Bts glamour model audition only at xxx

Bts glamour model audition only at xxx
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One day, Julia decided to take a shortcut down the abandoned alley to her house. Wearing her booty shorts and tank top, she was a prime target for any perv lurking in the shadows. But the thought of a complete stranger making her leave a mess on the sidewalk was somewhat appealing to her. Sure enough, here comes her old Girlfriend Samantha, "why are you here?" Julia asked, hoping her next words would be "to rape you." "I'm here for one reason," Sam says, "and that's to take your virginity that is rightfully mine." Immediately, Julia dropped her shorts and jumped on Sam, "what are you doing?" Sam protested, "I'm supposed to rape you!

Not you rape me!" Julia reached for Sam's zipper; she pulled it down and revealed her she-male cock. "It's bigger than I ideal teen stretches soft pussy and loses virginity deflowering hardcore Julia said, "I don't know if I can swallow it all!" Julia dived down and started gagging on Sam's cock.

"Oh yea, suck me off bitch" Sam moaned. Julia stopped and mounted Sam with one leg on each side, "let's get straight to the real fun" Julia said. As Julia slowly descended upon Sam's throbbing rod, Sam pushed up into Julia. Julia let out a big moan as she was deflowered. Slowly, the whimpers of pain turned into moans of pleasure, "are you okay?" Sam asked. "I'm better than ever!" Julia replied. Julia started pumping faster and faster, "I'M GONNA CUM!" she yelled.

Julia let out a big moan and Sam could feel Julia's freshly penetrated vagina squeezing her rebar. Julia stopped moving and slumped over, "Oh I'm not done with you bitch, I'm going to fill every one of your holes with my cum, and then I'm going to do it again!" screamed Sam.

Julia replied weakly, "Do it, fuck my brains out, fill me with your seed, I'll take a plan-b in the morning and come back for more tomorrow!" "Fine bitch, have it your way!" Sam says. Sam pushed Julia off of her and made her lie on her back, Sam took a leg in each hand and entered Julia a second time. This all felt like a dream to Julia, she hoped she'd never wake up.

All 8 inches of Sam's rod inside her, just the thought gave her goose-bumps, Julia was in heaven. Sam didn't let up, it was almost as if she didn't know the meaning of the word orgasm. With each thrust, Julia could feel herself building up and up and up to her climax.

Finally, after about 5 minutes of fucking, Julia let out a big moan and climaxed again. Sam kept pushing in, and the resistance of Julia's pussy squeezing her cock made her cum too. "Now I'm going to blow my load in your ass," Sam whispered in Julia's ear. Julia whispered back, "Twice." Sam complied and flipped Julia over. Julia instantly threw her perfect ass in the air and spread her legs, longing for Sam to start licking.

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Sam tongued Julia's butt-hole until it was so slippery that sandpaper could glide into it with ease. Sam got on her knees and inched forward until his head was a hair-length away from Julia's butt-hole. Sam wasted no time and rammed full force into Julia without warning, she screamed at the top of her lungs with pleasure as Sam pulled completely back out, and did it again. She did this until Julia's ass-hole was wide open, "fuck me," Julia pleaded, "fuck me hard and fast." Sam obeyed orders and pumped in and out of Julia at the rate of a jack-hammer.

"OH YES! OH YES! YOU'RE RIPPING MY ASS APART!" Julia screamed. Julia could feel Sam straightening her anal track with her 8 inch snake.

"ARE YOU READY FOR MY LOAD JULIA!?" Sam yelled. "YES! YES! UNLEASH YOUR SEED IN ME!" she screamed in reply. Sam reached down and started fingering Julia in rhythm with her penis.

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"OH MY GOD!" Julia screamed in the same rhythm. "FUCK ME SAM!" Julia screamed as she climaxed. Sam came at the same time, filling Julia with her seed. Julia could feel Sam's warm semen inside her ass. Sam started pumping again, was their anything that could stop her sexual crave?

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Sam kept at it, cute teen banged from aside and jizz shot Julia in every hole just like she promised, leaving Julia covered in cum. When Sam said she was going to finish she asked Julia to fuck her with the dildo Sam had brought with her.

Julia had her own to do so with, so she suggested they use Sam's for Julia's ass-hole. Sam agreed and let Julia on top of her. Julia started to fuck Sam in the ass with her dildo as she bounced up and down on her cock.

Sam replied by shoving her dildo deep into Julia's ass as well. "HO-OH-OH-LEY-EEY SHI-YIE-YET!" Julia moaned in rhythm with Sam's thrusts. Julia's D-cup breasts bounced as she was fucked by Sam's 8 inch. Sam got faster and stronger, Julia couldn't hold it in any longer, she screamed as she climaxed. Sam felt different as she came this time, like her body knew that this was the last one. Sam came and let out at least twice as much semen as all her previous cumshots combined!

Julia felt like somebody had stuck a huge-ass water-squirter, filled with warm water, in her snatch, and just unloaded the whole thing, inside her. Julia, now unable to move, asked Sam to take her home. Sam found a nearby faucet and cleaned Julia off, massaging the semen off her breasts made her want to fuck her one last time, but her she-male scrodum was completely drained.

So she let it go, and dressed Julia back up. Just before she pulled her shorts back up, she pulled Julia's panties down a little and tongued her pussy a little, like a goodbye gift.

Julia smiled as she did it, and whispered "thank you." Sam carried Julia back home, where Julia invited her to stay the night. "I thought you said I was too controlling?" Sam protested, "I love you Julia, so I don't want to put you in a situation you shouldn't be in." "No I don't want to get back together either," Julia replied, "I was suggesting that we could be friends-with-benefits.

In return I could give you a better place to stay than that cruddy apartment." "Seriously?" Sam said. Julia replied, "Hell, if you can make every night like this one, then I'll buy you a fucking mansion!" So Sam did, she fucked Julia the exact same way every night until Julia had to move back to Florida for college.

Even still, Sam sent pictures of her naked body, posing seductively, and asked Julia to text her when she was to masturbate to them, so they could masturbate at the same time. The End…

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