Long dick for the beautiful kaci starr

Long dick for the beautiful kaci starr
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"Thank you have a nice day!." said the girl clerk as i was leaving the store. "No bro the sale ended yesterday". Two male clerks were outside chatting as i was walking past them. Im not any one to brag about what i look but ill admit i am a hit with the guys at my school with my brown hair in pigtails and my emerald green eyes curvy shape and big ass.

I dont know why but i am shy about boys so ive never been out with any of them although i have a feeling theyve been wanting to. "Hey baby where you mature mom karin shows off hairy pussy extreme so fast?". One of the guys said. I turn around and rememeber his name is Ryan and the other guys name is Aj.

"Yea hang out with us for a while." Aj says. Ever since he started working here ive had a huge crush on Aj. With his tanned muscular Body and his earring. However the other guy was not ugly but he wasnt as buff as Aj was. I was wondering what these two sexy boys would want with me, this little 15 year old? "No i would love too but my mom Is proabably wondering where i am so i should head home." Iwas silently cursing my mom for making me walk here i mean why couldnt she drive?

While i was walking i tripped and fell over my heels and hit the dirt. I got up dusted myself off and continued walking when i heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and i seen Aj and Ryan coming toward me and i started walking again and it sounded like they were running after me so I started running.

Curse my heels again as i tripped over them again leaving me laying in the dirt. I heard them run over where i was and Ifelt one of them pick me up off of the ground and onto the brick wall. Thinking about what horros they could do to me i said "No please let me go!." "You aint going anywhere Slut". I heard Aj said after hearing him say this i could feel my panties become wet.

The feeling of someone raping me sends shivers through my body. I dont know why really but i always been fasinated with rape and domination.

Having a feeling they will rape me i say "No please dont rape me !". "Rape? after what were gonna do to you it wont be rape baby." Ryan says.

I start to cry a little. RYan turns me around and rips my shirt off my body the same with my denim blue miniskirt. All i was in was my heels and my undies. Aj comes up and rips off my 34 D bra letting my tits fall freely after beeing traped in the bra all day.

I quickly try to cover up but ryan is still holding me so i am unable to do so.

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Aj takes out a knife from his pocket and aims it at my neck. "Scream and i will fucking slice your throat bitch." the thought of him killing me almost sent me over the edge. He brought the knife down resting at the side of my panties before slicing the thin fabric off. He did the same with the other side. So there i was comepletly nude infront of two hot guys was making me wet with excitment and i hated it. I was a very bright person and i knew all about sex and orgasms and etc.

I have seen videos and have even masturbated a few times.

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Thinking that soon they are gonna rape me i say "NO please dont hurt me im a virgin!" "Hell yea man aye Aj we got us a virgin here man!" They then high fived. And Aj said "Yea man." Ryan then turned me around so iwas facing him and he shoved a finger in my cunt hole.

I hated hair on my pussy so i shaves it off except for a little bit of hair just above my clit. "Damn man she aint kidding about her being a virgin, i can barely move my finger around in her. After a few minutes he shoves another in my cunt and starts to finger fuck me faster.

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I was getting wet by all this and i almost orgasmed before he let me go and he started undoing his pants. He let free a 8 and 1/2 inch cock. before my eyes. "Ok bitch now suck on my rod." I took it in my hands and started stroking it fiirst then taking it in my mouth and start to suck on it. After a few minutes it was completly wet and i started to deepthroat it.

It took a few minutes but i finally got to deepthroat his whole cock. I looked over my shoulder and i saw Aj getting his clothes off and out of his paants was a bigger cock than ryan.

It looked to be about 10 inches with 3 inch width. I was wondering how i would ever get i t all the way in my cunt without it ripping me apart. Just then Ryans shot his whole load down my throat. "Damn man that looks good now its my turn." Ryan was replaced with Aj at my daddy pussy going south of the border. I did to Aj What i did with Ryan but with a little more effort.

I didnt even notice that Ryan had got on his knees behind me and was finger fucking my pussy again until i orgasmed. I started moaning on Ajs cock and after a little while he shot his load down my throat it was a lot more than Ryans. Ryan got up off his knees took my feet in his hands and put them down so that they were at my head.

He then said "Now im gonna take your cherry okay"? Still terrified at losing my cherry i said "No please." But my pleas where falling on deaf ears. Ryan positioned himself at my hole and pushed in slowly almost half of him in me just resting abovee my hymen.

"Here i go." He says and in one thrust he pushes himself in. The pain was so bad i couldnt help but to let loose a scream. Aj rushes over his hand at my mouth and he says. "Damn girl dual penetration led to some kinky anal milf insertions masturbation hardcore you want everyone to know that were over here?'' Aj then gets up goes behind ryan and thrusts himself hard into my ass.

I didnt want to scream again so i kept it in. Both of them were pounding in me so hard soon the scream was muffled into moans. After about 10 mins I was nearing a major orgasm and i could tell Ryan and Aj were too(Thank God i was on birth control I didnt wanna risk getting pregnant) so I was the first one to come then Ryan shot his load deep inside me Then it was Aj who came in me last. Ryan pulled out and i could see our juice and my blood on his cock and he told me to lick it off. I did so. They started to get up and leave but then my pussy was wanting more and I didnt get a chance to fuck Aj in my pussy yet so i quietly whisperd "Fuck me again".

"What did you say slut?" he said. I said it louder this time. "Fuck me in my pussy". "Whats is my name?" "Aj". "What, call me master." I knew he would want me to say that so i said it loud and proud. "Please master fuck me hard in my pussy." " I knew you would end up loving this." and with that he shoved his cock hard in my already soaking cunt.

he was going slow so i decided to take it up a notch and i said "Yes thats it fuck me harder Daddy!" that got unfaithful white girlfriend bbc took your bitch going becuase he was know fucking me like crazy. Ryan must have got aroused again because he came over and shoved his cock in my ass.

Both of them were ravashing me like crazy. Aj came first, then me, and last was Ryan. After that they got up, got dressed and went back inside to lock up the store. I put all of my clothes on except for my panties which were soaking wet with my cum. I thought to myself did i just get raped or fucked by those guys. And i smiled :)