Arab fingering and fucking on window doggystyle

Arab fingering and fucking on window doggystyle
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Pauling fucked big dick super new sex game play now had flown out to California a few weeks back on a business trip and decided to call my friend Emily since I was in town. With my work being concluded, I asked her if I could stay with her for the weekend and have a small vacation before heading back East.

"Of course you can come stay hun. I'm going to do some swimming and tanning pool side this afternoon if that's alright with you?" She asked over the phone. "That sounds great I need some lounging around before I head back. I'll be over in about 15 minutes." I replied. I hung up the phone and finished checking out of the hotel. The day was pleasant and sunny as I drove to Emily's with the top down on the convertible rental car. The wind felt reviving as it swept through my long, golden locks.

In quick fashion I pulled into Emily's driveway, grabbed my overnight bag and made my way to the gate on the side of the house. I fished the key for the gate from under the stone frog and let myself in. I walked up the path, into the backyard where I saw Emily sprawled out on a sun chair by the pool. "Hey girl " I cried out to her. "Hi " She squealed with delight as she jumped up and rushed over to greet me.

Emily's 34C tits bounced in her hot pink bikini top as she ran towards me. I felt my pussy tingle slightly as I drank in the site of my beautiful 23 year old friend. She had long, blonde hair like me and a dark tan that covered her 5' 4105 lbs. body. I hugged her tightly as she kissed me on both cheeks. "Damn it's good to see you girl " Emily said. "You too sweetie I'm gonna go change into my bikini." "Alright, I'll have the oil ready for ya." She said giving me a playful pat on the ass.

I walked into the pool house and dropped my bag on the sofa. I pulled out my fluorescent green top and thong and laid them to the side. I was naked in a flash and slipped my bottoms on over my freshly shaven pussy. I seated my massive 34DD's into my top and pulled the string up over my head. I made a few more adjustments since the tiny bit of material just barely covered my half inch nipples and silver dollar areolas. I strutted out into the back yard and plopped down on a sun chair next to Emily.

"You're looking hot as ever babe, even if you are 32." Emily told me as she eyed my 5'7115 lbs. body up and down. "Thanks hun, you too." I replied with a wink and a smile. "Now let's get you oiled up." Emily said as she poured the slippery liquid into her hands. I turned over on my stomach and undid my top so she could get my back first.

The sun warmed my body as Emily glided her hands over my back. "Mmmm, that feels so good." I purred. "Yes it does." She giggled.

Emily worked her way lower and began messaging my ass. I could feel my pussy start to salivate with her every touch.

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She finished up the back of my legs and I flipped over on my back. "I'll do your front for you too." She smiled. "Sounds good to me." After replenishing the oil on her hands, she went to work on my flat tummy. Emily's hands drifted Northward, and easily brushed aside my top that held on by my neck strap. My massive tits gleamed with oil as Emily gently kneaded them.

My nipples hardened from the friction. "Mmm, you're getting me wet baby." I cooed. "Getting? I'm fucking soaked " She replied. "Oh ya? Let me see." I told her as a pushed her bikini bottoms to the side and slide a probing finger into her drenched pussy.

"Damn hun, you are soaked Why don't you come sit on my face?" Emily had her bottoms off almost before I had finished my statement. She swung her leg over and lowered her dripping snatch to my lips simultaneously leaning forward to remove my thong. The warm, tight flesh of her stomach compressed my tits while my hardened nipples grazed her lower abdomen.

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I untied Emily's thong bottom and tossed it aside as she followed suit. I inhaled her musky scent as I gently teased the soft skin between her pussy and thigh with my tongue. Emily licked all around my snatch, collecting some of my love juice on her finger tip and applied it softly to my asshole.

I grabbed her as cheeks and spread them wide given me a beautiful view and maximum access to her love points. I dove in and made a long swipe with my tongue starting at her swollen clit and ending at her anal bud. "Mmmm. lick that asshole baby!" Emily squealed as she buried her mouth into my sopping wet pussy sending shockwaves through my body.

I furiously licked Emily's ass, bucking my hips slightly to meet her mouth. Emily found her rhythm, pushing her ass back in time with my tongue thrusts. I was engrossed in the pleasure of the moment that I barley noticed the 7 ½" cock hovering over my head.

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With a somewhat startled expression I glanced up. "Hi Mike!." I giggled as I got an eye full of his chiseled body. "Hello Nicole, you guys having fun?" He smirked. "Sure are, you wanna play too?" "Oh hell ya, as long as John can join in as well." He said nodding towards my feet. I peered around Emily's thigh to see her sucking on John's 7" cock as he stood between my legs. "The more the merrier!" I cooed.

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Mike and John were both firefighters who had just got back from fighting some wild fires near L.A. At 25 John stood 6' 2" at 205 lbs., piercing blue eyes, sandy blonde hair and abs you could do your wash on! 24 year old Mike was no slouch either at 6' 1", 210 lbs., brown hair and the eyes to match.

John was actually Emily's boyfriend, but they had an open relationship. Mike flexed his knees slightly, dipping his cock past my lips into my eager mouth. I sucked him with fervor as I slide a finger into Emily's pussy searching for her G-spot. Emily switched from sucking John's tool to my clit. With John's cock free, I felt the spongy head press against my pussy lips seeking entrance.

He grabbed underneath each of my thighs, holding them up as Emily pitched in by my spreading my wet folds. John slowly rammed his cock home until the tip penetrated my cervix. I let Mike's rod fall out of my mouth to take in some extra air at the sensation of being filled up. "Ohhhh, Uhhhh, fuck me John, fuck grandma sandra fucked by blacks cocks interracial and stockings hard!" Mike rubbed the end of his tool on Emily's asshole as I spread her cheeks to aid him in his pursuit.

She pushed back slowly onto his cock as it slipped past her sphincter and bottomed out deep in her colon.

"Mmmm, Uhhhh Huhhh!" She squealed as Mike found his stride pounding into Emily's ass. I darted my tongue in and out of Emily's cunt, flicking her nasty teenie is taken in butt hole asylum for awkward treatment now and again. Mike's balls dragged across my nose with each thrust.

John had my legs in a death grip as he jack hammered my pussy like a mad man. He gave one last, hard thrust that firmly placed the tip of his cock just past my cervix into my womb "Ahhhh, Uhhhhh, Uhhhh!" He groaned as I felt spurt after spurt of hot cum explode deep inside me. The feeling of my belly being filled up with warm spunk, combined with Emily circling my clit with her tongue sent me over the edge into my own orgasm.

"Uhhh, Ahhh, Mmmm. Japanese sauna lesbian massage threesome. I'm ccuuummmiiinngg, Uhhh!" I gasped. As my orgasm still washed over my body, John pulled and Emily lapped and sucked at my pussy hole like a kitten going for warm milk. I squeezed John's cum out, mixed with my own juice into her waiting mouth which she greedily swallowed down.

I attacked Emily's cunt with my mouth in a frenzied state and I felt her body start to tremble and shake. "Uhhh, Mmmm, Ahhh, fuck ya baby, suck that pussy good! Ohhh fffuucckkk!" Emily moaned. I could see her ass tighten up and squeeze Mike's cock as she thrashed wildly when she came. "Uhhh, Sooo fffuucckkinng tight! I'm ggoonnaa cccuuummm!" Mike shouted as her started to pump a load into Emily's ass.

I quickly reached up and pulled his cock out just as another stream shot out and splashed me on my cheek and chin before I finally planted it in mouth and hungrily sucked the remaining goo out and gulped it down.

As the milked the last few drops out of Mike's cock, Emily got up and kissed John on the lips. "Welcome home honey!" Emily said with a grin. "Nicole is gonna stay the weekend with us, is that ok?" She asked "Fuck yes it's ok with me! What about you Mike?" John asked. "What do you think?" He said smugly as I finished my work with a lick of my tongue up the length of his shaft.