Sunny lione sex stories xxx 2019

Sunny lione sex stories xxx 2019
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The Golden Rule Ch2 Researching my Commodity The success of showing my little secret to my brother in exchange for riding his bike thrilled me to no end. Even though I was riding without my panties on the feeling of riding a 'big boys' bike sent electricity through me from my groin to the very tips of my fingers and toes. Every time my legs would go up and down, as I pedaled the bike, little shock waves went blasting out through my body as my pussy slid back and forth on the smooth vinyl seat.

I was on top of the world! I rode back and forth, up and down the street for almost an hour, relishing the sparkling sensations surging through me as I thoroughly enjoyed my easily acquired reward. But the ride did several things aside from the simple thrill, and I found them out upon returning to the house and dismounting from my ride of liberation.

The first very notable thing was that the seat of my brothers' bike was very wet where my little pussy had been sliding back and forth while I pedaled up and down the street. I had initially assumed that it was just sweat and subsequently wiped it off with the inside of my skirt.

But as I did this I noticed the hard little button of flesh sticking out at the top of my slit. The little nub was super sensitive, causing me to jump when I brushed my finger tip over it. But it also felt really good, sending those little shock waves of electricity radiating out from my pussy in all directions just like when it was getting ground into the seat while I was riding.

This was going to require a better look than standing in the driveway with my skirt up. I was going to have to take a serious look in my room. "Are you finished?" My brother's voice caused me to drop the hem of my skirt and spin around to see him standing there with his hands on his hips. I gave a quick glance down at his bike, just to make sure I had wiped all of the wetness off his seat before I took a step to the side.

"Yea. For now." "What do you mean 'for pretty kitten is gaping tight muff in closeup and climaxing Michael said as he stepped up and pulled his bike away from the corner of the garage. "You stopped riding, so that's it, you're done." "The deal was for today," I said as I stepped around him toward the alleyway.

"And from what I see today isn't over yet." I could tell that he wanted to say something because his mouth opened but no words came out. I had him, and there was no way for him to back out of it on his end. If he did, all I would have to do is tell my dad that he was trying to look up my skirt and he would be in big trouble.

"What are you doing?" he suddenly blurted out as I ran down the side of the garage toward the box at the far end. "Just getting something that I left behind," I said as I stepped up to the box to find my panties in a big wad, not laid out flat like I had left them. Upon picking them up I found that they were covered in this white sticky goo, almost like snot.

The bulk of which was right in the part that rested against my little crack. "Hey!" I exclaimed as I ran back up to the end of the garage near the house. "What did you do to my panties?" I said as I unfolded the wad to expose the white stuff smeared all over the inside of them. When I looked up at my brother he was as white as a sheet. "I&hellip.I&hellip.didn't&hellip.da&hellip.da…do&hellip.anything," he said as he leaned his bike back against the garage and took a few steps back.

"Here," he said as he gestured toward the bike with his hand, "ride it all you want." He kept looking down at my soiled panties in my hand then back up at my face as he slowly backed away. "I was just heading over to Jeff's anyway." As soon as he said this he turned and bolted down the driveway like he had been shot out of a cannon or something.

I know because I watched him run around the corner of the house. It's almost three blocks to Jeff's house. Fortunately as I entered the house my mom was just walking out of the utility room. I could hear the washing machine filling indicating that she had just started a load of clothes.

A quick flip of the lid and my panties were on their way to being spotless again. 'Now it was time for some real investigating', I thought to myself as I headed up toward my room. My mom's hand mirror fit the need really well as I closed the door of my bedroom.

I walked across to the far side and closed myself into my closet while spinning the mirror back and forth between the regular side and the side that magnified everything. I was going to have to find out what had happened while I was riding my brother's bike, and having my mom come walking in while in the process was not in my game plan for today.

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Flipping on the light I set the mirror on the floor. It was good because instantly I could see up my skirt to the tight little crack where my legs come together. With my feet on either side I squatted down over the mirror, keeping my knees pointed outward in a completely unladylike fashion so I would have an unobstructed view of the one thing that fascinated my brother so much. I really could not see what the big deal was all about.

There really is nothing there to see, just a few little folds of skin and a small hole right in the middle. The hard little nub of skin was nowhere to be seen as I picked the mirror up and flipped it over to the magnifying side to take a better look. I could see where slim raven haired hottie rides a long member lingerie and cumshot little nub had been before, but it looked like just a little fold of skin now.

Holding the mirror in my left hand I used my right hand to spread myself open wider. Immediately I felt that wide open feeling, the same one I had when I was outside, as I looked up into the now wide open hole directly in between my legs. It was a dark pinkish red with little strands of white stuff sticking to the sides and hanging out over the middle of the smaller opening that was a little farther up inside me. What was so fascinating to him?

Moving my finger tip back and forth across the stretched skin suddenly produced a very pleasurable feeling, almost like when I was riding the bike. "Bingo!" I thought to myself as I rubbed again right at the top of my slit only to reproduce those magical sensations. I had found what felt so good.

I set the mirror back down on the floor between my feet and used both hands to continue my search. With my left hand holding me wide open I rubbed around with my right fingers only to find the skin underneath the V at the top of my slit begin to hardening and also very sensitive. With each rub little shocks of electricity cause my hole to try and close up. I could clearly see it happening as I looked at my open crotch in the mirror between my feet.

I gasped for breath each time I circled my fingers over the ever hardening little nub. It felt fantastic! Faster and faster my finger tip raced over the sensitive spot, sending more and more shock waves blasting through me. My breath was quickening and I could feel little beads of perspiration coming out on my forehead as I squatted over the mirror in my closet. I was now digging at my crotch at a furious rate. It felt so wonderful and exciting all at the same time. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better I rubbed one time just a little harder.

This sudden rush of heat flushed through me as my body jerked really hard, forcing my hand away from my excited crotch. I gasped for air and leaned against the inside of my door while the powerful wave rolled over me. I looked down at the mirror just in time to see this hairy tight pussy mommy gets fingered japanese hardcore big drip of a whitish/clear liquid drip out of my open pussy hole and onto the glass.

"Wow!" I gasped quietly as I righted myself back into a squatting position on my feet. "That was awesome!" The liquid was the same as what I had wiped off the seat of my brothers bike but different from what I had found in my panties. That answered one question. Now I just needed to find out what had just happened to me. One of the really nice things about summer is how events can take place at the drop of a dime.

It only took one phone call to arrange a sleep over at my friend's house for that evening. Without the hindrance of school or homework, it was a simple task. "Mom, I'm going over to Tina's house to spend the night," I said as I walked through the kitchen toward the back door. "Ok sweetie," she replied just before she disappeared into the utility room again.

"Do you have all of your things?" "I'll come back and get them in a while," I responded just before the door closed behind me.

Tina is my very best friend from school. She is the same age as me, but where I am the second oldest in my family with one older brother and two younger ones, she is the second youngest with one older sister and a brother who is already gone to college, and one sister who is eight. She is my closest friend and the one person I trust the most. She would be able to help me with my dilemma.

I was just about to head out down the driveway when I saw my brothers bike leaning against the garage.

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He did tell me to '…ride it all I wanted…", and it is a pretty good way over italian malu and moana pozzi Tina's house.

(Almost four blocks in the opposite direction from the way my brother went) I looked at the bike then down at my skirt. Why not? No one will ever know. I stepped into the alleyway beside the garage german pissing vintage tube porn quickly pulled my fresh pair of panties off.

Maybe the hard little nub would be up again by the time I got to her house and then I could ask her about it. With my panties stuffed into my pocket I threw my leg over the seat and took off just as I had earlier in the day. Again, almost instantly I felt those little electric shocks as I pedaled up the street. "Tina!" I shouted as I rode up her driveway 15 minutes later to find her playing with the garden hose in their birdbath.

"Where did you get the bike?" was her first question as I pulled up hot angela white seduces jelena for a hot lesbian fuck their garage and carefully dismounted. "I'll tell you all about it," I said as I grabbed her arm and coaxed her towards her back door. "I've gotta ask you about something," I said as I pushed her into the house and up toward her room.

I had more questions than answers and I really needed some help. Once we were inside her room I closed the door and locked it. "What's this all about?" Tina asked as she flopped down on her bed and looked at me like I had just shot the pope. "I need to know about this," I said as I stepped right up to her and lifted the front of my skirt to show her my bare pussy.

"Holy shit!" she said as she looked in to see that the insides of my thighs and the whole of my crotch was covered in wet stuff. "Where are your panties?" "Forget about that," I said as I brought my right hand down to point out the still hard nub of flesh at the top of my slit. "What is that?" Tina looked at the hard nub before she started giggling.

She then brought her hands up in between her legs all the way to her crotch before squeezing her legs together really hard. "That is your clit," she said with a huge smile on her face.

"My clit?" I asked while looking back down at my exposed crotch. "Yea," Tina said as she shifted her position a bit so she could dig into her own crotch a little while we talked. "You mean to tell me that you have not figured that out yet?" What was I supposed to say? I have three brothers whose only real joy is to drive me crazy.

Either by putting bugs in my hair or running off and leaving me by myself. I had no idea what a clit was, and until this very second I didn't even know I had one! "Just what is it?" I said in a rather annoyed tone of voice. For the next 10 or 15 minutes Tina told me about all the things her sister had told her. How you could rub that spot to make yourself feel really good (which I had already discovered in my closet), and more importantly how it makes you wet when it feels really good.

Immediately a ton of my questions were answered. She also told me about how her sister showed her how to masturbate using her hair brush, something I had never even dreamed of let alone tried.

I xxx sixty 18 story schoil know anything was supposed to go in there. "What brought all of this about?" she asked while bringing her feet up to sit Indian style on the foot of her bed. I then explained to her about how I had managed to get my brother's bike for the day.

That just the simple little show of my pussy for five seconds had netted the use of his bike. But after I had shown him I had forgotten to put my panties back on before I went riding.

That is how I found out about my clit getting hard against the seat of his bike. But when I returned and went to get my panties they were all bunched up and there was this white stuff all over the inside of them and my brother was acting really scared. "Holy shit!" Tina exclaimed as she fell back onto her bed with her right hand digging in hard in between her legs while she laughed out loud. "What is it?!" I responded excitedly as I hopped up onto her bed right next to her and sat down on my knees.

Tina sat up with a huge smile on her face and her cheeks bright red. "He spunked in your panties!" she said before she fell back onto the bed laughing with one hand over her mouth. "What?!" I felt really stupid because I had no idea what she was talking about. "What do you mean, 'he spunked in my panties'?" Tina sat up again and turned so she was facing me. "My sister told me all about it," she said as she again stuck one hand into the leg of hole of her shorts and began digging around while she spoke.

"When a guy gets excited his thing gets hard. And apparently there isn't much they can do about it except to relieve the pressure." "What do you mean 'relieve the pressure'?" I asked. "What will happen if they don't relieve the pressure? Will they explode or something?" Tina burst out laughing again and fell back onto her bed.

I felt so stupid. Here it is I was trying to find out some things and my best friend in the whole world was laughing at me.

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I leaned over on to my left hip and looked down at her. This was embarrassing. "Oh no," she finally managed to get out in between gasps for air. "They don't explode…or at least not like you are thinking." She sat back up and wiped the tears from her eyes before she continued. "They have to 'rub one out'.

At least that's what Karen says." (Karen is Tina's older sister. She's 16) "Karen says that if they can't have sex they tug on their thing until this white stuff comes out. Karen calls it spunk. Afterward their thing will get soft again and they will calm down. It seems that Michael tugged on his thingy and squirted his spunk all over your panties." "How can you be so sure that is what happened?" I asked while thinking about the events that transpired behind the garage.

"Tell me this," Tina said as she leaned over toward me a little and donned a very serious expression, "After you showed him, did he put his hands into his pockets?" There is no way she could have known he had done this!

"Yes, he did." I responded. Tina smiled really big before she continued. "And you turned and immediately got on his bike without your panties, right?" "Yea, that's right," I said as I realized how the pieces were fitting together. "I forgot to put them back on." "And it wasn't until you got back that you found them messed up, right?" "That's right," I answered again. "Tell me," Tina queried as she again stuck her hand in between her legs with her fingers going up the leg hole of her shorts, "how long did you ride?" "I don't know," I said as I watched her hand start moving in and out a little.

"I guess about an hour or so…why?" Tina started giggling as she dug young and pretty girl expert in straws with her foot her crotch a little more seriously. "While you were riding he rubbed one out and spunked all over your panties. That's what happened." Her cheeks were bright red and she was grinning like a 'possum eating a sweet potato as she looked very intently at me.

It made sense. It was the only explanation for what had happened. Then it dawned on me about why it was that he acted like he did when I confronted him. "When I found my panties all messed up," I said as I sat back on my ass and brought the bottoms of my feet together, "he was scared to death." Tina's eyes opened up wide upon hearing this. "No?! How did he look?" she asked as she leaned forward.

"He turned valentina nappi xxx anal movies double penetration as a sheet!" Instantaneously Tina burst out laughing and fell back onto her bed, rolling back and forth with one hand over her mouth and the other one holding the pit of her stomach. "Oh my Dog!" She laughed as the tears poured out of her eyes, "Your brother spunked in your panties!!" "Not so loud," I said as I crossed my arms across my chest.

"It's not funny!" "Yes it is!" Tina gasped out as her laughter continued. "I could just see Michael tugging on his thingy and squirting all over your panties!" The more she laughed the more mad I got.

I thought I had really made a good deal to ride my brother's bike. Now it turns out that he got the better of me by messing up my panties while I was riding around. I looked over at Tina who was finally starting to calm down. "So I guess they do this kind of thing all the time," I stated just out of sheer spite.

"No," Tina replied as she lay flat on her back and did naughty rachele richey gets ass fucked by dominatrix cathy heaven best to slow down her breathing. "From what Karen says they only do it when they are alone, and usually after they have seen something that gets them all worked up." Suddenly it dawned on me like a lightning bolt coming out of the sky and striking the ground right next to you.

"So this is something that they only do in private?" I asked as the gears revved up to maximum speed in my head. "Yea," Tina replied as she snorted once while trying to catch her breath. "Karen says she has heard Kevin pulling one out in the bathroom before after he has returned early from a date." I had him! I had the leverage that was going to get me what I wanted and there was no way for him to get out of this one.

"Tina, your great!" I said just before I hopped up and headed for her door. "Aren't you going to spend the night?" she asked as she sat up and watched me open her bedroom door.

"I'll be back in just a little while," I said as I stopped to face her. "I have something that I need to do right now and I have to get my things, but I'll be back." I ran through their house and out across their driveway to where I had leaned Michael's bike up against their garage. "You're mine now," I said as I flung my leg over the seat and settled my bare pussy down against the seat top. "This is definitely something I could get used to…" I said to myself as I peddled off down the driveway toward my own house.

Michael didn't know it yet, but it was my payday! The End Chapter 2