Mature goes naughty in a sex game

Mature goes naughty in a sex game
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Joyful screams from those above roaring along the rollercoasters track echoe in the air as crowds walking by look for there next ride. This Line is so long and i could not help checking out the girls just ahead which I had started to debate between which one i would fuck if i could have just one.

I couldn't help to feel I self worth drop from shameful thoughts of girls which are my sisters age and i know i would flip out in a rage if i knew she was engaged in any sexual actions. ten miniutes go by, slowly movign forward in line while talking to my friends Sam and Ryan which were obviously looking at my previously found treasures.

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I guilt trip my friends for there behavior and remind them that the girls they are undressing in there minds are my sisters age 14 and they are pedifiles. This snapped them out there stare and defensively say they wouldn't really ever do anything and that they arn't even attracted to the little girls ahead even though there jean shorts are so thight and short up against those little round bubble butts, some had smaller flatter butts which also appealed to my little burning desire to fuck i hot young girl.

Exactly 5 girls and one punk dressed guy completes the teasfully dressed girls group ahead.

Periodically i would catch a glance from two obviously cock thirsty eyes which i would stare back with care not to scare the eye contact but flare my easy acceptance of the girl checking me out for thrills. The second girl seemedd alot more shy and wasn't as cool in the style she had but this turned my mind on how i would make her mine and the crime of stealing her to satisfy my lust which really lays for my sister which i could never admit to my self but it existed.

As time goes by we are moving forward and the noise from the tracks becomes louder, I can hear the screaches and cracks from the carts which was inadvertently causing my hearts rate to increase but my thoughts had become obsessed with this shy girl who stands a little taller than her friends but her blue spaghetti strap top shows her little boobs which are just starting to stick out of her sknny frame.

Looking at the freckles which faintly covered her fantastic blonde drills her tight holes masturbation toys below the innocenct stares from her eyes which reminded me of sailor moons eyes protected by long eyelashes which were slashing my self control away i move to her shorts which are cut off at her little ass cheak, I sense she feels my wondering eyes on her wonder of a little body and at this time i am thinking about how her little thong strap which is showing off by stretching across her right, tanned hip bone which i if i could just get her alone i catch myself thinking causing me to look up away i suprisingly see she sees me and enjoys how she can tease me which brings her to smile a half evil smile which was the first time i noticed her braces that stuck to her teeth which she proceeded to slowly bit down on her soft bottom lip and moves her hip sexually just to tease me.

My dick is hard inside the hot diesel blue jeans im wearing. I adjust to have my belt hold my dick back against my six pack while my shirt covers the head which wanted to spread this little girl so bad that i started thinking mad, how, when can i get this girl and bend her over while i drill her, I was gone in lust and as i look up i see were almost here, were next to ride this rollercoaster and then i see my little shy cock teasing junior high girl seem to get scared and as her friends jump on the ride she backs out and the ride insrtructo is pointing the direction to the exit ramp.

I tell my friends i feal sick and i will meet up with them later and without them noticing i was now on the prawl to get this little doll mounted against my throbbing pre cum soaked cock. I observe her presents ahead walking off the long exit ramp.

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She never looks back as i follow her closely she stops to get a drink from the fountain inbetween the womens right restroom entrance and the mens on the left. Quickly i take a look at the surroundings i see i have a quick chance to hide her the the mens room and without hesitation when she turned around bumping straight into me i pretend to hug her while grabbing her tightly moving quickly into the restroom and slide into the handicap toilet nearly being seen by the 2 men using the urinals which this little girl was looking at but with her mouth pressed against my chest she could not make a sound.

I was nervous, im only 24 and this is something i never saw coming i never before had any signs of being a rapist but it was to late and her tears rolling down her cheaks which were absorbed by the shirt sleeve i used to gag this little mouth. wiggling around i grab her shirt from the inside the front just underneath her belly button and american big boom sexy bfxxx hard taking it right off and hanging it the door.

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She was fucking cute i couldn't wait another miniute to fuck her skinny body that finally frustrates me and i grab her hips pulling her in and then wrap my right arm around her holding her now by the center of her body I use my free hand to unbotton the little shorts and quickly slide them off revealing her white thong undies which were soaked in cum from i guess when we were in line. Turning her around to face me eye to eye i explain she has has to stop trying to resist otherwise i would hurt her more like this, as i flush the toilet to hide the sound i reach back and slap her face hard across the mouth cutting her lip on the braces consequently drew blood which flowed from her mounth not alot just a little bit.

Finally she is still while grabbing her butt i feel her little cunt through the panties pushing gently but steadily until just have to see for my self her little pussy which was the hottest thing i had ever seen. as i dragged her panties off between her legs and off her fead i shoved my middle finger inside the vigin pussy until i felt the little cherry which i was soon to pop.

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It turned me on more to push my cock in her without loosening her first so i drop my pants and have her lean over the toilet seat while i position myself i slowly move my 7inch cocks round stunning gianna has her huge tatas creamed cumshots and big tits infront of the slit and push slowly forward i can feel the heat comming from between the skinny legs of this body which im about to peg.

She tenses up as i move forward so i grab her shoulders and push as hard as possible up against her little ass shoving her little body hard against the toilet bowl not able to get all the way into her hole i pump back and shove forward a few more times befoe here red swollen pussy was up againt me as my cock broke her cherry deep inside of her sending a flow of the young virgins blood out onto me.

She was in pain but i couldn't stop fucking her as her body shook lifelessly. I stop and have her get on her knees and whisper that i will kill her if she dosn't suck my cock and she better not scream then i slap her across the other side of her face then take the gag out of her little mounth while thrusting forward my cock fills up her mouth gagging her to the point she thows up.

little by little she is sucking my cock and i reach down and start playing with the small clit making her all wet.

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I wanted her to cum and i was going to get what i wanted. i take my cock out of her moujth and polace her on my dick while she is facing me and slowly begin fucking her tiny pussy with all 7 inches of my thick cock which felt it was being choked it stayed hard for me to while i slammed my dick inside this hot pussy i feal her juices flowing over my hips and balls and her lips start quivering sending me humming, my hips tense up and the speed i fuck her quickly increases as her pussy is taking a beating and all of a suddend she starts breathing harder and a squeal escapes which becomes a cry of pleasure mom make me pregnant son her pussy contracts around my shaft i hold my stoke deep inside her as my cum shoots into her little body with a couple more short thrust my balls are completly drained and im good for the day but my mind is already thinking of my sister and how im going to get her.

standing up lookiing down at her body which sits in a puddly of our sexual discharges i tell her not to tease next time if she is not ready to please. buttoning up my pants the girl sits still as i turn and walk out the stall which i fucked my first doll.