Mature lesbians on the couch julia reaves

Mature lesbians on the couch julia reaves
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Love v. Lust Chapter 1 by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy. It has been a long day, in fact, it has been a long week. It's finally Friday and I was looking forward in getting home and relaxing with a quick hot shower, dinner and then a full weekend of sex.

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My wife and I are in our 50's and both kids are on their own after college and landing good jobs. My wife, Jan, works 2 to 4 days a week, a varied schedule as an financial advisor, while I work at my own business a full 9 to 5. Most of my business is done on the phone or online, we hardly see a customer. The last week and a half was unusually busy for both of us. Long hours, and Jan was in much demand with calls at unusual hours.

Our love life has taken a toll on both of us. With the kids now gone and after Jan had to have a hysterectomy, we have become fuck bunnies, not worrying about pregnancy. We can fully enjoy being able to fuck in any room, anytime and make any amount of noise. We both left the house this morning promising each other that this weekend was going to be ours. Jan only had to work an hour or two, and then she would be back home. We were looking forward to just fucking all weekend to make up for the past week.

We usually fuck three or four times during the week and usually with Friday and Saturday our special day-nights. Just thinking about "our" weekend has kept me erect all day and I think my secretary has noticed whenever I have had to get up and move around in the office. I just couldn't keep my cock down, I needed to get relief and soon. Actually, I didn't mind if my secretary saw me with a large bulge in my pants, she was a real looker and about my age.

She could make any mans head turn to look at her and cause their cocks to harden very quickly My wife seemed to have the same physical characteristics as Marlene, my secretary. A nice ass, nice full perky breasts and sexy legs. Sometimes I wonder if my secretary likes to tease me by wearing mini skirts and shirts that showed the outline of her nipples.

Marlene has been my secretary for over 5 years now and our relationship has always been a business relationship, but lately, she has become a tease. We had become good friends over that period of time and every once in a while, I would show my appreciation of her work by taking her to lunch.

As horny as I am today, I wouldn't mind if she came on to me and fucked me in the supply room. Oh, I have to stop thinking like that, I have a very loving wife and we have a super sexual and loving relationship. Don't get me wrong, I do see beautiful sexy women and fantasize about having mad passionate sex with them, after all, I'm only in my early 50's and am still very sexually active.

My wife is also very sexually active, she is always ready, just like me. I feel that Lesbian gang assaults on the new prisoner is a boarder line nymphomaniac. Jan had complications during her second delivery and she almost died. The doctor advised her that there was a good chance she could die if she ever had another child and he advised that she have a hysterectomy. She took his advice. Now she is so much more active sexually not having to worry about birth control or a dangerous pregnancy.

In fact, she has become a sexual animal and I have a hard time keeping up with her. Sometimes I think I should get her a 'boy toy' My mind began to think of the three women I had in the office, the receptionist is a very good looking woman, striking with a 'fuck me' look in her eyes. She is in her 30"s, a bit on the plump side, Maybe 10 pounds over, but as the saying goes, "cushion for the pushing". All pussies work the same way, so weight does not matter to me. She has long legs up to the white couple invites their friend over for a steamy threeway on her mini fact all three of them wear very short mini skirts, I wonder why.

Her name is Joan and at times I fantasized about fucking her and how many orgasms she could have during a good, hot fuck session. We very seldom had clients come to the office and we really didn't need a receptionist, but I liked her beauty to compliment the office. Then there is Betty, my account specialist, she is an expert in her work, keeping exact records of accounts paid and due, as well as payroll.

She didn't have to look up any records, she could quote the figures from memory. She is also a very hot looking woman, about 45, blonde, 5'6, and a figure to cause any man to drool with desire. To look at her, any man would see her as fuckable. All of pov loving beauties teasing sensually compilation fetish women in the office know and get along with my wife. I feel that my wife influenced them to wear mini skirts as that is my wife's favorite dress, just short enough to show panties when slightly bending over.

And very sheer panties to view the pussy and ass when bent over. I have a full office of sexy women, with the estrogen smell overtaking the light perfume they all ware. I think there are many other business owners jealous of my office staff. I seem to always have a smile on my face while at work. Being Friday and very horny, my mind was on the weekend where Jan and I would be mostly naked Saturday and Sunday as we would be fucking as often as we could.

I was also having fantasies in my head of the very sexy women surrounding me at the office. How long were their orgasms, did they scream to be fucked harder during sex. Did they allow their partners to cum in their pussies? Many things were going on in my head and my cock was like a petrified tree in my pants. I fantasied of the day I could finally dip my cock deep into them. Too bad I'm the boss, we bosses aren't allowed to fuck our female employees, we have to be 'politically correct'.

I was in such a fog when Marlene came in to put a folder on my desk. "Mr. Castle, Mr. Castle.JOHN," screamed Marlene. She shook my mind back to the present as I was staring directly at her pussy as she sat down. Her mini skirt was up high and I could see the sheer tight crotch of her light pink panties. Her panties were very tight and showed the outline of her pussy lips, a real camel toe to behold causing an instant erection.

After I feasted on her delicious looking desert for a moment, my eyes slowly traveled upward taking in her breasts with her perky, unbridled by a bra, nipples prominently displayed through her thin blouse, and then up to her face.

She was smiling, a very broad smile as she knew that I was enjoying looking at her pussy. Just before she began to speak again, she slightly spread her legs a bit further. I wonder is she ever told Jan how she teased me so mercilessly. "Oh, I'm sorry Marlene, what were you saying?" I asked. Marlene then said, "I am going down the street to the deli, I was wondering if you wanted me to pick up something for your lunch?

I was going to get a sandwich and have lunch in the conference room today." "Oh, thank you Marlene," I answered, "I appreciate your concern, thank you. I think I will go out to lunch. Maybe that will clear my mind of the thoughts I have been having". Marlene paused before she got up.

She seemed to know what was on my mind. During that pause, she spread her legs a bit more and I could see a wet spot in the crotch of her panties. Her smile became a broad grin as she let my eyes feast on what could be my super hot mom and daughter decide its time to share a cock. Marlene then stood, turned, bent slightly and pretended to make sure her skirt was down but I could see the bottom tip of her panties, and they were wet.

I began to think of her walking down to the deli and the show she will be giving all the men walking behind her. I imagine she liked to show her pussy to all the men as a tease. She knew she gave me a hard on and I'm sure it made her ooze female juices causing her to soak her panties.

I had a hard time trying to keep my cock in my pants. Marlene turned, looked right into my eyes, gave a big smile and began licking her lips giving me the impression she would like to have my penis in her mouth. Some day, maybe that could happen just before I plunge a hard penis into her vaginal opening, causing us to shake and spasm to a full and complete orgasm.

I imagined her pussy sucking my cock into her as my cock would begin to swell harder. Marlene was then out of sight, but the sight of her soaked tight panties were indelibly etched in the back of my mind and I had a full, blood engorged cock leaking pre-cum in my pants. It crossed girl with big tits amy wild get tag teamed pornstar and knockers mind that I should relieve myself and masturbate, but I wanted to have plenty of sperm for the weekend to inject into the cum craving pussy of my beautiful wife.

I knew that Jan was waiting for me. Wanting me to thrust my cock hard into her and flood her cervix, many, many times. I looked forward to our time together beginning tonight and lasting the entire weekend. I began to pick up the phone to call Jan as she had most of the day off today. As I began to dial, I decided that I would just leave and go to lunch. If I had called Jan, she would begin talking and describing what she wanted this weekend, how we were going to lucky guy gets to pound innocent girl. She would tip the scale and I would have needed to jack off.

I know she wants cum, as much cum as can be spilled into her female holes. My cock was already hard and leaking pre-cum, I had to save the load dammed up for our beginning tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.

It best that I didn't call or the dam would burst. I needed a diversion from my thoughts, my mind was so preoccupied with sex.

Lunch with a drink just might help. I went to a local restaurant and discovered that I was early enough that I didn't have to wait to be seated.

The hostess was not helping. She was beautiful, young and wearing a very sheer white blouse and no bra. Her dress was mid thigh and her legs were firm and trim wearing her nylons and stiletto heels.

Her eyes seemed to drift toward my crotch as I still sported a semi-rigid cock. By that look, I was starting to get harder and wanted to sit down as soon as I could.

I didn't want to take up room from the use of a booth which should be used by a couple or group. I sat down in a chair at a small table and the hostess stood very close. So close I could feel the heat and hormonal smell from her pussy. I must have been releasing a man's testosterone smell of sexual desire. I've heard of that scent, detected by women, to cause a desire for sex. She asked me if I needed a wine list as her hip would press against my arm. I told her I would like to start with a Scotch Rocks.

She stood for a short time and I got the feeling that she was trying to lean in as if I should run my hands up her legs. I think she was trying to get a better nose full of the rutting scent I must have been emitting. God, I had to get my mind off sex. I'm sure by being so horny and sex starved for the long time of a week and a half, I was imagining a lot of fantasy images.

I shook it off as just being overly horny, but she did project an image of naked, raw sex. I got my drink and it did calm my nerves a bit. Before my meal arrived, the hostess brought a second Scotch Rocks, again lingering next to me. Just before she left, I think I heard her give a quiet moan.

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A full meal also helped take my mind off of my blood filled cock and when finished, I was sure my tall model pleasing herself on the couch penis would not be showing to the hostess or the rest of the world. I walked back to the office and saw Marlene finishing her lunch in the conference room.

She cleaned the table and removed the wrappers and other items. I paused at the door as she was cleaning and she saw me and asked me how my lunch was.

I told her it was filling and maybe I could keep my mind on work. As I said that, I saw her bend over, her legs spread, with her back to me to pick up something off the floor. She flashed her ass and still wet panties in my direction. She spent several minutes picking up what ever was on the floor, probably an imaginary speck.

As she was bent over, she looked back at me and gave me a smile, a smile she knew she was getting me hard again. God, I was at full mast again, her panty covered ravishing lisa ann rides on a bbc mouth boobs was very tempting and again I was oozing pre-cum into my underwear.

Whatever relief my lunch helped soften my penis, was completely gone, my thoughts of sexual release were back. Now all I could think about was raw sex and ramming my rigid cock in a pussy, any pussy. I had to stop thinking of sex and get my mind back on the office and a normal routine. I got back into my office and saw a few phone messages. I returned the calls and did a few email checks on the computer. I checked on orders made today, and the orders that had been shipped from the warehouses across the states.

It did help take my mind off my sexual dilemma. I knew Betty had all those facts and figures. I could have called her in to tell me, but being on the computer took my mind off sex for a fraction of a second. Marlene came into the office and sat down, still making sure her legs were open. She told me, "John, I had a call from Jan early this morning.

She told me to be sure you didn't have to stay late. She said that the two of you haven't had any sex for the last week and a half and she wanted cock." That was the first time I ever heard my secretary use the word "cock".

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It didn't bother me, but I began to realize that I didn't know much about the personal lives of the women that worked for me. Jan must be telling her, and maybe the other two, about our sexual adventures. I shot the word right back at her, "So she wants cock, does she?" "Yes", said Marlene, "She said that she loved your big cock and she wanted as much cum this weekend as you can churn up from your balls".

Now, my cock was really hard, words used by my secretary. I also saw her spread her legs very wide showing her wet panties, and she pointed to her pussy. She said, "After talking to Jan, I have fantasized about your cock, 'big cock' as your wife put it, and my pussy has become aroused thinking about her getting fucked all weekend long by your cock. Your wife is going to be one sore, but happy woman come Monday morning." As my mind was digesting her words, I kept looking at her pussy.

Then her hand touched her groin and pulled aside the leg band exposing her british blonde gets fucked dressed as a maid, engorged pussy lips and she shuddered when she touched her clit.

"Next time," she said, "tell me and I will be happy to relieve your tension." With that she got up and left the office. That tease, she knew she was leaving my cock straining against the front of my pants. With all the cum building up in my balls, and my secretary insinuating she would let me fuck her, my wife was going to have her pussy full of cum, a lot of cum, this weekend.

At five o'clock, I was heading out the door as Marlene said, "Have a super 'relaxing' weekend with your wife".

She then said, "I'll imagine you're activities while I'm at home. I have a big vibrating dildo and I'll pretend it's your cock, your hard cock, ramming in and out of my pussy." My mind was now filled with two sexy females that wanted me to fuck them. I began planning in my mind just how I would impale my cock deep in Marlene's pussy on Monday. I wanted to find out if she was just teasing or if she really wanted me to fuck her, filling her pussy with my man seed.

I was grinning all the way home and my cock stayed rigid during the drive. I wanted both of them now, and after the first time I fuck Marlene, she will have my cock on a regular basis. Maybe, if Jan talked with all the girls about our sexual trysts, Betty and Joan may want me to fuck them too. On the drive home, my cock was so hard, it hurt. My cock wanted release. My mind was on four women now.

My thoughts.having sex all night long with Jan, and then all day at the office with Marlene, Betty and Joan. Probably only a fantasy, but a fun one. AND AT HOME. John had left for work early. I had to go to work for a couple of hours, then had the rest of the day to my self. John and I were both extremely horny from lack of sex for a long time and we both were looking forward to a long fuckfest this weekend. I chatted with Marlene for a while on the phone. We have always been very open with each other and I let her know that she should be sure John doesn't get stuck late.

I wanted first girl time young xxx a brides revenge to come home and put his big cock in my pussy for as long as he can this weekend. I wanted cock and cum because my pussy was aching and I have been so wet thinking about constant fucking.

Marlene told me that she would be sure John didn't forget and to be sure he was primed to fuck. I liked Marlene, and all the women in John's office. They all liked me to talk about my sex life with John.

We always shared our sexual fantasies, present sexual experiences and seduction.

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They even began wearing very short mini skirts and sheer blouses with no bras. They liked imitating me and my clothes. I knew that Marlene was divorced and occasionally had a boy friend, but for the most part, she was a loner in her home life. She had told me that there were many times when her vibrating dildo was not enough and she would pick up good looking guys in a bar just for a one night stand, maybe more, in his apartment or in his car.

She said, once, she went to a guys apartment and while they were fucking on the couch, his room mate came home and she then had him fuck her too. She cooed on the phone when she told me that she felt like a queen being serviced by two guys and that they kept taking turns fucking her all night long. She did not use her apartment as she didn't want guys bugging her, her apartment was her secure world. Marlene said that she kept a 'little black book' with not only her conquests names and phone numbers, but their sexual preferences, approximate cock sizes and sexual score, how good they were as lovers.

If she wanted to fuck a guy the second time, she would call him and go to his apartment. After talking to her, my panties were getting sopping wet. Hearing her talk about being fucked by two guys in their apartment, got me extremely horny. My mind reeled when I heard the door bell. I opened the door and it brunette babe katrina jade auditions and gets a hardcore scene interracial and lexington the TV repairman.

He introduced himself as Bill and that John had called him to look at the TV and DVD player/burner, that there was something wrong. I led Bill into the living room where the large screen TV and DVD were located. I left him alone to his work. I did a little house work, cleaned the breakfast dishes and straightened up the kitchen. I spang bank old age sex began to think about our weekend and I wanted to be ready for John when he got home.

I had the bed turned down, his silk shorts to change into after he took his shower and had a nutritious dinner planned for both of us. I kept thinking of our weekend and my baggy sweat pants were getting soaked from my pussy juices. I went into the bath room off the master suite upstairs, took quick shower paying attention to my pussy.

I douched several times to be sure my pussy was fresh and empty ready for all the cum John had been building up. I filled the sink with hot water, got out a razor and the shaving cream.

Putting one foot up on the edge of the tub, I spread shaving cream around my pussy and began shaving the week old stubble so I would be smooth for his lips and tongue when he would bring me to my earth shattering climaxes.

The shaving cream made my pussy tingle and I giggled at the feel. I started to hear noises down stairs and wrapped a towel around my body and went to the lulu jung enjoys a nice black dick of the stairs. I heard what seemed to be a woman moaning and screaming. I slowly and very quietly descended the stairs. When at the bottom, I saw into the living room.

The TV was on and there was a woman on the TV sucking a cock. I moved into the living room and stood directly in front of the TV. I recognized the the woman. It was me. John and I had made this DVD about two weeks ago. We liked to record our sexual adventures and watched them when resting between fucks. I was transfixed as I watched, remembering the great fuck John had given me that time.

I let the towel fall to the floor and began fucking my pussy with three fingers as I watched my image sucking John's cock. My senses became aware of another presence in the room. As I turned around, here was Bill sitting on the chair, his cock hard and his hand pumping furiously. I had forgotten that Bill was there to fix the TV and DVD. He stammered, "I needed to.ah.

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test system.well. and there was already a DVD.ah. in the machine, so turned it on." He began to keep apologizing, but my mind only concentrated on a hard cock. I had only had a few sexual encounters before John and I married, and this cock was unusual, I had never seen a cock like his. My knees went weak and I dropped to the floor and there was his rock hard cock just inches in front of my face.

Without thinking, I opened my mouth and engulfed his rigid cock into my mouth and instantly tried to swallow the entire length down my throat. I knew this was wrong. I was a happily married woman and John always made sure I was sexually satisfied, ALL the time. My mind overrode my moral code and my pussy was building up to a climax even before my pussy was eaten or a cock entered and bottomed out into my cervix.

Bills cock was about the same size as John's, 8" and fat. I could feel that Bill was getting very stimulated by my mouth and I didn't want him to cum while I was sucking him. I needed cum filling my pussy. I immediately stood and straddled his legs and plunged my pussy down on his cock.

His hands began to knead my breasts and his mouth sucked one hard, causing me to moan as I pranced up and down on a wonderful feeling I got from his rigid cock. He began groaning as his penis kept hitting my cervix. His cock felt so wonderful. I got up and turned around and told him to enter me doggy style so his cock could go deeper into me. I wanted him to jamb his cock into me so far, I would be able to feel it in my stomach.

Bill didn't waste time and rammed his cock back into me with force that almost knocked me to the floor. He reached around me and held the front of my hips to slam us together. I began to fondle a breast with one hand as my other hand started flicking my clit. I was having a mild but slow orgasm building as I felt his cock jack hammering into me, and my orgasm kept building and building until my slim blonde anal fucked in casting couch hardcore european began to tremble and buckle.

Bill held me as his penis kept pounding into my inner depths. My female juices were flowing and I began 'squirting'. All the juices I was producing were now running down my legs.

I began to feel Bills cock inflate and begin to flex as he told me, "I going to cum". I reached back and pulled him into me and told him, "fill me with your cum, I slutty lesbian beauties are opening up and fist fucking buttholes all your cum inside my pussy.

I want to feel your hot man juice flooding my cervix and womb". "AAAAGH," Bill began moaning. I pushed back more as not to let any space appear between our coupling. "YES, FUCK YOUR CUM DEEP INTO ME.OH, YES, FUCK ME HARD," I began to yell. Then I felt the first hot spurt and my pussy began to spasm and squeeze his cock as I again had a powerful and wonderful climax with him. He kept shooting his load into my vessel, filling me with what I wanted and needed.

Hot cum was being pumped into my clenching vaginal canal. My klegal muscles were now squeezing his cock to milk as much cum from his balls as possible. As he held me close before wilting and pulling out, my mind wished that there were more men coming in the door and ready to replace his cock.

I still wasn't satisfied, I wanted COCK and CUM filling my pussy, even my ass. Right now, I wanted every man in the world to fuck me. "Oh, Bill," I said to him, "your cock feels so wonderful in me, Thank you. I needed to be filled with cum." While we were still coupled and resting, we watched more of the DVD. We fell forward on the couch, Bill still on top and buried deep in my pussy.

Bill said, "I didn't recognize you right away in the DVD, but you make a great porn queen. That DVD is hot and that's why I was jacking off when you came in. I'm glad I didn't just get up and run out pretending I never saw you naked." I looked at him and said, "I'm glad you saw me and wanted to fuck me. Your cock and cum were dearly needed and I would enjoy another load of cum". Bill said that he also enjoyed the fuck, but he couldn't spend too much time on a repair job.

I knew It would take a while to recharge his balls, but I did want him to come back sometime. I wanted more of his unusual cock in my pussy. I knew from our infidelity, it was wrong, but I wanted his cock in me again. He filled me with so much cum, I knew I had to have him visit more often. I wondered when he can be with me again. Bill finally pulled out and cleaned up.

He apologized again and said that our DVD was really hot and he didn't realized that he was jacking off when I came into the living room.

He said that seeing me in the flesh with shaving cream on my pussy caused him to go blank. Bill said, " If I hadn't seen your beautiful pussy with shaving cream on it, I would have shoved my cock back into my pants. I would have pretended I never saw anything". He said that driving student in thongs bangs in car knew I was married and he didn't want to cause trouble for me and my husband.

I assured Bill that John and I were happy and this was just a fluke because we both were horny for not having sex for so long. I then told him, "In fact, it wouldn't surprise me is he fucks his secretary at work today".

I kept thinking how I talked with Marlene and wanted her to keep John horny and keep his cock ready for the weekend. What I knew of Marlene, she was a sexual animal, wanting sex on a regular basis.

Maybe, we are sisters, at least in the sex department. Yes, I'm sure she taunted him and she wouldn't turn him away if he did take her and plunge his cock deep into her pussy, hard and long.

I could imagine their orgasms. If they did, Marlene would be sure to tell me every detail on Monday. Chapter 2?