Ginormous black man destroying this skank tube porn

Ginormous black man destroying this skank tube porn
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The rain poured down, it turned the once dry soil into a mess of mud and roots, but yet Warren still pushed on. He trekked deeper and deeper in the hilly country, his rifle and a large water bottle slung over his shoulder and a knife and rope tied to his belt, he made it to his favourite hunting spot, Pierce Valley. From the place where he stood he could see deer moving along the rise of the valley, but the distance was too large and he continued moving.

An hour passed, the rain had stopped, and Warren had made his way up to the place where he had seen the deer.

They had moved further along the valley and this time he had a clear shot. He lined up his shot, the sight placed upon the large buck he had hunted before, and squeezed the trigger.

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It was a direct hit, the dart had stuck, and the rest of the deer had scattered. The buck ran only a few paces before it laid down on the ground, its body numb and its legs useless. Warren walks over to the buck checks him, still breathing and heart beating, before making sure that if the buck regains consciousnesss it won't get away until he was finished.

He takes the rope and ties the legs together, moving the body with difficulty until he was in the right position.

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Warren had been hunting this buck successfully for the past four months, it was the third successful animal he had hunted, the first being a nanny mountain goat and the second another buck. The reason he hunted like this was because he wanted his turn at holding the neighbourhood BBQ to always be a memorable night, the last two times people complimented him on how good his meat tasted.

Everyone asked for the secret to getting such flavour packed meat but he never told and never will, he wanted to be the only person to know that sodomised meat tastes the best. Since it was his third time holding the BBQ he needed something special to really wow them, so he found this buck and has been improving the flavour every three days. He lifted the buck's tail and opened the water bottle, he tipped it up to let the water pour into and out of the animal's juicy asshole.

He wanted it to be clean so he waited for the entire two litres of water to flood inside the buck, Warren then pushed three of his fingers inside, feeling the buck's relaxed hole, the water pouring out as he pushes his hand even deeper. He pulled his fingers out, unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants, Warren pulled his hard cock out of his pants.

To Warren this wasn't sexual, this was preparing the meat. Warren rubbed his cock slowly as he positioned the tip at the buck's wet hole. He grabbed the buck's tail tightly before pushing himself balls deep, the remaining water dripping out as he thrusts, the wet sound of his cock pounding the buck filling the area around him. Warren readjusts his footing and continues to thrust, his hips moving faster and his movements getting harder.

He lets out a small moan, thinking about how nice the meat is going to taste, all the praise he will receive from his neighbours, and the feeling of accomplishment after all his hard work. He pulls his cock out to push his fist inside, slowly fisting it with one hand as he strokes himself, the asshole now opened wide.

The buck was loose, but just tight enough for Warren to feel some resistance as he pumps his arm in and out, rolling over the prostate and tenderising the ass of this beautiful deer. He pushes his arm in halfway between the busty chicks on pussy licking and dildo playing and shoulder, taking it out quickly with a pop and letting the asshole slowly close again. He positions his cock once more, sliding it all the way in again, and thrusting into a quickening rhythm he can keep going.

He picks up the speed again as he begins to feel the buck waking up, the animal's head shifting and asshole tigthening. His body was burning with exertion but he knew it would be worth it, his length slamming into the hole, fucking the buck with all the power he could summon. Then finally, Warren came, the thick semen shooting deep into the ass of the semi conscious animal, his thrusts slowing but becoming harder so he could hear the moist sound louder. He withdraws his cock with a long moan, water and cum dribbling out.

Warren kneels down and places his lips on the buck's asshole, eating the asshole like a peach with his tongue slipping inside.

He places his hand on and massages the animal's pulsing balls as a thankyou for what the buck was apart of.

He takes his head away, a strand of his cum creating a silk like bridge for a split second, and stands up. "I think it's going to be the best barbeque ever." Warren smiles, pulling up his pants and redoing his belt. He takes his knife and cuts the rope, dragging it away as he grabs his rifle and empty water bottle.

He makes his way back across the valley wall, looking back to see the animal wobble on to it's feet with it's large erect dripping penis hanging beneath it.

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It wanders the way the rest of the deer fled, and Warren heads home for the day. Two more of those, and then he'll bring the real gun. The End.

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