easy my shorts down. I didn't couldn't protest. He then took my right hand and moved it down and behind me to cup his cock and balls over his shorts. I found myself fondling them as his cock started to swell outwards. He now reached my right breast with his left hand and cupped it.

His fingers pinched my nipple which was a hard as rock. 'Remove my shorts' he said it was an order but one I knew I was powerless to refuse. I turned and looked down, avoiding his face.

I pulled them down a little then without being asked even, I placed my hands in to carefully take out his cock. I had never seen anything so beautiful it was still not fully erect but was easily ten inches and perhaps 2 across. My hands held it, pulling at it and feeling it swell even more.

I knelt down to see it close up and could now smell its musk like nectar. He took it in his one hand and held my head with the other = its tip was passed along my mouth lips which opened a little. My head was pushed inwards so I had to open my mouth wide to receive it in. I was perhaps holding 4 inches in my mouth but he was pushing more as his hand wanked himself. My tongue was pushing against his vein sliding around, then I found my throat slowly widen as he pushed into it.

Now both his hands were around my head as he fucked into my mouth. I could hardly breath as he slid in and out, getting deeper and deeper as my mouth now reached his hilt. I could barely breath but soon enough his sounds were growing more urgent then suddenly he pulled out and starting coming onto my tongue. I swallowed him gulping more of his creamy cum until her slowed and then removed himself from me and stood away.

Without a word he lifted me up and turned me round to face away. He lifted both hands up so they were against the wall then removed my underwear and lifted up my t-shirt to rove that. I felt him move up behind me so his cock still hard pushed between my legs. Oh god I was running with honey I was kind of scared but knew I wanted him inside me. I could still taste his cum in my mouth as his hands now gripped a breast each.

His cock was sliding along my lips as I pushed my ass against him. 'Baby you know what I'm gong to do now' 'Yes' I replied uncertainly, 'you are going to be inside me' 'Yes but that's not all. My cum is going to shoot up inside you and meet an egg of yours, and you know what that means, I will be making you pregnant.

Your belly will swell into a pregnant belly. Pregnant round.' He then reached down so he could guide his cock to my entrance. I could feel the head of his beautiful cock swollen and erect parting my lips and push a little into me. I was rocking back against it as it slid more and more. Then he withdrew it almost all the way but then put both his hands on my hips so he could push all the way in it slid further and further. I could feel his heat inside me. I knew that for the first time in my young teeny body, I was being entered.

My right hand reached down over my belly and I could feel the cock pushing into me. He was moving faster now his grunting becoming more urgent. almost lifting me up as he thrusted in then suddenly he reached up to grasp my breasts again as he fucked deep into me harder and harder until he started to shout that he was coming… 'Oh yeah baby pregnant teen body oh baby yeah oh baby I'm coming onto you now into your womb…' then he slowed down again even though I could still feel the spasms inside me, and then he pulled himself out.

I could almost immediately feel his juices on my legs which I scooped up and held my hand under my cunt to catch his precious juices. I lifted my hand after a while a looked at it creamy white. I lifted it and placed my hand over a breast then the other and started to rub myself with his cum. I continued until I was over come with an urge to sleep. After a shower I quickly left the gym, but saw as I left, my man climb into a blue open erotic chick spreads narrow snatch and gets deflorated defloration virginity Mercedes.

As he left he saw me, but I found that I was smiling at him, and felt I wanted him again. I would have to track him down…