Girl toying her pussy while going for a ride masturbating pornstars

Girl toying her pussy while going for a ride masturbating pornstars
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Part 5 -=Hey guys, I had some small things I had to take care of, have fun reading part 5!=- After I got the call from Mark's mother, I passed out on the sofa and only woke up around 6PM, I gave both Aky and Mark the news and got them a snack so we could go to Mark's house to grab some clothes for him, I could tell that he was totally excited, I didn't plan much nor did I think that we'd end up having sex, but now, things had already happened.

Thursday I woke up and both were already downstairs playing, I felt really tired thanks to our little fun the previous day, but I tried to hide it as much as I could, so I prepared breakfast, we talked a little, played together, usual boy stuff, and even though we were in our underwear, they didn't seem to try any kind of approaching. "So.what do you guys wanna do today?" I asked.

"Dunno.I don't have anything to try." Aky said. "Same here." Mark said. Then we heard the door bell, we quickly put on their shorts and shirts and I went to the door to open it.

It was May. "Hey Matt" she said holding my notebook I lent her some time ago.

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"Here's your notebook.I thought you'd need it once we get back to school." She said. "Y-Yeah.thanks." I said grabbing it. When she saw both Mark and Aky inside playing, her eyes showed an unusual glow. "Are you opening some kind of Day Care Center?" She asked looking inside.

"Nah.I'm just taking care of both." I said. "Awn."She said looking at me. ".You want to come in?" I asked. "Sure" She said passing through me. She seemed happy, and I mean.really happy, of course, I didn't know if she thought of something, she was one of the few that discovered that I was bi.

She sat right between Mark and Aky. "Hi, I'm Alex" Aky said looking at her. "And I'm Mark" Mark said looking at her as well. "Hi, I'm May, nice to meet you two" she said smiling. "You want anything? A cup of juice, water."I asked. "No thanks." She said.

"So's the love life?" She asked turning to me. "Yeah.pretty good." I said, not giving much attention to it. At this time, both Mark and Aky looked a bit nervous and looked at each other, and of course.she noticed it. " are you more into guys or girls?" She asked with a grin. "I don't think that's a thing for us to chat about right now May." I said, again, not giving much attention to it.

"Do they know about it?" She continued. "Yeah we do." Aky said a bit nervous. "So what? We like him."Mark said facing May. "Ohhh.I get hit it on with them huh?" She asked lifting her eyebrow. "So? I don't know what you want but I'm not gonna do you." I told her.

"I'm not asking you to do me.but if you feel like it."She said teasing. "You know, he's pretty good in fact, in everything!" Aky said facing May. "Aww.he actually likes you, I thought it was a joke.but I got the upper hand here Matty." She said. "Devious as fakecop aaliyah ca pelle pornstars big tits what do you want not to tell?" I asked her.

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"I'm thinking you already have a clue.things are really slow to me you know." She said looking down a bit disappointed. "So how about a little party? You, Me and your little boys, that way I won't tell." She said. ".I dunno.I'm not the only one involved in it." I said looking at Aky and Mark. "I'm kinda curious.I wanna try it" Aky said.

"Yeah, me too!" Mark said. "Fine then.tonight you can come over." I said. "I'll count the seconds Mr. Matt." She said getting up. "We'll be waiting get out please."I said looking narrowly at her. "Thanks for your time and you look pretty cute when you look narrowly at someone!" She said giggling and walking through the door, closing it from behind.

I took a deep breath and looked at both. "Are we really gonna get to see a pussy? I 3." Aky asked. "I've already seen one." I said grinning "But you said you haven't!" Aky said. "I said I didn't fuck anyone.but I did see it" I said smiling. "Wow.we are actually gonna see one? "Mark asked. "The way May might even have more than what you're supposed to." "Cool!" Both screamed. ".oh boy.what did I get myself into."I said face palming.

Later on, they asked me several questions, one after another about how did it look like and many other things, I said nothing, I wanted to keep it a surprise for them, but I actually felt guilty for what they were going to experience, at such a young age.

At night, around 8 PM, as she promised, she showed up wearing some regular clothes and with her black bag, and generally, that was not a good sign. "Hey boys, are you ready for some fun?" She said in a sexy voice, I could tell both Aky and Mark already had hard on's, and she wasn't even naked. "How about we make it on turns.?First little Alex, then Mark and then you Matt."she said looking at Aky. "I'm first?" He asked simple girl force rape jungle xstory redwap bit shyly.

"Well all get naked and let's hit it on!" She said slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Aky was a bit nervous, and I could understand it.Mark had his eyes fixated on May, her long brown hairs and her green eyes actually made her look like an innocent girl, a quick note.she was 17.

"You're gonna let me do it right Mother puts her mouth on my cock She said getting near his face and grabbing his hard dick in his pants, slowly rubbing it, Aky blushed and he was holding a moan, she slowly pulled his pants down together with his underwear, I watched every move she made, I couldn't believe that she was actually going to do it with 2 kids, I wasn't in any position to talk though, and as soon as I stopped to think about what I had done.she already had his dick in her mouth, it made me close my hand, I felt as if part of my heart had been just ripped out of me.she was delighting herself, sucking, licking and all Aky could do was moan, he liked that, it was not his fault, it was mine.

"Ready for your first taste of pussy?" She said passing her hand over his hair, my own pain was repressing my dick from rising, Aky didn't answer so she just made him lie down on the floor and put her hands on his cheeks, slowly pulling him to her pussy, as expected, he put his tongue out and licked her, now she was moaning, I felt guilty, way guilty, I sat on the sofa watching what she was doing to my he licked her slowly and put his tongue inside her, she moaned with every lick he gave her before pulling him up to line up his dick with her entrance, she closed her lips around his, he was reluctant, but she forced him into a kiss while she was moving her hips, at this point, SHE was fucking him, I was enraged but I had to hold it in, she held him with her legs and grabbing his bubble butt, I couldn't stand it, Mark grabbed my arm, his touch made me take a deep breath and stay calm, then I heard Aky's moans, as he came inside her, and apparently, she loved it, his dick left her like a wet noodle, he was exhausted.

" Mark" She said slowly getting up, Mark left my side and I helped Aky up, Aky was tired already and as soon as Mark got in front of May, she practically ripped his clothes off going straight for his dick, she was loving every inch he had, deep throating him, he closed his eyes in pleasure holding her head, Aky kept looking at me and got up sitting on my lap wanting to kiss me, I wouldn't deny him that and let him, he was sweet, my hand slid through his body reaching his now soft dick as I slowly stroked him.

May opened her eyes and stopped her blowjob, getting up and looking at me. "You're already on it huh? Get your clothes off." She told me, of course, even reluctant, I had to obey, she told me to close my eyes and I did, suddenly I felt like I was thrown to the floor and I heard a "click", she cuffed me! I opened my eyes and I was trapped on the floor. "What the Hell are you doing!?" I screamed trying to break free* "Shhh." She said slowly turning me on my back.

"I make the rules tonight Matty.and right now.since you enjoy your little boyfriend, how about I fill you up?" She said holding a dildo and waving it in front of my face, she turned me a little and it went in fast, it hurt a lot, I sweared and screamed before she placed some duct tape on my mouth, I couldn't do anything but accept it, she was sucking Mark and playing with my ass, also, with her free hand, she was thrusting a finger inside Aky, Now I felt useless, powerless, against my will, my dick began to rose.

"Now we are talking.come on want it don't you.? Suck it." She said taking her finger out of him. Aky came to me, his eyes were a bit teary from seeing me like that, but he did as he was told, he got by my side and sucked me good, I wanted to moan, but I couldn't.

Now May was sucking off Mark furiously, she wanted local bus sex infront of other peopls cum and let him fuck her breasts, he showed no resistance as his hips were moving against her right before he came shooting his cum all over her face, she loved every drop he let out of his body.

Aky was doing me gentle and slowly. "Stop now." She said pulling Aky away, the pain of the dildo inside my ass had completely vanished, it felt good now, and she knew it." Now's my turn" she said lowering herself to my dick, she started sucking me off, I showed reluctance and she grabbed the dildo making moves with it taking it off and putting it in entirely again, I closed my eyes and turned my face away, I know I'm bi, but I didn't feel anything for her and she was delighting herself with my dick inside her mouth, thanks to Aky's work, it didn't take long before I came inside her mouth, but I was still hard, to her luck.

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"Tough guy hum?" She said as she started jacking me off now, I looked at her and from behind, Mark was licking her pussy, enjoying it as well, the feeling of guilt returned, I was not supposed to expose them to this.then I hear her moan, Mark stuck his renewed hard dick inside her and was pretty much pounding her, Aky came to my side again and took off the duct tape from my mouth and held his dick, I opened my mouth and accepted it, it was always good when I sucked him off, he moaned softly and May watching that tightened the grip against my dick, I moaned sucking him ravishing starlets get fucked in an orgy. "Wow.

You really like each other huh?" She said while Mark fucked her, right after, we heard his moan and we knew he had come. He fell on the carpet panting hard and looking at me sucking Aky off. "I wanna be completely filled boys. one in each hole."She said panting a little while moving to my waist, I let Aky slide out of my mouth and he put his dick inside her mouth, she got the key of the cuffs and released me slowly lowering her pussy against my dick." Now behave." She said, Mark quickly recovered and rubbed his dick against her asshole, that made her shiver, she started sucking Aky off as I played with her cummed boobs using my hands, Mark slid his dick inside her ass and we all started fucking her hard, we figured that that's how she liked it, we heard her moans and they were intense, she was loving her experience with us, I thrust my dick deep inside her, we were already almost at our climaxes, Aky started moving faster as me and mark went harder and deeper inside her, I felt my dick get wet as she came at the same time as I came, Mark screamed and came together with Aky's shaken body, she collapsed over me and Aky fell on his knees, Mark sat on the floor, this time totally worn out.

"I never guys" She said panting hard, but now.I gotta.move.gotta take care of some stuff, she gave a kiss on our cheeks and grabbed her bag and clothes, getting dressed and slowly moving to the door." Good luck with your romance.Mr. Babysitter."She said slowly leaving and closing the door. We kept ourselves there.looking at each other.

"I feel used."Aky said.

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"Same here."Both me and Mark said. "I.need a bath."Mark said moving up. "We'll be right there!" I said as Aky moved to me and I got on the sofa. "You know.she kinda was right.I really like I've never felt like this before Matt.I guess.I guess I love you."Aky said looking at me.

"Yeah.Sorry I had to involve you two in's all my fault.I was supposed to protect you two but."I said as I felt a small tear forming on the corner of my eye. "Don't be sorry.we liked it.I was to keep our secret right?" He said. "But tell me.I gotta me?" "More than anything in the world." I said. "Then.what do you think of.become boyfriends? You and me." he said.

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"I want that a lot.I so love you." I said smiling. "Then it's settled!" he said confirming it with a deep kiss. "We're gonna be together.always!" He said cheerfully. "Yeah.Always." I said kissing him again as we lay down on the sofa with him over me, then I broke the kiss."Humm.I think it's enough for one day right?" I asked looking at him. "haha! nuts kinda hurt now." he said. "Then let's just take a bath.and prepare dinner" I said smiling.

"Oh ya!" He said jumping from me and running upstairs. I sat again on the sofa thinking. "And now I got a This is getting way better.can't say I didn't like tonight though." I thought to myself. "Matt come on! The water's gonna get cold!!" Aky screamed from upstairs.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! Geez!" I screamed walking up. -=Special Thanks to Naugthy Scientist ^^=-