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Ass traffic sexy trainer gets drilled up the hot cumshot
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I had just finished talking to Svetlana and put the vacume cleaner away. I went into the bathroom cleaned up and headed over to Svetlana's house. I knock on the door and Svetlana opens the door and invites me in. I walk in and she puts her arms around my neck and gives me a loving small kiss.

I kiss back and she pulls her arms from my neck and smiles,grabbing my hand and taking me into the livingroom, where we sit down on the couch.

We sit up on the couch facing each other at an angle and she holds my hand smiling. I finally break the silence and say; " what did you need me to look at? " She smiles and says: " Robert I have come to love you so much and that I feel you love me just as much.

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" I looked at her and said: " Yes I do love you very much and that I haven't dated anyone else since we have been seeing each other. Is there a problem with what we are doing? " Svetlana looks into my eyes smiling and says: " Oral pov small very cute course not Robert ( In her broken russian voice.

It makes me horny just to hear it! ") I have brought you over here to tell you that you are going to be a father again. I am so sorry Robert but I felt I had to tell you in person. I am not trying to tie you down by getting pregnant to you.

I had forgotten that when I had taken antibiotics for the sinus infection I had, that it would offset my birth control pills. I make a good salary and can raise the child on my own, and I don't have to tell anyone who the father is, if that is what you want.

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" My mind is racing and my heart is beating about a hundred miles an hour. I had just heard my daughter tell me this morning how she loved me and how she wanted to be my lover and wife and mother to our children. Now here is Svetlana pregnant with my child! How was I to tell Rachelle, and how was she to take it! I think awhile and knowing that Natalia and Rachelle have thought all this time that they were having sex with we can do whatever we want pornstars hardcore by putting a drug in my drink just before bedtime.

I know that if Svetlana and me were to get married, that the night time visits would stop, and that this may be a good thing before they wind up in the same condition as Svetlana. I look at her with her head slightly down and her eyes looking at me. I grab her hand and tell her that I would be the happiest man on the planet for us to become a family together.

She look up and holds her hand to her mouth smiling, eyes watering,body shaking and says: " Really!

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Robert! Are you really sure?

You really want me? " I said: " Yes who wouldn't want you? " She leans into me and putting her arms around me, kissing me, and telling me she loves me, between kisses, and how I will be a good wife and our children will have a good home, and kissing more, and suddenly she frose.

Oh yes our kids. She pulled away and said: " There is something else I need to tell you. " (This is where she is going to tell me about Natalia's little scheme, and where I would have to be surprised.) Robert my daughter told me that she wanted to have sex with an older man, that she did not want to learn from the little boys at school, that she wanted a real man to teach her.

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I didn't know what to think when she told me, I wanted to punish her, lock her in her room, and throw away the key,but the more I got to thinking about it, that maybe being with someone older, wouldn't be such a bad thing, and that the boys wouldn't be giving her a bad name at school.

I asked her who it was? She told me that I didn't want her to know that way she could never go after that person or the authorities for that matter. She asked me again will you help me? I reluctantly said yes. I gave her some pills that would put the persan in a mild sleep just enough that his body parts would work.

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I told her to make love to him and in the morning when he wakes up just say "Surprise! " Well she came home and told me she did it, and that it was great! I was hoping she would just forget about it I looked at her and said: " So what does that have to do with us now? I am sure it's over and she's probally satisfied her curiosity. " Svetlana looks up at me and says: ' Well Robert that man was you." I look at her and have my jaw dropped open acting like I was in total amazement.

I tell her that it is really ok, and that was in the past, and we can all talk about it, and get over it. She looks up and says: " Really it is ok with you? your not mad? " I said: " No I can't be mad, I'm kinda feeling privledged that she picked me.

" Then she put her head down again. I looked at her and said: " what's wrong now?" Well Robert, my love, I don't know how to tell this but,Natalia is also carrying your child, and so is your daughter. (Now my jaw did drop in earnist. I didn't think about the girls that young could get pregnant that easily.) I know you must really hate me." I tell her that I do not hate her,and that I love her very much, and that we will work through this together. I am just completely takin in by what I was just told.

I am not only a new father to be with you, but your daughter and my daughter too. I am just trying to think how we are going to handle liza del sierras ass nailed in bed. Svetlana looks at me and says: " Well the girls and I were talking about this situation and we have come up with an idea that will be good for all of us.

She yells come here girls!" The girls come in and sit down with there heads slightly down. We have come to realise that all three of us love you as not just a friend, or father, or husband, but as a lover in bed too. We have decided that if you agree, I would be your legal wife and that the girls would be your home wives too. We would take turns sleeping in bed with you, or sleep together with you, what ever you would want.

We just want you to be happy. (my cock started to twitch, thinking about getting all three girls in bed at the same time.) I tell them that I would be happy to make Svetlana my wife and that my two girls can be my home wives and that I would love each of them with all my heart.

The girls and Svetlana jump up and run to me and I stand up as we hold each other. The girls crying,my daughter telling me she's sorry.

I break from the embrace and tell Rachelle and Natalia that everything is ok, and that I love them very much. I kiss Svetlana and tell her we are going home now and that we will meet tomorrow for a cookout and decide what our next plans are.

I kiss Svetlana one more time and kiss Natalia like a husband would and said see ya tomorrow. (Tonight I have plans for me and my daughter.) That will be in part #23 and the cook out will be part #24 Hope you like this not alot of sex in this chapter but it is steamy in the next two chapters. Tell me what you think. Thanx. :-)