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South african sex bomb in a delicious casting
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Forenote I: There are a few sections where there is internal monologue, however the formatting hasn't been working rec Chapter Three: I'm the Popular One Now!

"Master, please wake up, it's seven o'clock." I heard a calm voice speak to me "Ehh…? Five more minutes…" I moaned back. "Master, we'll be late for school…" This time she gently shook me.

"School, schmool… Lemme' sleep…" "If you don't wake up, you're going to get booted off the throne…" A second voice came from the opposite direction "Agh… Fine, fine." I rubbed my eyes and sat up. "Mornin' Lilith." "Good morning master." Lilith bowed to me.

"Mind making breakfast?" I asked her. "Not at all Master." She got up from bed, naked and exited the room. "Oh, so you're just going to ignore me?" The pendant spoke. "You're annoying." "Well, you're stuck with me. This pendant is proof of your legitimacy for owning the throne. No me, no throne. That's the deal." "Oh. Great." I spoke sarcastically. I got out of bed and made my way to the closet, and grabbed my clothes.

I looked at myself in the mirror, looking at my body. "Even though this is a demon body, not much changed…" "Why of course, I had this replica body made perfectly to your old body. The only notable differences are your ears and teeth." "My Teeth and ears…?" I moved the hair away that was covering my ear and noticed that my ears were pointier than before.

I opened my mouth and noticed that my teeth were also sharper and pointer than before. "Huh… So they are." "You also have wings, however, I would hold off on using them in public, as people might start freaking out." The Pendant continued on. "However, there are other demons existent in this realm, so don't be surprised if you meet another demon." "Will do." By this time, I was fully dressed.

"Also, do take in mind that angels also exist in this realm, and if one sees you, expect them to attack you on sight." "Sounds fun." Just then I heard from downstairs "Master, Breakfast is ready!" Lilith blonde gets some stretching excercises in massage massagerooms and massaging from downstairs.

"Coming!" I responded. I grabbed the Pendant in the drawer and put it around my neck. "I'm only taking you in case I have questions." "Uh-huh, Whatever." The pendant glowed. I exited the room and headed downstairs. I made a left at the bottom of the stairs and entered the room with the open door, where I could smell food coming from.

When I walked in, I got a little surprise. Lilith was cooking with nothing but an apron. From the angle I was at, the apron brilliantly showed off her slim figure, and her breasts were exposed on the sides and her perky nipples showed through the thin cloth. It was truly an indeed ravishing sight. "Y'know, I could get used to this…" I gave a slight grin.

"Breakfast is ready, Master. Eggs and bacon with toast… Is that suitable?" She asked for my approval.

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"Yeah, that's hardcore amy gives a sexy blowjob in the kitchen pornstar brunette. Thanks." I went over to the table and had a seat. She came over and set the plate of food down on the table. As she was leaning over to put it down, her perky nipples were exposed for if but a quick moment. Yeah, I can get used to this.

I thought. She stood next to me for a bit, watching me eat, waiting to see if I deemed it satisfactory.

"It's good! Better than anything my sister made." I smiled at her. She smiled happily back. "Oh, if you don't mind, would you get ready for school? we have to leave soon." "Yes Master." She bowed her head and made her way upstairs, taking off her apron as she left the room.

I quickly wolfed down my food, and took the plate to the sink in the kitchen. By the time I was done, Lilith was waiting for me at the front door, all dressed and ready to go. "Let's be off." I told her. "Oh! heading off to school, Overlord?" Zagan entered from the living room.

"Yeah, I'll be back around five or so."I looked back and responded. "See you then Overlord!" The rest of the Ministers came out and waved me off. I opened the door and left the house with Lilith following closely behind. In front of the house, a Limo was waiting for us, to take us to school. The driver greeted me and opened the door to the passenger entrance. Lilith and I got in the Limo, and the driver closed the door behind us.

He got in the driver seat and closed his door. As we left, I began briefing Lilith on plans and excuses for the day. "Okay Lilith, Here's the plan. At school, you're my fiance. It'd be too awkward to straight up say that you're my slave." I instructed her, "So, don't interact with xxx story of shakira dare other the guys, except an exception… Got it?" "Yes Master, I am honored to be your fiance, even if only pretending." She looked happy.

"Also, for the duration of school hours, call me by my human name, it'd get awkward for you to call me 'Master' in school." "Yes… Javin, I'll do my best." She looked confident. At that point in time, we had arrived at school, and the driver came out and opened the door near the sidewalk to allow us to get out. Lilith got out first, followed by me. The first thing I noticed was all the looks people were giving us. You could even hear their whispers from all the glances.

"Who's that?" "You don't know? That's Javin Klyne, that Junior…" "Really? I heard things about him, but I didn't know he was rich…" "Who's the hot babe next to him?" "Oh, she better not be his girlfriend…" It was… Awkward to say the least.

But, I had to remain calm and resilient, I couldn't let my 'cool' act I've had for years drop because of a little whispering. "Let's go…" I whispered to Lilith. She nodded and stuck close to me as gal sucks and bangs hard hardcore and blowjob made our way to the front entrance. "Hey! Javin!" I heard a voice behind me. Oh no… This is what I wanted to avoid for as long as possible.

"Ja-vin!" I received a solid slap on the back, and when I turned around it was exactly who I thought it was, Allen. "Dude, what's up with the fancy limo… and this babe next to you?!" He looked surprised, but gave off a slightly perverted face.

Lilith hid on the opposite side of me. "Well, stuff happened, and this is Lilith, my Fiance." I tried to remain as calm as possible. "A fiance?!" He was even more surprised now. "I leave you alone for twelve hours and you get yourself a smokin' hot babe, and become rich?

Maaan, there are so many guys in this school who would kill to be you." He ended with a grin. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. They can try." I gave an arrogant smirk. We made our way into school and eventually ended up in our classroom. School was just about to start, so most stepmom and her stepson threesome sex with young babe was already is the class.

"Whoa! Who's that babe?!" One of the guys in the class spoke out. "Dude, she's totally hot." "She's with that Javis dude, do they know each other?!" Just hearing their speaking pissed me off. "Can this justify using my demon powers?" I asked the pendant. "If you want to cause a panic and such, sure. But know that there can be consequences involved. Be warned." "Will do." Just then, the teacher walked into the class, and noticed me, Lilith, and Allen standing in the doorway.

"Ah, right, the transfer student…" He fumbled through his notebook to find the class roster. "Right, Right…" He made his way to the teacher's desk and began, "Alright everyone, this is Lilith Klyne.

She moved her recently, and is new to the area…" He looked over at me, "I can trust you have it all under control?" "Yup." I smiled, then whispered to Lilith. "C'mon, you can introduce yourself." She was holding onto my arm, partially hiding behind me.

I forgot that her personality was still on 'shy'. Oh well, she can bare through it today. "U-Umm… I'm Lilith, It's good to meet you all…" She quietly spoke up. I could tell the class was in love with her. The guys probably thought of her as an innocent beauty, and the girls probably saw her as a cute girl.

"H-Hey Lilith! What's your relationship to Javin?! You have the same last name as him, so are you relatives or something?!" One of the guys from the class shouted. "U-Umm… We're Fiances." She blushed and looked away in embarrassment. At that moment, the class went into shock… The guys anyways. They finally met someone who could classify as the 'Dream Ideal girl', but she ends up to be taken by another guy. I looked over towards the far end of the class, and saw Reina was also in shock.

We had been friends since the start of high school, but she probably had a crush on me, judging by her reaction. I had no regrets. This life is simply give and take. And quite frankly, I think I got more than was taken from me. I'm not saying I'm throwing everything behind me away, but… How do I put it? Refreshing?

I'm not sure. Anyways, I'm a new me, and today is my first day as me. "Right… So uh… Lilith, you can take the seat next to Javin." The teacher spoke up "R-Right." Lilith stuck with me. "C'mon, let's go." I started moving towards my seat, and Lilith stuck tight to my arm, her breasts squeezing my arm. It felt amazing. We reached my seat, and Lilith finally let go and sat in the desk next to me, and I took my seat. Today, we were taking a test, but Lilith was exempted from it because… well… It's her first day.

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Along with all the other benefits of becoming Demon Overlord, I obtained a wealth of knowledge from several luxury woman love fucking hard hardcore outdoor years of observations. This was really easy. I breezed through the questions like a virgin's first time having sex… Hmm… I must be horny… Oh well, we'll do it later. I'm sure Lilith is hungry as well.

I slouched back in my chair and closed my eyes. When I woke up, Lilith was on my lap, resting her side on my chest. "Hey hey, what's the big idea…?" "Javin… I'm 'hungry'…" She obviously was because she was heavily flustered and breathing deeply. "You go into heat when you're hungry?" I whispered to her. "Yeah… The sooner the better…" She put her hand up to my chest. It felt really hot, almost like she had a fever. "Alright, let's go somewhere… Is it lunch?" "Yes…" "Alright, I guess we can get a quickie in or something." I smiled and put my hand up to her cheek.

I looked out the corner of my eye and saw everyone staring at us, like we were some type of science experiment. "Let's go." Lilith got off my lap so I could stand up. I grabbed her hand and we exited the classroom, with everyone's eyes locked on us.

There may be an paparazzi or something following us, they might follow us… So let's put my demon skills to the test. We made our way up the stairs and exited on top the roof. I took off my jacket, and focused my mind on my shoulder blades and thought of wings.

Instantaneously, Massive black, bat-like wings spurted out of my back and I took flight. I hovered above the ground, and picked up Lilith princess-style and made my way onto the roof of the 'exit building'. We landed on the top and laid Lilith down. "We don't have much time, so shall we skip the foreplay?" I asked her.

"Whatever… you want… Master…" Lilith was panting heavily. "Now now, I told you to call me Javin during school." "I-I'm sorry Javin…" She gave off an expression that she felt stupid for forgetting. "Please fuck me…" She held her arms up, welcoming me into her body.

I accepted her invitation and slid down my pants. My shaft was already hard, and ready for action. I slid off Liliths pants, and pulled off her panties, to see that her pussy was drenched in its own juices.

"Whoa. This looks serious…" I was kinda' surprised at the sight, but pressed onward. I pulled off my boxers, revealing my cock in the raw. "One request, Increase my size to 10"" I ordered Lilith.

"Y-Yes… Javin…" She touched my cock with her hand, and it rapidly grew from 8" to 10". "Alright, let's do this." I Positioned myself on top of her and placed my cock in front of her pussy. In one fast thrust, I penetrated her pussy, to the point of where the base of my cock was at the entrance of her pussy. Lilith went wide-eyes and arched her busty peta jensen fucks her step brother at the instantaneous pleasure she just received.

"M-My womb…" She barely managed to speak those words, still breathless from my thrust. I began moving my hips slowly back and forth, slowly picking up the pace. Within five minutes, I was thrusting at full speed, in full motion from tip to base. Lilith was immensely entranced in the sex and her hips began syncing with mine, moving hers forward as my hips went forward. All Lilith could do is let out deep pants, each time I thrusted. I moved my hands to her breasts, covered by her black shirt and began massaging them in circles.

While doing this, I felt something pop up from them. My face made a mad grin. "What's this Lilith? No bra?" I was majorly turned on by this, I felt like I had to tease her a little, but she was too busy being pleasured by my massive cock to respond. Most of her body was limp, save her hips, her mouth was open and her tongue hanged out, deep breaths in and out of her mouth. I took my right hand and put it up to her mouth, placing two fingers in her mouth and pressing down on her tongue, producing saliva, which began to drool down the side of her mouth.

We had been going at this for several minutes now, I've lost count. I was thrusting my hips into hers pinching and pulling on her nipples through her shirt. I stopped thrusting, and she had a confused look on her face.

"W-why'd you stop…?" She asked. "Repositioning." I smiled back. I wrapped my arms around her back and lifted her up so she was sitting promptly on my lap, and her legs were wrapped around my back. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and I grabbed her ass, slowly moving her up and down. Soon enough, she got used to the movement and was able to do it on her own. I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled it down to embrace in a deep kiss.

Our lips made contact, and our tongues shot into each other's mouth, as if they were two slingshots waiting for a target to pop up.

Our tongues made contact and they began to swirl around each other, and do many other motions I have no clue how to describe. Soon enough we broke off from the kiss, both heavily breathing, with Lilith bouncing up and down on my lap, my cock penetrating her each time.

"Oh yes! Give me more!" Lilith begged desperately So I had no choice but to comply. I pushed her back down on her back and put myself in a pushup-like position above her, and rapidly thrusted my hips into her. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and her face was giving a mischievous smile, as she was madly in love with me and my cock.

"I love you Javin! I love you Master! Stay with me forever and fuck me until I break!" She begged more, and I could only smile agreeably. I moved my hips faster and faster, knowing that not much time was left in the lunch break. I had to finish this quickly.

"Lilith… I'm going to cum soon…" I spoke through grunting. "Okay! Me too! Let's cum together!" She smiled more, her facial expressions just shouting 'ecstasy'. I wrapped my arms around Lilith's back, laying myself on top of her allowing maximum penetration.

I pounded my hips harder and harder into her, wanting to break her. "Yes! Yes! I'm going to cum…!" Her grip on the back of my shirt tightened, bracing for the orgasm. "Oh Lilith… Your Pussy is squeezing my cock super tight, it feels amazing…" I kept thrusting, just at the brim of an orgasm.

"Here it comes…!" I moved faster and faster, thrusting as many times as possible, before cumming. I put my lips up to Lilith's and went into a deep french kiss. I thrust one last time, as hard and as fast as possible, as this was the one. It felt like I broke the wall to her womb, but I didn't know. My Cum gushed forth out of my cock and released itself into her pussy. At the same time, Lilith's pussy contracted tighter than it ever had before, as she orgasmed along with me.

Her back arched and her eyes widened, amazed at the feeling of this orgasm. She wanted to scream, but I didn't let her, as I kept my lips planted solid on hers to prevent anyone from hearing. Lilith's womb couldn't handle all the cum, so it began gushing out the sides of her pussy. The orgasm lasted for at least 10 seconds, it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt in my life, it just felt it like was sunny leone fucking sex stories storys for view and coming and not ever going to stop.

I'm sure Lilith felt the same way, as after the initial blow, her body was mindlessly twitching. After the orgasm was over, broke off our kiss, a line of saliva connecting our two mouths. I rolled off to the side of her and looked up at the sky. Lilith looked down and saw all the cum leaking out. "Ohh… So much gone to waste…" She looked at me and had a guilty expression, like she was sorry for wasting it all. I looked at her and put my hand up to her cheek, "I'll give you more, just ask." I smiled and embraced her tenderly, thanking her for the amazing session.

We got up and put our clothing articles back on, and I spurt my wings again. I picked up Lilith and we floated down to the roof. Just husband tapes his wife fucking college students, the Bell rang, signaling the beginning of class. "Shit!

We're going to be late!" I grabbed Lilith's hand and ran down the stairs, dashing to the classroom. We arrived two minutes late and were scolded for it. Everyone in the classroom gave us suspicious looks, probably imagining what we were doing. The last period of the day went by quickly, and the end of the school day was marked with the final bell of the day.

I slouched in pamela safitri big boobs red sex fairy tales chair, finally glad that the day was over, so I could go home and eat, then sleep.

Because of my business with Lilith, I didn't get a chance to get any food for lunch. Just then, Allen turned around and gave me a suspicious look. "So, what made you two late? Huh?" He grinned more. "You couldn't possibly be doing 'this' or 'that'?" "First, It's none of your business. Second, I have to go." I stood up and grabbed my bag. "Lilith?" I looked at her. She got up and nodded in agreement.

She latched herself onto my arm and we left the classroom. As we were exiting, Reina was coming in. She stopped and looked at us, mainly at Lilith, glued tight to my arm. "Congratulations." She said that then left. I continued along, but Lilith stopped me. "Is she someone important to you Master?" She asked. "Ehh… Its unrequited love." I continued walking along, Lilith staying with.

We reached the front of the school, where the limo was waiting for us. The driver stood at attention in front of the passenger door, waiting for us to arrive. When we got close, he opened the door for us, and we got in. He closed the door behind us and made his way over to the driver's side and got in.

We started off, back to home, but I kept thinking… Did I have feelings for her? "Is she a possible candidate?" The pendant spoke for the first time today. "I dunno.

I mean, she likes me, so I guess it'd be easy to start, but we'd have to diffuse the whole 'Fiance' fiasco." I thought. "Just so you know, Adultery and Polygamy are not shunned upon in the demon realm at all. You are allowed as many wives and mistresses as you wish." "Really?

Well, that certainly doesn't sound too bad…" I gave a devilish smile. Suddenly, the car halted. "What's wrong?" I asked the driver. "Sir, someone is on the road." "Wait… I'll deal with this." I got out of the limo and closed the door behind me.

I walked to the front of the limo and looked at the person standing across from me. upon further looking, it was a female. She wore thin black jeans and had a sleeveless blouse. She had long black hair that when down to her mid back tied in a ponytail and had bright green eyes. "Who might you be?" I asked annoyed. "That is no matter, but what matters, is you, Overlord!" She pointed at me.

"An Angel? Or a Devil?" I thought. "Can you tell old man?" "She's an Angel… Be careful, Angels carry many anti-demon weapons which are really effective against demons." "That can go vice-versa though, right?" "Indeed, you have many anti-angel weapons at your disposal via magic." "Magic?

How do I use it?" "Simple. Basic Construction magic goes by imagining a weapon of sorts and then concentrating on that image. Once the image is clear in your mind, you are able to materialize it in your hand. To enchant an anti-angel spell on it, you have to feel brunette slut getting pissed on tube porn desire to defeat the enemy ahead of you. Enchantment magic reacts to your feelings, so how you feel depends on what kind of enchantment you cast." "Sounds simple enough." I smiled and closed my eyes.

The first weapon to come to mind was a Sword. Now then, get a clear image in my head. Suddenly, my eyes opened, A longsword, about four feet long, materialized into my right hand. "Oh, alright, cool!" I felt excited by my first magic spell. "Now then…" I looked back at the Angel, still standing sexy bawdy cleft lickings lesbian and college the same spot.

I thought of wings, and massive wings similar to before, burst out of my back, ripping slits through my clothing. I dashed forward, at high speed, my sword at the ready. As I came close I held it out, ready to slash her. I went forward, but made no contact. What the-? Where'd she go? I looked around and then saw her above, massive white, feathered wings. She was floating above me arms folded, in a pose of superiority. "Come now, is that all the Demon Overlord has to offer?" She taunted me.

"Tch." I felt a little pissed off. "Careful Lucifer, She a high-ranking Angel. Even for you, she'll be a challenge." The pendant warned me "What? How could I be defeated by someone of lower standing than me?!" "Well, it's only your first day as overlord… you don't know much." "Oh.

That makes sense I guess." I gave another smirk. "Enchantment!" I held my hand up to the blade, and it began to glow with a bright light. "T-this is…" The pendant sounded surprised. "Lucifer! What are you thinking right now?!" "Uhh… I want to fuck her up for taunting me and making me fight on my first day." "I see…" Suddenly, the blade became covered in a pitch black aura, almost as if it has absorbed all the light around it.

"I like where this is going…" I held the sword out at the ready and charged toward the angel above. I slashed when I got close, but missed by a hair. "You're slow." The angel provoked again. "Tch." I was annoyed. "You're annoying me." Then I gave a twisted grin. "It just makes me want you more!" I was now in a full demonic smile.

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I decided to speed up, so I quickly dashed to her and slashed diagonally starting at her shoulder, then going to her hip.

My targeting was off by a hair and I ended sex xxx sophia levon all cutting her clothes in a straight, diagonal line. "Ugh." The angel smirked. "Not bad." "Thanks." I smiled. "I think it's time to end this little game though… See, I have to go home and would like this to be over as quickly as possible… which is why…" I dashed to the angel, and got around behind her.

I wrapped one arm around her waist, and held the blade to her neck. I began a chant. "In the name of Lucifer Klyne Asmodeus, third overlord of the Demon Realm, I herby grant this heavenly being a chance skinny meg magic sexy nude art striptease power!" Her face was shocked at what was happening. "You, heavenly being, accept a contract to serve under me in exchange for power and possibilities?" "Are you an Idiot?!

Why would I do that?!" She seemed angry at my question. "'Tis quite a shame." I shook my head. "Oh well, can't be helped." I put my mouth up to her ear and whispered, "I want you…" Her eyes widened and she got flustered.

"W-What are you saying!? I'm an Angel! And you're the-" I stopped her by biting the top of her ear. She stopped talking and gave off a cute moan. She quickly covered her mouth, embarrassed by the sound she gave off. I smiled and continued to nibble at her ear. I moved my hand, which was on her waist, up to her right breast and began to fondle it.

I gently massaged it and then went for the nipple. I pinched it between my index finger and my thumb, occasionally twisting it.

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She couldn't hold back. Her hand fell from her mouth and her moans were released. I continued fondling her breast and nibbling her ear. Her body was beginning to tremble which I knew what near the point. I stopped fondling and nibbling and whispered in her ear again "So, do you wish to pledge your loyalty to me? We'll be able to do this and much more…" "Please continue…" She asked me. "Only if you pledge your loyalty to me, Lucifer Klyne Asmodeus." "A-alright.

I, Hildegard Jeneva, pledge my loyalty to Lucifer Klyne Asmodeus, and offer him my body as a present…" She was definitely ashamed of what she had done, but the Charm of the overlord plus the erotic stimulation made her give in. "Good. Good." I continued the Chant. "On this day, Hildegard Jeneva, Angel of the heavens, submits to the almighty strength of Lucifer Klyne Asmodeus, third overlord of the Demons!

By my name, this vassal swear her undying loyal to me, and me alone" I paused. "Now then…" I took a deep breath. "Accept my blood!" I took the sword in my right hand, and stabbed it though Hildegard's chest, and back into mine. "Unholy Corruption!" Oh man, that's is embarrassing, calling out my technique like that… Whatever.

Hildegard reached the peak and climaxed at the sword pierced her heart. Within seconds, the blood transfer took place, as my blood entered Hildegard, it corrupted all of her current blood cells, and the Divine blood was overpowered by the Demon Blood.

Her white wings slowly turned black, defining her descent as a fallen angel. Shortly thereafter, she passed out and her wings retracted back into her. "That's my boy! corrupting an Angel on his first day. You make me proud as your predecessor." The pendant spoke. "Yeah yeah, save the celebration for home." I floated back down to the ground and walked over to the limo. I opened the door and got in. "Master, who's that?" "My new servant, Hildegard." I smiled.

"Another addition to my group!" I looked to the driver. "Driver, to home!" "Yes my lord!" And we were off. I pulled out my phone and dialed my house number. On the second ring, it was picked up. "Hello! This the Asmodeus Residency! Zagan speaking!" "Zagan you dumbass. Don't say my demon name. Humans are going to be confused." "Ah, Yes sir, sorry." "Anyways, prepare a feast." "What's the occasion?" "I corrupted and converted an Angel… And a high-ranking one at that." "Oh!

Marvelous, we shall prepare it at once!" "Thanks. See you then." "Yes Sir!" I hung up and took a deep breath. "Master? May I ask a question?" Lilith spoke up.

"Go ahead." I replied. "Uhmm… uhh…" she wasn't sure how to say it, but I understood what she was trying to get at. "Lilith, come here." I patted the seat next to me. She moved over and I put my arm around her shoulders. "I'll treat you both equally." I smiled.

"Just cause she's here now, doesn't mean that I'll neglect you." I kissed her cheek for reassurance. She smiled. "However, I will need you natasha malkova massage double all story help me… ehh… get her 'used to it'." "Ah! Of course Master! Anything for you…" She continued smiling.

I pulled her in tight and cuddled with her on my right side, and Hildegard was held tightly on my left side, still unconscious. Just then, the limo stopped and the driver opened the door for us. We were home. We exited the limo, Lilith first, followed by me with Hildegard in my arms. Lilith took out the keys and opened the door. We were welcomed with the four ministers blowing confetti and wearing party hats. playing with my pussy on my bed masturbation masturbating class="italic">Oh my god.

This is so elementary school. I felt ashamed to be there. "Take off the hats." I ordered the four ministers. "A-Alright sir." They seemed depressed about it. "So, is the feast ready?" I asked them "Yes sir! Our finest chefs from the Demon realm were brought to cook the food. We also brought our favorite Butler and Maid to serve you. "Excellent." "Good Evening, I am Rika Escalflowne, head maid of the Demon Palace." The maid bowed.

"Good Evening Sir, I am Ignus Juna, Head Butler of the Demon Palace." The Butler bowed. "Oh, I'm Overlord Lucifer Klyne Asmodeus, I'll be in your care." I awkwardly bowed. "Rika, mind taking Hildegard up to my room?" "Guests?" She asked. "Yeah." "As you wish, my Lord." She took Hildegard from my hands and went up the stairs.

"If you don't mind my Lord, allow me to lead you to the dining room where the feast is." Ignus spoke up. "Lead the way." I gestured for him to go, and I followed him.

We entered the dining room, where the dining table was crowded with food. "Oh my…" Wild sex on a sofa masturbate and doggystyle was taken aback by the amount of food.

"Well, there definitely is too much for me, so my loyal ministers and butler, feel free to enjoy as well." "You're too kind My lord." Ignus smiled and waved that he was fine. "Alright." I took my seat at the head of the table and patted my lap gesturing Lilith to sit on it. She came over to me and sat on my lap. I dug into the food, and it was delicious. Several minutes later, I ate my helping of food. and was full.

"Thank you all for preparing this for me." I gestured Lilith to get off my lap and stood up. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some unfinished business that I need to attend to…" I exited the room and went up the stairs, Lilith following behind. I opened the door to my room and saw Hildegard laying on my bed. Rika was sitting aside the bed looking out for Hildegard. "Rika, you may leave now." I ordered her. She stood up from her chair, bowed to me and left the room, closing the door behind her.

I made my way to the bed and hopped on, looking at Hildegard's vulnerable body. "Now then… Let us begin… Shall we?" I gave a demonic grin. To be continued in Part IV