Sexy girl fucked in mouth and ass bigtits and amateur

Sexy girl fucked in mouth and ass bigtits and amateur
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HIGH SCHOOL FUCK The story begins right after the last class ends at Bonner high school. All the kids go home accept a sexy ass bitch named Carly who wishes to speak to her teacher Mr. Cunningham after class. She walks up to him while hes writing tomorrows leson on the chalk board Carly- hey Mr. Cunningham Mr.

C- oh hey carly something I can do for you Carly- well its just that… well… im 18 now. I'm legal for whatever Mr. C tries to resist at first but Carly is very very persuasive. Mr. C- ummmm… listen your very attractive but I don't think of you in that way. If I were your age I… Carly- bull shit I caught you red handed checking out my legs during last weeks exam you just didn't know.

Mr. C- look I don't know what your… Carly- I was really flattered and turned on and I bet you remember what I did next. Come on you remember Mr. C scratches the back of head and in a reluctant tone says Mr. C- you hiked your skirt up a little. exposing part of your ass. It was a nice sight Carly- now see that wasn't that tough. that's not the only time ive caught you.

I always know your looking down my shirt when your handing out papers. Or eying me when I walk down the hall. But see that was when I was 17 now im barely legal but still legal. Carly looks down and notices his cock getting nice and stiff. she reaches for his cock and starts rubbing jacking him off in his pants Mr. C- holy fuck&hellip. Oh fucking yes Carly then falls to her knees but Mr. C stops her Mr. C- no not here anyone could just walk in Carly- yeah maybe Miss Kelly will walk and she could join us Mr.

C- look. What would you say to a gangbang Carly- WHAT… well ive never done that before. I know im coming off as a kind of slut but to be honest I've only been with 2 guys in my life. But skinny mature fucks herself with massive dildo your in it and the guys in it are as cute and big as you.

Well sure im up for it Mr. C- I know this couple and their very open with their marriage. Every so often me and a few guys get with the husband to bang his wife. Carly- very cool Mr. C- yeah its great. We were supposed to fuck her tomorrow night but his wife is away on a family emergency. The whole things fucked up unless one of us can find a girl to replace her. Carly- and that's me. Well how many guys exactly Mr. C- it varies from four to seven guys.

Carly- wow ummm… well if im gonna do this I need to practice a little. Carly strolls over to the door and closes it shut then reaches for the lights swithing them off. Carly- see now know one will even know were here Mr. C- if were gonna do tis it has to be rough. I like it rough Carly- OK. How rough Mr. C just smiles and pushes her up against the wall.

He sticks his tounge down her throat and they vicously make out while Carly slides her hands down his pants feeling his pulsating cock. Carly- oh wow that's pretty huge Mr. C- 7 inches to be precise Mr. C pulls her hand out and flips her around and pushes her up against his desk forcing her to bend over with his hand keeping the right side of her head pressed firmly against the desk.

His lap top falls to the floor along with a mess of papers but he really doesn't give a shit. Carly- oh yeah stick it in me please please please oh my god my adrenaline is pumping so fast… oh god. Mr. C- you want it you slut. Filthy slut. You wanted to practice. Im gonna give your pussy a real work out Carly- oh god im shaking please I want it so bad He unzips his pants. Carly hears the zipper go down and knows shes gonna have the redwap first time school girl porn sexy storys fuck she'll ever have.

Mr. C lifts up her skirt and sees her thong Mr C- does mommy know you wear thongs. Does she know her sweet daughters a little whore. Carly- no she has no idea He moves aside the tiny strip of material that covers her pussy and fingers her a little bit getting her ready for his 7 incher.

He puts it in her nice and slow at first. Carly- yes. Oh fuck push it all the way in He does as she says and crams as much in as he can. He speeds up gradually. her groans turn to moans and moans into curse words.

Hes pounding at full speed Mr.c- oh fuck. Oh fuck yes. Carly- oh god it hurts so bad but I love it.

Crly cant believe the pounding her teacher is giving her. Carlys hands are slamming the desk Mr. C tells her stop slamming her hands before anyone hears but she can't control it his cock is much bigger then anything she's ever had. Mr. C- you know what if you wont stop I'll make you He takes his tie off and grabs both her hands. He wraps the tie around her arms behind her back Carly- of fuck. Oh yeah tie me up He keeps pounding away.

Then sees his hand lotion. He reaches for the lotion. Carly sees him pick it up Carly- oh my god are you gonna do what I think your gonna do. I've never… ive never done that Mr. C- its better to get your ass nice and streached now.

The guys in the gang bang are gonna pound it relentlessly. I'll be gentle Carly- ok… ok. Get me nice and trained Mr. C pulls his dick out. Then lotions up his index finger and slowly inserts it in her ass Carly- ahhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhh…oh god oh…ahhhhhhh Mr. C- give it a seconed you'll get used to it Carly bites her lip as hard as she can. Mr.c pulls it out Mr. C- ready for my middle finger Carly- ummmm… yeah go ahead He lubes his finger and sticks all the way in.

again carly bites her lip and trys to keep from screaming. Mr. C- ready im gonna have both my index and middle fingers in you. Her ass is getting nice and streached. Finally he pulls them out and sigh of relief comes from Carly. Mr. C - look at that sweet ass. Ready for my cock Carly- oh my oh I feel like shit. I don't know… Mr. C- nonsense im gonna fuck anal fuck of nice looking brazilian honey hardcore and blowjob raw He lubes up his cock and her ass hole then spits in her hole.

He inserts it her but its so tight he cant go very fast. Slowly he penetrates her virgin ass. Her nails dig deep into her palms. She's trying to break her restraints but their too tight. She just lays their like a slab of meat.

again he pulls out gets on his knees and fingers her ass hole. he spreads her ass cheaks athen starts to lick and eat her hole. Carly- oh god. ummmmmm oh yeah that feels real nice Mr. C- im fucking tired of your mouth I think I need to plug it up. Mr. C takes it out of her ass and pulls her up and pushes her up against the wall then forces her on her knees. Mr. C- open up He sticks it in her mouth and she takes it in. Mr. C- im gonna fuck your mouth harder and faster then your pussy Carly- I saw a gagging scene in a porn.

Please do it… please… gag me He grabs the back of her head and thrusts his cock she takes it all in. she coughs and chokes. Still he keeps it in. then finally takes it out Carly- oh oh oh god. She coughs up a load of spit. Saliva running down her chin, Long thick strings of drool stretches from her mouth to Mr.

C's cock. Her eyes are red from the choking. Mr. C takes her spit and lubricates his dick grabs her jaw with one hand and holds it open and keeps hold of her head in the other hand. He again thrusts and she again coughs and chokes. He slowly begins pulling away then thrusts again. He speeds up fucking her mouth like a pussy. Mr.c- fuck fuck yes… here… oh fuck I can feel it im about to bust my cum In the last seconds of the throat fuck he crams as much of his cock in her mouth as possible.

Again she chokes and coughs. Spit flying from her mouth all over his cock and hair. Mr. C- ohhhhhhh yeah oh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhh Mr. C- just came down carlys throat. He takes it out and she coughs up the cum. She falls to the floor with saliva and cum running down her chin and spread around her mouth.

She giggles a little Carly- you were not kidding when you said rough Mr. C- yeah. Sorry if it was a little too rough. Here let me untie you Mr.

C unties her and hands her some tissues. she cleans her eyes and is about to clean her face when she says Carly- hey Mr. Cunningham. Look She scoops up the cum with her long nails and eats it. She again giggles. Carlly- im sorry Mr. C I don't think im ready for a gang bang yet. Mr.

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C- yeah I didn't think so Carly- But…heres my number my parents are going out of town and they really pissed me off so I wanna fuck in their bed. Mr. C- alright Carly- im also gonna bring another girl along if that's alright Mr. C- hell yeah. Who Carly- well… shes a little young but shes a slut and shes addicted to porn with rough sex scenes. Like what we just did. She would totally be up for it Mr.

C- who is it and how old is she Carly- its Mya you have her 2nd period Mr. C- are you serious. She just turned 15 Carly- oh come on. You know you want her.

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shes very short with a very tight body and titties that wont quit and I know first hand she wants you Mr. C- I guess your right. I'll be at your house and we'll play this game again.

Only next time im bringing a bag full of goodies