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Keiran lee with many girl
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50 Shades of Beech Mountain Chap 18 The twins woke me with smells of hot coffee and something cooking in my kitchen. I woke with my usual morning wood and used the bathroom to take care of that and grab a quick shower.

It was only 6:30am and the sun had yet to peek over the mountaintops. Jan stuck her head inside the shower. I had just soaped up my cock and balls. " Sir--your breakfast is waiting for you. OMG it's soo pretty!" I think I blushed a bit but I threw my washcloth at her just barely missing as she giggled and left. I dressed casual in my jogging pants and tank top.

I had no kitchen table to speak of--just a bar with sweet tiffany seduces her stud teacher with her teen tits school girl and schoolgirl few stools and I would never eat there.

I sat on my big couch and Jan brought me the steaming cup of coffee. "I'll be eating right here" I said. The rather long knee high coffee table that was in front of the couch was the perfect breakfast area as it would allow enough space for all to eat together. Within minutes a large platter appeared with a half dozen eggs over medium - a dozen bacon strips that had been cooked rather crispy -- biscuits that looked delicious and a bowl of dark brown gravy. I had not eaten a home breakfast like this in a couple years, only at Waffle House or Dennys.

A good southern home breakfast. Mmmm. There was a jar of apple butter and some of the soft type butter spread also for a dessert. "This is really a surprise ladies, I had no clue you were such good cooks." I was eating like a king, and they both seemed very pleased that they had made me happy.

"Our Mom taught us both how to cook Sir. We can do a killer fried chicken and also potato salad." Josie said as she blushes and bit at her lower lip. Soo sexy. "I made the gravy from the bacon dripping's Dano. It isn't too dark is it?" Jan smiled.

Jan was ever curious to what I thought. It's how I could tell them apart. They ate like birds compared to me however. I cleaned my plate and had another. This plate was about gravy and biscuits, with a couple strips of bacon crumbled over it.

An old southern meal that's very filling. Jan split a biscuit and lathered it's center with butter and apple butter and lay it to the side of my coffee. I was in heaven! I might just keep them here to cook for me. I felt some praise was deserving of them. "I don't think I've ever had a finer breakfast! Thank you both for starting my day off so well." They both smiled widely and said "Thank you Sir" in unison again. Josie spoke again saying " And we thank you Sir for the wonderful time we had last night.

We can't wait to learn more about the craft." I refilled my coffee and headed down to my office as the twins cleaned up their kitchen mess. I told them to see that the place was spotless horny stunner has her big boobs creamed day before work. Donna unlocked the front doors for our members about ten minutes early as I reached the door of my office. I could hear them but not see down the hall where I was.

I booted my computer and checked about my wire transfer.Yes it was waiting for me as soon as I could get there. That's my first problem of the day solved.

I was just about to call Sandra when a tap came at my door. Sandra stuck her cute face inside and then entered. "Talk about karma--I was just dialing your cell." She stepped to my side of the desk and leaned down and frenched me like a teenager. "What's that for?" I asked smiling. "You are a kinky ass man.Donna almost put me in the hospital I cum so much last night. Took a half hour to peel all the wax off me. She said you told her to do it!" I laughed loudly as she grinned and sat down. "How long till we leave for Knoxville?" I asked.

"I filed our flight plan on the way up here. We can leave as soon as you are ready." "Good--Let's get there ASAP --I have to thee most beautiful dick sucking ig gaiagraphy down Connie and most likely your manager Cathy will want the massage I canceled on last time there.

I can be ready in fifteen minutes or less." "OK--I'll get the paperwork and some cash and we can leave." "I'll need you to run me by the Western Union to pick up some cash as well." "Dano--You make me so mad!

Why don't you tell me when you are low on cash? I keep over twenty thousand dollars in my safe at home, and there's probably eight to ten thousand here in wall safes. When you need fucking money--just ask!! You've saved me thousands in just the last few days because of your idea's. I can always advance you a few months pay if you want it. " I dropped my eye contact with her a moment while I chose my words.

"Sandra please don't take this the wrong way, but I've been on my own now for several years. I'm accustomed to a certain style of handling my expenses and I've had no one financially to look after but myself. I have a few plans and can handle my end of this. It's just taking a bit more money that I had set aside for unexpected cash flow problems.

I appreciate your offer and I'll certainly ask if I get in over my head." "How much did you take out of your savings Dano? Please don't mess up any CD's or whatever you do with your money. Let me help when I can." " I cashed out a five thousand dollar CD that was already matured and just sitting there drawing interest. I have several more so don't sweat it. Thank you for your kind offer. I won't cash out any more.I'll come to you." "Great, now let's get in the air in thirty minutes.

Go get your Jethro bag and your Black Label and meet me up front. I have a couple of calls to make." I smiled and took off upstairs to grab my gear. I was happy to get her calmed down. I hurried back down and put my bag in her Hummer. I went back in to the juice bar and sat to wait on Sandra as Jan worked the bar. She came to me and leaned over the bar to peck me on the cheek with a soft kiss.

"Thank you again Sir for the incredible sex last night. I had five orgasms riding your cock. That's the most I ever had at one time. The hot wax on my breasts and pussy felt sooo good Sir. We are yours and beg to be taught more about the craft." I smiled and gave her one of my cards. "You call me if anything comes up while Sandra and I are gone. Donna has her hands full with the business end of this place. We are expanding and building the guys a separate workout gym beside this place.

Memberships will likely double so talk your pretty asses off and make some bonuses signing up new members." Jan gave a little squeal as Sandra came up the hall to leave. "Sir--there's something I wish to say to you if I may have permission to speak freely." I gave her a nod yes.

This was something new for me. Neither twin had ever came out so bold before. "Josie and I have the same feelings. We love you and want to take care of you. Live with you if you'll have us. We will be your servants. You would want for nothing Sir. All we ask is that you teach us all you know about the craft." I was speechless for a moment. Sandra had almost made it to the door when a member stopped her and began talking. It gave me the time to form an answer. "Jan I appreciate that kind offer.

Let me think on it awhile. I'm used to living alone." "Yes Sir. She smiled-- turned and began taking an order at the juice bar. Sandra finally got away from the guy talking and we made our way the few miles to the airport. Within 10 minutes she had the planes engines warmed and we took off a couple of hours ahead of what we had planned.

Our take off elevation was about thirty seven hundred feet and we climbed quickly to sixty eight hundred feet and leveled out. Sandra put the handsome criminal is obliged to take turns to fuck officers pussies pilot on and reached behind us and pulled a huge thermos from a bag.

She had brewed us a large amount of rich Columbian coffee. I did the honors and grabbed the two cups she had packed also. We sat back to enjoy the view and drink our coffee. "So my very skilled and kinky business consultant, when were you gonna tell me about all this BDSM thing and fetishes and being a Master at it?" She gave a sly grin as she spoke.

I could tell she was very interested in my answer. I sipped my steaming coffee slowly and spoke slowly so she would not miss a word. "It really never came up till I met Connie. I haven't been active in the craft in several years now.

Connie is a young Dominatrix, an Alpha female -- Donna has a touch of it also." I let that sink in as I sipped more coffee. "She's not even aware of what she is. When we were together, she changed and was a completely different lady than the one you met at the gym.

We can use this to our advantage and make some serious money with her talents once I train her how to use them." Sandra seemed speechless at that statement, but I continued. "This is why I need the cash. I want to make some changes to the unused bedroom in your condo I use at Beech. It will resemble a "playroom" or dungeon where all the "kinky stuff" will take place. I need your permission I suppose because the changes I make will mostly be permanent." Sandra smiled and leaned over and kissed me softly, using both hands to hold my face and prolong the kiss.

We parted she appeared that she might tear up and cry. She had a hanky in her leather jacket and wiped her eyes. What had I said to make andra college girls sex storys want to cry?

Sandra composed herself and turned sideways in her seat to face me. "Tell me about this idea Dano because I have a little surprise for you." I got a little nervous on that statement so I used my male influence to drag her surprise out first. "There's a lot of "if's and maybe's" in what I would choose to do with this room. It would all be legal--barely. It will help me decide if I knew your surprise first." Sandra smiled and began. "I've given the girl's and Donna--Debra excellent bonuses for their loyalty and hard work.

Even I can see none of this would have happened if you and I had not met. You have more common sense than five guys together. You think "out of the box" and can come up with idea's that just make too much damn sense!" I could not help myself, and broke into a laugh.

I refilled our coffee cups as she continued. "I was going to wait till we could all get together to do this, but your plans have changed my plans. I own the place at Beech free and clear. Donna will continue for a week or so till she starts working with you. I guess I'll give the twins a shared manager's position along with a healthy raise." "I have the utmost confidence they can do you a fine job there Sandra." That would take care of the problem of wanting to live with me I remembered.

A lot of the plans would change if what I had planned worked. " I have the paperwork in my desk at home. When we return, you and I have will sign those papers giving you ownership of the condo--free and clear. It can be your home away from home the way you move around so much." I sat hot teen clea gaultier gets impaled and cum sprayed feeling as if I'd been bitch slapped with a bagful of thousand dollar bills.

:>) "Our twins can keep it clean when you are not there. You can change the locks and do anything you please with the condo." "It's my gift to you for all the money you have made and saved me with your idea's." It's worth sixty seven thousand dollars by the county tax accessors.

It's on your dime to pay those taxes.Your water and power are free because it's all on one bill." "The bottom half is separate because it's a business and worth three times that.

If in time I do franchise these places, it won't affect you living there. If you decide to move on and want to sell it, tell me and I'll buy it back at the fair market price." Sandra settled back into her seat and put her headset back on. She motioned for me to put mine on. I heard her say very low and sexy-- "I love you Dano and this is just one way I show it.

It would be easy to fall in love with you, but it would kill your independent spirit. You could never be faithful to one woman and I know this. Just accept my thanks and love and enjoy your gift.You earned it." No one had ever been this nice to me, ever.It really touched my heart. We were dropping down into Knoxville and we both became alert. Her landing was flawless and our ride to the gym was short. I called Connie on my cell and told her to meet us at the gym and bring a change of workout clothes.

We arrived and Cathy was very busy at that hour. About sixty to seventy five members were in there. We exchanged hello's and I took off to my office where the table was and immediately turned on the hot stone heater. Someone had put a fresh sheet on the table for me also. I was changing into my gym attire when Connie and Cathy walked into the room unannounced. I had just pulled my wife beater t shirt on and had my camo shorts ready to step into them and pull them up. They both stopped dead, seeing me standing there half naked.

It didn't bother me in the least. I've been around naked people all my adult life. I assume it was my thick cock that had their attention. Both looked stepmom lisa ann and casey calvert get anal pornstars hardcore me hard and then each other and smiled. I smiled back and slowly slid my camo shorts up and walked over to them.

By then I had grown a respectable bulge in the thin shorts and no underwear on. "Ladies, this is my office--so my rules. The number one rule is to respect others privacy. In the coming days, what if I had a member in here naked giving a massage and you just walked in the way you did a moment ago?" I could see both blushing slightly as Cathy quickly apologized. "So sorry Dano--we were not thinking, as we were talking about Connie's working hours here when this gets going. It won't happen again.

I'll see that a sign is put on the door if a massage is in session and DO NOT ENTER. Sandra and one of my assistant manager's has the place covered for now." "Thank you Cathy.

That will be a relief to know. I would not wish to put a lock on the door." I had the girls sit at the desk while I grabbed one of my forms for Cathy to fill out. She wrote quickly as Connie winked at me sexily. "How about you girls changing for this massage?" "Connie will observe and assist today Cathy as she will be working here when I'm not around. To be fair-the ladies doing this at Beech are making $450 a week plus tipsso Connie begins there as a salary." "Fine Dano." Connie stood-- pulled up her tote bag and went to my large restroom to change.

She was gone less than five minutes and came back in very short and baggy gym shorts and a very tight tank top. It set off her "Amazon" type figure well. She was five foot nine on her bare feet and weighed close to 145pounds. She wasn't fat anywhere, just a large woman. A true "Alpha Female." Cathy finished my form and I took the proper time and used my pin to point out to Connie the area's to check closely.

Cathy was in very good shape with an hourglass figure. Her form said she was five foot five inches and one hundred and twenty two pounds. She has had no serious back--neck or leg injuries. Never had a broken bone. Never been hospitalized except for one childbirth eight years ago. She was divorced and had shared custody she had put in the form. "Cathy it's assfucking with hot girl hardcore and blowjob for your freebie. You may get ready in the restroom.

Here's beach towels or sheets. I need your bra off but you may keep your panties on if you are shy. You wrap which ever you choose so the opening centers in the front. I want you tummy down first" Cathy smiled and grabbed a beach towel to drape with body with and went to change.

I spoke seriously to Connie as she prepared. Connie looked so damn sexy I wanted to jump her bones right there. But playtime would come soon.

"Connie you watch every move I make. You stand on the opposite side and repeat my moves exactly. Careful with how much pressure you use too. If this massage goes "Erotic" just follow my lead." She grinned real big and licked her sensuous lips. God she was sexy! Cathy came back and lay tummy down on the table. I put coconut oil on my hands and squirted Connie's palm full also. Connie moved to the opposite side and watched as I bent Cathy's knee at about forty five degrees and massaged the oil onto and in between the toes.

Connie repeated the moves perfectly. Working her calves-I nodded to her to watch me divide the muscle. She did arab woman caning ass fuckawesome wobbling buttocks very well. We moved to Cindy's thighs and re-oiled. Dividing the larger muscle brought moans of pleasure from Cindy, whose upper thigh's had spread enough to see she lacked panties. She kept a shaved labia.

Her labia was opening, but not fully yet. As we oiled and massaged her inner thighs her legs spread even more, leaving no room for the imagination. Her labia lips blossomed visibly open with a wet trickle of fluid rolling down across her clit. I worked my fingers into her inner thigh as she moaned her approval.

Connie's fingers were a mirror of mine. Cindy's thigh's trembled slightly from the double treatment she felt. I toweled off my oily hands and handed it to Connie as I got out several stones and lay on Connie's side of the table.

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I removed a handful for me to use also. Connie caught my drift quickly and followed on the opposite side. Cathy's moaning increased. I began at her calve with the smaller stonesincreasing in size as I made my way to the top of her thighs. We overlooked her ass cheeks for the moment and re-oiled our hands.

I began at her spinal column and walked my fingers down the right side of her spine as Connie did the left. I could find no calcium deposits as this was a very active and fit manager it would seem. We worked all the way to the L-5 before stopping. Toweling the excess oil from our hands again, I placed the stones down the center of the spine as Connie observed. I saved the larger stones for her ass cheeks.

I had Connie remove the stones from her legs back to the heater. I directed Connie to repeat the leg massage black weenie in white anal interracial hardcore without the oil. She did a very nice job on her own this time.

I was only now beginning to see Connie's ability to pick up on this type of work. She put her own moves into what I had shown her, and with positive moans from Cathy, I was certain Connie would be a great asset for the gym. As I massaged my open palms into Cindy's ass cheek--Connie moved quickly to repeat my moves. Cindy's purrs and grunts let us know she approved of the attention her ass was receiving.

I let my oiled two middle fingers slip into her crease at the top and Cindy's ass came off the table slightly rolling. I used the largest of my stones to massage each ass cheek a bright pink. Connie was more bold, and used her two fingers from her labia all the way to her pink anus. It winked it's appreciation as Connie massaged the muscle in circles. I pushed lightly to get Cindy prone again or risk losing the stones on her back.

I removed the stones from Cindy's back and rolled her to face up. I mixed a double Jack and had Connie work the front alone--to see how she would do without instruction. I sat facing them and enjoyed the looks I got from Connie's sexy eyes. She did a fine job as well as I could tell judging from Cindy's smiles and moans. I finished my drink and stood beside them again and oiled my hands.

I gave her the facial treatment around the eyes and forehead-then her neck and clavicle area(collarbone). My hands continued down between her breasts. I folded the towel neatly to a point at her pubic bone exposing her breasts and tummy.

The neatly folded towel covered only her vagina now. I had Connie re-oil and together we massaged Cindy's arms and fingers quickly. Her sides and tummy followed. I did a circular kneading of her tummy and had Connie to repeat the move. I slowly slid my open palm under the swell of Cindy's breast, almost cupping it. Connie wasted no time in repeating the move. I then went all the way around the orb and gently began to knead the pliant tissue.

Cindy was in heaven, arching her breasts into our hands. My first two fingers split as I looked at Connie--then let them trap the hard nipple between them and squeeze the entire breast. I let my right hand slide down to her tummy and make circles again as Cindy groaned in approval.

"Dano- You two are making me so horny with those hands!" "Oh--Well we have an Erotic Massage also if you wish it -- It's a little more personal than a regular one." "Please--yes!" I smiled at her like it happened daily, which it usually did. I leaned down and circled her nipple with my long tongue--then sucked it to feed a moment. Connie leaned down and kissed my cheek first--then sucked Cindy's breast like she was starving. Poor Cindy could not handle the double pleasure and her hands came brunette babe parker gets oral pornstars and hardcore our heads to hold us in place.

Her thighs splayed open, and the towel slid off exposing her slick pubic mound. My free hand slipped down and my two middle fingers found her wet clit and rolled it in circles as her ass left the table. Connie did not wait for instructions or invitation-- She kissed Cindy deeply with tongue as she moaned and wiggled under our assault.

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Things began to heat up quickly as my fingers dipped inside Cindy's tight folds. I used my two middle fingers to probe her tightness and decided a hot stone would do the trick.

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I had one that was the size of a silver dollar-but thick and had a rounded point on one end. I placed the point on Cathy's clit and drew circles with it. I heard her moaning as Connie was giving her nipples a workout. I was getting alot of juices flowing freely now so I returned the stone to the heater and concentrated on Cathy's swelled clit with my stiff tongue.

" I'm C-Cu-Cummmingg!!!" Cathy suddenly screamed as her ass rolled around in my face. She tried to squirt, but just leaked a copious amount of fluids onto the sheet. I sucked all I could as her body convulsed and shook from the intensity of her climax.

I hooked my two middle fingers inside behind her clit and pressed--she squirted very hard then spraying cum all over my face and neck. I rolled her as she moaned and kicked. Pulling her down the table --my stone hard cock inches away. I grabbed her hips and turned her into a doggy sex xxx en story hot sex 18 anvirge. Her labia flowered open in an invitation to visit the deep pink interior of her soaked pussy, still convulsing in orgasms.

My cock has a mind of it's own. It felt like it was a magnet being pulled toward those open thighs. I slapped the wide head of my cock on her open lips and erect clit as she begged me to fuck her. "Pl--Please Dano--I can't stop cummingg!! Fuck Meeee! pleaseee!!" I'd never heard a woman beg for it in such a passionate way. I lodged my cock inside her outer lips while standing behind her, inch fucking my thick shaft a little at a time as Connie kept her mouth on Cathy's lips--breastsneck just anywhere she could find.

A true Dominatrix will go either way in search of a sexual meal. Connie had proven to be just that. I was sort of proud that I brought her into bloom. My cock slowly filled Cathy's tight pussy to the top, and she backed up on me trying to get the last couple of inches in. I spanked both ass cheeks pretty hard to regain control of this bucking orgasmic wonder.

Grabbing a handful of hair I pulled her up so her ear was near my face. "You wanted this so stop fighting me and relax--Here's what you want!" I pushed very hard with my cock, and all seven and a half inches disappeared and my balls were slapping her clit on every stroke. Cindy screamed as I bumped her cervix a few times. She was cumming in waves, one mixing with the next. I had her arms folded back and holding them to keep her in position.

I could feel her strength leaving with each orgasm. I felt the tingle behind my prostrate signaling my orgasm was imminent. I looked up to see Connie had climbed the table and spread her thighs wide. Cathy was licking her clit and labia as Connie held her head in her hands.

Connie stared straight at me as our orgasms peaked. I saw she was smiling that devilish look--like the cat who just swallowed the canary. My cock swelled and I nodded and said "Here it comes! Cum with me please!" I came up on tip toes as this orgasm raced along the length of my cock and shot deeply into Cathy's hot pussy.

My whole pelvic area felt this and fluttered with extreme pleasure. Connie screamed she was cumming also, Cathy sucked and swallowed much of the cum that squirted from Connie's pussy. It was a free for all on who cum the hardest--the most or the longest. Poor Cathy collapsed flat--falling forward off my cock, a long string of cum between us. I smiled at Connie and patted Cathy on the ass.

but she didn't respond. She was out cold for the moment. Connie got off the table with trembling thighs and made her way fritz the cat fucks the crow prostitute and biting me. I was barely standing and in need of something to drink. Connie saw my deflating cock and went to her knees, catching the head in her mouth and sucking it very hard.

After three or four good strokes with hollowed cheeks she came back up to stand with a smile. "Damn that's good Mister. Never waste cum I always say!" I pulled her close and hugged her, knowing I had made a friend for life.

I sent her to the fridge for bottled waters as I rolled Cathy to her back. I used a towel to mop the sweat from her brow and face. Her eyes opened and she had a smile on her face. "God Dano--That was the best sex I ever experienced! I lost count of my orgasms. I normally cum only once." "Well Cathy you can put this one in the abnormal column.

Has the Sybian been delivered yet?" "Yes---I think so. Some guy from UPS brought a box in yesterday. I had him put it over there." Sure enough it was in the corner where no one would stumble on it. I would unpack it and set it up later. Connie dressed after a bit and helped Cindy also. A bond formed between those two also. I sat at my desk and wrote out a massage plan for Connie just in case she needed refreshing on the order of the massage. This would be where she worked when I wasn't here.

It was about ten minutes and Connie came back. She seemed to melt into the chair near mine. "That was pretty smooth the chubby bondage did you ever wonder what happens when a superfuckinghot teenager you moved Cindy into the Erotic mode Dano." "I just gave the client what she asked for Connie.

The sex was a private matter between consenting adults." "ALWAYS remember that sentence just in case some undercover someone comes in." "I get that--It's really stepping between the raindrops huh?" "I see nothing wrong with it myself.

They are actually paying for the massage--not the sex. Please--go to the corner there and open my box up and unpack our new "friend." Connie made her way over and had the box open in minutes. The twenty two pound saddle was a handful even for her. When she saw the different attachments she got the idea. "Wow! I've heard of these things.

Bet it was expensive." Her hands were a blur unwrapping a seven inch life like dildo. "Put the white stem in the bottom of the dildo and leave about an inch sticking out.then the whole thing plugs into that hole in top of the saddle." Connie did as told and plugged it in. This wasn't rocket science. She picked up the dual control box and hit the on switches. Turning first the rotation knob to twelve o'clock the dildo oscillated in tight circles. She looked at me with a big grin. Next came the vibration knob to the same position.

It hummed away as Connie's eyes rolled toward me. "When do I get a ride Dano?" I felt generous and was wanting to impress her anyway. "Well you can ride it anytime you like Connie--that one is yours as a sign on bonus.

I'll have Sandra order another for here." Connie's jaw dropped and I thought I was in trouble. She nearly ran into me and slid down to her knees and hugged me tightly. She was kissing me passionately with plenty of tongue. She forced my knees apart so as to get closer and increase the pressure of the hug.

"Since we've met all sorts of nice things have happened to mee." I pushed her back into her chair easily and was ready to lay out my plan for us. "It wasn't fate that got us together Connie. I firmly believe things happen for a reason. I'm in the process of starting something new and you'll be a big part of it.

You are an "Alpha Female" who is used to being in control. Your job as night manager at the motel shows you are a leader--not a follower. The night we spent together showed me something even more important." I got silent and waited--let her beg for the answer.

"Well are you going to tell mee or do I have to guess you to death?" "You are a 'Dominatrix' Connie." I said laughing. "What's that?" I slipped off my shoes and put my feet in her lap. "Massage my feet for mee and I'll explain it to you." She began massaging with her strong hands and done a terrific job at it. "During our last session you let it be known in no uncertain ways what you wanted out of a sexual encounter. I wasn't shocked at all if you'll remember, in fact I believe I encouraged you.

A Dominatrix is a women who takes the lead in any sexual scenario--whether it be male or female. A true "Dom" will go either way to satisfy her sexual appetite. You've proven that to me today. I have plans to use your talents." "How so Dano?" "Well-besides offering the customers a good massage you'll do just as I did today.

You wait till they are all hot and bothered and ask if they want an Erotic Massage. This is where your biggest tips will come from." "We are already charging one hundred twenty five dollars for an hour of regular massage. If it goes Erotic- you do not "charge extra". That could get you busted for solicitation. If the client wants to tip you however-you get to keep all of the tip.

It's a win--win situation for you. But this is not all I have in mind for you." "If this job's gonna pay that well-I'll quit my night managers job." "My ladies at Beech are averaging six hundred plus a week." "My managers job only pays three fifty a week, so I'll give them notice." "Be smart Connie, give them notice after you've used up all your sick days, personal days and vacation." "Gosh--that would take three weeks!" "Then take them with me--at Beech Mountain.

It will give you a break from here. You'll get to train with the others ladies and get to know them very well." "All I have to do is make a phone call to get the time off." "Now to the next idea. Have you heard of BDSM?" "I've heard the term, but know nothing of it,why?" "Here's a brief run down of the 'craft' as it's called." "Humans are the only species on earth that have sex for the pure enjoyment of it." They have sex in a variety of ways and positions.

Each individual has inside them a 'trigger' that gets their sex drive going--gets them rock hard if male and warm and wet if female. Gets them horny." "MMmmmmm--I Know." "The shrinks gave it a name. It's called a 'fetish'. It's what turns us on sexually. Some may have only one, while others may have several cat fight and hard blowjob in the boxing ring many.

What I propose is to capitalize on others fetishes and have play rooms called 'dungeons'. We will make them clubs where monthly dues are collected plus a fee for their use, according to their fetish. You won't be able to walk in off the street is my point. A referral from another member is the only way in." "They will be equipped to help you and other like minded girls make a customers fetish(s) an enjoyable experience.

These play rooms will be a bit expensive to furnish, but between Sandra and I it will certainly get done." "You will explore their fetish with them and seek to expand it to it's limits and sometimes beyond.

There are hundred's of fetishes. There will be a list of the ones we will not do, but that list is short. You girls will be training for the fetishes almost constantly. Some can be covered with a note to you explaining it.

Others will need a hands on approach to fine tune the fetish. I'm giving you all this information to pass on down to those at Beech Mountain. You are to be my second --the one who gets to have all the fun training our other girls. You answer only to me--is that a problem?" "No it isn't Dano. Do the others know this yet?" "No-but they will soon enough. I've spoken about you to the others but your role in the business so far has been to train in massage.

the rest will at least double our intake of money in each place we begin this.' Connie wrapped her arms around me and gave me the slowest most sensual kiss I'd experienced in a long while. She was panting as the kiss broke. "When are you gonna fuck mee again Dano?" I grinned and pulled an old joke from my mind. "Now Connie--You know you don't want sloppy seconds after our session with Cathy.

I'm calling Sandra now. I want to leave for Beech Mountain immediately. You run home and pack a suitcase for at least a weeks stay. If you need anything more--I'll buy it. I promise you all the sex you can handle from me and our girls once we're there and settled in." Connie got another warm hug in and a wet kiss before leaving my office.

I walked to the front where Sandra was going over some paperwork. "Well Dano--How long will we be staying this time? The guy is on his ways to discuss the blueprints and already has some contractors in mind who will do the job right." "I would say if we get him squared mom and playmates daughter anal officially a fucking family on what we want, we can fly out before dark.

Connie is coming to stay with us at least a week. She has vacation time to use." "That's great! He'll be here any time now, so stay close." I mingled a bit looking at the unused area's and making notes on a clipboard. By the time the guy showed to make our plans it was pretty well drawn out on paper for him.

Sandra and he worked out a time line and ways to keep the gym open and work around the members activities as much as possible. We could forsee maybe closing one week end to lay the carpets, but that would come last. By the time Connie got back about ninety minutes later we were ready to depart for the airport.

We took Connie's SUV and she put it into long term parking there. By five thirty pm we were in the air headed back to North Carolina. Things would start coming together quickly as the next few weeks passed--but that's the next chapter!