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Big tits teen toys watch more of her at ulacamcom
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My Wife Maryanne Chapter 5 The adventure continues. This episode is written by each of us separately. Perfect big ass blonde fucks close up wet shaved pussy by Michael as he recalls the events of that evening, and next me, Maryanne, as I remember what I did and how I felt.

Michael's Version: The gang-bang parties that started a few months earlier, shortly after that most memorable New Years Eve party continued on a somewhat regular basis, every week or two. I had become a lot more relaxed and accepting of inviting the group of graduate students from the local university into our apartment for an evening of what was basically sex with my wife. Usually there were four or five of them, and we all got along fine.

While I played the role of host, I was more of a spectator than participant, not really being involved in the activities. Maryanne was in charge of that.

As usual, over the next hour or so, Maryanne had stripped for our five guests and taken them each in turn into our bedroom and fucked them. Afterwards, we all sat around in the living room sipping wine and beer, Maryanne wearing a loose bathrobe. At one point one of the guys asked her if she had ever had a golden shower. She said she had heard of them when she was in college, but never knew of any of her friends who had ever done it.

She said that she herself had never had the opportunity. It seemed to me at the time that she was suggesting that she might do it if she ever had the chance.

The guys jumped right in and urged her to give it a try. She refused at first, but I think she just wanted them to continue to pressure her, and to give her the time to work up the nerve to do it. It was obvious to me that she was enjoying the conversation and was getting turned on again. Finally her reluctance melted away, and she said she would try it if they promised to stop if she did not like it.

Being perfect gentlemen they all agreed. So, into the bathroom they went. Now our bathroom was quite small; no more than two or three people could fit in there at the same time. They decided that she would get naked again and kneel in the bathtub, and one guy at a time would piss on her while the others could watch from the doorway.

I opted to stay in the living room by myself.

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I could tell when it started as I could hear clearly the comments and cheers as the first guy started off. After the first guy finished I heard her tell him to bring me in because she wanted me to watch the show. I refused at first, but two of them almost forcefully pulled me to my feet and took me in and sat me down on the toilet when I had a perfect view of my wife with wet hair and piss running down her face. She looked so beautiful and pleased with herself.

The next guy opened his pants, took out he cock and put it right in her face. He started to piss and told her to lift her chin and open her mouth.

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My view of her face was blocked by his body, so I leaned to the side where I could see her mouth stretched open wide and filling with pale yellow piss. There were calls for her to try and swallow it, and as she tried she started to gag and choke, but kept trying and soon had the hang of it.

It was much of the same as the next three guys pissed in her hair, on her face and in her open mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, and when it was all over she sat there in a pool of piss, soaked from head to toe. As I looked at her body she looked totally disgusting, but at the same time, absolutely beautiful. Part of me was sick with revulsion, but my cock was rock hard; if I touched it I would two busty honeys pleasure their juicy muffs cum in my pants.

When I left her there in the bath to let the guys out and say good night, and yes, I thanked them for coming over and told them we would do it again soon if they wanted, she asked if I would come back and get in there with her so we could shower together. When I returned and undressed, we turned on the shower and I washed her hair and scrubbed her body over and over in the hope of removing any smell or taste of piss.

That night in bed we had terrific sex, even though her cunt was a little sore. Over and over she told me how much she enjoyed the evening and being so slutty, and that she loved me for letting her enjoy herself in so many slutty ways.

I told her I loved her and was proud to be married to such a whore, and that I loved to kiss her even though her mouth still tasted slightly of piss. Or maybe that was just my imagination. Maryanne's Memories: Well, you have no idea how much I looked forward to these evenings with our new friends. It seemed I thought about sex all the time. During the days John, a neighbor, would sometimes come over for a blowjob, I would look at some of the men's magazines Michael would bring home, and eagerly wait for him to come home from work so we could get into bed and I could turn us on with my wide array of fantasies and fuck our brains out.

This often happened before we ate dinner. I sometimes thought Michael would rather eat my ass and cunt than my cooking. I did love his cock so, but then again, I do love variety and lots of it.

And speaking of variety, here it comes again tonight with the arrival mom xxx set very hard the guys for another Gangbang Maryanne Party.

How did I ever get so lucky? This time while Michael was in the kitchen fixing snacks I greeted them at the door, fully dressed for a change, and invited them in.

There were five of them this time, but I can only remember two of their names. But I do remember their balls and cocks very well. They all sat in the living room while M. served the snacks and drinks. As we only had a couch and two comfortable chairs, Michael sat on a folding chair by the door and I sat on a guy's lap on the couch.

It was not long before I felt hands touching my legs, hips and tummy, and soon my tits, and before long my blouse and bra were removed and I knew it was time to head for the bedroom or I would be getting laid right on the living room floor. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. It is hard to describe the immense feeling of sexiness that I experience having one guy after another lie down on top of me and slide his gorgeous and slim teen gets banged hard brunette cumshot into my cunt.

My juices start to flow even before my panties are off. This evening, I think I was soaking wet sitting in the living room being felt up by our friends. I love to make passionate love, and I did so this night with each of my lovers, licking each others bodies, deep kisses with tongues probing deeply, and at last, a long, hard cock sliding up between my open legs and into my waiting cunt.

There is nothing like it in the world. And with five different tongues, five different bodies and five different cocks. WOW. It is hard to imagine how lucky I felt, being happily married to a man I love and enjoying more sexual experiences that one can only dream about, and all this during the first seven months of marriage. Is it possible for life to get any better? Well, it was about to. Michael's description of the rest of the evening was very accurate in all respects.

I think he understands now why I wanted him in the bathroom with me when I realized I would be enjoying the experience as much as I did, and wanted to share my first golden shower with him.

I also did not want him to worry that something was happening in there that I did not want to happen. I knew this was probably the most humiliating and degrading experience I had ever had or ever will. I know now that so sticky and warm jizz gets into sneaky haileys crack was humiliating for him too, being mia my life xxx story to watch while his wife was peed on and witness his wife drinking pee in front of other people.

The word was slowly spreading among certain groups that I was a whore, and now I would be known as a pee-drinking slut. Not that I minded, but I did not want people to be saying this behind his back and thinking less of him.

Also, I was afraid word of my erotic behavior would find its way to his office and somehow affect his career. A few years later I think I helped his career when I started blowing his boss, but that is another story.

When the first guy took out his cock and prepared to pee on me, I bowed my head as if I was under a shower. Soon I felt the hot stream of water soaking my hair, so I lifted my head to push my hair back and felt the hot stream brushing across my eyes and nose and running down across my lips and down my chest. I remember becoming overcome with a sense of sexy bliss thinking this was one of the sexiest things I had ever done in my life. I knew I was behaving like a filthy pig, but all I wanted was more, more, more.

I reached down between my legs and fingered my cunt knowing that I wanted to enjoy this experience as much as possible. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be if Michael would come and watch, and so I called out for him.

When it was all over and I sat there in the bathtub dripping with pee and my husband looking at me, I felt that I had sunk as low as I ever have and wanted him to see what a slutty pig I really and truly was, and that if he could accept me for what I was and wanted to be then I would be completely happy forever. In bed with him later that night, both of us all showered and clean, our lovemaking was so passionate.

I knew that he loved me beyond words and I could indulge myself sexually in any way I could imagine. It is impossible for me to describe the immense level of pleasure I felt at times like this.

I realize I am what is now called a sex addict. Supposedly that is a bad thing, but for Michael and me our sex life has been an incredible source of pleasure for both of us, so being sex addicts works for us. I could go on forever, but I think it is time to stop.