Valentina rossi gets nailed in a threesome

Valentina rossi gets nailed in a threesome
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One of the (few) problems with a four-hour round of golf is that most courses don't provide any toilet facilities where you need them, actually out on the course. But, as with so many things in life, what can appear to start out as a disadvantage can be turned around with a bit of imagination!

On a recent round with my partner, Steve, I started to feel the need for a pee on the 14th hole. I tried to hold it in and forget about it, and that was OK on the long shots, but when I was stood over a particularly tricky putt on the 14th green, my concentration was affected and I missed the putt (at least, that was my excuse to myself).

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Fortunately, the 15th tee was next to a small wood and I shouted to Steve that I was going for a pee. "Great!", he replied cheerfully, "can I watch?" I'm very happy that Steve enjoys any opportunity to see my naked bum, so I beckoned him to follow me. I found a clearing, pulled my panties down to my knees and began to squat down. "Hold on, that's no good, I can't see anything," I heard Steve moan from behind me.

"Well, what do you want me to do?" I asked.

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Steve thought carefully for a moment (it's amazing how much effort and concentration he is prepared to put into issues like this!) before giving me my instructions. "Stand up, take your knickers off completely and then lean forward with your hands resting against the tree", he ordered. I did as I was told.

"Now pull your skirt up over your bum and spread your legs." "Ooohh yes!" I heard Steve sigh as he took in the full view of my long legs, pert arse and naked pussy peeping out at him.

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"Bend over a little more&hellip.keep your legs straight ……spread wider.yes, that's it …&hellip.Now you can piss!" I had never peed in this position before, and I suspected there would be a certain lack of control, but, what the hell! I relaxed my bladder and began to feel a trickle of warmth run between my thighs. The trickle soon turned into a gush as I found myself enjoying this new experience of pissing freedom.

The warm pee spread everywhere but I didn't care. It came out of me like water out of one of those circular lawn sprinklers between my arse cheeks, down my thighs, over my shoes.

I had absolutely no control over it, but I just relaxed and went with the flow! After a few seconds of surprisingly intense pleasure, the flow subsided and I looked down between my legs to watch the final spurt leave my pussy and run down my glistening, golden thighs. From the look on Steve's face, I wasn't sure who had enjoyed the experience more, myself actually doing it or Steve watching it.

"Now I'm definitely jealous of male pissing gear," I whined. "At least when YOU pee standing up you don't need to shower afterwards!" "Remember the joke", replied Steve smiling, "God asked Adam whether he would prefer to have the ability to pee standing up, or to have multiple orgasms, and Adam replied, 'Wow, peeing standing up sounds great!'". "Would you prefer to swap those abilities?", asked Steve. I replied that, on consideration, I was happy with the way things were. "But Fakeagent horny red head babe gets spunk on still a bit jealous," I admitted.

A thoughtful expression crossed Steve's face for a second and then he said, "We can't have you being jealous can we, come here and stand behind me!" I had no idea what he had in mind but I did as he asked.

When I was in position he undid the belt and zip on his trousers and pulled them down to his knees. He then did the same with his boxers. "Now reach round and grab my cock, I'm going to pee!" I reached forward and quickly found his cock.

It was thick and full from the pleasure he had obviously felt from watching me pee. "Be careful with it", he whispered, "if it gets too hard I won't be able to pee." So I held his cock gently while I waited excitedly for the flow to start.

Almost without my being aware of it, my other hand found its way between my own legs and my fingers parted my pussy lips and found my clit.

A tingle of excitement ran through my body as I looked over his shoulder and saw the first drops spurt out. "Pull the foreskin back, or it will go everywhere," whispered Steve urgently.

I did as I was told and the haphazard flow instantly turned into a powerful and controllable stream. I raised his cock and watched delightedly as the stream of piss arced its way up the tree in front of me.

I began to gasp as my other hand did its work on my clit. Steve suddenly became aware of what I was doing to myself and I felt his cock stiffen in my hand. As it did so, the stream became a jet, many times more powerful.

I directed his ever hardening cock away from the tree and gasped louder as I watched hardcore dildo fuck and thick brunette creampie xxx cashing in reality jet of piss snaking out for yards and yards in front of me.

I felt my knees beginning to buckle as I orgasmed while watching the final spurt shoot out of his, by now, rock hard cock. I sank to my knees and turned Steve around to face me. I took his cock into my mouth and hungrily licked and sucked at it.

With my other hand still between my legs I climaxed again as I played the end of his cock on my tongue. Steve moaned as he grabbed my hair and forced his cock deeper into my throat.

I thought that he was about to cum, but he had other ideas. He forced my head up off his cock, raised me to my feet and turned me around to face the tree.

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I didn't need a second invitation as I leant forward and spread my legs. I came again immediately as I helped his cock find its way into my gaping cunt. I climaxed repeatedly while savouring every deep and powerful thrust as Steve spent himself totally and completely inside my very willing and appreciative body.

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Being able to piss standing up definitely has its good points, but as I smiled and recovered my composure, I felt more than happy with the choice Adam had made……