Amateur japanese son and mom

Amateur japanese son and mom
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He was SO BIG. I'm no stranger to a dick as I've had my fair share.

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Black ones, white ones, mexican ones, even an Asian one snuck in there one night. When a man goes bragging on his dick it don't move me. But he was so big. Our conversations got me to the point where I would have fucked him in public if he just said the word. The time had come to take the words to actions, and I was more than ready for him. I said fuck it to the formalities and met him at his place with nothing on.

Literally nothing, not even a trench coat. I decided to delve into full tartdom and come Vanity 6 style: teddy, garter, thigh highs, heels, and a cape. If his street had been a well lit one I could have been picked up for indecent exposure. As expected his jaw dropped as he opened the door, and I walked in his place as confident as can be. I whipped my cape around and looked him square in the eye. He was going down. And then I looked down.

The bulge in his pants was so unreal I started laughing.

"What's in there, some socks and t-shirts?" I couldn't believe he had gone to such lengths to impress me. But then he reached in and began to unroll that mug.

What? I had to force the lump that appeared in my throat to disappear. That mug was so AWESOME that every orifice on my body was screaming to get close to it, but my common sense was telling me I would never walk or talk again if I put mouth or cooch near that thing.

He stroked it and it had the nerve to get bigger. I had no choice but to submit. I dropped to my knees in front of it and told him to smack with it.

He lightly tapped my face with it but I grabbed hold of it and told him harder. He swung it back and landed a solid one on my cheek. It felt so good I asked for more. And more. And more. When I could feel my face was starting to turn red, I opened my mouth as wide as I could to take that mug in. I could only get my mouth over the head and it had my shit stretched to maximum! This was not human. I opted to lick that mug since no human being could possibly fit their mouth around it. I started at the base next to his balls and licked all the way to the tip and without lifting my tongue, ran it back down to the base.

I kept this going until I had a rhythm on his dick and then added some hand movements to simulate giving him head. I kept my mouth wet so that we didn't miss a beat. I felt him stiffen in my hands and under my tongue.

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He reached around and started fingering my clit which was already soaking wet and then ran his other hand down the crack of my ass, which was also wet.

He kept massaging both until I literally dripped juice on the floor. At that point I couldn't take it anymore. I laid back on his bed, grabbed both of my legs and placed them behind my head. I spread my pussy lips apart so he could get a full view.

My eyes told him exactly what to do. He came at me with that monster in hand and rubbed the head into my pussy and sucked up all of the juice there. I moaned at the pressure he was applying and knew I was in for a doozy once he entered. He got the head in with no issue but started trying to go deeper. I had to put my legs on his shoulders - half to help him in, and half to push him away a bit.

It hurt like hell but felt good at the same time. He could tell I was trying to push him away but got the best of me. He picked me up by the thighs and rammed that mug all the way in.

I thought I was going to die. I was shocked when my pussy reacted by getting super wet and stretched enough to accommodate him. He pumped in and out and as soon as I got my bearings, my body responded in kind.

I could feel him deep in my stomach, feeling like he was about to burst through to my chest. He was, by far, the best sex I'd ever had.

I came the first time within five minutes of him fully entering me, and again 10 minutes later when he didn't stop. I held on to his neck and back for dear life and let him knock the bottom out from under me. I knew I would be sore and swollen when he finished but I didn't care. I had never felt so wide open and so well fucked. He turned me over for the doggystyle but stuck his tongue in my ass first.

I could barely feel it since I was damn near numb down there. Then I felt him try to stick that big thing in my ass and I had to protest. My pussy would come back to normal with some ice. My ass was another story altogether. He put it in from behind doggystyle and my body bent to his will. I lay with my chest flat on the bed with my ass up for maximum penetration. I wasn't ready for what pleasure this experience was set to bring me. After five good strokes I started crying, my tears serving a dual purpose.

He had taken me to new heights with the pleasure he was giving me but I knew he would not be a kept man. As bad as I wanted him all to myself, a man with a tool like that wasn't going to stay put.

In the moment of his climax, I released him too and unattached myself quickly. Every inch of my being wanted to wrap around him and pull him close, but for him that was massive natural tits on this webcam girl masturbation fingering. But getting up from the bed was not an option either - my body was spent.

I heard him get in the shower and decided to let sleep take me away from this mess I'd walked into. I'd dream of that monster for the next seven nights.