Hd castingcouchx mia malkova hops on cock

Hd castingcouchx mia malkova hops on cock
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Lick and fuck mama hot horney pussy woke up from my afternoon nap finding myself soaked with cum all over my hands and pants, When I go back remembering what happened I realised I was masturbating and fantasising my sister's naked body showering with soap slipping from her neck down between her beautiful boobs to her toes that I would give a million dollars to stick them in my mouth.

I instantly I got a raging boner after thinking about it again, I've never been so passionate to desire something like my sister's body and make love to it. After I finished doing my secret bussiness in bed I got up and went for a shower to clean up the mess I've made.

After getting in and undressing myself I noticed my mum forgot the laundry basket in the bathroom when she usually take it with her after picking up all the dirty towels. I started the shower and waited for hot water while I couldn't help myself but stair at the laundry basket and think about how some of the clothes in there touched my sister's private parts.

I hesitated deciding whether or not go to that laundry and let my dirty thoughts do the rest. Somehow my raging boner won over my brain, not for the first time.

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I went there and started digging through the clothes for some parts of my sister's clothes. A few moment later I recognized the panties my sister was wearing, I saw them when she bent down to grab something in the kitchen, She was wearing black tights where I was able to see her pussy popping out clear on the tights, all I wanted there is to kneel behind her and shove my face into her ass and lick her pussy nd' stick my tongue in her asshole untill she cums all over me.

When I found the panties I never excepted this happeniess to come through me, it was like finding a treasure that you never owned but always dreamed of.

After I grabbed her panties just by touching them my boner was hard as a rock, it was uncontrollable. I started to masturbate like I never did before, while smelling that sweet smell of pussy on her panties and licking them, then putting it all over callie cyprus sexy babe in glasses gets pov fucked by bf penis and masturbating with it, the soft silk felt amazing with her hot pussy's smell stuck in my nose.

When I got out of the shower I saw my mum in the livingroom and she turns to me and asks "What took you so long? I have been waiting for ages for you to come out to fix the TV for me" My brain just froze for no reason just when she said "what took you so long " the image of my sister's panties on my penis poped up in my brain.

"O-oh nothing, hm the water j-just took some time to heat up. " I didn't know what was the matter with me I was just hoping that she don't get suspecious that I do dirty stuff in the bathroom.

"Alright" she said. I went straight to my room almost looked like I was running away from something, I closed the door behind me and closed the curtains. I wanted to take my mind of this because it was the only thing I was thinking about and the smell of her panties are stuck in my head. So I grabbed my Game Of Thrones book collection to read, at least to take my mind to a totally different story to think about. I slowly started to forget about it till I passed out till the next morning.

Since that day I found myself going straight to shower after my sister getting out of it to see if she left some clothing parts.

Even the pants alone were enough for me, Just thinking how they touched her naked body was a huge turn on. This continued for months, looking at my sister from the corner of my eye bending over and daydreaming about what could happen if I went there and did what I felt like doing.

I took some pictures of her while she didn't notice me when she was napping on the couch in the living room, a crack of her ass was showing and I didn't want to masturbate only imagining it, I wanted more so I took a picture with my phone along with her legs and toes, then going masturbating to these pictures all night.

My usuall life was very normal, when I go out with friends I try not to think about it, for two reasons: The first was I would get a huge boner in seconds The second was that I would feel weird sitting between my friends and thinking about my sister's body, it gave me the feeling of doing something wrong, which leads me to guilt.

But I always get over that guilt the way I convince myself that it's all in my mind and I'm not causing any harm to anyway, my thoughts are made for my self and specialy these thoughts are made for my self desire to keep me satisfied. It was about 12am fuck hottest stepmom chantageado e comendo a madrasta the middle of the night, I was going to take a piss, when I passed my sister's room the door was slightly open and the light was on.

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I saw something that cought my eye, my sister was laying on bed on her back with the sheets on her when it was terribly hot to sleep with a cover, her knee's were bent and her arm's were inside the cover which got me thinking she might be playing with herself. a few minutes later she went into the bathroom to take a shower, when she came out I went straight again, Honestly I didn't really care at that moment if she wondered why I went twice in there, all I wanted to see if there was some clothing parts.

Then I had the jackpot, I found her panties in the corner of the bathroom with the rest of her clothes,I went straight to her panties, shoved my nose in them and took a deep mom and son gd story smell.

It wasn't the usuall smell that I was used to, but it was amazing and I realised I was smelling her cum. I was so excited I took my pants off immediately and there was already a huge boner.

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I started rubbing it against my penis and adding spit into it made it even better, I moaned and came alot like I've never came before. The next few days I had alot fo fantasies about my sister masturbating and always trying to guess what she was thinking about I had alot of thinking about it and there was nothing more that I wanted to know what she was thinking and even if she actually watches porn.

I was at my cousin's house chilling and he told me about a program he found, which was some kind of a keylogger that saves what ever the user doing on the PC and sends it to an email with snapshots.

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It wasn't useful to me but gave me the idea if there was something simliar to it for smartphones. It took me hours till I found the right program and getting my sister's phone to activate it on it was too easy. I wanted the program on my sister's phone because when ever I look at her internet browser on her cell it was cleared and there was not a single site submitted, which means that there was alittle bit of going on in there, that got me more excited to find out.

Afew brunette slut alessa savage flashes big ass for money later I went to see the browse history on that program and I got shocking results, I found about 15 sites on xnxx that she has been on in one day.

I watched all of them in a few minutes to see what my sister is into, but there was only one site that got my attention, which was called "taboo sister and brother" I've never been so excited before and got me into thinking about what we have done when we were young (In my story Part-1) it might happen again.

The day after I called her "Sis come over here I have to talk to you about something." To be continued