Daddy skinny fucks random white old ebony milf dukke the philanthropist

Daddy skinny fucks random white old ebony milf dukke the philanthropist
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Ryan was talking to his cheerleader girlfriend Holly on the phonewhile her mom was busy licking her daughter's boyfriends dick shaft & balls. He had hypnotized both of them last monthbut since Holly had a big test tomorrow she was studying at her mia khalifa sex all vdeos. Mean while 49 year old 5ft 840dd135 pound mom Sheila was now taking her daughter's place. Ryan told Holly to get back to studyingyour mom will stay here overnight call your dad he said firmly & let him know Ryan then hung up .

Blonde haired Sheila was now deepthroating Ryan's 11inch penisshe was now an expert after all the facefucking Ryan had made her do. She had no gag reflex & her husband loved it too whenever Master Ryan let her blow her husbands much smaller dick ( which was rare ).

Eat it you filthy cocksucker Ryan exclaimed as he unloaded his first load down the much older ladies's throat. Sheila swallowed the 20 year olds penis dessert like it was ice cream. Chapter 1- Next Door Paul was getting a rimming from 55 year old Bevshe was the Coach's wifeshe had been under mind control for 3 weeks now.

& Paul tried everything on Bev before he would on women his own age.

Like now no respectable woman in her 20s would lick his assholebut Bev loved itfor her it was like eating steak. The pervert jerked off, as the mother of two kept licking, she'd never do this for the coachbut for Master Paul this felt right.

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Chapter 2 - Down The Hall Mark had his dick way blowjob heroes of the storm first time charlotte cross gets the plumber to clean her pipes Joyce's assholehe loved fucking the Dean's wife, in the past two weeks he had turned the once respectacle raven haired 46 year old long leggedstacked housewife into a cock loving nymphomaniac.

Using some lubetoday Joyce was getting stuffed like an xxx goose as Mark shoved his 10inch dong up her shithole. Without mercy Mark pounded that bum until Joyce had her jism anal creampie. Chapter 3- In The Living Room Arthur was being jerked off by 58 year old Soniaa greyhairedfatass, bbw she was also his mother. The 20year old was Sonia's only son & he had hypnotized her last year. His housemates knew thisbut they didnt carebecause they all shared their whores anyways.

On the big screen Arthur was watching a granny being strapon fucked by a 19 year old woman .In fact it was Sonia being fucked by Ryan's girlfriend during one of their parties. Fuck it was getting kinky he thought as he grabbed his mom by the hair & had Sonia deepthroat his 12 incher.

Nearly choking to death Sonia still had a gag reflex & was still being trained by Arthur & his friends. Sonia swallowed her first load of the day. Chapter 5- Saturday Night Party Sonia was dressed in her french maid's outfitdog-callar & spiked heels, Sheila meanwhile was also wearing spiked heels but she wore a leopard skin thong bikiniJoyce was wearing thigh high hooker bootsa bra no panties & was ballgagged and finally Bev was collaredleashedwith nipple ringsand was buttplugged with short 3inch heels.

ALSO IN ATTENDANCE 3 CHEERLEADERS HOLLY, WENDY & CINDY. Holly was Sheila's 19year old redhead daughter, athletic figure, 5 ft 5,Wendy was Bev's 19yr old raven haired daughter 5ft6 curvy figure & finally Cindy who was 20,her hair was dyed pink for the occasion she was the tallest at 5ft 9 & her mom Joyce belonged to Mark.

All the younger ladies were now completely nude except for 3 inch heels they all wore & they sat beside each other on the large living room sofa as their respective moms came over & licked their pussies. Meanwhile as the Mark, PaulArthur & Ryan watched the incestuous lesbianism happening across the room. The nominated fluffer Soniabegan jerking off, sucking & licking all the cocks, balls and assholes.

The men were facefucking Sonia with no abandon.

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At nights end she was guaranteed to be covered in cum on her face, tits, hair, throat ,everywhere !!! The ladies were still licking away Cindy was nearing orgasm as her mom Joyce used her tongue on her offspring. Licking away at the young clit Joyce found the whole experience delicious. Wendy was orgasming Bev licked her all the time even in front of Coach at home .Holly was cumming a second timeher mom Sheila like Bev would eat her cunt whenever she was horny.

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Sonia was now covered in jism as the 4 men collared & leashed her over to the sofawhere the mother & daughters licked off all the cum off of Sonia's tits & face. Chapter 6 - AFTER THE BEER After the 4 maledoms had a few beer eachit was time to finish off the evening.

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Master Ryan leashed Sheila & her daughter HollyMaster Paul did the same to Bev & her daughter WendyMaster Arthur leashed his mom Sonia and last but not least Master Mark leashed Joyce & her daughter Cindy. With their dog-collars & leashes firmly in placeall were lead doggy-style to the washroom where each master urinated on their owned slaves Arthur took particular pleasure in pissing all over Sonia's tits ,facehair for she was the biggest cocksucking slut of the group today.

Covered in pissArthur emailed some pics to his stepdad Charleswho was now only a wimpy cuckold. He'd get a kicked out of seeing his slutty wife urinated on.

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