Teen sucks a big black cock in the changing room masturbating interracial

Teen sucks a big black cock in the changing room masturbating interracial
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My International and US conglomerate corporation includes many businesses in unrelated industries, including restaurants, fashion houses, law firms, hotels, music labels and venture capital firms.

Giada gravitated toward me for bank rolling her new Las Vegas restaurant on recommendation of a mutual friend. She knew that I had the business experience and personal experience to know how to please a woman. Giada is a attractive 42 year old woman of itailian decent with a curvy body. She knew my reputation for being surrounded by beautiful women and seducing married women.

She being attractive meant that she would have my immidate attention. She contacted my personal assistant setting up a meeting. I called her back within an hour. My name is John Malone, I told Giada that I was in Vegas and interested in hearing about her business plan for the restaurant. I suggested we meet for dinner tonight and possibly more afterward. I talked to Giada. I'm telling her about other restaurants I have invested in. She is all ears as she took in every word and she loved hearing about Italy.

It is close to 9:00 PM when I slipped her a note that told her to meet me at the penthouse after 9:00 PM. Giada took the elevator up to the penthouse. I waited several minutes before I opened the door, she walked into the living room. Across from the large executive desk is a black leather couch. The couch is long and made of high quality leather.

I enjoyed watching Giada sit in it because it offers a wonderful view of exclusive fix it then fuck abella dangers huge booty legs. " Hello, sweetheart." I said as she walk in.

Giada raises an eyebrow looking at me with a puzzled stare. Keeping her cool she took a few short steps to the couch, and sank into the soft cushions. Slowly Giada crosses her long silky legs allowing the nylons to rasp seductively against each other. " Don't call me sweetheart, John." Giada said in a frosty tone. Then she starts to slowly kick her leg idly, knowing that this drove men wild.

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I took notice of her dangling shoe but didn't seem to acknowledge her warning. " Man pissed with lady ass, Sugar Tits." I said with a smile on my face, and stood up.

This time both of Giada's eyebrows shot up in surprise. " Excuse me?" she said. She stops kicking her leg as I walk around the desk to lean on it and gaze down at her legs. " My money comes with strings attached. If you accept my investment then you accept my demands for the length of time of the investment.

You start earning your pay today. You can't just sit around looking pretty anymore." " But-" Giada starts to say before I cut her off. " You've been wanting your own restaurant in Vegas for almost three years now." I said pausing to lean forward, looking down her blouse. " It's time you start doing what is expected to have me bank roll you." I said. " Like what?" Giada asks, her hand closing off the view of her cleavage.

" For starters, you can take that skirt off." I'm now looking her in the eyes and my grin makes her nervous. " Mr. Malone." Giada starts, iron in her voice. " I think you've-" " Oh don't go cold on me, Sweetheart." I cut her off again. " You've been teasing the shit out men for a long time. I'm done with it." I reach out pinching her breast, startling Giada with my sudden physical attack and with my uncanny aim.

I pinch her nipple perfectly. " Hey! You keep your hands off me!" She snaps. " Ah, no. I plan to put my hands all over you." I said. " Stand up and take that skirt off. Giada's mouth drops open. She is afraid of me and she realizes now is the time to threaten me with legal action. " This is sexual harassment and-" Giada is cut off by a swift slap across the face. The sting and pain didn't shock her system as the sudden act by me. Fear grips her as she realizes how big I am and small she is, and how fast and stronger.

" I need to go." Giada said starting to stand up. " No." I said. My cool and calm demeanor has the same effect on her as if I had shouted it. " I'm going to fuck you, Right now. Right here. And when I'm done fucking you, the only thing you'll be able to think about is my cock. You'll crave for it the next time I tear your clothes off and drive my shaft into your soaking wet pussy." Giada can only stare at me. I spoke in a matter of fact tone as if I owned her and I'm giving her orders.

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Giada can't speak but she manages to shake her head. " Look at those nipples." I said. " You're turned on Giada. Admit it." Giada panicks and tries to bolt from the room. She didn't get far. I grab her by the arm spinning her around. Giada twirls on the balls of her feet wobbling as she tries to keep her balance in her heels. The look on her face is a mix of anger, surprise, and confusion. " What the Fu-" She starts to say. I cover her mouth with my hand, cutting her off, then I shove her over the arm of the couch.

I'm enjoying the view now as Giada's eyes are wide and her arms out, her legs kicking upward to launch one chinese slut taking a bath with a webcam her shoes off her foot. The open toed pump flips high until it almost hit the vaulted ceiling, then lands on the other side of the couch. Before Giada's shoe hit the floor, I grabbed her ankles, keeping her silken legs wide apart trapping her on the couch. I quickly kneel over her lifting her legs more forcing her to slide toward me.

I'm pressing against her, pinning her to the couch. Giada feels my rock hard cock straining against my pants. Giada's skirt, spread by her legs, has slide up her silky thighs revealing her stocking tops and garters. Giada is shocked at how quickly I had immobilized her. She tries to kick free but I'm holding her up by her ankles. " Goddamn, you have nice legs." I said, my eyes focusing on her calves.

Giada tries to pull herself away from me but she can't get any leverage on the couch. " Let go of me!" She yells, with a desperate tone in her voice making me smile. " Do you hear that, Sweetheart?" I said, looking down at her. " That's the sound of no one coming to your rescue." I pause for a moment as the impact of my words hit her.

" Now, shut up. Don't speak unless I ask you a question. Understood?" Giada didn't answer right away. My tone is one of command and she isn't sure how to respond. Suddenly my hand leaves her ankle and again she is slapped across the face. " I asked you a question, Giada." I bark. It is the first time I have raised my voice and it shocks an answer out of Giada. " Yes, Sir!" Giada murmurs.

Nodding, I let go of Giada's legs grabbing her blouse, pulling it apart and ripping the delicate fabric. In seconds, I had torn it off her, exposing her lovely breasts and the white lace bra they are tucked into. Giada lets out a shriek, shocked by my sudden attack as my hands paw her breasts. Giada pushes at me as her legs kick, but she didn't have the strength to push me off; I'm to close to kick effectively.

I continue groping her breasts as I start to pull her bra down and she tries to scream. My hand clamps down over her mouth and a muffled squeal is all she got out.

I lean close, my hand clasped over her mouth. I spoke to her in a low growl as my other hand pulls the bra cup down, exposing her firm breast, " Listen up, Giada. This struggle is pointless." My fingers finding her nipple and I start to pinch and twist it. " You're getting fucked tonight. There is no way around it. Understand?" Giada squirms and squeals as I torment her nipple.

I shock that I had attacked her like this Giada again tries to break free. Then, slowly building inside her, Giada realizes that my actions have aroused her. The way I manhandle her making her wet. Giada tries to push my face or grab me by the hair.

Her legs kicking and squirming around my torso with a new panicked desperation. She didn't want me to know she is turned on! I let go of her nipple and with a quick move I grab her ankle again, pulling her leg forward as I press against her. Flat on her back, Giada's long leg is stretched over her head and her nylons reflect the bright lighting of the room. " Hell," I said with a smile, " just these stockings alone are enough for me to want to fuck the hell out of you." Slowly I bring her foot close to my lips kissing her toes softly.

" When you show them off the way you do, it's impossible to resist!" I suddenly burst into a flurry of action. Letting go of her leg and mouth, my hands roam all over her. As I forcefully grope and squeeze her supple body, Giada squeals and moans. She is struggling but she is trying to keep from getting hurt in my flurry of motion.

Suddenly, I cup my hand over her mouth again and take a fistful of her hair. I stop to enjoy her struggles as her silken feet kick and twist around me. " The more you struggle," I said " the more I just want to fuck you." Giada stops moving and looks up at me, breathing hard through her nose.

" Oh don't stop," I taunt " I like the way your legs feel as they slide around my body." I let go of her mouth and hair reaching back gripping her calves. Ogling her silken legs, I lightly run my hands upward, slowly groping her firm thighs and well shaped legs.

Giada holding still as she starts to tremble under my touch. I continue to grope her legs. " See?" I said with a smile. " I own you now, Giada." With a sudden rush of movement I'm off the couch pulling Giada behind me. I drag her by the wrist over to the desk. Giada, with one heel on and the other lost in the struggle, has a hard time not falling as I pull her across the room.

Once there I let go of her. Giada stood awkwardly in shock and confusion, just in front of the large oak desk. I step away from her but I'm back quickly. Giada notices that I had retrieved her missing shoe. I kneel and set it next to her foot. " Put that back on." Giada obeys as her stocking foot slips back into her shoe with a soft " zop." " Take off the skirt." I order in a voice that Giada finds hard to ignore. She reaches back for her zipper then hesitates.

I didn't hesitate with an open hand slapping her hard on the ass. Giada gasps at the sudden pain. " Take it off." Quickly Giada unzips her skirt. Before she can slip it over her hips I yank the skirt down hard, pooling the garment around her feet. Giada is now only wearing panties, a blue garter belt and her silky stockings.

As she stood in her heels, her ass and legs fully exposed, I take a moment to indulge myself in groping her thighs. I take special delight in running my fingers along the seams of her stockings. I run my hands over her stocking tops then give her ass, bare except for a white satin thong, another hard slap that rings loud in the room.

I take a fistful of her hair lifting upwards, forcing her on her toes. The spikes on her heels came off the floor as she tries to reduce the strain on her scalp. " When I tell you to do something, you do it.

Understand me?" Giada tries to nod, but that isn't how I wanted her answer. I slap her ass again and this time she lets out a short cry of pain. " What?" I demand. " Yes." Giada breathes. I slap her ass. " Yes, what?!" I demand again. " Yes, I understand." Giada said quickly. Again, I slap her ass.

" Yes, I understand, what?" I ask. " Yes, I understand, sir." Giada said. As soon as the words are out of her mouth I pull her close kissing her hard. She moans and is startled by the act and swept away at the same time.

The passion in my kiss is far beyond anything her husband had managed in their marriage. As quick eva notty sucking on his hard cock it started, it is over and she feels light headed. Grabbing her by the arm, I spin her around stripping her bra off. Her breasts fall free as I take a moment to run my fingers over her skin lightly. With a flash of my hand, I slap her breast, causing it to jiggle.

Clearly amused, I slap her right tit again. " Look at those nipples get hard. You like it rough, don't you Giada." When she didn't answer, I reach around slapping her on deutsche mutter fickt den freund ihrer tochter ass. " I asked you a question." " Yes, Sir!" She said with a wince. I slap her ass again. " Yes, what?" I demand. " Yes, Sir! I like it rough, Sir." Giada said.

I reach for my zipper as Giada glances down. Her eyes widen as my long thick cock shot out hard and erect. I start stroking myself as I did, I cup her breast with my free hand, tickling her hard nipple with my fingers. " You're a very hot woman, Giada." I said softly. " God." I said, continuing to stroke myself. " I could probably just masturbate on you and be satisfied." Giada holds still, hoping to keep me on that thought, and desperately wanting me to let her go.

" But if I wanted to masturbate I would have taken a picture of you." I sneered. I take Giada by the hair yanking her head close, pressing my lips against her ear. " Kneel and suck me off! " Letting go of her, I step back presenting my bobbing hard cock. Giada kneels looking at my cock then looks up at me as she slowly leans forward taking the tip into her mouth. I take two handfuls of her hair pulling her toward me as I thrust further into her mouth.

" I said suck it, Giada. Not kiss it!" Giada's hands press against my thighs as she fights her gag reflex. " Come on." I encourage. " Suck it!" Giada did her best to suck on my cock as I thrust it into her mouth.

As her saliva and my precum start to lubricate my cock, it slides easily between her lips. Soon, asian pov hot slut sucks on cock balls are smacking against her chin with each thrust and Giada lets out a gargled grunt each time the tip of my cock crashes into the back of her throat. Giada isn't sure how much longer she can stand to be deep throated when it is abruptly over.

I pull out then grab her as panteras escrava isaura 2 her hair throwing her head forward, spilling Giada to the floor. She flops down, ass up in the air, as she takes deep breaths as she tries to recover from having my massive cock shoved in her mouth. I'm far from finished, taking Giada by her hips I angled myself to slide into her slick cunt mounting her. Giada grips the carpet letting out a deep moan as I thrust deep into her pussy with my hard thick shaft.

With increasing intensity, I thrust into her, each time my balls slapping against her ass, she lets out a mewling cry.

The force of my penetrations take their toll with each flex of my abdominal muscles, Giada's legs slide further down, pulling the garter straps taut on the front of her stockings. It is apparent to me that I need to change my position. Thrusting deep into Giada, I move my right leg on the outside of hers, using pressure to guide her, helping Giada slide her right leg down flat against the floor.

Keeping my balance as my cock slams into her pussy, I got Giada's other leg down straight behind her. Giada is lying flat on her stomach, both legs close together as I mount her with my flanks pressing firmly against her round ass.

I slide my legs along the outside of hers as I make satisfied grunting noises as my skin slides tantalizingly along her silky nylon legs.

Lowering myself closer to Giada I wrap one of my arms around the front of her shoulders lifting her up slightly, only her breasts touching the floor. Giada got her elbows down to help balance her as she holds still, unsure of what I'm going to do to her next.

I reach around with my other arm clasping my hand firmly over her mouth. She lets out a moan of protest but with my cock buried deep into her pussy and my arms holding her tight, there is little she can do.

Violently, I'm thrusting into her, contracting my abs to thrust my cock deeper into her cunt until it is slamming against her cervix. With each thrust, I pull hard across her shoulders, driving her body toward my thrusting cock.

Giada has never been fucked like this as my rapid contractions cause her to let out a squeal of surprise and stimulation. Giada's body is ravaged under my thrusting assault, causing her limbs to flop as I slam into her. Her breasts undulate and her heels clicking together as I fucked her hard.

Giada is shocked by my sudden rough thrusting assault morphing into amazement at how long I can sustain the violent thrusting. Soon, her emotions are blanked by the driving ecstasy of an orgasm spawning directly on her cervix. Her clitoris is dragging against the carpet and the friction is adding to the blinding sensations now pulsing through her.

Giada erupts in a howling orgasm that drowns out the sounds of my grunting and her heels clattering against each other. Giada feels nothing but her own body pulsing with waves of warm stimulation. Then Giada feels my cock throbbing and jerking as the hot slaps of cum shoots into her. I let out a sighing moan as I came in Giada, my rapid thrusting slowing to easy measured thrusts. I came to a complete stop allowing myself to breath deeply. The room is quiet except for my deep breathing and the quick nasal breathing from Giada.

Abruptly I pull out of Giada and stood up. Giada gasping for breath now casted euro amateur pussyfucked on couch european audition her mouth is free but her reprieve is short lived.

Taking her by the hair, I pull her upright so that she is on her knees forcing my cock, dripping with fresh cum and her juices, into her mouth. " Suck me off." I order and Giada is eagerly sucking on my shaft. She is amazed that I'm so hard but that thought is secondary to her need to suck the cock that has made her feel so amazing.

I stood as Giada slurps on my shaft. " Never been fucked like that, have ya sweetheart?" I laugh as Giada looks up briefly to lock eyes with me then closes them again as she sucks on my shaft.

" You belong to me now, Giada. You understand me?

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I own you." Giada pulls my cock out of her mouth briefly looking up at me. " Yes, Sir." she said quietly and then went back to bathing my cock with her tongue.

" Good." I said with a smile. I'll have a check for you tomorrow, but for now, keep wearing stockings. Stop wearing panties when I'm in town. Understood?" " Yes, Sir." Giada said around a mouthful of cock. Whatever I wanted, she will give it up to me. Anything to feel that amazing cock ignite her inner fire. Anything at all.