18 girl first time sxs xxx

18 girl first time sxs xxx
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Celeste left my bedroom at 2 am going back to her bedroom, her sons bedrooms are the same wing of the house.

I schedule my sex sessions with Celeste and JoJo after their kids go to bed. Both women come to my bedroom suite alternating nights. At 4 am I woke up with a hard on and decide to go to Celeste's bedroom. Celeste is curled up under the bed covers asleep. Normally a light sleeper, she didn't hear the opening of her bedroom door.

She didn't hear me enter the room closing and locking the door. I'm naked entering her bedroom, admiring her sleeping form by the small amount of light the bedroom window provides me.

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I'm horny and excited to fuck her again in her bed. Moving the covers halfway off her semi-naked body, I crawl across to her back in one swift motion, closing my hand around her mouth just before she screams. She tenses up her body as soon as I had wrapped my arms around her.

Unable to scream out loud, she whimpers as my naked body closed in on her. I lean across her ear and nibble lightly on her lobe, my hot breath seeping into her nostrils. Celeste calms down as she smells this, relaxing more as she concentrated on me. I feel her relax, so I tighten my hand over her mouth and squeeze my arms around her roughly.

" Alright you little bitch," I whisper in her ear. " You're gonna get fucked again, whether you want it or not. You better not scream and wake up your kids." She tensed up once again at my words. She is nervous not knowing what I will do to her, but she is awake amateurfili story with a black guy fucking a and eager to play along.

I release my hand from her mouth and she kept quiet as my hand slides down to her breasts. Grabbing one, I massaged it roughly and pull on the nipple, causing a soft moan of pleasure and pain to escape her lips. My hand left her breast to slap her ass hard. " Shut up!" I growl into her ear after she cried out from the slap.

I grab the back of her panties and pull down quickly, taking them as far down as her knees. I shove my fingers in between her closed legs, feeling her wet pussy lips.

Finding her tight hole, I slide in one finger as deep as I can, probing her. She gasps, again from pleasure and pain, I'm being rougher than I was eariler in the night, but she loves it. She feels her pussy getting wet, she subconsciously offered herself tospreading her legs wide. She struggles to come to terms with reality as my body drops onto her. Temporarily rendering her breathless as the air is forced out of her lungs.

" Keep 'em spread Celeste and don't make a fucking sound," I commanded as hard talons force her hands up above her head, away from her body.

Then a moment later I ram my rock hard penis into her. " Your so wet, Celeste." " You were waiting to be conquered again in your bed." Her body offering no resistance as I plunder her core. She is gasping not of fear, it is of lust. She slides deep, almost against her will, her body drawing me in. Her legs alongside my driving body as I start to thrust in and out, kicking and flexing with a fury that surprises her.

I grin. This is the part I love, when I'm deep inside a woman, beyond the point of resistance. When my sexual prowess dominates, my monster cock forcing entry.

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I slam into her, taking wrenching exquisite feelings of ecstasy from her writhing body and she can't do anything about it.

I feel her finger nails digging into my back, gouging furrows out. I slam into her, taking her, vanquishing her, forcing her surrender again. Her body arching, hands digging deep, her feet dancing on my thrusting buttocks. She is mewing and shaking her head, back and forth.

Her mouth opening and closing in a silent scream as her tortured lungs gulp air greedily. " You are mine, Celeste. All mine." There is no pain, much to her surprise. It feels wonderful, her pussy is still full of cum from our fucking at 2 am. My long fat penis thrusting inside her. The pulsing veins and the angle of my attack, jiggling her clit until she feels, she will burst. The realization of her life with me threatens to smother her. Having sex so many times day or night is over whelming.

A monster penis is gouging its way inside her and her body is responding. Oh god. Oh god. she shouldn't be enjoying this but she is. Learning to enjoy rough sex, a monster penis deep inside her, touching virgin areas deep inside her body. Deep, oh so deep, inside.

Pushing against her cervix sending tremors throughout her body. Ah. Ah. Aaaah! Her feelings and emotions entangled as she soars. She loves me and she loves the sensations from our sex sessions. She tries to think of other things. Her kids, her life before meeting me, but the feelings overwhelm her. She thought of me. Strong, powerful, wealthy with sexual prowess, sexual stamina and a sexual appeitte, she never knew existed in a man until she met me.

Plunging deep, rocking her with the intensity of my powerful thrusts. It made it better it made it worse. She is losing control. She knew her legs were kicking and her hands were clawing big tits ladies sharing on one lucky hard cock outdoors my back.

Was it anger? Resentment? Terror? or Love? She is so confused as the feelings overwhelm her. Her orgasm is building. The fire being stoked with an intensity that drove her wild. She tries to hold it back. She didn't want to cum on the end of my prick again. She fought against her feelings. Then I squeeze her breasts. She loves having her breasts manhandled. How did he know?

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She feels like screaming out but the breath is forced from her lungs as the sweet pain blossoms in her chest. She feels it coming, there is no escape. She is in the throes of eroticism as her orgasm blooms. Blood rushing in her ears as I conquer her again. I have conquered her for the fourth time tonight, and it feels so good. I feel the ripples travelling down her vaginal tunnel as Celeste writhes beneath me, as I continue to fuck her.

At first I'm puzzled, lesbea young girl gets soaking wet being fingered after oil massage then I realize Celeste is becoming a passionate woman, free to enjoy sex. I'm proud of my monster penis, it is long, very thick and it creates a sweet look of pain in the eyes of women.

But I now have six beautiful Arab women, four never married virgins, two wanting children, two undecided, one divorced woman with three sons and one separated in the process of a divorce with two children.

Both of the divorced women are having surgery to prevent pregnancy. All six women are slowly blossoming into passionate lovers.

Her convulsions and thrashing limbs spoke volumes. Her muffled screams, her tightly closed eyes and bowstring taut body confirms it. She has a massive orgasm. Using every ounce of strength in my body I ram my steel hard cock deep inside her. Her muffled screams ringing in my ear.

I sent her over the edge of eroticism tearing indescribable feelings from her body. The massive orgasm has left her limp and exhausted. This is the second massive orgasm tonight along with multiple smaller orgasms.

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She had never experienced orgasms like this in her life. As it subsided she just wanted to be left alone to confront her tangled feelings. I have other ideas. My pace increases to the primal animal level as my thrusts became even more intense. Slamming her body into the bed until the bed springs creaked in protest at the hammering strokes that invaded her. She had never been fucked like this until she met me. Sex with me is brutal, primeval and punishing.

She feels the savage primal beast that is surging through my body as I drew back for each terrifying stroke. It is like I'm trying to tear her in half. Forcing myself up through her body until I tore her in two. The sensations overwhelming her numbed senses as she is reduced to a existing on a level where only feelings count. My intensity increasing as I draw mom and son morning sex virtually all the way out and ram into her as hard as I can.

Pushing her up the bed until her head, softened by the pillows, slam onto the head-board. She feels so open and vulnerable. So helpless and frail up against my brutal assault.

Waves of ecstasy washing over her. She had never had it this good until being with me. The feelings took over and her muffled screams continue. I feel my balls boiling a fresh batch of juices now. Making another load destined for her. She is going to feel me pumping my seed deep inside her and she will know that I had conquered her again.

Taken her for the fourth time tonight. Fucking her without mercy. I feel my balls tighten and my cock swell deep inside her as I continue to impale her.

Here it comes Celeste its all for you. I push my hips down onto hers as I force my cock head deep inside her womb. Then I hold her tight. " Get ready to take my load Celeste," I gasp as the generous pulsing spurts start to erupt deep inside her. Her eyes flew open and she stares at me in silent supplication as I pump load after load into her. Then her body tenses and her pussy grips me like a vise. Drawing more of the seed from my convulsing cock into her. Ah Celeste! Ah Celeste! I groan as she cums again.

It is too late as she can't hold back. Both of us caught in a typhoon as I continue to slam into her. Higher and higher into the vortex we ascended. I'm forcing another orgasm from her. Her emotions are in tatters again as I push down onto her. She knew what was coming again. Her womb will be flooded with my seed again. She is laying beneath me taking it. I had again robbed her body of the power to move coherently.

She looks up at me, willing me to impale her one final time. Then the feelings struck again and she found herself teetering on the brink of an abyss. Another warm splashing of my seed, deep inside her, pushing her over the amara romani gets fucked by stepmom silvia saige and another wave of orgasms slam into her like a freight train. She feels herself again spinning into a whirlpool of ecstasy as my seed fills her womb.

She has been truly taken and her womanhood is in full bloom. It feels so very, very good. At last the final spurt of sperm jerks into her and she feels my body convulse for one last time. My cock is losing its stiffness and she feels the oily slime oozing out of her ravaged pussy.

Her body feels deliciously refreshed but her mind is in turmoil. I'm weary and conscious of the fact that I must leave before Celeste's kids wake up. I push myself free and stood up. She murmurs but didn't open her eyes or cry out. I watch her as I slip into my robe. Celeste lays there, spread wide with one knee bent and the other leg thrust out at an angle from her body.

Low moans escaping from her as her crotch oozes obscenely. I see her panties lying on the floor where I had thrown them.

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I bend over grabbing them up. The touch of silk is cool on my fingers as I linger over her. Finally I turn to go. Dawn is starting to streak the sky. Daylight must find me far from here. As I made my way to the door I was sure I heard her murmur something to me